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Looking for Art in the Pink Lakes

Last week I showed you a heap of photos I had taken in the Mallee, well, more specifically the ones I had taken of the Pink Lakes.  There were two images that I withheld, the reasons being that I planned on working on them a lot more so I could see if I could get them good enough to enter some competitions.  I have done quite a bit on them, and am happy with where they are, but I need to see them.  I need to keep looking them and make sure there is nothing I want to change.  So today you get to look at them with me, if you want to.

LeanneCole-pinklakes-6198-1-2When we were at the wooden ramp I saw the sun reflecting off the salt, and I thought it looked stunning.  So I did, what I always do, I took a photo.  The sun was weird, still high up in the sky, but it was like the sunset had already started, there was already so much colour at the horizon.  It now looks like moonlight, and I may have made it too dark.  I will have to keep looking.  I might have to go back to the previous version that wasn’t quite so dark, though when I compare the two, I seem to be drawn to this.

LeanneCole-pinklakes-6263Not long after we saw the previous one, we parked the car and went for a walk.  We were on a track and we spotted this tree that had fallen over in the salt.  Obviously dead, but I really liked the way it was the only sign there had been life.  There is water here and the lake was a lot pinker.  I have tried to draw out the salt.  I think this is my favourite image from that trip.  This is one I think I mostly definitely want to enter into a competition.  I need to just look at it for now.  I think I have it pretty much where I want it, but I do know that sometimes I go back to an image and I do see things that I think I should change.

I really enjoyed working on these.  I know I keep saying that I should do more, and then I don’t, but I really should do more. Part of the thing that has been stopping me, has been my back, but it is slowly getting better and I can spend more time sitting now, and it isn’t a big thing anymore.  I think I need to go back through the images I have taken over the last few months and see what else I have that I might want to work on.

I will put them into a gallery now so you can get a better look at them.


  1. Wow. Well, I think they’re both winners. And the fact that it’s unclear as to whether it is sunlight or moonlight just adds to the mystery.

    • Thank you, that is great to hear, I quite liked that idea as well, not being able to tell what it is.

  2. Excellent pics! Very special! :)

    I hope you keep doing better with your back. We both are elderly and have arthritis. MSM works very well for us. The body produces it naturally when you and young and it is both harmless and a superb antioxidant. It helps with pain, arthritis, and all kinds of joint and skeletal problems. We order ours from … they have the best quality, as the Swanson Ultra brand of MSM. ;)

    • Thank you Thomas.
      I am doing better, I can sit for a lot longer, though I have to make sure I don’t slouch when I sit, that is what caused the problems in the first place, I will have to remember about the stuff you have told me, thanks for that. :)

  3. jamiechristinephotography says

    Both wonderful images Leanne. You’re right, I thought the first one was the moonlight but I like it. The second image is breathtaking! It’s my favorite of the two images. Nice job! :-)

    • I think the first one, making it darker really draws out the salt, if that is the right way of putting it. I like the focus on it. I like the idea of the moonlight as well. I love the second one the most too Jamie, glad you like too, that is so good to hear. Thank you so much. :)

    • Thank you Laura, I did a lot of work on them, and they could still be works in progress.

      • Well what you did…..I would love to be in your head as you did it because it is gorgeous!!! Seriously, WOW.

      • I don’t know that you would like what is up there Laura, it is all over the place. Thank you so much, that is so good to know. I was so happy with it, I knew when I took it that I would want to do more with it, and that is when the processing started really, up there in my head.

      • I agree about in the head on both counts: being all over the place and the processing starts in the head. Somehow the chaos manages to come out in the photo though. At least in yours. Seriously, I LOVE it when you do these types of photos!!!

      • I really should start doing them more, I used to do them all the time, but I stopped, I think part of my problem is that I don’t think I take enough care when I am actually taking the photos. I need to work on that as well. Though the back has stopped a lot, but I really enjoy doing this and I really need to start doing it more.

  4. Both are quite nice – very rich and darkly etherial. Cannot say which I prefer. I agree with the above who said they were unsure whether they were lit with the sun or the moon – I guess that you can bring to each image what you want – and that is exactly how a picture should be in order to engage the viewer.

    • That is so true Robert, I was quite surprised when I tried it and realised it looked like moonlight, I love the way the light bounces off the salt. Thank you Robert.

  5. mikew66 says

    Both superb Images
    the first one, the light draws the eye along the salt straight to the horizon going from the cool of the foreground to the warmth of horizon …very nice

    The Second One the Focus the tree again with the colour this time, warm foreground taking the eye to the cool background creating the depth in the photograph. both wonderful images


    • Thank you Mike, I love what you have said about them, and what you have said is what I wanted people to see, so even better.

  6. Both images are amazing Leanne. I agree that you can’t tell if the one is moonlight or sunlight. It leaves me wondering as I look at the image. =)

  7. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    Oh, Leanne, these are breathtaking! It looks very cold there. :)

    • It wasn’t cold, but I guess the salt could look like snow and make it seem cold, great point, thanks Jackie. :)

  8. These are both great but I really, really love the horizontal one–the delicate colors and wispy shapes, then the dead tree, all make a striking composition.

  9. leecleland says

    Both are beautiful images and worthy of competition status. Great work, Leanne.

    • Thank you Lee, it is nice to do some work that is leading to something, like a competition.

  10. Leanne, both pictures are gorgeous. The detail of the salt in the first one is stunning, but I think my favorite is the second. The hint of pink in the salt works so well with the understated blue of the sky; the curve of the “beach?” on the left just pulls me in, the illumination from the sun adds an ethereal glow, and the crisp starkness of the tree just tops everything off. You have a much more experienced eye than mine, but I say you’ve hit the nail on the head at this point!

    • Thank you so much, I do love that second image, and I will entering it into the competition. I love what you have said about it as well.

  11. I love the image with the salt flakes Leanne! It is simple, textural and only hints at its setting when the viewer explores the distance. The pink lake is beautiful, ethereal but makes a different statement for me – more about scenic beauty. They are both superb photographs. Good luck with the competition!

  12. Leanne, you are getting more than professional grade! Congratulations!!!! :)

  13. AmateurPhotographer says

    Amazing as always! Keep it up!

  14. Both photos are beautiful and make me realize that I need to get off my butt and get out and shoot more myself. Winter is over and I have no excuse anymore. Anyway I’m going to go have a quick peeks at Monochrome Madness Week 9 now. On first glance here seem to be a lot of interesting shots there.

    Thank you for sharing,


    • Thank you Barry, glad it made you realise that, good shooting. The MMC is quite amazing, so many great images.

  15. They have a peculiar atmosphere, they make me think in a place under the red son of Krypton, what it’s a way to say that I like them so much ^_^

  16. I like them both, love the second one. It’s mystical and silky. Stunning work, Leanne! Are you keeping up with the physio? I ended my official therapy for my shoulder but I still do the stretches and range of motion exercises at a minimum and it’s 95% better. Plus I want to keep it happening again. I was thinking about your back when I was doing my exercises today!

    Good luck with that competition. That’s a great photo to enter!

    • Thank you Nia, I like the idea of silky. I have stopped going to Physio, I was only allowed to go for a short time, I am finding that my back is much better and then thing I need to do is listen to it. I make sure if it has any twinges that I get up and move around. That has been good.

      Oh yes the competition, I think it will be too.

      • I’m glad you are learning to listen to your back. My husband does the same thing with his knee. He knows what to do to take care of it and has been able to without going to the doctor. I waited 3 months before getting help with my shoulder but it didn’t get better until I went to physio. I’m excited by that competition! Good luck!

      • It is a good idea too, I think, and yes when it start aching, I know it is time to get up and move around, though I try to do that before the aching starts. Thank you, it should be interesting.

  17. The first image looks other worldly and the second image has great composition with the tree sat in the foreground. Great job.

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  19. Both these images are fantastic Leanne…..I love the use of light and the dark sinister atmosphere they convey.

  20. I like both photos. With the second one, I really like how there’s a bit of yellow brightness at the top, but I think if you went darker, the feel of photo will change and it might look more interesting. It’s interesting to see that there’s not a speck of garbage in sight.

    Hope you’re getting over your cold and feeling better. I’m enjoying my holiday, it’s great to have energy to do writing and stuff.

    • Thanks Mabel, if I made the second one darker you would lose the water and the tree, and then it would be all about the sky, which isn’t what I wanted. No garbage up there really possibly because not many people go there.
      I am getting over my cold thank you, slowly. That is great, I hope you had a relaxing birthday.

      • I see. There are limitations to processing images and we always have to work around them. It would be fun if there were no limitations and we can make an image look however we want it too…but I guess that takes a bit of fun out of processing.

        Thanks, Leanne. I am loving the time off work. Went to Collingwood today but there wasn’t much to see and do. Have fun with your classes this weekend :)

      • There are always limitations, unfortunately. I like how the image looks now, so that is good for me.

        Thanks Mabel, that is great to hear, enjoy your weekend. :)

  21. Hi Leanne :) I really like the way you edit the photos, the landscapes look so surreal, like from another planet.

  22. Interesting, Leanne! I like the first one for the textures and light, but the second wins for me because of that lonely tree, the curve of the bay and the yellow and the pink … :)

  23. Leanne, these are totally stunning! I have never seen anything so beautiful and haunting. I do so hope that these could win you a competition, they really deserve to. I also am sorry to hear about your back. Take care, Karen.

    • Thank you so much Karen, very high compliment, I hope the judges feel the same as you.

  24. Peter45 says

    The first one looks stunning if you think about it as night time. It’s really good.

    • Thank you Marie, I really want to start entering some competitions.
      It is, really, I am able to work on the computer for much longer now thankfully.

  25. Gorgeous shots. I like the processing you did with first one, making daytime into night time.

  26. The colours in the photo with the tree are divine. I just love this one. I could see it hanging on someone’s wall in their home.

  27. Leanne you’ve captured a galactic silvery pinkness in the Lake .
    I love your world :-)

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