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Revisiting Waterfalls

Last year I went to visit Ladies Bath Waterfalls near Bright in the Mount Buffalo National Park.  I showed images at the time and I showed another one this past Tuesday.  It has been a big week so for today I thought I might revisit the photos and try working on them again and playing around with some stuff.  I have two images for you.

Both done slightly different.  I am off now, I think I will work on some other photos as well.  Enjoy your day.


  1. Ooooh I like the second photo better. Must be nice to create such great photos!

  2. I just returned from Yosemite among other sites in Northern California. I was completely overwhelmed with the grandeur of the gushing falls that I saw. I understand your enthusiasm.

  3. I think I like the second more – seems to have more mystery to it.

  4. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    I believe I like the second most. However, the water looks clearer on the left. Hmm. Again I cannot choose. ;)

  5. I kind of prefer the first image – but I am unsure if that is because I began with this image or it just is more pleasing for me. Each though is interesting and not the usual nature shot.

    • Thanks Robert, I like the first one too, I think, though they are very similar shots and I didn’t mean them to be. LOL

  6. I’m in love!!! What more can I say except these photos are so gorgeous! You definitely have your own, unique style that is something to behold.

  7. Again I have missed out on so much here. I just had to drop in to see what you are doing. I love them both, Leanne, yet my eye keeps getting drawn to the left one. Both are totally mesmermizing. Love, Amy

  8. The left one does it for me. Its more abstract I think, less objectified. The constrasting ethemeral falling water and the still green boulder filled water of the pool put me in mind of a Haiku poem. Anyway, they’re both a pleasure to contemplate. Thank you

  9. The second one for me! It has a more ‘secret, hidden glade’ feel to it but also I think it is a stronger composition.

    • I don’t think you are alone in that Noeline, seems to be the more popular choice, thank you.

  10. I’m a sucker for waterfall photos. Like most of the other people, I like the second one a bit more. I think it’s because you can see just that little bit more of the surroundings so you get to take in the scene as a whole, rather than just the water in isolation.

    …I’m not sure if that made sense to anyone else.

    • I don’t think you are alone there David. The second is proving to be a lot more popular. That is interesting, thank you, and it makes sense to me.

  11. Beautiful Leanne, I have a love affair with water and slow shutter photography of same, this is simply divine. Love it!

  12. I really like the first waterfall photo. It looks so magical, like something out of a Harry Potter movie. Did you darken the photo(s), or was it quite dark when you took the photos?

    Hope you’re well and over your cold, Leanne. Sounds like you’re enjoying time with your photos. Work has been okay. My colleagues are all sick with the flu so I hope I don’t get sick :)

    • I did darken it some, I did quite a few things to it. I was experimenting to see what I could get. Thanks Mabel.

      Slowly, still coughing, but only morning and night now. I am enjoying spending time with my photos. Had a lot of fun today. Not good when everyone around you is sick, fingers crossed you don’t catch anything. :)

      • Ah, so I guessed right, then. I’m not very good at guessing. Great to hear you’re being creative, you sound so happy.

        Coughing is annoying, so get a lot of rest. I have had a stuffed nose today, just hoping it’s winter allergies. So happy tomorrow’s Friday :D

      • I love playing with the images, could almost argue that I like it more than actually taking them.
        It is annoying, but slowly getting better, looking forward to being able to get out and about in the mornings again without the cold affecting me as much. The thing that seems to be going around seems to start with a sore throat, so maybe it is just allergies, I hope it is. Thanks Mabel, enjoy your weekend. :)

  13. Strange… I have a very sudden urge to photography waterfalls :-) Love the first one!

    • Thanks Ingrid, you better go and do some then, I love photographing them, but they are some distance from me.

  14. I love waterfalls, but can seldom do them justice. Those two of yours are great ads for slideshows rather than single pictures – each has merit!

    • They are a lot harder to do than you would think, it is very easy for the water to just blow out, that is what I have found, I tend to underexpose a stop or two. Thank you Colonialist.

    • I like that Cybele, I like that a lot. Love that movie, so inspirational visually. Thank you so much. We must talk soon. :)

  15. Waterfalls are full of beauty. I am in awe of those who capture them so well.

    • Thank you Suz, they are a lot harder to do than you would think. I was just saying that I tend to underexpose mine a little so the water doesn’t blow out.

  16. Did you use a neutral density filter? I am so new to the this I hate to ask questions. When I ordered the extention tubes last week I ordered a Hoya Circular Polarizer and a Hoya 9 stop neutral density filter. I want to experiment soon with that and water.
    Love the waterfalls.

    • You know what, I can’t remember, I took these photos so long a go, I don’t even remember what lens I was using. I know there was a guy there with the same wide angle, and he had a filter on it, but I don’t remember what I was using, sorry. The neutral density is great with water. Have fun with your experimenting.

    • I don’t know, I have never really thought about it. I like both I suppose. Do people do waterfall adventures?

    • It is, and I like that one too, I suppose we all have different tastes, I see that a lot. Thank you.

  17. Ah … how funny Leanne I mentioned these earlier in a comment .. and then catching up still and going backwards as is my way Lol here are those waterfalls !!
    Fabulous .

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