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Weekend Wanderings – Werribee Mansion Part 1

This last week I had an opportunity to go to the Werribee Mansion.  I went with a client, it was her last One on One Photography lesson with me and  the outing was her choice.  I haven’t been to Werribee Mansion for many years, probably over 20, actually I think I went there when I first started doing photography, I might have negs of the outside.  The Mansion is part of Werribee Park, and the Werribee Zoo is the same precinct.  You go past the zoo to get to the mansion.

LeanneCole-werribee-20140415--5287As you walk up to the house, you walk through some beautiful landscaped gardens.  The house entry is through the main gates with the gate house.  It is nice seeing this kind of thing here in Australia.  We don’t have a lot of homes that have this kind of grandeur.

LeanneCole-werribee-20140415--5288This is from the Park Victoria website, “Werribee Mansion was completed by wealthy pastoralists, the Chirnside family in 1877. Built in the Italianate architecture style, Werribee Mansion boasts 60 rooms in several wings. Following extensive restoration, many of the Chirnside family’s items, including clothing, furniture remain on display.”

The building in the first image is actually the hotel that was built beside the original mansion.  The image above is the mansion as it is today.  Beautiful sandstone house.  No expense was spared here, though surprising, it wasn’t as large inside as you would expect, but I have those photos for you tomorrow.

LeanneCole-werribee-20140415--5445Wonderful balcony off the first floor that you can stroll around on.  It was really large.

LeanneCole-werribee-20140415--5552When you head out the back there is a sculpture garden with some interesting sculptures.  I think I found my accommodation for my next trip, you will know what I mean when you look through the gallery images.

LeanneCole-werribee-20140415--5628When you head out the back there is an assortment of out buildings, like the stables, the smithies hut, and the old mens hut has been restored.

LeanneCole-werribee-20140415--5600I love this, the “Ha Ha Wall”, which was basically a ditch with a wall on the other side, you can see the wall behind the sign.  The idea is animals would graze and then go down the ditch and realise they couldn’t go any further.  It was a way to keep animals in paddocks, but not have the view obstructed by fences, so it really was ha ha to the animals.

I am going to put the images into a gallery for you now.  Tomorrow I will show you the photos I got from inside the Mansion.


    • It is John, though more a show home now. No one lives there anymore. The gardens are pretty amazing, I didn’t see all of them either.

  1. I remember visiting Werribee with my parents when I was quite young and thinking then how amazing it would be to live in a place like this. I can see several alternatives in your gallery for your next holiday stay Leanne. I don’t know if you and all your camera gear would fit in that tiny camper.

    • I wonder what you would think if you visited there now! It is so beautiful, and I wondered the same thing, my client and I were wondering if we would be the ladies of the house or the maids, she thought she would be one of the cooks and I thought I would probably be a maid. I think we could give it a go in that camper, though it might not be possible to sleep in it, hahaha.

  2. The mansion comes across as a very grand place.

    The sculpture featured in the body of your post looks the front of an airliner, a fractured one. :)

    • I think it is a very grand place David, quite different to the homes most of us associate with Australia.
      I think that is what it was meant to be. We saw it from the house, but had to go and take a look to see what it was. :)
      Thanks David.

  3. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    What a beautiful place! :D I love the “Ha Ha Wall!”

  4. Stunning images. I really like the watt you worked with the different lighting challenges in this series.

    • Yes, why not, want to come with me, see where we can go with it, we might have to bring a tent though, not sure we will be able to sleep in it.

  5. Oh I love ALL of these Leanne! You need to work for the travel brochure people cuz you are really making me want to visit all these beautiful places you photograph. :D

    • That is great to hear Keli, maybe people from the blog should contact Tourism Victoria because they never respond to my emails. It is a great place to see.

  6. Gorgeous setting and images!
    The art work, to my eye (from here in the U.S.), looks like an artist’s expression of our space shuttle Challenger in 1986 – as the heat-shield tiles failed and caused the shuttle to break apart 70+ seconds into take-off. So upsetting and so sad. If that’s what the artist had in mind, it’s done very well.

    • I don’t really know what the artist had in mind, there is only a small plaque with the artists name and the name of the work, no explanation as to what they were trying to achieve, so it could be what you were saying, I really don’t know. It is very interesting, certainly caught our attention.
      It is a great place, thanks Mary.

  7. Such lovely images of the Mansion! It was a sunny day too, so the light brought out the beauty of it. The shadowed walkway is my favourite one. It is autumn, I would’ve thought the leaves on the trees would be more yellow but I suppose it still has been a bit warm of late. Always wanted to go down to Werribee Mansion and I think I’ll make a trip down there when I’m done with work with my new camera in winter :)

    Hope your Easter is going great. I don’t celebrate it but it’s nice to see those who do. I’m really enjoying this long weekend, finally a breather from the last two weeks.

    • It was a great day for taking photos there. I have no idea what is happening with the trees, they don’t seem to be changing colour at all at the moment. I think you should go down there some time, you will love it.

      We are the same we don’t really celebrate it, well except for the chocolate eggs, LOL. That is great that you are enjoying the weekend, I am too, very relaxing.

      • You would’ve gotten more colourful photos had the leaves weren’t so green. Yeah, none of the tree leaves around us seem to be changing colour at the moment. Just falling to the ground.

        Glad you are relaxing and enjoying the chocolates :D I’m spending lots of time this weekend playing with my new Samsung phone I got last weekend. So much to learn but so much fun.

      • I don’t get what is happening this autumn, the same thing is happening where I am, the leaves are just falling and not really changing, almost like they are too confused. Maybe there will be a quick change before winter really sets in.

        Oh cool, new toys, what did you get? I was looking at the new Samsung Galaxy S5, but the plans are just so outrageous, that I am thinking when I do get a new phone I think I will just buy the Nexus 5 from google, which is being rated at the best android phone, apparently. I just can’t believe how much more the plans are these days. Have fun with it. :)

  8. Totally Grand Leanne in all ways … except possibly the meccano style camper accommodation ;-)
    I can see there would have been lots of photographic opportunities for your client’s one on one .
    Enjoy those Chocolate Eggs !

    • I love the camper, haha, not sure it would be big enough to sleep in though. There were lots of opportunities. As it was her last one, it was good to let her just go and see how she went, if there were any problems I wasn’t far away. It was a great day, and she did really well.
      I can’t wait for the chocoalate. I am still like a kid Easter Morning. :) Happy Easter Poppytump. :)

  9. My sister in law had her wedding reception and photos here but I think your photos are better than hers were!

    • What a great place to get married, I think it would be amazing, you would think so many fantastic places to get great images. I wouldn’t be able to stop.

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