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Weekend Wanderings – From One End to the Other

Last weekend I went into the city to do some night photography shots, most of you know this already, as I took my class in for a night photography class.  It was the final class in the course and it was a great way to finish it off.  There were 10 of us with our tripods and camera gear going along the Yarra River for our night shots.  Each week we approached something new to help them learn how to use their cameras.  My classes are very practical, I always think you “Learn by Doing”, so taking photos is an important aspect of what I teach.  I haven’t seen what they got when they went out, but I have been working on the images that I took.

LeanneCole-citylight-1404054981_5HDR-2You have seen a few of them already, and there aren’t that many more of them.  I am happy with what I got.  One thing I did with my class was to let them know they should do more on their own.  I would set up my image and then do 5 exposures for HDR and if they needed help my camera would be fine taking its photos while I helped them.  It worked really well.  I felt more like the person who was keeping them together and moving them along when the time was right than the teacher.  It was a lovely relaxed class.

We started down at Docklands and ended up near Flinders Street Station, not quite to it. We ran out of time and then had to rush to get the train.  I don’t think anyone minded.

Then yesterday morning I went into the city very early in the morning.  The sun was coming up, but thought I would take some photos along the Yarra River again, only daylight ones.

LeanneCole-city_5013-10hpmWe have had so much rain, and I was hoping that if it had stopped raining that maybe, fingers crossed maybe, the Yarra River would be still, and look at that, it was.  I have seen it much calmer, but this wasn’t bad.  Unfortunately the rowers started coming up and down, with their coaches in motor boats and that stillness disappeared.  It was lovely while it lasted.  I love seeing all the buildings reflected in the water.

Nearly all the night photography images are HDR images.  They were all done using the Nik Collection HDR Efex.  It seemed to work much better for the night shots than Photomatix.  Most of the morning shots are straight images, except for two, the above one and one of the bridge.  I used Photomatix for these two, as it seemed to be better for the day ones, softer.  All images were taken with the 14-24mm wide angle lens.

The gallery will have all the night images I have processed, the image I used for the MMC is here too, but the colour version.  I will also put the morning images.   Some of the morning images that I have done were taken at the same spots I did the night shots.  I should have done that more, it would have been interesting comparing them.  If you are interested in my classes then please go to my website,  Enjoy your Sunday.


  1. I love your Melbourne shots. Next time I get to Melbourne, I’d love a class with you for the day. :)

  2. All impressive, but the reflections in the second picture are simply stunning. Perhaps photographers should carry a different kind of Cannon – to blow boats out of the water!

  3. Those are awesome Leanne and love the way you shot from different angles. Enjoyed seeing them. :)

  4. FANTASTIC photos, Leanne! Ohmygosh. Seriously. Beautiful, beautiful – I love the balance, the symmetry, the reflections, the light… you live in a beautiful place – thank you for sharing it with us!

    • I love the reflections, one of the great things about doing night photography near a river, thanks RoSy.

  5. As much as I enjoy Sunday walks in the nature, this series of photos, Leanne, has me thinking Sunday in the city!!

  6. Definitely agree with the stillness there. No ripples whatsoever on the water in the second shot in the post, my favourite of the lot. The ruler-like building, that one I like a lot too. Great angle with that. This seems like a very random question, but I was wondering do you like doing panoramic shots? It seems like the in-thing for many with smartphones.

    • The stillness was great while it lasted, I don’t see the Yarra like that very often. I have no idea what that building is.
      I haven’t got into it, mainly because I hate taking photos with my camera, I keep meaning to try, but haven’t got into it yet. Have you tried it.

      • I have seen that building before along the Yarra but like you, have no idea what it is. Haven’t been down there in a bit, just too busy.

        I’ve tried panomaric photos with my Canon Ixus 80. Theu turn out okay. Just okay, nothing spectacular. Need to brush up on my photography skills, as always. Have a good week ahead, Leanne :)

      • I don’t think you have missed much, it is still pretty much the same.

        I know you can get apps for your phone to do them, but I haven’t looked them up or tried to get any. Good luck with getting your skills up, it all takes time. Thanks and you too, I hope your week is better than last week. :)

  7. Wow your second photo is gorgeous. It always amazes me anew how much cleaner and clearer everything is after rain and this photo shows that beautifully.

  8. Stunning scenery, and captured in some truly beautiful shots. I imagine you make quite the good teacher! :-)

    • Thank you, the river has some great buildings along it, they have done a lot in the last 20 years to improve it and make it a nice place to go. I hope I am a good teacher, it is always hard to know really. :)

  9. These are all beautiful Leanne! I especially like the “blue hour” images. My favorite time to shoot :-) Cheers!

  10. Stunning Leanne x I love the light on water effect and the buildings are spectacular . What a setting for photography!

    • It is a great setting, I go in there a lot to take photos. I never tire of it always something new to see. Thank you.

  11. gtonthenet says

    The reflections in the Yarra river is a great shot – very nice.

  12. at this point, “only” 294 likes. I don’t have to say anything else … :) Well deserved, my friend! Take care, Leanne, you and your family! :)

  13. Your images are awesome Leanne! I would say you passed this class with flying colors!

      • You don’t need to apologise, I may not have explained it properly. Teaching is something I really want to do more of, so I hope showing images like this will encourage people to want to do classes with me.

  14. Incredible how still that water was in that second photo. I wondered about the change in that almost perfect reflection when the rowers came through. thanx for sharing these shots.

    • I know, I think it was because of all the rain we have had, it sort of calmed everything down. We lost that lovely stillness once the rowers started, it would almost go still again and then another one would come through. Probably need to be out there earlier. Thank you.

    • Thank you Elen, we were walking further down, but I had to stop and take a photo, and I am so glad I did.

  15. Wow! amazing work. The building and the water work well together because the water is so calm and reflective. I love the architecture in Australia. :)

    • Thanks Marsha, it was a great both times I went. It’s wonderful when that happens. You know you might just have to come and visit and see it for yourself. ;)

      • I’d love that! Maybe in a year after I’m all done with my duties at CCSS. I’ll save my pennies.

      • I just read about your other visitors from California, and your 4 hour photography sessions. That’s for me! :)

      • We had a great day, when my visitors came, we did part of coastline, took all day, it was spectacular. I loved and enjoyed every minute of it. Would love to teach you photography, but do you think you need it? I’ve been looking at your photos, didn’t want to say anything, but then you mentioned the blue, it wouldn’t be ISO doing that, it would be your white balance, looks like you have it set for indoor lighting. :)

      • I did have it set for indoor lighting. I redo both of those when I take pictures inside, and then I forget to change it when I go outside! Yikes. I do sometimes remember the ISO, but I often forget the white balance. Thanks! I hadn’t considered that was the reason for the problem. Is there a good way to fix it in Photoshop? I didn’t renew my adobe license, so I’m down to just Elements again. I didn’t like Photoshop proper.

      • ISO will just make the images dark or light if it is set incorrectly, but if there is colour changes then it is nearly always the wrong white balance. I don’t know if you can fix it in photoshop, maybe you can try adding some more colour, like yellow, that might compensate for it. I don’t have elements right now. I did, but then when we reinstalled windows I lost it. I will check it out when I get home.

      • I tried adjusting the color balance, but I couldn’t find anything that made it normal looking. Sometimes it helps to turn it black and white, but many pictures aren’t interesting enough to make black and white. :)

      • I had some luck with hue saturation then lightening it. It was not the beautiful vivid color, but it was ok. At least not as blue. :)

      • I got an email from you Marsha, I haven’t really looked at it, I am still away, but going home today, so will do some catch up when I get home.

      • I’m back, have seen the image, and played with it a little, have some work to do today, but will get back to you soon.

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