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Weekend Wanderings – My Backyard, Banyule Flats

From time to time I get people saying that they don’t think to take photos of where they live.  I have been one of those for a long time, but recently I have been making more of an effort to go out and see what is there.  Well, that’s not true, I have being seeing it for years but not through a camera lens.  So during the week I decided that I am going to try and make one of weekend posts each weekend to be aboutwhere I live, so within a 10 km of my home.  Though more likely a 5 km radius, which is what I refer to when I mean my backyard.  I know there is so much here to photograph, but because I see it all the time I think people may not be interested.


LeanneCole-banyuleflats-7626This last week I’ve been going to Banyule Flats quite a bit.  If you google Banyule Flats you will see where it is and what is there.  I have lots of photos of the same thing really, but taken at different places.  I hope the photos aren’t too repetitive for you.  I just thought it would be interesting to go there at different times to see how it changes.  The photo above was taken early in the morning.  A place I think would be good for a sunrise and that is my next thing to try and get there. On this morning fog had been predicted, but there really wasn’t any.  I should have gone the following morning.

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-7634Then I went on Wednesday night, the full moon.  I was curious to see what sort of images I could get using the moon as my light source. This spot I have taken the shot from here is a new one for me this week.  I discovered it when I was taking the first shot.  I usually go to a side bit, but I was thinking when I was there that maybe I could go around more, so I was getting wet walking though low trees and plants on the ground.  I was trying very hard to be careful, and then I found the perfect place.  When I was leaving, I took a slight detour looked up and there was a gate.  Not need to have gone through all the wet stuff afterall.

If you go somewhere like that and there are gates you can go through, then please remember to close them again. If people forget to close them then we might start finding padlocks on them.  I don’t want that.  Where I am the gates are there so you can go in there, but it keeps the dogs out.

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-7663Then I walked around to the other side which is the more common side of looking at the swamp.  The moonlight created a lovely image this time.  It wasn’t long after a stunning sunset, so that part of it is still in the sky.  The swamp was so calm.  I like that you can see the stars as well.  I do like the images from this side with the moonlight.

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-8143I went back on Thursday night hoping to get a repeat of the sunset that I missed on Wednesday night.  We didn’t get it.  We sort of got nothing.  The conditions were perfect, it was cloudy the forecast was for a great day the next day.  It was very windy though, so I don’t know if that had something to do with it.  But it is literally two minutes drive from my place, so I know I am going to head there for more.  I want to try and see if you can get a good sunset from there.

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-8063Also on Thursday, just after I had taken the photos of Briony, we were driving home and talking about Kangaroos and big mobs of them, and Briony said, “look there are a lot”. On part of the road here there are paddocks for horses and cows and in the paddock was a large mob of kangaroos enjoying the morning sun and grazing on the grass.  Unbelievable to me sometimes how close to civilisation they are living.

I don’t know if I told you the story about my husband riding his bike home late one night late and he was coming up the road and he looked beside him and a big kangaroo was alongside of him keeping up with him.  It scared my husband and he stopped, just as well as the kangroo would have knocked him off his bike as he crossed in front of him.  We use to laugh at people who came to Australia that would think they would see Kangaroos jumping down the streets, because it never happens, then again, sometimes it does.  Where I live is not that far from the city, about 15km.  Melbourne is a big city and it stretches out a lot further from us.  I love it that you can see them here.

Friends of Banyule have lots of information about this area.  Don’t forget, I posted about this area once before because they want to destroy this suburban area so they can build yet another unnecessary freeway.

I am going to put the remaining images in a gallery for you.  I hope you enjoyed this look into my backyard and don’t mind that you will see more each weekend.  It will be interesting to see how things change with the seasons as well.  What’s in your backyard?


  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    I love reflections on the water. ;) I believe these are the first Kangaroos you have shown on your blog. How proud they look standing there!

    • It is nice to get the water so calm Jackie. I have shown Kangaroos before, but not for a long time possibly, I don’t photograph them often. They do look proud.

  2. Well this is just not fair! Not fair at all! No wonder you get such great photographs. This is your backyard? Not fair! I want new rules!
    All kidding aside they’re great and I love receiving your posts.

    • LOL, I am sure you have something wonderful to photograph in yours too, maybe you need to go searching. I am very lucky with my backyard, it is pretty special.
      Thank you and I am so glad to hear that.

  3. I love reflections. They can turn an ordinary scene in to an extraordinary photo. Since none of your photos are “ordinary” to start with, they are better than extraordinary! And the ‘roos are cool too.

    • They can, it is nice when you photograph water to get the reflections in it too, that is what I was hoping to get with the sunset images, but I am sure there will be other days. I just need to be ready to go. Roos are always cool. Thanks

    • Thanks Cybele, I love the moon ones too, I’ve never done that before and I don’t think it will be my last time. That’s great, I seem to be doing more and more these days.

  4. You capture all the different light situations so beautifully and evocatively.

  5. Gorgeous photos Leanne. There is a ‘soak’ in a paddock on the side of the road about 20kms from here (still my backyard really when you live in the country) that each time I go past, I say “I must get a photo of that”. The last two times I’ve had my camera and it has dried out. *sigh*
    I have to edit and put up the photos of the church I photographed last weekend yet. Still in my backyard but about 23ks away. lol

    • Thank you Suz, yes I would certainly say they are all in your backyard. I think it is time you went and got that photo, no excuses now. I remember the church, it is lovely. Have fun editing.

      • I drove past it again yesterday but it is still dried up. We need some good rains to refill it.

      • Can I suggest something Suz? Why don’t you photograph it without water, and then when it does rain do it again, then you can do like a series on it and how it changes. Banyule Flats is like that, I photographed it earlier this year and there was no water in it, and now it is full to the top, such different images.

      • Sounds like a great idea. It is only a small soak but it has this huge gum tree growing in the middle of it that makes the most gorgeous reflections. I might spend some time one weekend just driving around and photographing these areas. Yesterday, I had grandchildren in the car lol

      • Travelling with kids is always hard. That sounds like a great idea, and I look forward to seeing some images.

    • I do too, it can look so different depending on the light and time of day. It is a great area, and there is so much more to photo still. Thanks Carol

  6. Beautiful photos, as usual, Leanne. Funny, I did the same thing yesterday, photographing all the things around me all day long and did a blog post about it. It is a very interesting way to appreciate one’s own life. And I had the same experience with a kangaroo one morning when I was walking here in Alice Springs; it hopped right along beside me for some distance!

    • I think so too, it is a great idea, really makes you look at where you are. Now that I have started thinking about it I realise there are so many things around me I could be photographing. Then you can go back at different times of the year as well. I’m looking forward to this. Funny how they can do that. I didn’t realise where you were, what an amazing place, I want to come and visit one day.

    • Thank you Nora, I am very lucky to live where I am I think. I think it is one of the prettiest places in Melbourne. The kangaroos were fantastic, we see them a lot lately.

  7. Hi Leanne – Thanks for showing us your backyard. I look forward to seeing how it changes over the seasons. I have been photographing the area around our weekend getaway for more than three years now, and always wonder whether people are getting tired of seeing it, so find it motivates me to search for new details and new perspectives. I’m curious to learn whether you have a similar experience.

    BTW, the reflections are great, especially the one taken on the night of the full moon.

    • It will change, but not as much as other places, but it should be interesting. I haven’t ever photographed the same place over and over for years, though, I suspect I would get bored with it as well.
      Thank you.

  8. What a beautiful place Leanne. I hope a freeway is never built through it.

    • We all hope so as well Colline, I think it would be a horrible mistake, as it is so beautiful.

  9. Willy Nilly says

    Love the pictures and narrative! Thanks. :-)

  10. Sonel says

    Oh, I love to see where people live and what it looks like there, so I am very glad you took photo’s of the beautiful area you live in Leanne. It’s my ‘virtual travelling’ overseas. LOL! Stunning shots hon. The reflections are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. :D ♥ Hugs ♥

    • I like it too, and there is a lot more of that sort of thing around me, so stay tuned Sonel. I am so glad you liked them. I love the reflections too. Thank you so much Sonel, hope you are well. :D

  11. leecleland says

    Lovely series of images of your ‘backyard’ and looking forward to more.

  12. Beautiful “backyard,” Leanne. I’m jealous … especially of the kangaroos :) Seriously, love all the different reflections you captured in the water. And the moon? Superb – I think that’s my favorite of the group!

    • I am lucky, I do love my backyard, and we see the kangaroos a lot. The reflections are great when it is calm. I love the moonlight shots too, I love the colours you get and it is something I think I will do again. Thanks Stacy.

  13. Hey. Leanne .. Super thank you. What a beautiful spot. I can’t imagine a freeway anywhere near that. Hope that daft idea has been canned!

    • I hope we never see a freeway here, it would be so horrible to lose this. It better be, but with a government intent on cars as the only means of transport, who knows. Thank you Julie.

  14. Your photographs are always stunning, Leanne. You could make a black sky without stars look awesome! :) Just this week whilst walking my dog in our ‘backyard’ I came across a snake basking openly in the sunshine (both rarities in this part of the world!) I could have got some great macro shots – if I’d thought to take my camera. I might never get that opportunity again and if I do, I’ll probably have left my camera at home again. x

    • Well I don’t know about that Kerry, but thanks for thinking I could. There you go you will have to start taking that camera with you when you start walking the dog, then you can’t miss those things, but I do know what you mean, I have had the same thing happen to me so many times. We should both do more of the carrying around with the camera. :)

    • Exactly Gypsy, I have ignored it for too long, and I think it is time I started looking more. Thank you Gypsy.

  15. Lovely images, especially the tree line reflected in the water. I also love the look of the free roaming kangaroo pack. They look so confident and certain of their place on earth….powerful looking creatures :-)

    • Thank you Seonaid, they do look like that don’t they, it is almost like they are saying this is our land and we ain’t giving it up. You certainly wouldn’t want to get in their way, they are quite powerful and the numbers of them are building up around here, I like that. :)

  16. I love the shots. Especially the night and the moon shots. I also think it’s good that you mentioned closing the gates.

    • Thanks Cardinal, I mentioned the gates because when I went there for the moon shots, the gate had been left open, some people don’t think.

  17. I love the way you caught the reflections on the water and my opinion is that very early morning is the best of all times to catch this. I also like that you concentrated on your “backyard” and I know what you mean about thinking others may find your own surroundings boring. I sometimes think the same thing but then realize my backyard is another’s destination!

    • Thank you, early morning is good for that, I must go out more, would love to get a sunrise reflected in it. I know what you mean about the backyard, it is like that, though I don’t know that my backyard is a destination, it is not know to others except for the locals. Not sure how much we want people to know about it, but enough to stop a freeway.

  18. What beautiful pictures and so nice to feel far away yet close to the city. The one with the kangaroos of course got my attention since we don’t have those here. I’m sure your husband was startled as he found one hopping along with him haha!

    • That is something we love about it too Laura, it is like we live in the country, but we aren’t that far from the city. Oh yes, the kangaroos, always seem to get attention. The kangaroo that was jumping beside him was big and it scared the hell out of him, lol.

  19. I love moonshots and yours are stunning. Shooting the moon and by the moon is a favorite thing to do, but hard at home because the trees block so much like. Seems to work best on the seashore :-)

    • Thank you Marilyn, it was the first time I have tried to photograph something using the moon, I wasn’t sure if it would work, but it work enough for me to think I need to do it again. Yes, trees can be a real pain like that. I have the perfect spot to photograph the moon, and next full moon will be heading there. I need to practice before the next blood moon. I like the idea of the seashore, I might have to try that as well. Brilliant suggestion, thank you. :)

  20. What a fabulously inspiring back yard! … but you’re right, we never ‘see’ where we live :(

    • Thank you Noeline, it is pretty inspiring, can’t believe it has taken me 20 years to work that out. We don’t, that is why I thought if I do one weekend post on it,then I have to start seeing it, I hope.

  21. I love these photos! It really is difficult to make interesting what you find so ordinary, and you’ve done it so well. The reflections and the slight fog and the bleakness of the bare trees all create this beautiful, eerie mood that I love. I think you’ve inspired me to go see if I can extract some interesting photos out of my (boring, suburban) surroundings.

    • that is so true, it is difficult, though sometimes it just means looking, and maybe looking through the lens to see the possibilities. That is wonderful, I have to say I like that mood too, and really want to work with it a lot more. I hope so, and good luck, I’m sure you will be amazed. Thank you.

  22. I love the night an twilight shots most. they have a very distinct mood. Well done, Leanne!

    • Thank you Solaner, I love the night ones, and it is something I would like to work on more.

  23. After reading your post, I think I will have to give my own backyard another chance. It actually looks somewhat similar – minus the kangaroos, of course. You’re right, we take for granted what we see routinely around us as just common place. But there is beauty everywhere. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • It is funny how we see it everyday and think it is so normal and common, but we forget that it isn’t like that for other people. I hope you do explore it with your camera and see what you get, I bet people will love them and be so envious of where you live. Thanks Betty.

  24. There’s a lot of romance to these photos, Leanne, particularly those you took around sunset. The lighter ones—with the orange and gold—are more dramatic than romantic, of course, but there is something wonderful about those lush purples! Very nicely done. I enjoyed seeing all of the different perspectives, from different sides and of course varying times of day! You are so right about photographing where you live—as you know, I’ve written more than once about how much I regret not doing so when we lived in WV because I thought I’d have plenty of time. Doing this forces us to really observe where we are, too—though you’ve obviously so much beauty to drink in every day!

    • Thank you Jen, it is definitely something I want to do a lot more of. It also forces you to remember what it was like when you first saw it. I remember how much I was in awe of it when I moved here, so now I want to capture that with my images, so others can be in awe of it as well. I do have that, so much beauty, it really is a case of, “where do I start?”.

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