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Intoductions – Livonne

Livonne first came to my attention when she started commenting on some of my posts.  We got to know each other a little and then I started watching what images she was doing.  I really enjoy her work.  I have been keeping an eye on it for a while with the hope that I would be able to feature her in one of these Introductions posts, and this seemed like the perfect time. I’m afraid it was short notice, and she didn’t get much warning, but she agreed to let me show you some of her images today.



One of the first things I noticed was how very Australian some of her images are.  I don’t mean that in a derogatory way, just that I am always attracted to images that are from Australia, especially if they are places that I recognise.  LIke this one above, I knew as soon as I saw it that it was Southern Cross Station.  I’ve been there and taken photos there.

I asked Livonne why she takes photos.

I’ve always loved photographs, especially the old beautiful portraits that our grandparents had.  I’d always taken a lot of photos but never had a good camera.  When my daughter died at age 10, I realised that I didn’t have enough photos of her, let alone good ones.  It made me very determined to get as many good photos of my sons as I could.  I got given a Kodak digital camera for my 40th birthday and I became a bit obsessed.

When I started making slideshows for birthdays and other celebrations, I began to really curse the instamatic and polaroid cameras that robbed whole generations of their right to beautiful photos.  I started writing a blog nearly 2 years ago and as I wanted photos to go with what I’d written, I felt I could either feel guilty about “borrowing” google images or I could learn to take something decent of my own.

I enrolled in a Certificate IV of Photoimaging at Nepean TAFE and became completely hooked.  As soon as I completed that I started at Diploma level and am now only 2 months away from finishing that.

dsc_0594When you go through her blogs, she has two very similar ones, you can a large variety of images.  You never quite know what you are going to get, like this one, abandoned silos.  She does a lot of the challenges and I think this one was in response to the theme of Abandoned.  I hope I got that right, I’ve been looking at so many images.

Inspiration always comes next.

My inspiration changes daily.  When I started I was positive I’d be a portrait photographer as I love people. I love the style of Australia’s Peter Adams who takes everyday people and brings out a bit of whimsy in them.    It is certainly a style of photography that I aspire to.  I used to find landscape photography rather boring to be honest, but since learning to use a DSLR, I’m thrilled with what I see everyday.  I live in the Blue Mountains of NSW, so am blessed to be surrounded by absolute beauty everywhere I look.  I love capturing the beauty that we’re surrounded by.  I also love urban landscapes and the work of Trent Parke.   I think photography has changed the way I see the world as I used to worry a lot and look for bad stuff.. Now I am always framing the next photo so am looking for beauty everywhere.

dsc_0256There are also lots of photos of places she has visited from overseas.  After seeing what her inspiration is or what inspires her, I can see a lot of that in the images that she takes.  The images she seems to like a lot are really the images I enjoy too, lots of buildings.  Not always pretty, but still there is something about humans and our architecture.

I asked Livonne if there was anything special about the way she works.

I don’t know that I have anything special about the way I work.  I do love color so I don’t usually do black and white photography but will occasionally do some selective color.  I like a touch of fantasy or romance in my photos which I guess takes me away from the reality of an often harsh world. 

021There is something about her work too, the world around her, how she sees the world.  I see some of her images and wish I had taken them, or wish I had been in the same spot to take them.  There is a moodiness to her images that I really enjoy as well.  Many of them are dark, and everyone knows how I find dark images.

I asked about her gear, which was interesting when she told us what she started with.

I started the photography course with a Nikon D80 with just one lens which I bought second hand on ebay.  I have since progressed to the Nikon D610 and am slowly building up my lenses.  I have a 50 mm prime and a 70-300 mm.  I still have the 18-55mm that came with the D80 which I use too but am looking to buy a more versatile lens soon.

As I said, Livonne has two blogs, Livonne is her main blog and she also has one that she used for particular subjects, Livonne Photography.  Both are great and I would encourage you to go and take a look at either or both of them.  I would like to thank Livonne for giving me permission to feature her blog here and also for answering my questions so quickly, I really appreciated that.  I am glad I showed her blog and I am sure you will all love her work as well.  Here is a gallery of some images from her blog.  I need to go and starting working on my image for the MMC this week.


  1. I love the kookaburra. He is thinking about something, maybe it’s his next meal slithering past.

    I really like the way the background is blurred. I can’t always achieve that, even though I try. Is it a particular setting on the camera?

  2. Livonne has some gorgeous work. I agree with her that you cannot have too many photos of your family, especially your children and the animals.

  3. Thank you, Leanne. I don’t know why I was unchecked not to follow so I refollowed you. I really am touched by the comment you left at Petals. And I loved Livonne’s work so much that I followed her. (((HUGS))) Amy

    • I thought you had gone quiet, but thought you were just busy, that happens, nice to hear from you again. You are welcome, it was true, your macro work is really good. That is wonderful that you loved her work.

      • I have gone quiet, that too. I am reopening my gardens which takes a lot of work. That and one of my cats was very ill this past week. Now I am trying to catch up here, so to speak. (smile) Love, Amy

      • I hope your cat is okay, must be wonderful to be back in your garden after all this time, I hope it survived your winter.
        We are going into winter now, but nothing like yours. I am looking forward to it.

      • I bet you are after all the intolerable heat. And yes he is OK, thank you. He does need dental surgery so we still have that to get through next week. All is good, though.

      • I hope you cat is OK and I hope that won’t be the case for ours. I’ll get to that bridge when I cross it. (smile) Love, Amy

      • Oh yes, Amy, he is more than okay. He manages with the teeth he has left. He was very unhappy for awhile, but he is gorgeous again now. :)

      • That is so good to hear, Leanne. I pray that when this surgery is over, my Rocky will be back to his spunky self. I know it takes a long time for all the drugs to get out of the body (a lot longer then medicine will say) but with lots of good nutrition and Homeopathy, and with INTENT that he will do find, he will. He’s just been so sick for so long, we finally got him stable, and now this. Our vet said what we did would not probably be possible. We did it, Leanne. We did it. So, if we can turn him around from a very ill state, we can help him now with this. xx Amy

      • That is great Amy, I’m sure he will be fine. They are funny after surgery, Tiddles was like a drunk cat, so floppy and cuddly, very cute.

  4. One can see what you mean about her style. You know, I don’t think it would take much practice for one to be able to identify one out of a few hundred known photographers just given twenty or so of their shots,

    • I must admit, I know just what you mean Colonialist, I know there are images that I see and I know pretty much straight away who they belong to.

  5. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    Oh wow, I love the lighting and angles! This was a nice mix of many things. :)

  6. leecleland says

    Great intro as usual to a great blog. Love her work and could place many of her shots in the Blue Mountains. The sepia tree is a perfect image to my eye. Thanks for the intro. to Livonne.

    • That is fantastic Lee, I love it when you can place places you see in photos. I think the sepia tree is great too. You are more than welcome.

  7. pausesandclicks says

    Beautiful images! Thanks for introducing your readers to yet another inspired photographer!

  8. I love her photography! I also love nice lighting and dark images. I wonder what that says about us lol. Thank you for sharing her work. I will definitely follow her.

    • Yes, I wonder too Laura, LOL, I am glad you like her, it is great showcasing these other artists and photographers.

  9. Leanne, thanks so much for following and featuring my work. I feel very humbled and honored. Not even 18 months ago, I’d never used a DSLR, only ever a point and shoot so to be part of your introductions is a huge thrill for me. Thank you everyone for your kind words and it’s great to have you onboard. I will get around to looking at everyone’s blog very soon. :)

    • That is fantastic Livonne, and you are very welcome, It is something that I really enjoy doing. Wow, you have done well then, only 18 months ago.

  10. Some really beautiful shots here – there is such a range of subjects and they are all so lovely! Thanks for showcasing. I love looking at other people’s work!

  11. Some really great images , beautiful compositions and while im not a city girl I really like some of livonne’s building images ……really good
    : ))!

  12. As an amateur, it is always encouraging to see that someone started taking photography a wee bit serious in her 40es and got so far in a short time. So, there is hope. :D Beautiful photographs, I will be sure to follow.

    • Anytime is a good time to start..I was over 50 when I started at school to learn the craft… It has renewed my whole life. Thanks for your kind words :)

  13. I think my favorite (and that was hard to choose from all these beauties) was the hayrake. It took me back to my childhood.

  14. Thanks Leanne, I really enjoy your “introductions.” It’s a great way to find and be inspired by different photographers, their styles and techniques.

    • Your welcome Susan, it is good to see that people enjoy the posts on the introductions, I really enjoy doing them as well.

  15. Thank you for a great introduction again! I love the “misty forest” image, among many others.

  16. Lovely work by Livonne – it’s really nice to read someone’s motivation for taking photographs, and hers’ is a great one. This is such a great feature of your blog, Leanne.

    • I agree, her motivation is certainly exceptional. Thank you Richard, it is certainly a popular one, which is great.

  17. Thanks, Leanne, for introducing us to Livonne’s work. It’s encouraging to read about someone who started later and has progressed so well.

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