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A Lily in Black and White

While the Monochrome Madness Challenge has been great in getting me to do more black and white, I have to say I have done some before as well.  Okay not lots, but some.  Recently I was looking through something and I found an image that I had done some time ago, perhaps two years ago, and I had forgotten how much I liked it.

sclillies-2129-bwI loved how close and person you got with the tip of the lily.  I also really liked how you could see the textures on the flower too.  I just have always really like this composition and making the image black and white really seemed to suit it.

sclillies-hpm2023bwI am pretty sure this is the same flower, but from a different angle.  Again the black and white did just suit it.  It is one thing I do like about black and white, the way you just look at shape and texture, even mood.

My lilies in the garden are slowly recovering from the hot summer and I hope I will be able to start picking some soon and doing some photos with them.  They are such a beautiful flower to photograph.  If I ever get my extension tubes it will be fun seeing what else I can get with those.

This was meant to be a quick post today, I’m a bit tired, it has been a very busy seven days.  I am looking forward to do nothing, though I need to start working on some images from the Pink Lakes, which I am excited about.  It is also going to be a very foggy morning tomorrow morning, so I want to get out there with my camera, and capture some foggy images, maybe one will be perfect for MMC9.

Next Up for Discussion Post.

On Tuesday I am going to do a post on HDR photography for my Up for Discussion post.  I know many people have questions about HDR photography, so I am happy for you to submit your questions to me and I will put them at the end of the post, so hopefully some other people can give you answers, especially if I don’t know the answer.  If you have a question, email it to me and put HDR in the subject line.

As usual the gallery so you can look at the images individually.


  1. I remember this beautiful flower Leanne..and your post.
    It was one of the first times I visited your blog… I think. Anyway I remember.
    Have always thought it was stunning.
    Your composition, the light, the flower… everything! It looks almost like silk in B&W.
    Hope you can take it a little easy where you can and rest up.

    • Wow, you have been following me for a while then Robyn. Thank you, I always loved these ones. I don’t do many images that a couple of years later I think I should do them again.
      Planning on easy few days, I hope.

      • Yep :) ..and happily so!
        Do enjoy some down time. will look forward to sharing in some of your Mallee pics whenever you post them.

        I’m doing some blog catching up, but better go do some work too…lol

      • Thanks Robyn, it has been great getting to know you too.
        I will, planning absolutely nothing tomorrow. My new course starts on Saturday, so working again, but that is okay.
        Enjoy your catch ups, I have heaps to catch up on too.

      • Enjoy doing absolutely nothing.
        I’m going to do just that right now.
        A coffee outside with the doggies and then work :)

  2. These are absolutely stunning Leanne. They are so sharp yet have a softness at the same time. They work sooo well in B&W!

  3. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    How beautiful and pure! I love the way you mark your pictures too… very elegant!

    • Thank you Jackie, I like the way you described the photos. I am getting better with the watermarking.

    • I thought you might Marie, thank you. Hope you are well, you have been quiet, so it is good to hear form you. :)

  4. Hello Leanne, Thanks so much for these WONDERFUL photos! Have a good rest and tomorrow be ready for your field trip. All the best, my friend, and take care! :)

  5. Leanne, you of anyone knows how much I love flowers. This Lily is gorgeous, so striking and feminine in her black and white elegance. You did a great job with Her. You should be proud of yourself!!! I am ! (((HUGS))) Amy

    • Thank you Amy, I know you love your flowers, you must be in heaven there now. I love the description, it amazes me all the time how some people are so good at describing what they see, I am crap at it. I am proud, I have always loved these.

      • Flowers talk to me, Leanne. One of my WP friends coined me as the “flower whisperer” and I really am. I don’t know how it works it just happens. You should be proud of your piece of art that you created. It is downright gorgeous!!!!! Have a great day!!! Love, Amy

      • Sounds really good Amy, I like that idea, so do you talk to them as well.
        Thank you Amy, it has always been among my favourites. You have a great day too. I just woke up and it is very cold here this morning.

      • It turned cold here too, Leanne. Bummer. I was out though getting my number 9 garden done, and darn it, I did it. Aches and all. I need a good soak in a hot bath tonight!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

      • Enjoy that soak Amy, your winter hangs around for a while. As is rather quick, nothing like yours. It was lovely and cold this morning, so I took the camera for a walk. I really should do that more often.

      • Yes, you should. I need to do that more often too. I just came in from shooting more flowers, all twisted on the ground. Hubs said he was watching me and said, “Hun, you’ve made it. You are a real photographer!” High praise from hubs. Tee Hee …. Gee, he finally figured that out? LOL Love, Amy

      • I will try to and yes, you should too. I just get nervous taking my camera out on my own, but it was okay today. Hahha, that is too funny with your husband.

      • Are you afraid someone will steal it, Leanne? If so, carry Mace on you or something like that. This is the prob with a good camera. It is a real shame, if you ask me. You have to think about where you go with it. And yes, hubs is too funny. He told me I graduated today in his book. Well, gee, thanks, Hun. He couldn’t believe how I got down on the ground groaning as I did (cold does NOT agree with me) and even though I was uncomfortable, I got in my zone and all that existed was my camera and the flowers. It was good he saw what he did because now he is being more open to my third and last lens I wish for. We are getting windows replaced (big ticket item) and I told him I can wait. Honestly, Leanne, I am having so much JOY with my macro, I wouldn’t even use a 75-200mm zoom lens right now. But, at least now he is realizing (DUH!) how serious I am about my work. He woke up! OLE! LOL (BIG GRIN!)

      • Mace is illegal here Amy, you aren’t allowed to have anything like that. I have it insured, but it would be a pain to be without it. I should take one of the older ones with me when I am doing that sort of thing, if one of those were stolen it wouldn’t be as big a deal. That is great news. My husband knows how serious I am, but he doesn’t want to know about anymore lenses. Haha, I do have quite a few, and I have spent quite a bit of money on them. :D

  6. Just stunning Leanne, do you mind me asking what background you shot this against?

  7. Darrell Curtis says

    Really nice compositions! They almost look like smoke caught by a fast lens, frozen in time. Unconventional and showing a different side of a familiar subject.

  8. wow.. I had to look twice as I thought this was a photograph of a dancer in motion… abosolutely stunning shots of one of my favourite flowers.

  9. The shot of the full flower is an image just waiting for a wall to be displayed on….!!!!

  10. Lovely and I agree that when you strip away the color, you can focus on the texture and shape of the subject – telling more with less.

  11. lelahb39 says

    breathtaking! You would not think that flowers, often appreciated for their delicate or vibrant colors would look so radiant in black and white! A chance to appreciate their very intricate nature. So wonderful!

    • I know just what you mean, we often think the colour is the most important thing, but sometimes the shape and texture can be even more beautiful. Thank you.

    • I thought you might remember them Nia, yes, do try some, they were photographed with natural light. I should go check on my lilies. Thanks Nia.

  12. Such incredibly delicate detail, and paired with the perfectly black background, two exquisite photos. Even your watermark adds a touch of elegance. Just lovely.

  13. There you go again. It’s black and white season. Love the extreme clarity. Beautiful pictures!

    • Another great description, I wish I could think of things like this to say about peoples images, I am hopeless at descriptions. Thank you so much Mark.

      • A do occasionally get flashes of inspiration on the description front…. and at other times nothing at all 😉

      • Well I am definitely the latter, I like to look, think, and if I have to write something, nothing comes at all. I need something like a phrase book, how to describe the work of others. :)

  14. What a beautiful set of images. Gorgeous composition and an amazing range of tones. I hope you do get some rest. :-)

  15. Love the first shot of the lily. It looks as if it has strands of white hair. Somehow I think the BW processing made your lily look stiff, strong, as opposed to the delicate flower that it is. I am looking forward to the HDR post next week. That is something I haven’t ventured into yet but looking forward to learning about.

    Hope you had a good week, Leanne. I was filing all this week at work, nothing too fun o_O I have a three day work week next week too, so happy and I will go look at cameras! Enjoy the long weekend.

    • Thanks Mabel, I love these Lilies. The HDR post should be interesting.

      Three day week, fantastic, have fun looking for your new camera, you won’t know yourself. Thanks again Mabel, you have a good weekend too.

  16. The arum lily – I remember this flower too. I really like the angles – such beautiful flower, perfect for B&W images.

    • Thank you, it was nice seeing them again. I love it when images still look good a couple of years later.

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