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Introductions – Laura Macky

Laura Macky and I haven’t known each other for long, but during that time she has become a great friend.  Now we do the Monochrome Madness Challenge together and that has been great too. Emails are always going backwards and forwards.  I know you know her, but I thought you might like to get to know her a little better.  You might say I thought it was time to do one of my introductions posts on her.

cockpit2-webMost of you are aware of her monochrome work.  She picks some great images to do in black and white.  She has a great eye for photographs and it is a joy to look at her work and see what she does.

I asked Laura why she takes photos.

I take photos because my original hobby of being a pianist went by the wayside when I developed nerve damage in my hands and had problems with my right leg which made it hard to pedal the piano.  I missed expressing myself artistically, so I thought perhaps taking pictures might be a good outlet.  I started about four years ago on my first DSLR but in the last year I’ve been more serious about it.  After all, in order to express a myriad of human emotions through the lens of a camera, it takes technical and artistic effort which I’m enjoying trying to improve upon.  I love a challenge!

organ-webPhotographing architecture is something I have a real passion for and I think Laura does too.  I like the way she sees things,  the angles she chooses to photograph things.  It is great seeing all her architectural images.

I asked Laura about inspiration.

One inspiration is my drive to always be better.  I’m that way in general and I try to translate that into developing my skills in photography.  It’s also inspiring when I make a connection with someone else through one of my images in that they are seeing and feeling the same thing I do.  Lastly, there is a lot inspiration gained from the incredible images I see every day here on Word Press. I look at them and wonder how they process their images and try to pay attention to how they see things.  That really helps to open my mind a lot more creatively.

lighthouse3-printLandscape and the natural environment are not something that I am very good at doing, I don’t think, I do love seeing other people photographing this.  I find a lot of inspiration in seeing what other people do, and Laura is no different here.  I love seeing how she photographs the landscape, but also how she processes it.  That is important to me as well.

I asked about her gear and if there was anything special about the way she worked.

I usually try to think of the emotion I feel when I see something through the lens and then I try to convey and enhance that in post processing.  I’m a huge fan of Nik Efex plugins, so I usually use those to fine tune my images.  As for gear, I have a Nikon D7100, three filters, and a few lenses.  I love my little 35mm 1.8 lens and my wide angle as well as my telephoto.

moon2-webI loved seeing the moon images as well.  You know know that it is something I want to do more of, so I was really happy when I was going through her blog and seeing some images with the moon in it.  They are great.

I want to thank Laura for letting me do my introduction post on her.  I would love it if you could visit her blog, Laura Macky, and see how wonderful her work is.  I have a gallery of images for you to look at now. Please enjoy.  I have you have had a great break.


  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    Stunning images! Happy Easter!

  2. Great photographs! I see why you like her work! Now I have to follow another photographer :-)

  3. I believe that I know Laura pretty well. She’s actually the one who inspired me to set up a blog on WP.
    I was first drawn to her through seeing her incredible images on Google+ and we have developed a very nice online relationship from that.
    I always smile when I see that she has posted another blog…more inspiration :-)
    Thank you Leanne for profiling her.

  4. Hi, Leanne: Very nice post. I recently became aware of Laura’s work and became one of her followers just a few weeks ago. It was great to see this well-deserved recognition.

    • Thanks Robin, that is fantastic, I’ve got to know her a lot better through the MMC and it has been great, we need lots of people like her on WordPress.

  5. A beautiful photo and blog tribute to an inspiring artist and photographer. Laura’s work is always breathtakingly magical :-)

      • I will have to practice, I’ve only tried photographing the moon a couple of times, but would like to do more. Will let you know how I go Carol.

  6. Your photos are always so amazing!! Even things that I would look at and think, “This would never look beautiful as a photo.” you capture so well. I absolutely love looking at any photo you post.

    • These are not my photos, but thanks for the compliment. I do think Laura has a very natural way of taking photos and I love looking at her work.

  7. Some stunning images. Love the long shot of the lighthouse, and the very last gallery shot of the flower against the simple background, oh, and the moon peeking from behind the tree… all of them, really. Thanks Leanne for sharing.

    • You are welcome and I know what you mean, I had a hard time working out my favourite, haha, it was too hard.

  8. I met Laura through your blog a while ago Leanne – and what a pleasure it has been to know Laura and to have photographic conversations with her. She has a great imaging eye and it is hard to believe she has not been shooting photographs all of her life – she really is that good. Thanks for introducing her to everyone.

    • I feel exactly the same way Robert. I thought it was time to do it, and it has been wonderful to see how everyone loves her.

  9. You’re preaching to the converted here in regard to Laura. She’s an awesome photographer and a pretty good egg too. lol

  10. Thank you, Leanne, for featuring me this week! I’m so honored that you would show my images in such a grand way. What a nice way to celebrate Easter! I love Word Press and am glad I’ve met such wonderful people here. I look forward to seeing everyone’s work!

      • Sorry about my reply before, I was on my phone and I don’t like to talk much on the phone.
        It is an absolute pleasure to do your blog today. It is so great hearing how many people already know you and the wonderful things they have to say about you. You really deserve it.

      • Oh no worries at all. I didn’t take it negatively. I know how it goes sometimes here….the multi-tasking while checking blog posts. Thank you again, from the bottom of my sensor, lol.

      • Haha, you are welcome. Being away and having limited access to the internet is always a challenge.

  11. This was a wonderful post, very inspiring! I am very new to photography and am trying to learn from photo blogs on WP. Thank you for highlighting Laura’s work. It gives me hope to think that she started such a short while ago and is already so skilled. Perhaps there is hope for me yet!

  12. The colors in the color photos are real intense.
    Love the b/w photo of the owl!

  13. Wonderful post about a photographer, person and friend I admire greatly too! :D Thanks for sharing this.

    • I agree Edith, her work is all that, and thank you I did have a lovely break. I can’t wait to show the photos.

  14. I think Laura’s work is stunning. I’ve been following her for a while, and she never disappoints. I love looking at the world through her eyes, for it is different than how I see it. The same goes for you, Leanne. I feel I gain SO much in looking at others’ work, and in so doing, I learn from them. Laura deserves every success!!!! Thank you for posting these images. (((HUGS))) Amy

    • I feel the same way Amy, it is great seeing how others view the world. I think Laura is wonderful, and it is great to see how many people love her too. :)

  15. Although I have already been following Laura’s blog, learning more about hre motivations and perspectives has been wonderfully enhancing! As always, excellent choices for photos to highlight. One of Laura’s strengths is her crisp, clean shots – something to aspire to!

  16. I totally agree with your sentiments of Laura, Leanne. She has a beautiful way of photographing landscapes and architecture. I learned about her blog through you when you posted the Monochrome Madness images when she offered the “lone” tree image, it caught my eye and I have followed her ever since. She is as generous with her comments and enjoyment of conversation as you are. I appreciate both of your talents greatly.
    It is so interesting to see another photographers work all together in a gallery, I love that feature of your “Introductions” posts. You get a real feel for their artist eye. I also love how each photographer you feature really does see something different through their lens. I learn so much. Thank you.

    • Thank you Carrie, I love doing the introductions and finding people to post about, you never know, it might be you one day. Laura is a great person and I think what you said about her photography is very true. She likes to talk, like me, and I love talking with her. We email each other constantly now, which is lovely.

      • It is so nice when you find a kindred blogger. Happy to know the two of you support each other so well. She has followed my blog as well, which I really appreciate her insights and just knowing a photographer I respect is enjoying my work. And, you are right, you never know…I am the first to admit I have a lot to learn and I am keeping my eyes open :)

      • I think so too Carrie, it is wonderful. She really is a great person. I think we all have lots to learn, so it is great to have this wonderful community to learn all that. :)

  17. Hi Leanne :) I didn’t knew Laura so far, so thanks for sharing her work on your blog, I’ll go on her page to have a look and from what I’ve seen so far she’s definitely have me as a follower.
    Wish you a lovely Monday!

    • That is wonderful, it is great to introduce to you to someone new. I am sure you are now a follower, her blog is amazing.
      My Monday is gone now, but thank you, I hope you had a good one. :)

  18. Laura does wonderful work! I had already peeked in on her work because you had featured her images in a few posts previously.

  19. Laura’s work is incredible and varied. I’d only heard of her through your Monochrome Madness Challenge, and only knew of that because a fellow blogger mentioned it. I guess I need to get on the ball and check that out, eh? :-)
    So thank you for this introduction!

    • Laura is a great person, I have to say. Yes, you do, enter an image for our challenge, I know you do black and white, I’ve seen the images.
      You are welcome LB.

  20. One of my favorite photographers introducing another one of my favorite photographers :) Terrific post again this week Leanne!

    Laura, I’m so happy to see you being featured this week, as your work is so deserving of being shared to more and more people. Laura really has a special ability to capture emotion in her images, and that is one of the things that draws me to her work.

    Reading this post was a great way to end my workday ;)

  21. Thanks for sharing Laura’s work here Leanne.
    I love her work!
    It is great to read more about our peers and their inspirations.
    I really enjoy your Introductions posts… it opens up our photography world even more :)

    • You are welcome Robyn, I love sharing and I like that I have blog that I can really share with others. It is good to be able to do that. It seems my introduction posts are very popular, the only downside is trying to find people to introduce, sometimes I have to think, and it does take a little organising, something I’m not good at. haha. :)

  22. Laura is very talent – seen her art in your’s B&W mad challenge, stunning images … here. The top photo is so cool … I suppose it’s an airplane and the moon is magical. What a great introduction!

  23. Lovely introduction Leanne … and now I’ve more inspirational photography to follow ;-)

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