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Weekend Wanderings – Day Trips Around the Mallee

Normally when I go up to the Mallee I seem to photograph the same sort of things, but this last time, well I hardly took any of the usual photos.  I was too busy photographing stars and then taking trips to see Pink Lakes.  It was nice to be doing something different. I took photos of things that I have never photographed before.

LeanneCole-mallee-5769My mum needed to go to Hopetoun and I thought it could be good to take some photos there.  She wanted to go to the old Hopetoun Primary School.  It is no longer a school for children, but groups around Hopetoun use the premises for things like quilting and historic societies. It is nice that the school has a new life beyond being closed.

LeanneCole-mallee-5931These were the only photos I took in Woomelang.  I had a feeling there might be a half decent sunset, so I headed down the road to in front of the old shearing shed.  It was small, but it was a lovely sunset.

LeanneCole-mallee-6171The wood for the ramp into the salt lake is really weird now.  It is hard and how you would expect wood in some places, and in other places it is very soft and spongy.  It made a great subject for the photos.

LeanneCole-mallee-6282Here is a similar image to the one I used for the MMC8 the other day.  I thought you might like seeing how the real scene was.  It wasn’t that interesting.  The sky didn’t look that great at that time.

LeanneCole-mallee-6298Not long after that it was starting to look like this.  How funny that I was taking sunset shots in the Murray Sunset National Park.

If you read yesterdays post then you know why I was at the Pink Lakes.  I think I will just stop it here, if you see any images in the gallery that you think I should do more work on, let me know. Take care and have a great weekend, hope you get to do some wandering.


  1. Wonderful set! I like the silence and the space; and the way you take the eye to the horizon in several shots. See you!

    • I like that you can see the silence and space, I love getting the silence into my images. Thank you.

  2. Margy Rydzynski says

    I love to take picture of my adventures over a weekend. I’m no photographer (my camera is attached to my Android phone), but it is a nice way to share my experiences with other readers. I love looking at blogs by photographers who know what the heck they’re doing. Thanks!

    • It is a great way of sharing your experiences, and people do like looking at images. Thank you so Margy.

  3. A great set of shots, Leanne! Love the skies and colours and also the salt flats and rusty truck, do indeed make great subjects

  4. Seeing the photo of the tennis court made me thing of your native player from a long way back – Roy Emerson. As a child of maybe 10 years, I saw him play many times here in the States. He was such a terrific player and had such sportsmanship. In those days (mid-sixties) you could walk right up to a player and get their autograph and chat a while. I remember so well the afternoon I had the pleasure of a chat with Emerson and Fred Stolle. They’d just won a doubles match. Thanks for triggering the memory with that photo!

    • How wonderful, we used to have some very good tennis players back in the day, not so much anymore. I can imagine how good it would have been to have been able to go up talk to them like that. Thanks Mary.

  5. I love the cloud structures above the sheering shed! All of these were great shots! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Laura, yes, wide angle, my 14-24mm I think. I probably should have changed to another lens for some of them.

      • I love that too, I think the wide angle was perfect for the lakes, though I wished I had changed lenses for the sunsets.

      • Don’t you wish there was a button you could push to “change lenses”? Maybe some day…

      • Me too although I did manage to change my lens today. SHOCKER! Only because it was easy to get back to the car. :)

      • That is what I would be like too. It always seems a bit of an effort, but I do want to get better at it. It is cold here this morning. :)

      • It’s in the mid-60’s here today after a downpour all day yesterday. it was good to get out. Do you do Fahrenheit? I just converted it…it’s 18 celsius. :) thank goodness for the internet.

      • Haha, I have an app on my phone that converts them, we are all metric in Australia, so we use Celsius here. Yes, thank goodness, and for apps on the phone.

      • How funny….at the exact time you posted this comment, I posted some of my pictures today. Just thought you might want to know. :)

  6. Not sure I will ever be able to visit the Pink Lakes and although they are pink, with the lake being dried up at the moment I would love to photograph them in Black and White. I can see some real textures in these images which I think will work well in Monochrome.

    • I hear what you are saying Ben, but I have to say it never really occurred to me, as the pink part if the special part and is what makes them different to most salt lakes. I would find it hard letting go of the colour in these. Thanks

  7. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    I loved the wide horizon of the ramp photo; it almost looks as of it is being viewed through a glass of some sort. :) Wood deteriorates in that manner and depending on what kind of water (or other substance) it is immersed in can harden or rot away. On wooden ships found in the sea bottom, they look normal until they come to the surface and then rotting accelerates rapidly. Your images were beautiful as always and I was glad t read the Hopetoun school is still put to good use.

    • Thank you Jackie, I like the wide horizon too. Wood is so weird sometimes, I think the salt and then the water has a lot to do with it, as you say. I suspect the fact that the wood isn’t always under water is why it is still there. We saw what looked like remnants of others, but there was more water and there wasn’t much left. I am glad about that school too, I hate the way they keep building new schools and the old ones are just left to perish. :)

  8. Sonel says

    Oh my word! These are just so amazing Leanne! Those clouds and the colours. Just gorgeous hon! Stunning captures! Love them all! :D

  9. Leanne, those beach images is just FAB – can feel the sand between my toes – it looks so soft …. Maybe it’s not sand ??

    • They are photos of some lakes in land from Melbourne, and I think what you think is sand is actually salt, though the area is also very sandy. You are getting very close to the outback there, so lots of sand, but the lakes are salt lakes. Thanks

    • It certainly gets you talking, we were trying to make out what make it was, but couldn’t find anything that identified it. Such an odd place that it was left. Thanks Elen.

  10. Amazing sunset pictures! I particularly loved the wood-sand-salt lake image!

    • Thank you Richard, I don’t know about that, but it was a great place to get photos.

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