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Weekend Wanderings – Landscape Photography Classes

All around the world on the weekend there are people teaching photography classes and people taking them.  Here is no different to anywhere else and yesterday I was teaching my new students landscape photography.  There is a place I take them in Eltham, and while not the greatest place in Melbourne, it is close to where I teach and they get to take photos and experiment.  I help out, but I can usually get a couple of photos myself.  It is good for them to see me doing this as well, I think.

LeanneCole-landscapeclass-6951These gates are usually where I start.  They are so old, yet so out of place for where they are.  They do seem to imply some sort of old world grandeur that now is long gone. I don’t know if the gates have always been there and did lead to something else, or are more recent.  It doesn’t seem to matter, it is a great place to start.  It is contained, so they don’t wander too far.  Every class I have taken here have seemed to enjoy photographing here.  They stand afar, apprehensive to get in close, but you can see that they all want to.  As soon as one does it, they all go.

LeanneCole-landscapeclass-0463It is good for them to realise that they should look all around, up and down, that good images don’t always come from eye level.  Looking up can also give a different view.

LeanneCole-landscapeclass-6990Yesterday we went further a field than we have before and found a lovely spot to take photos where they could all wander around and just see what they could find.  I hung around so they could ask me any questions.  I think it is good to let them go off on their own too, see how they go.  I know in next weeks class there will be lots of questions once they have looked at their photos and maybe didn’t get quite what they wanted.

LeanneCole-landscapeclass-7011It was nice for me too, to photograph somewhere new and see what I could get.  I will try this week to take some of these photos and do more to them and see what else I can bring out.  Turn them into fine art images, as opposed to just straight images with little processing, which is what you have here.  I like to show them the possibilities of what they can aspire to, if they so wish.

LeanneCole-landscapeclass-6969I am also trying to show them that there is the big picture and also the smaller one.  I am trying to do more of this myself and so I try to encourage my students to take in the details.

We were lucky with the rain, it did rain a little, but then it went away and we had a great time.  It poured all afternoon, but we were all home by then.  I am going to give you a gallery now of more photos. Some taken yesterday and some taken in my last landscape class.  Happy Wandering.


  1. I really like your images. Sort of what I am working to get my eye to see to guide my camera. I love reflections and I like the barbed wire image especially. Looking forward to more.

    • It is all practice, the more you do it the better you get I think. It is really good looking at other peoples work as well. Thank you, I like those too.

  2. Lovely shots, really like the extreme close ups of the gate, great textures. :-)

    • Thank you Katie, I need to do more of this, the close ups show a whole other world. :)

  3. You show a lot of great shots here, in my opinion.
    Very rustic, antique, and blessed with new growth! :)

  4. nikkiharvey says

    You might already do this and I’m not aware of it but have you thought about doing classes based on the subject of the photograph, for example nature photography, or urban photography. In one class it’s landscape, in another it’s close ups. I couldn’t do your classes anyway as I’m not in your country but while I would love to do nature, I imagine landscapes would also include urban landscapes which I wouldn’t be very interested in. You’ve got some great photos and I would love to see what you do to them with processing.

    • I do sort of do that Nikki, I run a six week course and each week we tackle a different sort of photography, yesterday was landscape, next week is architecture. So each week we do something new and see how you approach it. What a shame you can’t come to my classes, I do hope that one day I can travel overseas to teach classes. It would be good to do some workshops overseas, I do love teaching. Thank you Nikki, I will post some later in the week.

  5. leecleland says

    Lovely series of images, Leanne and a great place for a class with the variety of subjects and angles to play with. Looking forward to seeing what you do with some of them.

    • Thank you Lee, I like it, and I know for some it might be boring, but yesterday they all seemed to enjoy it. Will work on some and hopefully later in the week will have to show you.

  6. All incredible images! Your students are so lucky. Sounds like you’re a great teacher!

  7. The devil is in the detail…an issue I need to work on as I am usually drawn to the big (long) view of things. I’ve started to pack my Macro so there really is not excuse – just old habits die hard.

  8. Your students are so lucky to have you as their teacher Leanne. That gate is interesting. Is it on a private property or just in the middle of nowhere? It would be interesting to know the story behind the gate.

    • Thank you Carol. The gates are, but they are beside a walking path so no problems taking photos of them. They are very random in their spot and yes, I would love to know the story as well.

  9. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    Love that gate; It must be ancient! I especially like the trees but all the photos were very nice. :D

    • I think it must be too Jackie, though I don’t know if it has always been there Thank you Jackie, :D

  10. I did wander today but only had my point and shoot with me. I am happy with how most of the photos turned out (even better with a couple of actions). Putting a post together now. :)

    • That sounds great Suz, and a camera is a camera, some say the best camera is the one you have with you. Thanks for letting me know. :)

      • :) Just have to put them into a collage. I can’t believe how blue the camera captured the sky today.

      • Sounds like typical Melbourne weather. Is it cold today. I am actually wearing a long skirt and socks today here in Queensland. lol

      • It is very cold here, winter has certainly arrived, we have had the heater on nearly every day.

  11. C’EST MAGNIFIQUE !!! Your pictures make me travel, dream, imagine or simply be in the present. Thank you for sharing your passion.

  12. Weekend Wanderings is my favourite part of this blog. Something for me to look forward to at the weekend. Glad to hear the class went well, and you got some decent shots too. Is that an abandoned house you took there? Those gates look old, but so charming at the same time.

    Hope you have a good week ahead, it’s supposed to be mostly gloomy weather-wise. I’m not looking forward to going back to work, but it means more money :D

    • That is fantastic Mabel, thank you so much, good to hear that people look forward to them. I just have to keep finding places to go. I don’t know if it is abandoned, I don’t think anyone lives in it, but I don’t know if it was a house or like an office, it is very small. I love the gates too.

      I have, well as well as you can when you are fighting a cold, but it has been good just sitting around doing nothing, good weather for doing that. I can imagine, I have some work this week too, I am looking forward to it, a one on one photography session, should be good. Have a good week Mabel, best you can.

      • I think this state we live in seems bigger than we think. It would take a lot of time to visit every town and mountain there is here. And then there’s Tasmania.

        Hope you’ll get back to full strength soon. I’ve been out a lot these few days and am enjoying the rain. Making the most of my free time :D

      • I think you are right about that, there is a lot to explore. I would like to do a lot more and I would love to go Tasmania, that would be fantastic.

        I am sure I will, it is just a cold, so it won’t hang around too long. That is great, hope you have enjoyed the wet weather. I’ve certainly enjoyed staying inside. Keep dry, hope work isn’t too bad. :)

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  14. Love the gate detail shots myself and the barbed wire strand. Looks the kind of place where initially people may think “not much here”, but as you look there are thousands of opportunities. 🍀

    • I think it is too MM, definitely and the more you look the more you find. I need to go back sometime without a class and see what else I can find. I should build up the courage to ask the people who live there if I can go in and take photos. Thanks MM.

  15. That gate is pretty spectacular, but I love the barbed wire image…Nice place to photograph – great choice for your classes!

    • It is Marie, I also see something different when I photograph it. The barb wire has been pretty popular, I saw it quite by accident. It is a nice place, I really like it, thanks Marie.

  16. Some lovely advice there, Leanne. People always only either say to look at the big picture or to look at the details. This is the first time that I’ve heard someone say to pay attention to both. It’s easy to forget sometimes, but I think it’s a powerful message :D

    • I think it is important to do both, I always forget the details, so I am trying to get better at looking for details. Thanks David. :)

  17. What a cool place to take photos! I love that gate!wished I could have been there with you too! Hugz Lisa and Bear

    • Thank you Lisa, how wonderful would that have been. I love the gate too, it is quite amazing.

  18. I love the expression of detail in both the natural and man-made elements. Interesting photos, that draw the viewer in

  19. Thanks for such a post with details. The pictures are great and so the text. You encouraged not only your students but also me.

  20. As many others have commented, I too, love your detail shots Leanne. Those always stir me in ways the broader picture doesn’t.

    • Thank you Betty, I really should try to do more when I am out and about, I always forget the little things.

  21. Helen C says

    I am so glad that I found your web site. I love all of your pictures. Do you use tripod for all these pictures? Are you offering any online class? I, too, don’t live in your country. I am a beginner. have lots to learn. Thanks.

    • Thank you Helen, welcome to my blog. I didn’t use a tripod for these, there was enough light that I didn’t have to. I hadn’t thought of online classes, but you have me thinking, and it could be something I could do. If you are serious about doing some, and would like to try it, then email me and we will see if we can work something out. I think it could be possible. My email is

  22. I absolutely love your work, Leanne. Thank you for sharing it. Blessings, Dear Friend.

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