Yakking Too Much

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat is something I get accused of quite a bit, though perhaps, too much is not quite true, I do like to talk and I’m not afraid to talk.  Perhaps, as I was told recently, it is why I make a good teacher, because I like to talk.  I hope I am not one of those really annoying people that talks so much that people can’t get a word in, but I do like talking to people.  I love the act of communicating, it is one of the best things ever invented, if you ask me.  So today I thought I would just talk to you about some stuff, much like I have the last couple of Fridays, and I hope you don’t mind.

I’m off to the city today for another One on One Photography Session. Doesn’t look like a great sunny day for it, but as long as it isn’t raining, it will be good.  LeanneCole-docklands-Melbourne-melbournestar-9348Another opportunity for me to get to meet someone and do more talking.  Showing people and teaching them how to take better photos is an absolute joy for me.  There is nothing better than to be with someone for 4 hours and just talking about photography.

Social Snappers Photography Excursions

Well, it is done, the Social Snappers have been launched. This idea has come from how I like to go out and take photos.  I have heard from so many different people about what they like to do when they go out to take photos, and one thing I have noticed is that women seem to like groups.  I know I do, how much fun is it to go out on an excursion to take photos with people who are there for exactly the same reasons you are.  I also want these to be considered social as well, with the idea that you will meet people who have similar interests as you, and there is a lot of time to talk.

I have asked everyone on Facebook to share it, and I was hoping I could ask you guys to do the same.  I know a lot of you aren’t in Melbourne, but with so many degrees of separation and all that, you might know someone who knows someone who might live in Melbourne.  You just never know.

Getting Back to the Work

LeanneCole-docklands-melbourne-promenade-9441I have been doing lots of stuff lately and one of the things I haven’t been doing enough is my art practice, so I need to start working on some images.  I stopped doing the fine art portraits because they didn’t feel right to me.  I have a whole series of images that fit a theme, a theme I have been working on for about 10 years or more, and I needed to find a way to make them work in that.

When I was at Uni, a friend asked me if I had started working on my essay, and I said yes, I’ve started thinking about it.  Well that is what I’ve been doing for the last six months or so, thinking, coming up with ideas, planning, more thinking. I think I finally have some ideas of how to do these LeanneCole-docklands-Melbourne-harbourtown-9394portraits images so they fit into my theme, or my style.  So stay tuned for those, I hope.

Though, perhaps, something I have come to realise is that maybe I shouldn’t be concerned about the portraits, and maybe people have nothing to do with my art work.  At art school I made a kitchen, there are photos here, you have seen them.  I was intrigued with the idea of what we leave behind and what happens to it after we have gone.  The Chernobyl disaster was a massive inspiration for me,  the workers town and what has happened to it since just being left.

I do believe in climate change, I can feel that it is happening, and how much has happened in my lifetime, but that isn’t what this is about.  I do want that to inform my work and I am interested in what happens to a planet when the humans are gone.  I find it fascinating.  I want to enter a art competition next week, so I need to get some images ready for it, but I thought today, I would depress you all with some dark images, the style of image that I like best.  I need to start working on a artist statement for it, so I hope you don’t mind that I have been working out some ideas in this post.  When I write it, I may just put it up here with the images I have entered the comp with.

I hope you all have very busy weekends planned and lots of photos.  It is a long weekend here, so maybe the sun will shine.  A gallery for you as per usual, the gallery has a couple more images of the kitchen as well.


  1. Really nice photos Leanne, I like the table and chair with all that white and the crazy Ferris Wheel. Keep teaching, us beginners need ya!

  2. I wouldn’t say that your dark images depress me. I always enjoy them and the work that you put into them.

  3. Wonderful photos, and all so different. I love your talking! And no, you don’t talk too much. It’s nice to chat with someone who is social and enjoys photography. Yak away. :P

    • Thank you Laura, so glad you think that, I have some friends that think I do, but I suspect that is because they don’t talk. I agree, socialising while taking photos is the best. :)

  4. If it’s okay with you, I’d like to write a little something based on one of your photos. I’ll post my response and a link to your blog (I’ll give you a preview if you wish). I certainly wouldn’t post one of your creations without permission.

    I have to give you kudos for what your photography says. It’s not just a collection of images, it’s a dialogue. And I’m moved by it.

  5. I too am a teacher. I try to share time, but I do like to talk :-) I understand other talkers too. The quiet ones sometimes confuse me — like my husband!

    • Quiet ones make it so hard. I was told being a talker was a good thing for being a teacher. We are obviously the best Marilyn. :)

  6. I love your “empty” photos and images. They are signature Leanne Cole. They are unique, moody, provocative.

    You do not yak too much! That sounds like something a family member might have said? A teenager perhaps? Just a wild guess.

    I think spending four hours talking about photography sounds wonderful. I enjoyed spending several hours talking to you about culture and photography and especially about blogging. Only other bloggers understand…

    Have a great weekend and good with social snappers. Love the title. I have shared it on FB.

    • Thank you Nia, I have to say I love those too.

      No not a teenage, a couple of friends have implied that I talk too much.
      It was wonderful Nia, we will have a week of it, I can’t wait. I think you are right, it really can be a thing that only other bloggers understand, we can be obsessive.

      You too Nia, I’m looking forward to it. Thank you, I hope they are successful, but I have to remember to wait and be patient.

      • I should do that, this financial year has been my most successful so far, which is great. It will be nice for next year to be more so. Would be nice to earn enough money to pay tax, haha. I really think what I am doing is the best thing, I do love teaching. Thank you Nia,

  7. I share your fascination with abandoned places – seeing what happens to the ecosystem when humans leave. I find images of Pripyat and the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone interesting because they show Mother Nature taking back a part of the planet that we humans have poisoned. She seems to be saying, “Once you’re gone, I will heal my planet.” These images, especially those taken in spring and summer with lots of green, seem infused with hopefulness.

    • Nice to find another who is interested in the same as me, I find it fascinating how the earth takes it back too. Thank you Ann

  8. I am always inspired, not just by the photography, but by the things you are doing, thinking and working on. I appreciate the sharing!

  9. Hi, I notice that your photos of the kitchen of quite a few years ago I assume, are very light, whereas the photos you take now are very dark. Do you think that has some significance? I go on exploring group photo sessions here in Paris (v. and you’re right the social aspect of meeting other photographers is so enjoyable. Good luck with your projects :)

    • I hadn’t thought of that. The kitchen was white because that was the colour of the clay when it was bisque fired, it was like it had no memory, no past, no now. It was just there. Thank you, I hope so, I really think that people will enjoy themselves. I can’t wait to start. Thank you.

  10. Leanne, I am so looking forward to meeting you! I love learning and will ask a plethora of questions. Sounds like we will have the perfect day :)

    • I am looking forward to meeting you too Julie, can’t wait to show you around my part of the world. Questions are great, I just hope I can answer them, LOL. I think we will, thanks

  11. Let me tell you something, the fact that you communicate with people in a such a friendly and open way is exactly what drew me to your blog. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

  12. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    I love the table and chairs! It seems ethereal – peaceful. About talking… that’s a good thing. When you “yak” you are in your zone. I love reading what you write; it shows you are really paying attention. :D

    • I liked that shot of them, almost like a child’s view. Thank you Jackie, has been so nice to hear that people like my yakking. :D

  13. I like the idea of the Social Snappers Photography Excursions and if I lived in the area I would sign up. I belong to a local photography group but they don’t do photo walks too often on the weekends and it is always nice to be out with other photographers to talk about things as you are shooting away. I’m hoping to visit Australia some day. It’s one the countries on my list to visit. Not sure which part yet though. I’m hoping to be able to do multiple trips but only my financial state will be able to determine that in the future. I hope it works out for you. And as always, nice photos! :)

    And please keep yakking away because that’s how we all learn from you!

    • Thank you Justin, it would be lovely to meet more people from the world of blogging at some of my outings. I found the same with the camera club I was involved in. It is such a shame, I love going out and taking photos, and having other people there to do with. You will have to see if you can get to Melbourne, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. thanks again, I’m sure it will, I just need to have the patience for it to happen. :)
      That’s great to hear, it has been nice to know that people don’t mind me talking a lot.

  14. I like that empty escalator. Definitely a dark story can be written about that. Have a good weekend.

    • Perhaps I should do some photos and challenge people to write about them. I did it once before and it was great, thanks for making me think of that again David, great idea.

    • Thank you Diana, that was my department, everything was moved out for the exhibition. You can see my kitchen set up in the background.

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