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No Longer a Teenager

Today is my daughters birthday.  I know it isn’t something I normally blog about, but this morning she let me take her to the local park to take some photos of her.

LeanneCole-brionybirthday-7737Today she is turning 20 and as her mother I can say I am so proud of her.  She has had a rough few years but has really come out of it well.

LeanneCole-brionybirthday-7866It was fun trying to get images of her.  Not the images you normally get when people pose, but the images of her as I know her.  The way she laughs and smiles.  We gave her the skirt for her birthday.

LeanneCole-brionybirthday-8054I think she is beautiful and has grown up to be a wonderful person.  It was so much fun going out with her this morning to take her photo, it has been a while since she let me.  Normally she pulls silly faces, and she did do that, but if you wait after she pulls one, she smiles and starts laughing, so I got some lovely ones as well.

Happy Birthday Briony

A gallery for you to look at the images individually.


  1. Ajaytao2010 says

    So cute and a wonderful smile

    Happy birthday to her :) :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Briony! She is a lovely young lady! Congratulations to the parents for a job well done in regard to her education! Congrats to the photographer for these wonderful shots! Yes, job well done, Leanne! :)

  3. Darned kids refuse to stop growing up, don’t they Leanne!? She’s a beauty, you must be very proud. her smile is really infections. You’ve caught her personality wonderfully.

    • I have to say Tina, I have enjoyed nearly every minute and I have loved watching her grow up, it is so amazing. I am very proud of her, and she certainly has one of those smiles, thank you so much.

  4. Tell Briony Happy Birthday from someone whose birthday is also today….well, it’s today on this side of the world…the 14th…interesting that we can have the same birthday on different days…!!! Happy Birthday Briony!. Nice portraits, Leanne! I always felt a little strange celebrating my birthday. I didn’t really do much way back then other than yell and scream…I think I should be celebrating my mom on my birthday. :)

    • It is very strange, birthday on different dates but on the same day in the world, haha. Thank you RK, we had a lot of fun doing them this morning. I really enjoyed it and I think she did too. She is wonderful now, couple of years weren’t so great, but she has grown into a lovely young lady. :)

    • We have a 22 year old son and a daughter who will turn 20 in August. My wife used to always say, “Little kids, little problems….” It is so very satisfying when they do grow out of the bigger problems. Or, as our great American novelist Mark Twain once said, ” When I was 16 my father was the dumbest man in the world. When I turned 21, it was amazing how much HE had learned!’.
      Hold her tight as you let her go! She will remember.

      • I love that quote, I can really relate to it especially with my younger daughter. Thank you so much RK.

  5. Very special photos of your daughter, Leanne! I can tell she was enjoying the day by her lovely expressions, which you captured well.

  6. She’s beautiful! Oh Leanne, I need a tissue. My Baby Girl is a bit older than your Briony, she too is a May baby. Her birthday is Sat. She had some tough hurdles to over come as well. I hope you two are able to remain friends or become good friends as she matures and becomes the woman you’ve always known she can be.
    Happy Birthday Briony!

    FYI- I’m a May baby too. Can you image two stubborn women in the house? Sometimes I think it’s a miracle we’ve survived. “)

    • Haha thank you. It is so nice to see them overcome their problems and become better people because of it. I think we will, she is a great person to be around these days.
      So, is it like having two virgos? I think it is amazing any of them survive sometimes.

  7. Very nice Leanne…you are blessed that she spent that time with you and let you do that. :) She is very pretty. :)

    • Thank you, I think so too, she was very happy to do it, which was even better, that doesn’t happen much anymore. I think she is too. :)

  8. Happy Birthday to Briony! Beautiful photos! Lucky girl to have a professional photographer for a mom :) ~ Sheila

  9. Great work, Leanne, in the child-rearing and the photos! It can be really tricky to get decent photos of one’s kids in my experience (or any at all in the teen years…)

    • Thank you Sukie, we are amazed we got through it sometimes, it was close. It can be, even more so to get them to let you take photos willingly.

      • Haha, they are funny like that, I keep getting told by the second that I didn’t take enough of her when she was little. You can’t win.

  10. These are lovely photos of your daughter Leanne and you should be very proud of her. Happy Birthday, Briony!

    • Thank you, it was nice doing this just the two of us, then we went for coffee, it was a great morning. :)

  11. A happy birthday to Briony -gorgeous photos to go with a gorgeous day weather wise too, if not a bit windy :)

  12. sarahlearichards says

    Thank you for sharing. She is naturally lovely.

  13. A popular day…..its my granddaughter’s 15th birthday today and she also is growing into a wonderful human being : )) beautiful pics….

  14. happy birthday to your bri, you are right, she is a beauty, and her smile lights up her face ) beth

  15. Happy birthday Briony! She photographs beautifully! Kids grow so fast! That is cool she let you photograph her! Hugz Lisa and Bear

    • They do grow up fast, hard to believe that 20 years ago she was so small, I am glad she finally did, she usually says no. Now I have to try and get the other one to agree. Thanks Lisa.

  16. How lovely, Leanne! :) She’s so pretty … anyone would fall in love with her! Heartiest Birthday wishes to her!

    • I think she is too, I know I am her mother, but I do think she has grown in a lovely young woman.

  17. Happy Birthday to your daughter! I hope she had a good day, and maybe cake too. She looks so happy in those photos, and the autumn leaves in the background add a nice soft touch. You must be very proud of her.

    Hope your week has been great. I had a rough one but so happy tomorrow is Friday, and the weather is just great. Received a $20 Target voucher in the post too today :)

    • I think she has Mabel, she said she had enjoyed herself when we had dinner at the Loving Hut in Richmond. It has been a great birthday. I went to that place for the autumn leaves, thought they would be perfect.

      It has been nice, taking lots of photos, though looks like a very busy weekend, starting with a charity do tomorrow night. The weather is going to be fantastic I think. Wow, that is great, why?

      • Loving Hut seems like a great restaurant to go to, might give it a try in July. Autumn leaves are really starting to show, aren’t they. I noticed that the leaves on trees in the city were yellow when I went to work this morning.

        Sounds like you’re busy with what you love doing, that’s great. I hope to make a living out of what I love doing, like you, someday. I did surveys online and got enough points for my voucher :D

      • It is a nice place, and the food is not what I expected, it was quite nice. We are finally getting our Autumn, as in the colours so happy. I’m going to Walhalla this week and it is supposed to be gorgeous this time of the year, so I hope it is.

        Busy, but in a good way. I hope I do too, I do love teaching so it would be good to make it work. I hope you do too, it is hard work though and takes discipline. That is great, you have done that with other things too haven’t you. Maybe I should try it. :D

  18. She is beautiful ….. I really like the second one where you can sense some shyness and real joy

    • Thank you Nelson, that second one is really her, to a T, so to speak, my husband thinks so too.

    • I don’t know about being the best mum, but I am certainly a proud one today. Thank you.

  19. leecleland says

    Happy, happy 20th Birthday, Briony.

  20. Nice lively shots of your daughter. Happy Birthday to her. I wish I was just turning 20 again :-)

  21. Happy Birthday – enjoy each and every one of them – each year is a gift not afforded to everyone.

  22. Please wish my best to your daughter … And you have done an amazing job at capturing her beauty and innocence from the mothers eye :)

    • I will and thank you, it is good when the photographer knows the person they are photographing. :)

  23. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    Briony is a beautiful young woman. Hard times come along just to remind us how wonderful and fragile life can be. <3

  24. Lovely pictures. Wish her happy birthday! You must be one proud Mum!

  25. Fabulous shots of your daughter – a big Happy Birthday wish from Texas!

  26. sandlera says

    Beautiful photography and subject. Happy birthday to her and congratulations to you.

      • She has a natural, contented look :-) Does Briony look like you by any chance? It’s quite how I imagine you! It’s funny seeing the autumnal colours there whilst I’m photographing early summer blooms. I’ve always loved autumn, wonderful colours and great light!

      • I don’t think she looks like me, but I get told over and over that my younger daughter is a dead ringer for me, a mini me, so to speak. She denies it of course. It is hard to tell. Though people see photos of Klara and say she has to be your daughter. We have finally started getting the Autumn colours, we didn’t think it was going to happen here, but glad it is finally. It is so pretty. I’m with you, I love this time of year. You will be back into it before you know Sarah. Thank you.

      • Oh I know, time does fly!! I always think that my sister looks more like my mum and my brother like my dad, I’m somewhere in between. The older I get the more I remind myself of my Nain (Welsh for gran)!

      • It does, not that I am complaining, I enjoyed my time with them growing up, but I like it more now. It is funny who we look like, even personalities, one daughter is more like my husband in that regard and the other more like me. Lots of clashes. I know I am my grandmother, I have the same shape, don’t know about looks, possibly, but I am her in some ways.

      • Lots of clashes with us too but we’re still a very closely bonded family! When Nain got older and had hip problems she started walking with a waddling gait. My brother used to say “like a penguin”! I do that already thanks to the fibromyalgia ;-) I rather like penguins though so I’m ok with that! My partner’s grandson looks just like him and he’s only 8 months old :-)

      • That is great to hear, close families are nice, unfortunately ours isn’t. I am glad you like penguins, when I think of penguins as people I think Nuns, so I hope you dont’ wear the habit too. It is funny how DNA works. Thanks Sarah.

      • Close has its own complications! When I think of penguins as people I tend to think of my Nain and elderly people who have trouble walking. And myself! No, my habit is purely photographic ;-) Nature and nurture is fascinating!

      • That’s for sure. Oh no, I am sure you don’t really walk like a penguin, maybe you were a penguin in a previous life, and it is only coming out now. It certainly is Sarah.

  27. Beautiful photos, Leanne, of a beautiful daughter. What a lovely way to spend her birthday. Happy birthday to her, and congratulations to you, mama :)

  28. Happy Birthday to your daughter.
    Love the full body shot where she is smiling BIG. What a pretty smile. :)

    • That full body shot RoSy, really is her, that is how we think of her, laughing and giggling. Thank you. :)

  29. Belated birthday wishes! (Hey, I can’t help it if I am only reading this now!) She is lovely.

    • Haha, that’s okay, just means her birthday goes for longer, Thank you, I will pass them on.

  30. Bart_B says

    What can I say, super cute photos and Happy B-Day wish you the best….

    • Thank you Nora, she has become that, and it is great that she thinks of others just as much as herself, I like that.

    • Thank you, I love these sorts of shots, it is her being her, I look at these and I know this is my daughter.

  31. Sonel says

    Please give her my belated birthday wishes Leanne. I can see she had a lovely time with you and that you made her day indeed. Stunning shots as usual hon. She is a true beauty for sure and has such a great smile. :D

    • It was a lovely time Sonel, it was so much fun, and I think she enjoyed the attention. I think so too and I will pass on your birthday wishes, thank you.:)

  32. Sweet mom ever! Haha. Nice pictures of hers.
    Happy birthday to her, hope she always happy and God bless her. She’s lovely :)
    Indonesia is too far for a gift for her, so I just give my best prayer :)

  33. A belated Happy Birthday to your Briony. Beautiful photos of your beautiful girl.

    • Thank you David, I will pass it on, and thanks for that, it was fun getting some shots of her.

  34. Beautiful and Happy Birthday to your daughter! Now…where are my children…? I think if I pulled out the camera and pointed it towards them they would run away screaming. Hmm, that might make for some interesting shots. :)

    • Thank you, I will pass it on. I hope you found your children?? Mine have been like that, but she has seen how much fun it can be when I photographed one of their friends recently, so she was willing, and she knows I won’t show terrible photos. I hope you get some good ones soon. Good luck. :)

  35. She’s beautiful. Children……babes in arms one day, graduating high school the next…..AND parents wondering where the time has gone.

    • That is so true Mary, but I have to say I haven’t been one of those mothers that didn’t want my children to grown, I looked forward to each stage and never regretted them leaving one. I have loved watching them grow up and develop into wonderful adults. It has been a great time, but I am so glad they aren’t little children anymore. I like them how they are now. Thank you Mary.

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