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A Small Glimpse of the Pink in the Lakes

Most of you will know that I went up to the Mallee last weekend.  I did go out and do some star shots, but I also went out on a bit of a trip to the Murray Sunset National Park.  One of the things that the park is famous for are the Pink Lakes.  I have wanted to go there for quite a while, and on Monday I finally got my chance.  I have to say, the lakes really are pink.

LeanneCole-pinklakes-6052They don’t have a lot of water in them right now, I assume after the hot summer we had, which was a lot hotter up there, most of the lakes have dried out.  They have had some rain, but not enough to fill them again.  To get the real pink I think you need the water, as it is the red algae in the water that makes them pink.

The image above was the first lake we came too.  We walked around a little, but then we wanted to move on. We planned to get there late afternoon so we didn’t have a whole lot of time. Really, the visit was to check the place out and make plans for more visits during different times of the year. I do have to say though that the flies in that part of the country are so bad, if you hate flies, I wouldn’t recommend going there.

One of the things we are thinking of doing is running some classes up there, maybe do some star photography, I think it would be a great place to get some photos, and there are some great things to do some light painting on.

LeanneCole-pinklakes-6201Not a drop of water in sight.  Well not quite true, the ground was very moist.  This was over and behind one of the big lakes.  We found what was left of one of the ramps used for mining the salt. The wood is all rotting, but strangely, also being preserved.  I do have other photos of it, and will show more in a Weekend Wanderings post this weekend.

When I saw this area I knew that I wanted to try and get some better landscape photos.  You know I don’t really consider myself a landscape photographer, but I have thought that I should try more and get better at it.  I was also sent some information about a International Landscape Photographic competition which I thought I might enter.  I don’t really enter competitions, too afraid I’m not good enough, so I think I should just bite the bullet and do it.  Perhaps it is the next step for me.  See if I am good enough.

Thinking of the possibility of entering some competitions, I did take some photos that I think I will process with that in mind.  There are at least two images that I took of the lakes that I absolutely love and would like to work on and see how much better I can make them.  I have about a month before the deadline for the competition, so plenty of time to work on them.

I will put these two images into a gallery for you now.  Enjoy your day, it is a public holiday in Australia today, ANZAC day, and I know each year I say I will go in to photograph the march and I never do.  Perhaps next year I will see if I can get up early enough for the dawn service.




  1. Leanne, you should definitely enter your work in competitions. You never know, you might be surprised. If I can enter Justin Beaver’s poem about meeting the Queen in an international humorous poetry competition, you can enter your seriously excellent work in competitions too!!

    • I know it is something I should do, but you know, the old insecurities start coming out, will it be a waste of time, etc. I had a friend telling me off for that yesterday and she is right, she thinks I am too negative, she might be right. Thank you for the encouragement. I suppose if Justin Beaver can do then so can I. :)

      • I agree with your friend. If you consider that it probably doesn’t take that long to actually enter the competition, and you are doing all the work on your images anyway, it would be very little effort for what could be a big gain. As they say on Starsky and Hutch, “Do it, Just do it!!”

      • That is so true and I really should consider that more. I will start looking for more competitions to enter. I have nothing to lose really. Thanks Carol.

      • I don’t know that photography competitions have those. I think sometimes you do just have to go with your gut and enter what you like, hope someone else likes it too, well the Judges really.

  2. if you don’t consider yourself a landscape photographer, there is no hope for people like me! love the subject and the treatment you have given it. what lens were you using? it is salt that makes it pink. happy ANZAC day :)

    • I tend to think of myself as more an architectural photographer, but am finding myself doing more and more landscape photos these days. I used the 14-24mm lens for these. No not the salt, the water has a red algae in it and that is what makes them pink. Thank you. :)

      • Thanks Leanne. I thought it might might be as wide as a 10-24mm- I find my canon of this size tends to distort a little, which you don’t always notice until processing. Your landscape work is gorgeous.

      • Yes, very wide, sometimes the distortion can be annoying, but I am learning how to deal with it. Thank you so much.

  3. Thanks so much, Leanne! Definitely, very interesting photos you are showing here. You and your family have a great weekend! Take care. :)

  4. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    The Murray Sunset National Park is very rustic looking. The blues are so delicate!

  5. I am NUTS over the first one, Leanne, with the tree. That image has some real personality. I love the starkness of the tree and how you composed the whole image. It just spoke volumes to me. And yes, you are a GREAT Landscape Photographer. You have what it takes, so take what you know and apply it to landscape. Practice makes perfect so click away. [GRIN] xx Amy

    • Thanks Amy, I had to get that one. I liked the dead tree next to the salt lake. And thanks for that too, I probably should start believing in myself a lot more. I will. :)

      • Only you can do it, Leanne. It is a process so be gentle on yourself. We all tend to be too critical and too hard on ourselves. If we mess up, so what? We just try again. (((HUGS))) Amy

      • That is so true Amy, we are our own worse enemies, and I never think my work is good enough. That is also true, if I mess up. I am going to try for an international one, really dive in, haha. I am sure it will be fine, meaning it won’t hurt. Thank you.

  6. I love the pink lakes. :) And I love your shots Leanne. They are both beautiful and give us a feeling of how the area is. I love the texture of the water btw….and how it occupies most of the shot. Wonderful!

    • Thank you Laura, though I haven’t started working on the ones that I think are really great yet, should get onto those. Are you talking about the second shot, it isn’t actually water, it is the dried salt lying on the top. I loved the salt like that. :)

  7. Oh, I wish I was closer so I could join in your night workshops there! It’s looks wonderful. I hope you get just enough rain this winter to fill it up.

    I think you’re overdue for entering competitions. Go for it! I’ll be here cheering you on. :)

    • Thank you, though I am sure you don’t need to do one of my workshops. You never know up there how much rain they will get. It would be good if they did.
      Yes, I should just go for it, I think I will try some. :)

  8. Pfffft…..I thought you had probably won a million photography awards and competitions. You ARE that good and you are WONDERFUL…just sayin’!

  9. You’re right. It looks so dry up there in the Mallee. The photos are really good but it’s a bit sad the place is quiet parched. There’s something fierce about the Mallee in your photos. You have all my support for competitions. Just go for it and then don’t think about it at all. It’s not about winning but sharing.

    Sounds like are enjoying the pubilc holiday. The city’s a bit quiet today even though the new Emporium and H&M are open.

    • It is dry, though they have had some rain lately, but not enough to fill the lakes. It is always dry, well most of the time, though that is also because they stripped the land and took out all the trees. Thanks Mabel.
      It has been a very lazy day, it has been nice. I thought the city would be busy with the parade today.

      • I haven’t had much of a chance to see dry areas like these in Melbourne. Seems that most of them are up north, nearer to your end. Can’t wait to come with my new camera at some point.

        I missed the parade, slept in. Felt like a long week at work. It has been a lazy one for me too today, still learning how to use my new phone, lol.

      • Yes, they are more up North, I don’t know if you know but the Mallee is sort of the last area before the outback, I think, so it isn’t surprising that it would be dry, though part of the reason it looks like it does is more because of the salt, there is so many salt in the soil, then not much grows. Have you picked out what camera you are going to get?

        I always think I would come in for the parade, then on the day, I don’t. Hope you are having fun with your phone.

      • No, I didn’t know that. Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve always thought if I wanted to experience the outback in Victoria, I’d have to go up to Mildura or somewhere near Canberra. I really haven’t traveled up there much.

        I haven’t picked what camera I want yet, but I am leaning towards a Canon or Nikon (mirrorless) based on what I’ve researched and what I want out of it. Have not ruled out Olympus, though. My new phone is amazing. So much space to download apps!!! :)

      • The pink lakes are not that far from Mildura, there is quite a bit of desert out there. I don’t know that you will find much outback near Canberra, more the western part of New South Wales. It is quite barren up there.

        They all sound like good choices, so many people are going mirrorless these days, I’m sure you will be happy. That is great to hear. Also good to have space to download lots of apps. Have fun.

  10. Hi, Leanne, really nice shots. I’m looking forward to the others from this trip. I’ve heard of the Blue MountIns and we visited them on our trip to Australia years ago, but the Pink Lakes? Didn’t know about them. Very cool.

    • I don’t think many people do know about them, I only heard about them about a year ago. They seem to be something that the locals know about, but not many others. They are rather unique. I am looking forward to going and doing more photography there. The photos are all set to go for tomorrow Robin. Thanks

  11. Stop listening to the negative voice – enter the competition. Your images are bound to brighten the day of all viewers. Love the pink things in Australia – I found pink sand in Kalbarri. :)

    • Thank you Dawn,I do have to do that. I will enter it. I have been working on an image all day. Something about Australia and pink. :)

    • I suspect the pinkish looking sand is because of the algae too, that is just lying on it. The salt is white, it is weird. Thanks Marilyn.

  12. I’m just old-fashioned, but I think
    That lakes should not be coloured pink
    It is an error for a lake,
    So Nature made a big mistake!

  13. Please enter the competition, Leanne. Look at all the people who already love your photography. I’m blown away by many of your stunning shots – especially the night photos. Step out of your comfort zone and give it a go. I think you will be pleasantly surprised – and probably be the last to know just how good you really are.

    • Thank you, that means a lot. I am always surprised by the support I get here. I should step of the comfort zone, I do need to make that step.

    • Thank you Raewyn, I think it might be time, I’m working on a couple of images now, so hopefully one will be good enough.

  14. OK, girlfriend, let’s get over the insecurities now! These are great shots. I was just going to say that I think your work has improved even over what it was when I met you 2 years ago. The composition is marvelous. The variety of pictures I’ve seen over the two years I’ve known you is amazing. These are really eye-catching! So enough insecurities – enter them! :) Love ya. :)

    • LOL thank you Marsha, I’m sitting here with a massive grin on my face. I am getting some images ready now, to see which ones I should enter.
      That is great to hear that you think my work has improved, I think it has too, I have worked so much on my editing skills, so it is good that people are noticing.

  15. I really don’t know why you don’t think of yourself as a Landscape photographer Leanne .. I mean .. look at these and other photos you’ve taken ..
    You have such a wide breadth of experience in differing genres I guess sometimes one or other takes precedence depending on what’s going on in your life …your location .. weather … and a million other things ;-)
    OH do go for it … just entering and going through the process for the first one would be an experience to build on … and who knows what could come of it ;-)

    • I think it is for the reasons you said Poppytump. I consider myself more an architectural photographer, or maybe people, but landscape is something I have always shied away from. I do it, but I don’t feel confident doing it. I know it sounds strange, but I feel like I am a fraud there. I just go out and snap. I know there are people out there that are so much better than me. Like our friend Adrian. I think it is definitely a confidence thing, and I am seeing that I am starting to do a whole lot more landscape than ever before. I did tell someone the other day that I do landscapes.
      Thank you Poppytump, I think it is time I started putting my work out there, see what I get. :)

  16. Aw Leanne .. you definitely must. Really you should . Perhaps you’ve made that first step.. actually saying / telling someone you do Landscapes . No need to feel you’re fraud … good heavens …
    Life’s too short to regret stuff ;-) You Go For It !

    • Yes, perhaps, I think I just need to change the way I think. I’ve been working on some images, well one really, that I haven’t put on my blog, but I think I will use it for the competition.
      It is really, and mine is possibly more than half over, so I better get on with things. :)

  17. Maggie Beck says

    Stunning landscapes! I love these, Leanne! I wish I could travel there … And isn’t that what a good landscape photo should do?

    • Thank you Maggie, it is a beautiful place, and to me very Australian. I think so, I hope so. I have been working on one that I haven’t put up yet, but I might put it up today so I can look at it more.

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