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Weekend Wanderings – Taking a Walk with the Camera

On Thursday night the weather forecast was for a frost in the morning and some fog.  Can I just say I was excited.  Sure it would be cold, but the opportunity of getting out in the morning to a frost, or fog was too much to resist.  I just took the camera with the lens on it and away I went.  I also took my phone, I am trying to get in the habit of taking photos with my phone for Instagram. Which I did and if I can work out how, I will show you those images as well.

LeanneCole-banyule-6387-2I was hoping to get more of a frost, but when I got out, while it was cold, it wasn’t cold enough for a frost.  I am sure it will happen, but it didn’t happen the other morning.  The closest we get to seeing what it would be like if it snowed here is seeing frost all over the ground, and that only lasts until the sun comes up.

LeanneCole-banyule-6399When I got to the park you could see the mist coming off the swampland.  It is a common site here in winter, anytime it is a bit cold you will see it.  When I used to ride a bike, you would notice how cold it was when you rode past this part, it was always much colder than any other part of the road.

LeanneCole-banyule-6421A few weeks ago I took some photos of this same spot, I don’t know if you remember, here is a link that post, the area above is the same place I took photos, but back then there was no water in here, well, except for a small little bit.  Now it is full. We had a lot of rain a couple of weeks ago and it has done this.  It is so much nicer when it is full of water. The mist on the water just added to it so much.  Although, by the time I actually got here, there wasn’t a lot of mist around.  I knew I should have driven to the park.

LeanneCole-banyule-6451The house in the distance is the original homestead, or one of them, not quite sure.  It does stand out a lot, and the way that line of dead trees coming from it, it is interesting.  There were so many ducks in the water.  I scared them off a little and then tried to get photos of them taking off.  I didn’t do it on purpose, they just cleared out as I approached the water.

LeanneCole-banyule-6524There is lot of land like this around me.  We are a suburb of the city, but we also have lots of paddocks with horses and things.  Many people who come here for the first time think we live in the country, we don’t, but it looks like it.  It was one of the main reasons we bought our house.

As I said earlier I did take a couple of shots and processed them in Instagram.  I will put them in a gallery on their own now.

I really don’t do this enough.  I have lived in this area for just over 20 years and I have never really considered that when I live would be very photogenic.  I really need to change my views of this, and start thinking more about taking photos within a short distance of where I live.

I am going to put up the gallery now for you, with more images.  I hope your weekend has been good.


  1. Summer is just getting started here in Houston, and our climate is hot and humid. It amuses me to hear about frost, but I get similar news from my South African friends.

    • I know what you mean, I am always intrigued and fascinated by photos of snow and peoples experiences of it. It doesn’t snow a whole lot in Australia, and where it does snow, they don’t get a lot there either. We do get a winter though, places up north have the same weather as you, but in Melbourne we get frosts and fogs and a cold winter. I am glad about that, wouldn’t like to be hot all year round. Thanks Ron.

      • I had no idea what an ice storm was until a few months ago, they aren’t something we ever get here. They sound very weird. It never snows in Melbourne either.

      • It wasn’t fun getting the ice off my car using a credit card. I came back to that after 10 days in Hawaii with the car parked outside at the airport.

      • I bet it was, I can’t imagine having to do that. We get a little ice at times, but the windscreen wipers soon get rid of it.

      • Have you ever seen the movie “The Turning”. It is Australian, a series of shorts by different directors based on a book of the same title.

      • No, I haven’t see the movie, I have the book, it was written by Tim Winton I seem to recall. He is a great Australian writer.

  2. Ahhh So nice Leanne, I need to take a walk with mine as well, your pictures looks so nice i would love to be there in the places you have shot for this post!

    • I am very lucky with where we live, there are lots of opportunities to take photos, and I really don’t do enough of it. Thank you.

  3. I think these are among my favourites of your photos, funny how we miss what’s under our nose!

  4. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    The fog lends an air of mystery to landscapes. Very intriguing! ;)

  5. The mist over the water gives such great shots, Leanne. My surroundings aren’t especially interesting but it’s amazing what you find near home :)

    • Thank you, I am very lucky with where I live, lucky it wasn’t used for housing development. :)

  6. Wow, Leanne, and you say you are not good at landscaping photography? I beg to differ with you. My fav is the pond with the dead trees. My eyes were drawn to that and I just coudn’t look away. The way you captured that is a WINNER. Love all these images! Great job, as always!!! Love, Amy

    • Thank you Amy, I am trying to get better at landscape photography. That is wonderful to hear, it is funny how we often think we have to go away to take photos, I always forget what is in my backyard. Take care Amy, :)

      • Leanne, I am limited as to how much traveling I can do because of my back. So I have learned to find Treasure right under my nose. I really enjoyed this post and it is really good to see you growing into another area of photography. How exciting for you! And darn it! Your eye, the way you compose an image is mind blowing. Really!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

      • It is a really good thing to do, to look and see what is around you. Thank you, I guess I am, I am sure you will see these areas again. I really need to get my gum boots out for some of these places. I don’t know about that Amy, I just take what I see.

  7. Frost and fog??? Thank goodness I live in sunny Queensland where the maximum temperatures are still in the mid twenties. Still, I’m enjoying seeing your photos of it Leanne. This area is so beautiful. You are very lucky.

    • I like the cold, much more than the heat, so I like the winter, it is also the best time of year to take photos around here I think. I hope to get lots more Carol. Thank you, it is a great area, we are so lucky, and I think also because people don’t really know about it, that is even better.

  8. Lovely photos Leanne!

    It’s true what Gypsy says, having also lived in the same area as Leanne for 20 years myself, I have had moments of taking the flats,the water holes and the park walks for granted, it’s truly beautiful and we are so blessed to have it, as well as be very close to the city. It’s only now thinking of selling with a view to downsizing that I find myself unable to part with them.

    I remember when that area, so full of water now, was so dry (back in about 2003 ish – I’m not that great with dates), that the earth dried and cracked so much, that I could see, down in some spots, almost 12 inches or so.
    When the rains came years later, young gum trees sprouted. In one spot they so completely filled the old billabong, that it has remained more bush than billabong.

    • Thank you Christina.
      I think we do take it for granted, hopefully they will never be able to touch it for the freeway. I didn’t realise you were thinking of selling, where will you go?

      It was dry a couple of months back, not as dry as when the drought was on, but it did dry out over the summer. It is weird seeing it empty, so much nicer with water in it.
      Yes, I have seen areas like that too, very strange.

  9. lelahb39 says

    Nothing beats a good morning fog and watching the day break! Glad you got out and had some fun with it. I especially enjoyed the photos with the birds on the water. It was great to see your shift from morning to day through your lens. Thanks!

    • I agree, it is wonderful, I have been waiting for it, hopefully more soon. I really do need to make myself get out more to do this sort of thing. I loved the birds on the water too, it is always great to see the ducks. Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed my walk.

    • Fantastic Bernadette, though this is urban really, we are very close to the city and there are suburbs all around us, which makes this part very special really.

  10. Looks like a beautiful morning – I do like the fog that hangs over still water – I have a beaver pond near me where I can usually count on getting some morning mist. Great post Leanne.

    • It was a great morning Robert. I love it too, gives the area a great atmosphere. Beaver Pond, I’ve never heard of one of those. Thanks Robert.

      • Beaver ponds are formed by beavers daming up a stream – the water collects and the beavers build their lodges (houses) in the middle – access only via under water – great creatures of North America.

  11. Your beautiful pictures feed a need to be nourished deep within…I find myself reflecting on the awesome beauty that each new morning brings to life in so many different ways…and your spiritual eyes capture them so wonderfully leaving a piece of heaven within our minds and the reach of our hearts….awesome Leanne…have a wonderful Sunday! Some of those pictures easily inspire poems….thanks for sharing the spiritual embrace!

  12. I really don’t think I can hear you say you aren’t proficient at landscape photography anymore! There are some amazing images in here! I love the instagramish ones too. Very artful!

    • Remember how we were saying that we don’t think we are good enough, that is how I feel about landscape photography, I just don’t think I am very good, I think I can do a good picture, but I don’t know that I think I am really good. It is something I want to work on a lot more. Thank you Laura.

  13. Haha, there seems to be the slightest bit of fog to make you annoyed. I felt the shot of the horses to be the odd one of the lot. Wasn’t expecting horses to pop up just like that in the area, I suppose.

    Hope your weekend’s been well, sounds like it has been. This weekend has been a a lazy one for me, lol.

    • I am not annoyed at the fog, I was actually hoping for more, I really want to get some lovely foggy images this winter. Frost would be good too. Horses might seem odd, but they aren’t really, we have so many horses in paddocks around us. There is a riding school for the disabled here and a pony club.
      It has been busy, I seem to do more work on the weekends, still heaps to do now. That is great to hear. It will be a while before I get a lazy weekend, though I get opportunities during the week.

      • Ah, I meant that there was not enough fog, and that it annoyed you xD Snow would be good too but it’s too low-lying and not cold enough in most of Victoria for it to snow.

        Sounds like you’re busy with your images and classes on weekends. That’s so good to hear. Lazy for me isn’t good, it’s not productive and I get bored and hungry. But I’ve got some writing projects coming along, that is good.

      • I can’t wait for some mornings that have lots and lots of fog. I have some places picked out to take photos when that happens. I also can’t wait for frosts as well. You have to go to the mountains to see snow. The closest place I have seen is Mount Donna Buang, I have been there the last couple of years to see the snow.

        I am busy, next weekend I have a one on one in the city for most of the day, that should be good. I like lazy, but you are right, it doesn’t get much work done. You better get to that writing.

      • I’ve always like fog a lot, especially when it’s so thick you can barely see ahead of you. but just a few tall trees poking out. We don’t get much of it in the city. I’m not a huge fan of snow but would like to see it at least once. Doesn’t sound like you mind it that much :)

        Busy for you is good. That should mean more images for us. It’s my birthday week next week, I think I should take it easy for now.

      • I like that too. I like visiting snow, but I am glad I don’t live somewhere where it snows all the time. It always amazes me how cold it is. You should see if you can do a day trip to Donna Buang this winter, it can be beautiful up there.

        I hope so, though I don’t always get to show the images I take, I took some photos of a a get together before a Christening today, and I really like some of the photos, but I don’t know that I will be able to show any here. Oh Happy Birthday Mabel, are you going to do anything for it?

  14. Suzanne says

    These photos are lovely but I have to say the Instagram ones are just exquisite.

  15. You did the silos again. They look good!
    Im glad you did this. Theres nothing like wandering in your own surroundings, ‘seeing’ things with the camera. Wonderful! Bet you enjoyed yourself :)

    • I did Robyn, I am determined to get good photos of them. Thanks.
      I am glad you like them. It is interesting to do, and I have to say, I do live in a great part of Melbourne. I did really enjoy myself. :) You might see more.

  16. Lovely shots Leanne….I often go for a walk with the camera, except that I end up spending more time taking photos than actually walking….;0)

    • I did do a bit of that around the swamp, but I had to walk there first, so I did do quite a bit before and after. I had to go up a huge hill too. Thank you Mark.

  17. Beautiful! There is something so mysterious and enticing about fog. I am always excited to see it. Not much chance for me to capture frost here, so fog and incredibly lively clouds are my best weather photo ops. Thank you so much for so many spectacular photos!

    BTW, I can explain how to get your instagram photos to your laptop if you haven’t figured it out already.

    • I agree Allison. I can’t wait until we get some. We get frost, usually, though last winter we really only had one, unfortunately. I hope we get more this year. We are more likely to get the fog and clouds too. Thank you so much Allison.

      I know I can get onto Instagram on my computer and do it that way. I got these from Facebook and G+, but if you know how, would love to know.

    • It was worth it, I must do it more, there are so many areas to explore around here with a camera. I am really looking forward to winter. Thank you.

  18. Oh these are lovely Leanne … and so near to home too :-) I suppose we are all apt to be always chase something better and seemingly more photographically rewarding than what’s just around us ..
    I don’t know how many times I’ve run around the Hills in the car chasing clouds and ‘THE’ view … :-) I really need to choose a spot and then think my way through everything …*sigh … it’s so hard at times I get all enthused with the scene before me and then lose track of what I’m supposed to be doing Lol

    • Thank you Poppytump, yes, so close to home, I think we do forget what is around us at times. I think we do think we have to go elsewhere.
      I know what you mean. I often think I should go and photograph something near me, at certain times, and then life gets in the way. Or I forget. I need to get better at just going.

  19. Very nice. These have the look and feel of classic photography. Good job.

  20. My goodness you have packed a lot of images in here Leanne. I love the mist and how it provides atmosphere in a photograph. MM 🍀

  21. Gorgeous images! I love the one of the mist coming off the swampland. I live near a swamp and never thought of going there and taking pictures when the fog is lifting.
    I found your blog through Meticulous Mick. Thank you for featuring his work. He’s one of my favorite photo-bloggers (is that a word?).

    • I find any morning when it is really cold there will be a mist over the swamp, so it doesn’t have to be when it is foggy, see if it is the same there. Thank you.
      You are welcome, I like to show my followers talented photographers and I think he is one. He does seem to be a really nice person. I think it is the right word.

    • Thank you, Instagram can be fun. I like playing with it, and want to do more. Though it will never replace the other camera.

  22. Leanne, this is pure magic … with the mist – so peaceful and tranquil. Just like it was only you and your camera in the whole world at those moments. This has now become my favorites of your outstanding art. If I have to pick, LeanneCole-banyule-6438 – the lake with the birds when the sun breaks through.

    • It was like that Viveka, literally as well, there was hardly anyone around. It was so peaceful, cold, but peaceful. I think that image you picked is a bit of a favourite, thank you.

    • The best thing about this place is that it is a ten minute walk from home, so I can photograph it anytime I like. Thank you.

  23. Absolutely gorgeous! We have fog in San Francisco too but the feeling of nostalgia in these pictures is amazing! By the way, thanks for stopping by and your like on my post!

    • You are welcome Afie, oh yes, isn’t San Francisco famous for fog? We get it, but this year not so much, same with last year, lots of rain. Hope we will get more though, I like foggy photos and I want to get some.

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