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Weekend Wanderings – Travelling by Instagram

Last weekend I went into the city with my plastic Holga lens and for todays post I thought I might do something similar with my phone and Instagram.  I thought it might be fun to see what the city would look like through Instagram photos. Though I started with the train trip.


IMG_20140514_113700I had to wait for the train.  As I was approaching the station I heard that a train was leaving, so then I had to wait for ages for the next one.

I thought I would divide this post into two parts, first I thought we might look at the train trip in.  People love trains and when I went I probably looked like a tourist as I had my phone up against the window of the train taking photos most of the way in.

I have processed them all with Instagram, though, as I have found out, you don’t have to put the photos on Instagram.  I did them all and then used Dropbox to send the images to my laptop.  A different way of working and I am sure there are others. Here is a gallery of the train trip.

Taking photos from the train was interesting and not always easy. I got lots of blurred photos.  Though, I am going to say that it isn’t something I am really interested in perfecting.  I do like Instagram though, and I think it is something that is fun.

As I said, Instagram can be fun, and I have seen some great images with it, but they do all tend to look very similar

IMG_20140514_214401When I got into the city I stopped at quite a few places and took photos of what was around me.  I think filters in Instagram are good, but they don’t really show the reality of what is there.

The thing I do like it about it is that if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you would be familiar with my photos as I travel around.  I have tried to get a lot better at using my phone to do that sort of thing. I don’t do photos every day, but if I go somewhere to take photos then if I do some Instagram photos you get a quick glimpse of what is coming on the blog.

I am going to put the photos of the city into a gallery now.  Though, I do want to reassure you that I won’t make it a habit of doing posts of Instagram photos, but I did think it would be good to do a post on it and look at it.


  1. Some lovely shots…Leanne. I take my phone everywhere (when I remember :D ) and have never thought about using to do photography outside. Normally I just use it to take a quick picture of the dogs… but nothing more. Thanks for this post. I will now endeavour to follow you lead and use my phone and Instagram more.

    • I hope you do Bren, it can be a lot of fun, you just never know what you will get. I like seeing some things through Instagram. Of course it will never replace my DSLR, but it is nice and easy to carry around. Good luck with it.

  2. I took photos from the train when I was in Japan.
    Most of them are blurry. A few of them magically turned out OK but I don’t know how or even why. ;)
    Trains and train stations are fascinating….I can feel the “travel” in the air.
    Thanks for posting!

    • A lot of mine were blurry too Mary, I took lots, and just picked the ones that worked, or worked in a way that I thought was good. :)
      It is a little different doing it, but I think I liked it, you have no control over anything really.
      I love trains too. Happy travelling Mary, thank you. :)

    • Yes, there is, it is one of the original suburbs of Melbourne, been here a long time, well a long time for Australia. Thank you. :)

  3. You got some really great images with your phone. Your images certainly made me want to travel so they were definitely engaging. I only got a smartphone a few months ago, when I emigrated from Scotland to America, and I was actually surprised at the quality of the images. I still take my DSLR on planned trips or to capture special moments at home and document them but now I am released from thinking I can’t leave home without it as I can use my phone’s camera for those unexpected shots I happen across in everyday life.

    • They do take pretty good images, thought the conditions have to be pretty good for them. I do the same, but it is nice to know you always have a camera with you. You see about getting Instagram, if you don’t already and have some fun with it, I really only use it for fun. Good luck, thanks.

  4. Tanya Howat says

    Hi Leanne, it’s great to see what you did with instagram. Thanks for sharing. It just goes to show how important things like composition are … these are great examples as they are highly enjoyable and only taken on a phone.

    • Oh yes, composition is always important, no matter what camera you are using. Thanks Tanya, they can be a lot of fun. I am enjoying doing things like saying I am going to go and only use Instagram, I might do more.

  5. A very nice set. I hope you kept the blurred ones – they would make for an interesting post.

    • I did David, I never seem to delete photos, so it could be fun at some time to do something with them. Thanks

  6. Fun photos of your train journey. I love train travel too. It’s quick and easy. I also love that last photo of the raspberry tarts. Yummo.

    • Next time you are in Melbourne we are going to have to go to the Hopetoun Tea Rooms and try one of those, I’ve never had them either. Thanks Carol, it a fun thing to do on the train into the city.

      • Leanne, you’ve got a date. I will need to plan a visit for some time when Glen doesn’t have leave, and maybe bring my sister.

      • Okay, I look forward to it, let me know when you’re coming. I can almost taste them now.

  7. I must admit that all photos on instagram have the same look about them but I did enjoy your trip into Melbourne. I think when you live somewhere it is just as important to document the places and things you see every day as it is when you travel.

    • I have to agree Suz, I think they are too, and you can certainly pick them out on Facebook, but I do like the idea of the instant nature, and just doing them. I agree, you should read my post tomorrow, I have something planned about that. Thanks Suz.

  8. Thank you for the train ride. Really cool images you got there. I use dropbox too but I’ve not really used instagram.

  9. Yes, Instagram has its limits, but those limits can be great “challenges” – aren’t folks on blogs big on challenges? 8^). I liked these and glad you posted them. My only fundamental gripe with Instagram is that the filters not only are very similar, but tend to…stink. Most of the time I post mine without filters.

    • They certainly are, I have to say, I was really enjoying it, just putting the camera up to see what I would get. Thank you. I agree about the filters, but I had to use them, make them really look like instagram. I might try another phone app soon.

  10. Loredana Isabella Crupi says

    Reblogged this on Random Phoughts and commented:
    Some great shots there Leanne! I always have my iPhone with me and I always forget that it is also a tool for taking photographs. Not quite as majestic as a DSLR but a valid tool nonetheless that can produce some amazing images! As Chase Jarvis says “the best camera is the one that’s with you”

    • Thank you, I have had to make myself do it too, I kept forgetting, but I am getting better. It is for fun, I wouldn’t use it for anything serious. Oh, exactly.

  11. Beautiful galleries. I’ve never tried Instagram and am much like Bren, use the phone for pet snaps. With someof the work I’ve seen off phones lately, one wonders why carry a camera. Perhaps the feel in ones hands. Great photos and especially love your train gallery, catches the feel of the trip.

  12. I must investigate Instagram. I have heard a lot about it but never used it.

    • I hope you do Andrew, it is fun, and worth checking out. The filters are fun at first, but there are other ways of doing things.

  13. These days everyone is mobile and I definately think the likes of Instagram certainly have a place. I like your arcade shots and the graffiti from the train. Happy wonderings!

    • I agree, I think they do too, I would be careful about doing serious photography with it as there seems to be issues with ownership, so I just do it for things that I don’t care about much, if you know what I mean. Thank you and happy wandering to you too.

  14. I saw the Heidelberg sign and I thought you were running around Germany!
    Great pictures as always! :)

    • Haha, no Pam, Heidelberg Melbourne, we have one too, it is near where I live. Thank you.

  15. Great set of images Leanne….and just goes to prove that it’s the photographer and not the camera that makes the image 😊

  16. Leanne, I love it when you come and take photos of my backyard. I thought the train photos was interesting, but you’re right, the photos are bit blurry. Lots of different lighting and shadows in this set of photos in MC and the Emporium. I supposed you stood outside the cafe and looked at all the tarts and cakes on display, and didn’t go in :)

    Hope you’re having a good weekend and great time teaching. I went to the city today, autumn has truly hit it full blast with yellow leaves everywhere. Too crowded for my liking though.

    • Only a couple are blurry Mabel, most of them are good and the ones that are I was going for that effect, well except for one. It is an interesting process. I did stand outside, I will try one of those one day, one day soon I hope.

      Not having a good weekend so far. Very tired today, no sleep last night and then discovered the battery for the car was flat, so had to organise new one day. Very annoying had to find someone to pick me up for my class. I must go in this week and take some photos of Autumn, I wonder what the Botanical gardens are looking like. Oh yes, the city is always very crowded these day. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  17. Great, i love trains and raiding them. Your photos took me on a journey, thank you.

  18. I like these pics Leanne – and I learned something new: that I do not have to post them on Instagram :)

    • I discovered that the other day, you just process them to you get to the point of having to post and then go back and the processed image is saved in your gallery. That is how it is for my phone. Thanks Colline.

    • Thank you Aimee, the new Emporium is very bling, I must go in with my DSLR and take some photos. :)

  19. nlgnp14 says

    Great Photography Blog you have Leanne, great images captured

  20. Instagram is this summer’s challenge for me to master – my twelve year old son can’t get over how I’m NOT using it – time to step up! :)

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