Updates and Such

Today I don’t really have a clue about a post, so I thought I might just chat to you about some stuff I’ve been up to.  It is all nothing much, but things in my photography life that I want to share.

Camera Bags

The first thing, very exciting, I wanted to talk about something I did for my trip into the city the other night.  Though it goes back longer than that.  I have two camera bags, and really they seem to be light years apart in size and what you can carry in them.  It usually isn’t a problem, but I have to admit, I don’t like carrying around the large bag, and well sometimes I just need to.  When I got it the company I got it from asked if I would like one with wheels or a backpack, I said the latter.  I really have regretted that decision many times.  Since most of my photography is done in the city, or around the city, maybe a camera bag that had wheels would have been better.  The reason I’m not mentioning brand or the name of the company is that they will not respond to my emails anymore, and I refuse to promote companies that can’t even respond to an email.  I don’t mind if they can’t help me, I don’t always expect them too, but at least tell me that.  Okay, back to the other thing.

I had this trip into the city planned for my students, I needed to take the big bag, and then I thought, what if I get a trolley to put it on. So my husband and I went to Bunnings, a big hardware store. He said don’t get a flimsy one, and I was surprised at what was available.  So got one of these.

trolleyIt was a bit heavy, but that didn’t matter, I wouldn’t be carrying it.  I bought a couple of straps and I strapped my large camera to it.  It did take some work because I couldn’t put the straps around the front of the bag or I woudn’t have been able to open it.  My students laughed at me and my granny trolley, but you know what, it worked a treat.  It was fantastic.  I attached my tripod to the bag as well.  It was fantastic not having to carry the bag and I could take everything I needed.  Going up and down the steps was interesting, but still better than hurting my back even more by carrying the bag.  I can’t wait to take it out again.

The thing I really liked too, is that camera bags with wheels, well those wheels make so much noise, this one doesn’t, it is quite quiet.  Perfect.  Really the best thing is that I don’t feel like I need a new bag now.


Here is another image that I got on Saturday night.  I am hoping to put them altogether in one post, but am still working on them.  I used some of Trey Ratcliff’s techniques for this one when I watched his tutorial on KelbyOne.  The image is another HDR and done with the Nik Collections HDR Efex.


I decided to bite the bullet and start learning Lightroom by Adobe, they had a special deal going and I couldn’t refuse it, so I now have it and thought I would try it out.  I am hoping that it won’t take me long to use it and then I can start teaching people some editing things with it as well.  I had tried doing some online classes once before but no one seemed interested.  So I might see if I can find some places to teach Editing around here.



The response I got for macro photography was wonderful.  The Macro lens has been sent back to Nikon, and I can’t afford one of my own, so I have ordered some extension tubes.  I was told to get some Polaroid extension tubes, I know many suggested Kenko, but they are still quite expensive and I might not like doing this, so the Polaroid ones were more suitable for me.  They were only $40, so if I don’t like them I haven’t lost a lot.  If I love them and think it is a good way to go, then I might consider getting some good ones, or maybe save up for a Macro lens.  I like finding the alternatives, and showing people that you don’t have to have all the expensive gear.  I will also try to share what I learn as well.  The tubes should arrive in the next week or so.


Finally, I thought I would let you know what my decision was about the computer.  The response to the Up for Discussion – PC or Mac, was beyond my wildest dreams.  It certainly generated a lot of talk.  It was fantastic, and more so because it didn’t get nasty.  In the end it actually pushed my husband into action.  I told you he hated Apple, and so he spent all that day reinstalling Windows 7 on my laptop and getting rid of a lot stuff on it that I don’t need.  I am banned from doing stuff on the internet on it now.  He also took some advice from a couple of you and now the laptop has a new SSD in it, and can I say, OMG, it is so much faster.  Everything starts so much faster.  So while I need to replace my desktop computer, there is no urgency for it now.  I can wait, though since I love Linux so much, when I get a new machine it will be a PC where Linux will be run most of the time and I will go to Windows only to do work on photos.  I am happy with my decision and want to thank everyone for their thoughts, experiences and opinions.

I think that is about it, I hope I haven’t bored you too much.  Now the cat wants some attention, so please excuse me while I go and feed him, again.  Enjoy your day.


  1. lensaddiction says

    Hey Leanne, welcome to the Lightroom bandwagon. When I first got LR I got the Scott Kelby book and I really recommend it to get you up and started and going. It takes you through all the workspace to set it all up and all the backend stuff then takes you through all the options.

    After a couple of years I felt like I needed something a bit more technical and I got the Victoria Bampton Lightroom Queen book – she self publishes and you can get a print copy and ebook copies as well if you have a tablet. Its really good for lots of system stuff and when you have a question “how do I do X” her book has never failed me and she gives lots of explanations as to WHY she does a certain thing which I find helpful.

    There are also loads of courses & tutorials online and tons of helpful videos on youtube that are free :)

    Also re your trolley case, I bought a helpful photography tips book written by a british woman whose name I have completely forgotten and she has a special rig very similar to yours – i will dig out the book when I get home and send you the info – if you are going to get into macro she has lots of really helpful tips!

    • Haha, I’m not on it yet, still have to learn to use it, though I hope since I can use Photoshop it won’t be too hard a learning curve. Not sure how I will use it yet, but I can see some uses for it like my weekend wandering photos.

      KelbyOne have quite a few too, so I am going to work my way through those and see how I go.

      That books sounds wonderful. I like giving little tips too. It is nice to share information, and yes, any macro tips, I am sure I would love them.

    • It has been a great thing for my laptop, Windows reboots in no time, and if you blink you really will miss Photoshop starting up. It used to take so long.

  2. That “granny trolley” is better than sliced bread. When my wife and I travel (she is also a photographer) we have two big camera bags and a few smaller ones that fit very nicely on that there trolley.

    • That’s what I reckon Dan, why would I buy a camera bag with wheels, no I can dump everything on my “granny trolley” I even attached a water bottle. Glad to see that I am not the only one that things it is a brilliant idea. Thanks Dan.

  3. Well Leanne you covered so many wonderful topics. I have light room and I love it. But you are right it is hard to learn. I use and it is fantastic. I also am 100% Mac. I love all your photos and I love all the posts that you share! I enjoyed reading your post have a lovely day!

    • I did cover a bit, had a lot to say, haha, not unusual for me. I am hoping since I know Photoshop that it won’t be too hard to learn, I know a lot of the basic principals, the real struggle for me is getting my images in and out of it. But it is certainly covered in the tutorials I will be doing. Thank you, it is great to hear when people enjoy what I do. You have a great day too.

      • You know I use under file export using these settings. Then I save as jpg to my desk top! You can watermark there as well! When you choose under file import there is a photo folder made automatically with a date! It is a great way to library you photos and also I love the develop feature! You are right I thought it would be easy because I know photoshop but it’s so much more advanced. Let me know if you need help in one particular area I can email you step by step instructions!

      • I really like the way I have my library set up now, so I was pleased to see that it wouldn’t be affected. Are you sure it is way more advanced than photoshop, Photoshop was a lot more expensive and Lightroom was so much cheaper, hard to believe it would be more advanced. There does seem to be a place for it, and many photographers seem to use it before they then go onto Photoshop, I just need to work out. Thanks for offer, I will let you know. Thank you.

      • Well in the photo editing department that is really all it is good for! That’s what I meant by advanced. In Lightroom I love to adjust the luminance and you cannot so that I. Photoshop. I use photoshop for my am design down as well and it’s great for that but for photos I love Lightroom! I guess it depends what you use it for!

      • You can change the luminance in photoshop but you have to do in camera raw, there is a slider there for saturation and luminace, I use it all the time. Basically everything you can do in LR you can do in Camera Raw. That is the part I am having trouble understanding why you would have both. I edit all my photos in Photoshop, I do a lot of stuff with layers and things, and I am not sure you can do that in LR, I guess I am about to find out. LR seems to be good for the sorting, basic editing and then when you want to do a lot more work then you move into PS. I have been watching some stuff by some other photographers and that is how they seem to use it. I don’t know, I have always used PS.

      • Good point you are right about that you can’t do layers in Lightroom. One guy told me he used it more to library his photos!

      • That seems to be a good way of using it, I get the feeling it is a great place to start. That is the impression I am getting. come back to me in a month and ask me what I think, haha, see what i think then, too hard for me to say just yet.

      • I hate to admit but it’s taken me about a year to get comfortable with it and I’ve barely scratched the surface to all it can do! :)

      • I had a good day with it and think I have got my head around LR really well. Ben offered me some great advice about exporting, and I did all the photos for my next post in it, and put a watermark on them. I am still playing around, don’t a clue really, but I feel a bit better about using it, that was good. :)

      • Oh yes that is very good! I don’t like it when I don’t know what I’m doing! I felt the same way when I first got Lightroom. Totally different then Photoshop! I will look for your next post! :) Have a super weekend! :)

      • Thank you, it should be published in the next couple of hours. I am the same, I hate trying new things, until I understand the basic, then away I go. It is very different, but in some ways, similar, like all the sliders and such in develop I understand. :) YOu have a great weekend too, I’m hoping the rain will stop and I will be able to get more photos.

  4. Interesting writing, Leanne! You always share your experiences and that’s excellent! Loved the nightly shot! Just marvelous! Have a great weekend! :)

  5. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    You did the right thing by not mentioning the company’s name. Any company should stand behind their merchandise. Love the game board. ;)

  6. I forgot to mention that I, glad you got your computer sorted out. The SSDs make a huge difference. I have a small suitcase on wheels that my camera bag fits perfectly into. That way I don’t have straps. The image you took of the city is so beautiful! I’ve not done nighttime HDR shots. I should give it a whirl. I have LR5 but I, too lazy to change lol. I have my workflow in adobe bridge and it works for me. I’ll be anxious to know how you like the extension tubes. I’d like a macro also but can’t spend the money right now. Great post with lots of tidbits. :)

    • I am glad too, it is working so much better. I can’t believe what a difference the SSD makes, unbelievable. I had to put the straps in the other straps and tie them up a bit. Night shots are great for HDR, you get a great range. Yeah, give it a go. That is what I got LR5, but I am terrible at learning new things, really have to push myself. I feel the same way, about Photoshop and Bridge, I love it, but I think if I want to teach LR would be better, so will have to learn it. I am excited about the extension tubes, I think you can be pretty sure that I will show you how I go with them. Thanks Laura, me raving really.

  7. I love, love, love that after dark city scape!
    Bags- I have too many! As you say, they serve different venues, but I admit to having two purse type that are my “go to” bags when I’m hanging with the family and not out shooting with a purpose.

    We have Solid State drives as well. He-Man really likes them, and they work! Knock on wood! I’m glad you got your laptop set up and you’re finding it faster.

    • Thank you, it has been very popular on Google+ as well.
      I only have two, both backpacks. I have a small backpack that I use a lot.
      The SSD’s are amazing, I don’t know why you would use anything else really, lol. Thanks again. :)

  8. I am such a huge fan of Lightroom, so I’m happy to hear that you are giving it a go. I’ve spent so much time learning the features and functions on it this winter, that I have a pretty good handle on it. But, I still can’t believe how amazing it is, and how much you can do with it.

    I’ve never used Photoshop, but I now have Elements… I just haven’t done anything with it yet. It came free with a Bamboo tablet I bought from a friend.

    Good luck with it Leanne.

    • That is great to hear Shane, will have to see how I go, you might hear from me. I love Photoshop and it has always done what I wanted, so I am not sure about LR, but I think there is probably more scope with showing people basic editing with Photoshop.
      Thanks Shane, stay tuned. ;)

  9. Hi Leanne, I love the colors your night shot. The reflections are so soft looking. I agree about needing to put you equipment on wheels, for me especially in airports. But, I try to go gently over bumps :-).

    • Thank you Pam, the colours came out really well. I think the HDR really helped with that. Wheels are great, will try it out again tomorrow. Thanks again.

      • You’re welcome, yes, they do seem like a good way of doing some macro, though I don’t think it would be better than a macro, but a much cheaper way of trying out macro.

  10. Hi, I was apprehensive about lightroom when I got it V5 as I had a bad experience using the original. I did watch this vid Getting Started With Lightroom 5, and it helped so much and to be honest I rarely go into photoshop now unless i need to do some special editing.

    • I have never seen the point of it, as I use Camera Raw so much and I really like it, but so many photographers seem to use it as a first port of call, so I decided to try it. I am still having some trouble with it, but then again, I’ve only had it for a couple of days. Thanks Ben, I could see how useful it could be. Time will tell. I have to say I am quite addicted to Bridge and Camera raw.

      • Lightroom is first a management system for organising your images and then it is an editor. I was also an Adobe Raw and Photoshop disciple but I have found that now my work is more organised and I can find shots and edit shots a lot quicker.

      • It is the organisation that I am worried about and probably the thing that has kept me away before. I have a great system, I really like it and I don’t want to mess with it. So if it doesn’t allow me to work the way I want, we could have problems. LOL

      • I can see how that will cause you problems, Check out the vid if you have time, it is a good although long but the guy takes you through everything step by step with ideas I had never thought of.

      • I will Ben, I have been watching some tutorials on KelbyOne. The one thing I have trouble working out is, you do you a heap of work to an image, but how do you save that. If go to Bridge the work I did isn’t in the image. I don’t get it.

      • The editing infomation is saved in a lightroom libary file which brigde (I believe) doesnt read beacuse these files are in a different directory to the image. You can from lightroom edit the file in photoshop which when saved changes the files in Lightroom. The same with topaz and the nik suite if you have these plugins.

      • No you can export the photos from lightroom as jpegs ect and you can make presets for them as well with your watermark and specific sizes.

      • Im on facebook ( twitter (@ApertureF64), also thanks for the follow on my blog.

      • I did what you said and it worked really well. Thanks for the tip, it makes a lot more sense now. I even watermarked my images. Thanks Ben.

  11. I like your granny trolley. I really needed the shopping version for the farmers markets but I was a little shy at first then kept getting a frozen shoulder from bag carrying, so practicality won out. I wouldn’t be without it now and I see heaps of people around Sydney’s Inner West with granny trolleys of all colours and designs – they are trendy :)

    • I think they are the best way to move your stuff around, my back has been bad, so I need to take it easy. I love it and I don’t care what I look like now. Haha. :) Thanks EllaDee

  12. Hi Leanne,

    I’m considering getting a bigger bag too. They are very expensive here in the UK. I recently bought a gadget that attaches to my camera with a suction cup. I can attach it to my car and use it like a tripod. It’s quite good for copying postcards with my camera too. It’s Spring in the UK so better light now after the dark days of winter. I’ll be photographing a narrow boat meeting at Easter and there will be carnivals through the summer! :)

    • Big bags are great, but you also have to be able to carry it too. They are very expensive here too, we seem to pay so much more than anywhere else, well most places. Apparently it is because our economy is doing so well, and you know how it is, we can afford to be ripped off. Unbelievable. The chef of Ikea said when they first came to Australia they charged us more because they were told Australians were used to paying more. That gadget you bought sounds really cool. We are also getting to the better photography weather too. Winter is the best time to take photos here, well if you ask me. I am hoping to do a festival at Easter too.

  13. What a great post and when I got to the last paragraph there was the answer to my question about the computer discussion! I think a good one …the night image is just beautiful!!

  14. Love to hear you wondering out loud Leanne ;-) …your G trolley appears a good solution to back problems …
    I’ll be interested to see how you find LR .. I’ve only dipped in a little but do seem to find it my first stop and then into Photoshop for layers etc if I want them .
    Must admit to more playing around with images in a disorganised manner which of course is not the point of LR Lol . I really should have everything catalogued by now but ….
    Brilliant reflected jewelled colours in your city scene !

    • That is good to hear Poppytump, it was nice to just get it all out in one post. The G trolley was brilliant, I loved it.
      So far LR isn’t too bad, it is quite good for doing basic editing to a lot of images, then you can resize them and put a watermark on them as well. I did like that. A few things to work out still, but I think I have a much better handle on it now than I did this morning. :)
      I have my own catalogue and I have to make sure that LR doesn’t disorganise it for me.
      Thank you, that photo was very popular on G+, well popular for one of my images.

  15. LOL at the trolley. It’s what movers use but you know what, if I had to carry heavy camera gear around, why not? Besides, it looks like fun pushing or pulling that trolley. Do you push it in front of you or drag it from behind when you use it? Don’t think I’ll get a trolley to move around my new camera when I get it soon, haha. I’m more concerned about whether my future camera will get damaged if I just chucked it in my carry bag without a case.

    So happy to hear you’ve resolved your computer problems. I hope the SSD lasts for a while. I’ve come to the conclusion that I will give Mac a shot – purely because I want to try something different and it’s portable. Also, a lot of PCs I’ve had my eye on cost over $1500, just too much. I hope it works out but if it doesn’t, oh well.

    Hope you had a good week, and a good weekend, Leanne. I had a very bad week, every day was a downer. It feels like we haven’t talked in ages. On the plus side, as of today I have $400 worth of Harvey Norman gift cards :)

    • Not quite the same size Mabel, this one is a lot smaller and really just looks like a bag on wheels. I think you could use it either way, but I pull it behind me. I wanted the trolley because when I get my gear in the big bag and then attach my tripod there is about 10 kilos in the bag, it is gets heavy. It is good to get a good padded pad for it, even a small one. You can get camera bags that look like handbags too.

      Yes, the laptop is working so much better, it has been great to getting some work done it again. I was surprised at what you said about the price of the PC and that it was too much money, have you looked up how much a Mac laptop will cost you. They are really expensive, if the $1500 on a PC laptop is for a good one, then the equivalent Mac one will cost you around $3000. They are usually double the price of their PC equivalent.

      That isn’t good to hear, I think the rain and weather we have had wouldn’t help with that. That is terrible, I hope you have a good weekend planned. I’m in the city in the morning to take more photos with a friend. Wow, how did you score the Harvey Norman gift cards? Well done.

      • It would still be a sizeable trolley, from the sounds of what you’re saying. You would be pulling it like how you pull a travel suitcase. Investing in good quality camera gear is very important I think, especially if we plan on using our camera(s) for a very long time.

        At PCs I’m looking at ultrabooks and I was shocked at how much a lot of them cost, near the $1,500 mark. I really need a laptop that’s slim and portable as I want to travel with it in a backpack. I do not want Windows 8 – played around with it the other day and I just found it not user-friendly and installing Windows 7 on a W8 new laptop is very confusing.

        Yeah, this was a stressful week for me. Couldn’t even do much on the blog either this week with deadlines at work and freelance writing. And annoying things like having a hole in my work shoe on a rainy day. I have been doing online surveys on Your Voice for a year and a half. I’ve traded in my points for Harvey Norman gift cards. Quite close to getting another $100 gift card :)

      • Yes, like a suitcase on wheels, which is what you want, it is a big bag, it can hold two cameras, several lenses and external flashes. I can get nearly all my hear in it, well nearly all.

        I had a look at Harvey Norman and saw they have a HP Envy for that price, it is 17 inch, has a Core i7, and 8GB of Ram, and has a 1TB Hard Drive, I think you can put in a second one if you want. Windows 7 just isn’t available with any anymore, though people are saying Windows 8.1 is better than Windows 8. So I went to Mac, you can’t get a Mac that has that much RAM unless you build it yourself, well with them, from what I can tell. I couldn’t see a 17inch one, so you would have to go with 15 inch, that was the largest I could see on the website. It has the same RAM and Core, and with one TB storage, it would cost you just over $3500. That is considerable more money just because you don’t like Window 8.

        That sucks, I hope this next one will be good, short week, and then even shorter following week. I am going to go away for a few days, next week, not sure if I am going alone or with my girls yet, up to my mums.

  16. The absolute ideal is a lightweight one I saw with a ‘hiking-type’ backpack frame, retractable handle, and good sturdy wheels. The best of all worlds.
    The one you have is designed for bags of compost and things, and does tend to be rather heavy. It is of no use to you outside the city, which is a consideration even if you venture there seldom.

    • I don’t think I would use it for anything other than going around the city or places where it is a fairly good surface, for everything else I would just use it as a back pack. It looks a lot bigger in the photo than it actually is. I was concerned that anything lighter or slender would just fall apart too easily. Thanks Colonialist.

  17. Congratulations on the computer upgrade – yes, I replace all mechanical drives with SSD ones – spinning drives (due to their cheaper $ vs MB) are relegated to my RAID. I have a similar cart for moving computer equipment around at work – they are very worth the extra money for quality. The camera bag is a real bane of photographers – they never seem to be exactly what you need at any given point, so there are always compromises – happy you found a solution that works for you…I’m a backpack guy due to the places I shoot. :-)

    • Thanks Robert, it is working so much better. I don’t think this trolley would be any good for that, it isn’t really that big, but great for what I need. Yes, camera bags are that, and they are so expensive, who can afford to have lots of different ones.

  18. I think that is what I need t do with my computer – delete all the stuff I do not need.

  19. Good article Leanne. You won’t regret learning Lightroom. I’ve been using it now for over a year and find I do 95% of my processing with it. Fast and organized.

    • Thank you Dan, I am not sure how much I will use it, I like do particular things, but for my weekend posts where I just do basic editing, I think it will probably be great.

  20. I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it
    up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come
    back later on. Cheers

    • That’s okay, I’m not much of one either, I do like looking at the photos that people post though.
      I will do my best, thank you.

  21. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Leanne :)

    I could relate to many a points mentioned above and really nice to see your views on them.

    Have a beautiful weekend :)

    • Thank you Sreejith, nice to know that people didn’t mind me raving a bit.
      You have a great weekend too. :)

  22. Lightroom is just the camera raw version of Photoshop…You will still need PS to do layers and “stuff” you did before. Lightroom is just a database that allows you to edit in a “develop” module.

    • That is pretty much what I thought Gail, thanks for confirming it. I usually use camera raw for my weekend posts, so I will use LR now, and I can put a watermark on them as well in that, which is good. I haven’t worked that out for PS. The database is the reason I stayed away from it for so long, I didn’t like the idea of it reorganising my files, but I can see that it won’t do that if I don’t let it. Thanks Gail.

  23. Have a good weekend, looks like you got the computer outcome for you and that is the main thing, whatever anyone else might say…..🍀

    • I have for the time being, I still want a new desktop, but it can wait now for a while. That is true, thanks MM.

  24. Window 7 – the best thing after XP – that there is no support anymore too. Great post … down on a more personal level. Enjoyed it.
    Wish you and the family a great weekend.

    • My husband said XP was the best, according to him the need to throw our windows and start again, they keep fixing the same things. I don’t know.
      You have a great weekend to Viveka, happy snapping.

  25. Your trolley, what we call a dolly here in the USA, looks quite sturdy for other kinds of cargo. :)

    Glad you’ve come up with a computer solution. An SSD works wonders with its fast access speeds. It’s a good idea to keep at least one machine “internet free”. It’ll save you from the anti-virus and security patching routine.

    Cat: He knows you’re easy when it comes to treats. :)

    • It is very sturdy, I love that, means I don’t have to be too careful with it, it will just go everywhere.

      It is good for now, the SSD is amazing. I still use the internet on it, but only things like my email, this blog and things I know. You are right, the virus and malware, is the same thing, is incredible, you never know what you will end up with.

      Ah the cat, we have to feed him tiny spoonfuls, or he gulps it down too quickly and then it all comes back up, so little spoonfuls, all day long, so as far as he is concerned eating should happen all day long. He does get very cuddly when he wants more food though. :)
      Thanks David.

  26. That trolley is a fabulous idea! So much better than lugging everything around on your back, my goodness—I can certainly identify with that! Happy to hear your computer is working better. Mine can be cranky from time to time—she’s getting up there in years, I guess. ;) I am a die-hard Mac person when it comes to my computer (phone and so forth, I can take it or leave it), but it sure sounds like your husband souped up what you had really nicely! I hope it continues to work well for you. :)

    • I think it is brilliant Jen, I took it into the city again today, and it was fantastic. My computer is working a treat now. So happy with it. I do too Jen, thank you.

  27. The city scape photograph is beautiful! I have a weakness for those long exposure ones! Glad you realised a difference with the SSD, I hear time and time again that it is better than upgrading your RAM.

    • The SSD is just brilliant, and a great way to make your machine go faster. I am glad someone suggested it. Thank you Manal.

  28. Love your ramblings and seems once again we’ve been on the same wavelength. I got that lovely backpack for my Galapagos trip and while it fit great and fit all of my gear, it weight 25 pounds. Was ok in the airport for a little while, but the weight got to be too much. I too am thinking of a luggage cart for it now.

    You’ll love Lightroom. One main feature is its library function with multiple ways to find images when your searching for them. Keywords, camera types, year, month, collections, etc etc.

    For editing, just start from the top right and work each slider down the panel. There are number of free plugins you may want from OnOne software. Also get the Nik Collection (google) for additional editing.

    Although you’re leap years ahead of everyone with that.

    PC..interesting that you kept with a PC. I also had growing pains over the winter and am still working it out. Biggest issue after memory size was the screen colors.

    Good luck and great to see you. XXOO Emily

    • I know what you mean the bags can get so heavy. I went out with a friend yesterday and she was laughing at me, that is until she wanted me to put her tripod on it, then she thought it was a good idea. I love it, now I can take more stuff with me and not have to worry about how heavy it all is.

      I am seeing the sense to LR and starting to understand why people like it, I think it will work well for some things, and then photoshop will take over. I am okay with that. I already have the Nik collection, haven’t really looked into OnOne software, but will look it up.

      I think part of the reason for staying with PC is the price, also Linux, but also because I really don’t like Apple, they are dirty when it comes to business and I don’t want to support that. So I am going to stay with PC. You can get good monitors for PC’s, you just have to pay for them, not as much a mac one, but you don’t go with the cheap ones you get with them. I have good 27 inch monitor that I attach my laptop too, which is what I have Photoshop on.

      Nice to hear from you, I am loving the photos from your trip really amazing. You are so lucky to have been able to go there.

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