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Weekend Wanderings – My Melbourne

It has been a funny week, I haven’t had a lot of chance to head out to take photos.  Between the rain and the cold I have, there hasn’t been any opportunity.  I thought for today’s post I would go through all the photos I have taken over the last three years and pick the photos that I have taken that I think are Melbourne to me.  That doesn’t just mean the city, it is also the photos around me where I live in the suburbs. I am just going to put them in a gallery for you to enjoy.  I have also made some of them black and white, thought it would be interesting to have a combination of both. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Shawn says

    I just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the like. Love your work. I am a big fan of weekend wanderings ;o)

    • You are so welcome, and thank you, that is wonderful, it is good to hear that people enjoy them. :)

  2. Really excellent collection of images, Leanne. Thanks for assembling them into such a nice portfolio.

    • Thank you Robin, I do love going through old photos, you just never know what you will find.

  3. Oh wow! Love Brighton beach and the Webb bridge- will have to visit one day. Rain and cold…..winter coming. Lovely post.

  4. These are beautiful. I think my favorites are Melbourne Central, Austin Hospital, Brighton Beach and Melbourne Star. I love the perspective, the depth, the colors. Some of them make you dizzy just looking at them and make you feel like you’re there.

    • What a wonderful compliment Mary, thank you so much for this. I am glad you liked them.

  5. All brilliant as usual Leanne. I commented on some of my faves. Thank you for sharing them. I hope your weather starts cooperating! Have a great weekend. :)

    • I saw your comments, thank you, it was nice to revisit some old places, so to speak. I hope it does too, so far the signs are for a long wet winter, I hope that isn’t the case. Some rain yes, but not too much. You too, take care. :)

  6. I notice fewer images with strongly vignetted skies, and your composition and lighting seem more masterful with every group of pictures. I am trying to understand the progress you have made, and whether you have discarded or lessened earlier techniques in favor of newer ones, and what those are. Your site has certainly been an inspiration for many of us who don’t call photography a profession, but rather a passion.

    • I think when I started doing the Weekend Wanderings, which was probably just over a year ago, I decided not to process the photos as much, with the intention of going back and just doing some of them, it never quite worked out that way. So the ones you refer to with vignetting are ones that I did do lots of work on. I think the images also show how the blog has evolved, perhaps I should have done the photos from earliest taken to last taken, that might have been interesting too, maybe for another weekend. Thank you so much, that is wonderful to hear, comments like that make me keep going and trying.

  7. Beautiful collection of photographs you have here… The black and white does add a nice touch to it! :)

  8. Lovely collection. I think Melbourne should be proud of you! My favourites…the beach huts and the last photo of the reflections. The colours just pop out. Gorgeous as usual Leanne.

  9. Love the shots of Southern Cross and Flinders Street stations. And I really wished I’d had the opportunity to photograph those beach huts last time we were there but it was not to be.

    • I am sure there will be another time Suz, I have only ever been to them once, there is nearly always lots of people around. Thank you.

  10. Great shots! I LOVE contrasting colors in the Brighton Beach photo. Very nice use of the black and white photos too. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you so much, it has been great the response that the Brighton Beach huts is getting, and you are very welcome.

  11. Wow!! Enticing such beautiful images…and isnt it icy? Finally a goodly soaking rain and a sit by the fire : )) trees

    • Oh yes, it has been cold, had the heater on every day. Winter has arrived, a little early, but that is okay. Thanks Trees

  12. I love looking at you images and thinking “I know that place” or “I’ve been there”. Although there’s a few I don’t know so I’ll have to explore more ;)

    • I love doing that too, haha, some of them are from around where I live, so that is probably why you don’t know them. :) Thanks

      • I have lived here for twenty years and I have only photographed it for the time recently. It is a great place for photos.

  13. What a lovely tour of your ares of the world. I love the image of the trees crossing over the path.

    • I am so glad you enjoyed the tour Pat, I do love where I live. That tree has been there so long.

    • That is a lovely part of the city, I love going there to take photos. I like what you have said Jo, thank you.

  14. Wow, stunning and beautiful photography as always, Leanne. I would so love to be one of your students!

    • Maybe you will have to make your way over here one day, or maybe my teaching skills will become so well known that I could come there and teach, that is something I want to do.
      Thank you John

  15. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    I remember some of these from earlier posts but that path – that amazing Y-shaped entrance with the two trees is something to behold. Wow! <3

    • That is wonderful Jackie, some haven’t been shown for a while, some not so long ago. Those trees do draw a lot of attention. Thank you. :)

  16. Fantastic shots as always Leanne……but what the hell is that black & white thing in the branches of the tree?

    • Thank you Sally, I love photographing Melbourne. I am sure I will, soon too, well I hope. :)

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  18. sedge808 says

    I love Austin Hospital, but they are all good.

  19. I just got back from Melbourne two weeks ago and loved it. I would sincerely like to go back if it weren’t for the fact that we have yet to see other parts of Australia. Your photographs are beautiful.

    • That is wonderful. I love it too. I am sure you will love other parts of Australia as well, happy travelling. Thank you.

  20. Never been to Melbourne, but these pictures make think I should definitely visit the next time I’m in Aus.

    • Oh yes, you will have to come, Melbourne is a very bustling city these days. Very different to Sydney in many ways, but is a great city if you love coffee, eating out, and architecture, of course lots more, but Melbourne is known for coffee and sport, if you can believe that.

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