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The Ones that Didn’t Make It

Wow, yesterday was a great day for the Monochrome Madness and with so many entries it was fantastic to see how many different images there were.  The MMC has been great for me, I am looking for black and white images everywhere.  I even go out to see if I can shoot one, rather than wondering what I have that I could convert.  This last week, I did more than one image.  I could leave them and show one each week, but then that would take away the challenge of doing an image each week.  So, I thought, I would show you the other images that I had prepared.

LeanneCole-city-5224-bwThis is one of the images I took last Saturday morning when I was the city.  I like the dark sky against the white building.  I did make the sky that dark, it was actually a beautiful blue colour.  It was a pretty gorgeous morning for photos.  You really couldn’t have asked for more.  I do need to head into the city for more early morning photography and with winter coming it should get interesting.

LeanneCole-gerbera-5264With all the talk about Macros and such recently I was reminded that I had a close-up filter for doing this sort of thing.  It is only a +2, but I thought it might be fun to try it on the 70-300mm that I have and see what I came up with.  It was harder to use than I remember and trying to get a shot that was in focus was a lot harder.  I will have to try it on some other lenses as well.

Recently I bought some Gerberas to take photos of, but never did, now they are pretty much dead, so I photographed them.  I like the way flowers go when they die and you get some interesting photos, and they are perfect for black and white.  I like the textures that you get.

LeanneCole-flower-5260I had some other flowers mixed in there as well, they weren’t gerberas, no idea what they are, sorry.  They were the flowers that I photographed with the macro lens when I first got the loaner from Nikon.  They have also died, but I really like the way they just droop like little lanterns.  Something very delicate about them.  I tried to bring out that delicateness while I was processing them.

Some fun, I am enjoying playing with black and white images.  It isn’t as straight forward as I thought, and you can do a lot to them.

I’m going away for the weekend with my girls, back up to the Mallee, so I am hoping to get a lot of images from there that will look great as monochrome images.  I will put the images into a gallery so you can see them individually.


  1. I love all three of these! That building is amazing, but I love the idea of photographing wilted or dead flowers. I like capturing dried plants in winter and spring in black and white, but I’ll have to get some of the tired ones this summer.

    I use my 1.5X and 2X with a 50mm fixed lens. You have to move yourself forward and back instead of zooming, but focusing is much easier and more precise. I use that combination all the time for tiny flowers and insects or subjects I just want isolated against the background.

    • Thank you Bernadette, I love doing dead flowers, they become so dried out and that makes them perfect for black and white.
      I tried it on my 50mm but I couldn’t get very close, maybe I should try again. Thanks again.

  2. All images are really great – each in their own right. Cannot say i have one favorite, so I’m glad I do not have to choose just one. The building certainly has an IR look to it. Glad you are getting something out of the MMC for all the work that goes in to it. Have a fun get away!

    • Thanks Robert, I didn’t know what to choose either. I hadn’t thought of that about the building, but you are right. The MMC has been fantastic for me, I am doing so much more B&W than I ever had before. I’m looking forward to the trip away, should be fun.

  3. The image of the gerberas is fantastic. The softened focus, the touch of sepia, the creative focus all combine to radiate a sense of dignity. You’ve got something going there.

    • Dead flowers are fantastic for photographing, especially in B&W. Roses can be great, bird of paradise, any really, some better than others, you just have to put them in water once, and then watch them die. Try it out. Thank you Julie.

  4. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    These are very interesting; I especially like the drooping flower. Monochrome is more beautiful to me, I think, than color.

    • I still think it depends, but some subjects are just better in Black and White, like dead flowers. Thanks Jackie.

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  6. They are all wonderful Leanne… Do love the closeups :)
    Have a very fun and enjoyable Easter!!

  7. Wonderful work Leanne! I really like these photos and how you’ve worked on them. It is so true black and white photography is not as straightforward as you would think. It takes some practice and training the eye for seeing potential black and white scenes, or already taken photos that would look great in black and white. Have a lovely weekend with your girls!

  8. Gorgeous photos Leanne! I love those flowers and the tones you achieved. Safe drive to Mallee and I look forward to seeing your pics!

  9. The white building against the dark sky, fantastic shot. Have a good weekend with your girls.

    • Thank you David, I like the white buildings with dark skies. Well one has decided not to come, and I’m not sure the other one really wants to go, LOL so it might just be me and my mum.

  10. The building is stunning! Especially with that sky. That dark sky was key I think. I love the flowers. They look like tissue lanterns. They really are delicate and soft.

    • I think so too Nia, the dark sky really made it work better. Tissue Lanterns, I like the sound of that. Thank you Nia, Happy Easter.

  11. That city photo is awesome: great architecture and lines. Wonderful mix between darkness and light in the photo.

  12. not often we want a blue sky black Leanne … having said that wouldn’t it be something just to try a city walk in world of B&W for a few hours . Looking at that shot I think we would be quite overcome by it all … like walking in impossibly bright moonlight … WOW …

    • It might be a little creepy, but I suppose you would get used to it. It would be great to photograph it then, you would get a much better idea of what would be a good black and white photo.

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