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Weekend Wanderings – Fitzroy Gardens Part 2

Back to the Fitzroy Gardens today.  It was such a beautiful day and I got so many great photos that day, that as I said in last weeks post I am putting them into two posts and the second half of images I am showing you today. It is so amazing how late Autumn is this year, we are almost through the first month of winter, but the leaves are still changing, Mother Nature seems so confused now.

miniature village, Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne

In the gardens, near the coffee shop, is a miniature village.  Lots of pretend houses and gardens.  It is very cute.  There is a fence all the way around it, but the fence isn’t that high that it disrupts your view. Really only does that if you want to take photos at ground level, so we found out.


Near the miniature village is the Fairy Tree.  I had heard of it before, but never really took any notice of it.  It is amazing.  It was carved in the early 30’s by Ola Cohn, I believe the artists name was.  There is a plaque underneath it and I will put a photo of it in the gallery for you.  There is so much detail in the tree that we spent ages just looking at it.


This is behind the coffee shop, and I have taken the words from the website,

The “Temple of the Winds” rotunda is located north west of the kiosk and was constructed in 1873 under Bickford’s curatorship. The building consists of a domed concrete roof supported by ten Corinthian columns. The temple was erected by Thomas Julian and Co. at a cost of £275.

It is very similar in conception to the “Temple of the Winds” dedicated to Governor LaTrobe and erected by William Guilfoyle in the Botanical Gardens. Both temples are composed at 10 columns instead of the normal 8 or 12 which are more easily divisible by the four points of the compass.

I think that explains what it is better than me.  I just loved the way the light was hitting it.  I intentionally put the sun right behind it so I it would be blocked, but I love all the shadows coming my way.  I really like the contrast between the “Temple” and the bright green as well.


It is one of those gardens that you have to keep your eyes open, you just never know what you are going to see or where.  There are fountains and water features through out.  Though some we saw when we first got there had no water in them, so it will be nice to go there again sometime.


Technically this image was taken in the Treasury Gardens, which are right over the road from the Fitzroy Gardens.  We walked through as we were heading into the city.  We thought we were done with taking photos, but we found ourselves taking out our cameras once again to get more shots.  I love the idea of the garden with the city in the background.

If you missed Part 1, then click here to see the previous photos, Weekend Wanderings – Fitzroy Gardens Part 1 I am going to put the rest in a gallery for you now.  I hope you enjoy my wander around the gardens, and get to do some your self this weekend.


  1. what a beautiful place! I love how you can take a simple shot and make it have so much impact! The tree trunk for example. And the beautiful, huge trees! Just wonderful.

    • It is Suz, you can spend so much just looking and you keep discovering new things. Thank you. :)

  2. Wow Leanne I LOVE the fairy tree. And the Temple of the winds is gorgeous. What a lovely place. Thank you! Have a super weekend:)

    • Thank you Eily, it is an amazing place, and I really want to go back, might wait for Spring. You have a great weekend too.

  3. Wonderful photos Leanne and such a beautiful place.
    That fairy tree is amazing. A real tribute to the artist…its still going strong.
    Another great post. Have a fabulous weekend :)

    • It is Robyn, it is gorgeous.
      That tree is so amazing, she must have sat there and did it all, I hope it lasts forever.
      You have a great weekend too, lots of photos. Thanks Robyn.

      • I hope it lasts forever too Leanne :)
        Such a rare precious thing. Never seen anything like it.
        Have a wonderful w/end.. Yes lots of photos! :)

      • It looks like when it was first done the tree was alive, but it looks like it has since died, and they have taken the top off it, and put a fence around it to protect it, so I think they are doing a lot to it to make sure it survives. Take care Robyn, still no frosts here. :(

      • Good to hear they are doing all they can and they would of course, with such a treasure :)
        Isn’t it a weird winter so far? The frosts must come :D We’ll be ready!

      • Yes, so strange, too confusing all round. Lots and lots of rain, which is nice, but I want fog and I want frost. LOL
        I got some new extension tubes yesterday, so I am more than ready. :D

      • Haha, isn’t that cheating, LOL. Well we didn’t get one, but looks like a lovely sunrise, not that I went out to get it. Going in to inner city this morning with a friend to see what we can get.

  4. I love the details of the fairies’ tree. Would match well with a childhood favourite called The Folk of the Faraway Tree.

    • It is amazing Colline, I can only imagine how children would find it. Oh yes, I thought of it as well, I did look for the door, the slippery slip door, have expecting someone to come swooshing out.
      Thank you.

  5. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    The Fitzroy Gardens are beautiful! The Fairy Tree looks like it has been that spot for hundreds of years. It looks like you could look at it every day and find new things – simply enthralling!

    • I think you could Jackie, there is so much on it, and it goes almost right around too. I suppose it has been there for over 80 years, hopefully it will be for at least another 80. Thank you Jackie.

  6. Wow Leanne you truly have some spectacular gardens down there.! Just Beautiful !!

    • That is something Melbourne does very well, there are so many beautiful gardens around here. Thank you.

  7. The gardens look magical and your photos really convey the sense of fun in discovering all the details.

  8. The carved tree is amazing! Have they had to repaint the carvings I wonder?
    I also thought the paths-lanes lined with those tall trees were wonderful. What a great day!

    • I don’t know if they do or not, sorry.
      I love the lanes or paths with the big trees too. Thank you.

  9. delightful!! I do love the temple with the late afternoon shadows and the city in the background of the fountain shot – and of course the tree lined path. All beautiful! I know you’d never know but i’m awfully fond of fairies.

    • I would never have guessed that Cybele, you would love these gardens, I imagine you would never want to leave, just the type of place that you would love, did I say that already. Thank you Cybele.

  10. Amazing photo Leanne and such a gorgeous place. That tree is so amazing; she must have sat there and did it all, I trust it lasts perpetually. UK Photo Booth provide the best quality photography.

  11. I’ve been to Melbourne so many times, but I’ve never been there. Definitely on my list now. Thanks, Leanne. :)

  12. Lovely tour, thanks! The Temple of the Winds puts me in mind of the Temple of Ancient Virtue at Stowe Landscape Garden in Buckinghamshire… Must post some images one day!

  13. That Fairy Tree! I could look at it forever….so lovely.
    You *did* have fabulous light that day :)
    (YAY! I got to make a comment before the grandkids woke up and spoiled it!)

    • It is pretty amazing, I am sure that children must love seeing it.
      I did have exceptional light that day, it was a perfect winters day. :)
      Thank you Marie, so glad to hear from you.

  14. Wonderful garden, Leanne! Loved all the photos, especially the ones with the trees! Thanks so much and enjoy the Sunday! Take care. :)

  15. I couldn’t quit looking at the carved fairy tree! Awesome. And thanks for liking my post “Do Tell” with it’s sky photos.

    • That is fantastic Shirley, it is quite amazing. You’re very welcome and thanks for stopping by mine as well.

  16. Loredana Isabella Crupi says

    Great post and great photos of my favourite gardens in Melbourne. They are beautiful anytime of year! As a child these gardens were my playground! :)

    • Thank you, they are wonderful gardens, looking forward to going back in Spring. How wonderful, what a fantastic playground, so do you remember the Fairies tree from then? :D

      • Loredana Isabella Crupi says

        I do indeed. I remember the tree before it was taken out of the ground and remounted on concrete to preserve the wood which was starting to rot… and the tudor village…..My brothers and I used to catch yabbies in the pond nearby and then throw them back in. I don’t think you would get yabbies there today!.

      • I didn’t know that, but it makes sense that they would do that. I think you are right about the yabbies, don’t think they would still be there, and if they were you would probably get into trouble for catching them. What great memories.

  17. jcollettphotography says

    Great images Leanne, did you use a tilt shift lens in some of them?

      • jcollettphotography says

        One of the images in particular looks like it, too expensive for me :)

    • It was hard doing that little village, always a challenge when something is surrounded by a fence. I think Part 2 was better as well. Thanks Justin.

  18. Great gallery, they are all excellent but for me, the city in the background of the garden shot is stunning.

    • Thank you Stever, it is a shot I would like another attempt at, maybe at a different time of the day.

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  20. what a beautiful garden, I can live there :) I loved it so much. Thank you dear Leanne, Love, nia

    • Not sure you can live there, they probably wouldn’t let you, but it is a great place to go to all the time, I am going to visit a lot more I think. Thanks Nia.

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