The Usual Friday Bits and Pieces

LeanneCole-pinklakes-6277Giving you a round up of what I have been doing and what I will be doing in the next week or so is something I look forward to now.  I love sharing what I do and with most days taken up with other posts, Friday’s seem to be the only day that I can tell you about this.  I know I push things I’m doing, and I hope you don’t mind. I have had more One on One sessions, and another one coming up, online classes are starting to happen, more photo editing.  I decided to add another day for the Social Snappers as well.  I have a full plate, but I am loving all that is going on.

One on One Photography Sessions

I had another one of these last week with a new client.  It is so wonderful doing these, sharing my knowledge and going out and taking photos with someone.  I was telling a friend the other day that I am a problem solver, I love working out puzzles, and when a new client comes to me I know I am being presented with a new LeanneCole-docklands-20140216-9339challenge.

When people come to me for One on One’s they often have very specific needs, or areas they want to learn, then it is up to me to work out the best way to teach them that or show them how to do what they want.  It is wonderful, I really enjoy that each person wants something different.  If they don’t know, then I have to work out what they need and what they would like to learn.  I have another booked for the coming week, and this will be my first overseas visitor and I am so excited to meet her face to face and to teach her some photography.

One on One Photo Editing

This last week saw me doing another one of these, a new client and a new place.  I have a friend, Teresa,  who has a shop at the moment over in Greensborough and she said I could use her shop for the session.  It worked out really well.  I helped the client with what she wanted to do with her photos.  Again she had specific things that she wanted to use her photos for and I helped her to learn what she needed to do.

LeanneCole-Melbourne-flindersstreet-railbridgeWe might also be running some classes in Eltham, though not really sure yet, and not sure who will be allowed to do them yet.  If you have done one of my classes already then you will probably be given an invitation.

I am offering Online Editing Classes, if people are interested.  Amazing what you can show people using Skype.

Online Photography Classes

I have had my first client, and we have had a couple of sessions on Skype so far.  She seems to be really enjoying it, and like the other individual classes I teach, it is geared to what she wants to learn.  We talk, I show her things, we discuss her photos, the problems she is having, and then I write exercises for her to go out and do. LeanneCole-melbourne-flindersstreet-shopsShe seems to be enjoying it, and I love that I am helping her learn how to become more comfortable with her new camera and lens.

Social Snappers Photography Excursions

These are slowly coming together.  I have excursions for Sundays and Tuesdays in all sorts of places, though might have to change one of them.  When I was in Fitzroy Gardens the other day a woman stopped and asked what we were doing and I started telling her about these.  She sounded so interested and thought they were a great idea.  I think they are.  I know that I much prefer going out with other people to take photos, and I love going to new places.  I really hope I can find lots of other women that feel the same way.  I keep forgetting to tell people that the groups are limited to 8.


Well I entered another one, and the images that are in this post are the ones I entered.  This competition is different to the last one I entered, it is more an art prize. So the aim is to be selected, for the LeanneCole-pinklakes-20140421-6263exhibition, hopefully.  Though it is a top national prize and a lot of people enter.   If I am selected then I will have to get the image printed and framed, ready to be hung in the exhibition.  The exhibition is quite prestigious, so it would be amazing to be accepted for it.

Getting Connected –  Social Media and Branding

I am going to the above event this coming week.  A friend of mine, Christina, who writes a blog called Miss Rosanna, will be talking about social media. She is one of the speakers and I thought it would be great to go and hear her. I have no idea about Marketing and how to get the word out, so at the moment I am trying everything.

I think that is about all the news I have.  It is getting to be busy which is fantastic.  I do love that.  I will put the above images into a gallery for you to enjoy.




  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    I hope you are chosen in the competition! Your images are amazing to me, but then I know very little. I like how the merry-go-round is dark, but you can see beyond it because it is lighter. I don’t know how you get that but it is appealing to me. Good luck. :)

    • Thank you Jackie, it would be wonderful. I like that one too,and was the image I put first. :)

  2. When I win the lottery (gotta play first) LOL I will come to you for one on one lessons Leanne, so what if you are all the way around the the globe! Love hearing what you are “pushing” !!

  3. leecleland says

    Wow, sounds like you are starting to find your real niche for teaching which is terrific. Love the images you have entered into the competition and am sending positive vibes down south (Melbourne is south of where I live for those of you O/Seas). As a set of images they speak with the one voice.

    • I think so Lee, I do love teaching and I really think it suits me. Thank you for the positive vibes. You never know with these.

  4. I love those photos. And wonderful use of titles. :) I see someone is utilizing the SEO post suggestions! :)

    • Haha, you got me, I have been trying out some of the things that Mary told us. I need all the help I can get. The next thing I need to work on is the images, so really looking forward to the next part. :)

      • hehe….I was thinking of that too but I usually just type one paragraph, so kinda hard to put a title in. Your post really flowed nicely and I hardly noticed those hugely underlined titles at all. :P LOL

      • Haha, they were too big really, I didn’t think they would be that large, maybe I should change them. :P

      • nah it’s fine Leanne….As long as the four words fit on one screen so I don’t have to scroll to see the rest of the title. lol

  5. glutenfreeandhepc says

    Love the brick pix and the carousel. :)

  6. It sounds like you are bringing everything together successfully. Best wishes on each of your endeavors

  7. Great photo set!
    I have started one one classes on Lightroom and OnOne Software so excited so far I have two students. :-)

  8. many thanks for sharing these beautiful images with us Leanne. I love the dark ethereal feel of these images. The horse merry-go-round immediately stood out as haunting. Then the frozen pink-lake intrigued me. On first viewing I thought it was another ‘smoothed out water’ slow exposure, but then realised that the lake was frozen.., I was drawn into the pic.

    Good luck with the competition, I’m just getting up the confidence to enter a few myself !

    • Thank you Daniel, I have to break it to you though, the water isn’t frozen, then again it is a long exposure either, it is just very still water and the stuff that makes it look frozen is salt. It is a salt lake. I hope you aren’t too disappointed.
      thanks again, it is a big step entering them, but hopefully, we can both do well.

  9. Strictly Vivid Photography & Writing says

    Oh good luck with the competition!!

  10. I like these! There is something a little Stephen-Kingish about the merry-go-round with no kids on it.

  11. Phoenix Tears Healed says

    Hi, I love the idea of the ‘social snappers’; and wish you every success with your new ventures; and the competition, your photographs look really great; all the best :)

  12. I love hearing all that you’re doing and working towards.
    All the very best with new clients and your exhibitions… very exciting!
    Wish I was closer.. I’d love to be a part of Social Snappers :)

    Phew I had to find your post on reader to be able to comment and hopefully I can :) Still having trouble leaving comments… everywhere :P

    • Thank you Robyn, I think I have my plate full, and really think these will be successful. It is all very exciting.

      You must have something on your computer that is stopping you, have you contacted WP, they would probably know. Oh don’t forget to update everything first. Haha :)

      • You do sound a good kind of busy Leanne, but happy :) Its great!
        I did contact WP and got a couple of replies but nothing else.
        Its strange and limiting. Im glad I have a mobile device to reply on.
        Interestingly its only on .com sites. I know… Update first ;) ha ha

      • Yes, Robyn, exactly, busy but very happy.
        WP can be a bit can’t see anything wrong, must be your problem. doesn’t help really, it would be nice if they wanted to help, helping you could mean that what issue you have other probably do too.
        Haha, that Timethief that is always the first bit of advice, doesn’t matter what the problem is.

    • Yeah, a few, but I really want these to be successful, I do love the idea of teaching. Thank you Klaudia. :)

  13. Amazing what you’re doing with photography and teaching, Leanne. I remember when I stumbled upon your blog less than a year ago around October, these classes hadn’t taken off yet. It is very inspiring to see someone who do what they love and share it so selflessly with others. I am inspired. And I’m not surprised people are gravitating towards the classes and your teaching. From your blog you seem to be a down-to-earth person, and I reckon you’re like that in real life.

    Looking forward to Weekend Wanderings tomorrow. I had a cold this week and work was very busy. I reckon I looked like death today, so tired, haha. Going out all this weekend, I hope you have a good one :)

    • I think I am a fairly down to earth person, I hope so anyway. I have been pushing the classes a lot more this year, so I hope they do. I love the idea of doing them, what could be better than spending time with people who love what you love.

      Oh yes, the photos are all ready to go, took some lovely the photos the other morning when the sun was shining. Not good you have been sick, hope you are over the worst of it and can enjoy your weekend. Thank you Mabel. :D

  14. Great photos as always. I’m happy for you that business is going good. Someone in the photography group I am a part of was asking how a landscape photographer is supposed to make any money. I said some off their photos but if they want to make a living off of it, they need to teach. I think you are going in the right direction with that as it is much more difficult to try to sell your work than it is to set up classes with someone to help them learn. It seems that more and more people would rather learn how to take better photos.

    Hope you do great in the contest!

    • I would imagine being a landscape photographer one of the hardest things to do to try and make money. So many people consider themselves landscape photographers and that they can take their own landscape photos. Teaching is a great thing to do, though the other problem there is finding the student. Teaching in Eltham at Living & Learning Nillumbik has been fantastic for that. I agree, with what you said, more and more would prefer to learn to do it themselves these days.

      Thank you Justin, it would be nice to be accepted for the exhibition, but it is very tough competition.

      • I would say a year ago I thought I was taking good enough photos to hang on the wall until I progressed a little more. Looking at my older work, I wouldn’t consider it worthy now. I don’t think everything I take would be worthy of a print, but now I am happy enough with some of my work that I do want to get it framed. That was one of my goals though when I started was to be able to create my own landscape wall art. I think I have achieved that goal whether others do or not. In my mind, if I am happy with my work and like to look at it every day, then I think I have met one of my goals.

        I wouldn’t say that it has saved me money though to take my own photos to hang. If I consider the cost of my equipment, it would have been considerably cheaper to just buy work that I like and hang that. I think another aspect to wanting to be a landscape photographer is to also enjoy the experience as much as taking the photos. I’m just happy that I can enjoy it as a hobby rather than deal with the stress of trying to make a living off of it. I know it is a lot of hard work to be recognized.

        If you end up being accepted for the exhibition, I hope that it will help further your career by getting your name out there more. I’m sure it would help.

      • That is so true, I think that is part of the problem I have with competitions, I think my work is good now, but will it be even better in 12 months, what if the judges see it and just think it is crap. How do you know when something is good enough. I find that there are very few images that I look back on and still like, and the ones that I do, I am very proud of.

        I would say that the way you are approaching it is good, and there is nothing wrong with it. I like the idea of teaching, so I can just take photos of what I like. I don’t want to do some horrible job, so being about to make some money from it is good.

        Thank you Justin, it would be nice, though it can be expensive here, one day I hope.

  15. Hey Leanne .. I’m so excited! Can’t wait to meet you … :) best of luck with those competitions! That event sounds great!

    • I can’t wait either Julie, I keep trying to work out where we will go, haha, so much to show you. Thank you, see you on Tuesday. :)

  16. You entry is really awesome. I wish you luck with the competition. Great sets of photos.

    • Thank you, I am really happy with them, have plans on more, and if I don’t get accepted I can try again next year.

  17. It’s always a delight to hear what you are doing. You have grow as a professional so much since we met. You always spread your wings, learn new things, and teach as you go. I’m glad you are having so much fun in your work. It is your passion, and passion transmits across all mediums. Lots of love :) Marsha :)

  18. Wonderful entry to the competition! I hope you’ll be selected!!

    • Thank you Tiny, the competition is fierce, but I think these are some of the best images I’ve produced in a while.

  19. Best of luck with the competition, Leanne! You will share the results with us, won’t you? Love all the images, the carousel, just hauntingly beautiful.

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