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Monochrome Madness Week 6

All through the week a steady number of emails have been coming in with some absolutely wonderful work attached.  That is one thing I like about the “moderator” of this challenge, I get to see all the images first.  Of course, it then makes me try even harder to do an image that is worthy to be included.  A great challenge, I am thinking about Black and White so much more.


I took this image the other night when I took my students into the city to do some night photography.  I wouldn’t normally turn a night photo into black and white as I think the colours of the lights are what makes the images, but this one was taken very early in the evening, and the sun hadn’t really set, though lights were coming on.  I thought making it black and white did help.  I spent about 3 hours on this image and learned a lot of things while doing it.

Laura is taking a break this week.  She is very busy in her non blogging world.  I am sure she will be back next week.

We have had so many entries, and again, a great variety.  I hope you enjoy the submissions this week.  Remember the instructions for submitting your own work will be at the end of the post.

Now, if you wish to participate and submit an image here is how you do it:-

  • You must email me the image you want to include and if you have a blog or website, or somewhere else, please include the link. My email address is
  • The image size should be as small as it can be, so the largest side should be 1000 pixels or less.
  • You have until the following Tuesday morning to get your entries to me.  Remember I am on Australian time, so with GMT I am +11 hours at the moment, I publish my post on Wednesday morning.
  • Remember to include a link to your blog or website.

Just to let you know also, that as soon as the challenge is published, all emails and images you have sent me are deleted from my computer.  I respect your copyright and would never keep any of the images.


    • You might have to ask John that, it was his image, it is a great image though, glad you liked it.

    • johnholding says

      Veronica, Several things are needed to get a shot like that, fast shutter speed with a reasonable depth of field. Usually that means a fast lens. I used a f/2.8 100mm macro. Add in a flash, a dark surround a low ISO (stops too much background) a reflector to bounce the flash off, something to juggle all those bits with so they don’t fall over. Next one needs an attractor, in this case and I suspect for most dogs food does the trick. Then it is hold the camera with one hand and the food with the other and hope it all works out.

      • jamiechristinephotography says

        Well, in this case it worked beautifully. Your dog portrait is my favorite this week. Nice job. :-)

      • I’m very taken with your dog portrait too John…
        Love all the images of course!
        Thanks so much for ‘how’ you do it. My doggies only ever sit still for food or a ball ;)

    • I that is what this is all about and that is wonderful if you find inspiration from this. Thanks Julie.

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    • A bigger week this this time, the most entries we’ve had. It is fantastic, so many great images. So many to get ideas from. Thanks Robert.

  2. Beautiful images. Testament to the skill & imagination of everyone involved. Thank you for sharing

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  4. Beautiful images. Thanks for doing this Leanne and I look forward to seeing Laura’s work in the near future. I’m glad she’s convinced me to participate in this fun challenge.

    • I am glad too, it is a fun challenge to do. I really enjoy it as well. Already thinking about what I can do for next week. Thanks

  5. Leanne, this has to be the best week yet. I’m going out right now and start trying to find a new, special image for next week!

  6. Wow! What a snapshot of us as human beings…..such thoughtful images and deep insight. Thanks again fo your kindness in doing this. : ) Trees

    • It is isn’t, and it shows how different we all are as well. No thanks needed, really, I get a lot out of this, so very good for me.

  7. johnholding says

    Thanks Leanne for hosting Monochrome Madness. It is such a delight too muse over the great BW images.

    • Thank you for your submission John, I love seeing all the different images, I am constantly amazed at the variety.

  8. So many gorgeous photos. Most impressive is the wide selection of what becomes the subject.

    • It is so impressive, I love it that it is on my blog and that I have a blog that can really, hopefully make this successful. Thanks David.

  9. I just sat down to browse the entries for this week and my jaw is dropping. I can’t believe what amazing images are here! What I’m also really loving is looking at the images and seeing “how” people see monochrome images and I imagine what they do in post processing to emphasize the black vs. white. I love these! My internet has just been hooked up so I’m a happy camper. I’ll be back next week in the challenge. Thank you to everyone for doing this!

    • I can imagine what a happy camper you are now. I hate being without my internet. Can you believe how many there were? So many great images. Of course I get to see them all week as they come in, but it is nice to see them all together like this.I missed you this week, so am glad you will be back next week. I will have to start looking for my next monochrome image.

  10. jamiechristinephotography says

    Beautiful Leanne. Even though I missed sending in my photo this week I just love it when this post comes out. Always look forward to seeing the fantastic black and white images. :-)

    • I have to say, the Monday posts used to be my most popular, but now it is this one. It is great to be doing something like this. I hope to see an image from you during the week. ;)

  11. We see colors everyday, but there is a certain splendor and exquisite beauty that is distinct to itself in black and white…some very wonderful shots, thanks for sharing!

    • So true, B&W does make you look at the subject in a different way. There are lots of wonderful images.

  12. I love this madness arranged by Laura and you. My aunt liked taking black and white photos of my brother and me. I used to not like this monochrome and told her to take my photos in color. However, she told me that Monochrome is classic and I would understand when I’ve grown up. And yes, I’ve finally seen her points for a while ago. Now I love looking at B&W photos as well as capturing them.

    Thank you for this madness. Truly enjoy observing how each person approached to their work.

    • You are welcome, the Madness is great, I am loving it. It can be classic, though I am not one of those people that think all Black and white images are better, or that any image is better B&W, but I do like some and some images are just so much better in black and white.
      That is wonderful, thanks.

  13. What a fabulous gallery of images again this week!
    Great work!
    Sorry to have missed contributing this week, but it’s been a busy one.
    Also so good to see many new participants.
    Many thanks Leanne (and Laura) for making this challenge possible :)

    • No thanks needed, really Robyn, I think we both get a lot out of this. Sorry you missed it too, but it happens. We had so many this week, it was fantastic. Thanks Robyn.

  14. The talent just keeps emerging Leanne. Superb set of images! I can’t wait to visit the blogs/websites of those who are included that I am not yet familiar with! Thank you for including me!! Have a fantastic week! Robyn

    • Great way of describing it Robyn. I hope you have a great time visiting everyone. You have a great week too.

  15. There are some fabulous submissions here. I enjoy seeing so many great photographs collected here in one place. I’m even getting interested in trying my hand at some monochrome photos now. Thanks, Leanne. You have a fun blog to visit.

    • I hope you have a try, it would be wonderful. I love seeing what people do and what subjects they photograph. Thank you.

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  17. What a great collection of images! Thank you for posting my photo. I find the challenge has indeed inspired me to see my subjects in a different way. I’ve been poring over ideas for next week already.

    • I find the same thing James, it is great. That’s fantastic, I look forward to seeing your next image.

  18. Wow, I think we’ve tripled the number of submissions in just six weeks! The submissions are getting better and better, and this post is fast becoming one of the things I look forward to each week.

    Leanne, we spoke about Pinterest yesterday. Perhaps it’s time to start that account, and add a board with all of these amazing submissions. Or something… I don’t know. I’m just throwing it out there.

    Amazing job this week everyone!!!

    • I think we have Shane, the response has been wonderful. I feel the same way.
      Laura and I are testing the grounds and think we might do a Google+ community. That way we can put the images there and then Laura and I can choose some each that will go into the post. We hope people will like that idea. Though will see how I go and how many submissions I get.
      I think we all deserve a pat on the back.

      • We both have G+ so that made sense to us, I don’t have Pinterest. You have it too, I know you joined my page, but I can’t work out how to get you to join my personal one.

      • I found you, I searched for you and found you. Haha, I find some things a little strange on it too.

      • That’s true, not sure exactly how the community will work, but hopefully it will work well with the post.

      • I think it will. It’s a focused topic, and since people are generally keen to have their work published elsewhere, I think it’s a good idea.

      • We will have to see, I’ve already had one person say they don’t use G+, it is going to be a hard thing to work out. We still have time.

      • We all need to start thinking of what to do. I do like them being on my blog, it does really push me to do more. I hate the idea of leaving people out.

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  21. I’m travelling at the moment, so I’ll comment and check out the blogs later. Thanks for arranging this and have a great week everyone!

  22. Thank you for liking “Reflections.” These black-and-white photos are fantastic! I enjoy looking at your photo challenge posts because I like to see a variety of different photographic styles too. :)

    • You are welcome, these images are great, and it is fantastic to see them altogether like this,oh so many different styles and subjects, so much inspiration.

  23. Really wonderful photos again! I’ve started to love your Monochrome Madness posts Leanne! I think it is really wonderful and kind of you to do this.

    • Thank you Elina, that is great to hear. It is wonderful to be able to showcase so many great black and white images.

  24. There is something about these B&W images, they don’t just let us have a quick look and leave, they demands more time :)

  25. Another week of nice submissions. Thanks again for doing this.

    Re: G+. Personally, I would prefer to see this remain a wordpress group but I understand the volume may become unmanageable at some point. I don’t use G+ or pinterest so may not be able to participate any more if you go down that route. I accept that I am probably in the minority on my limited use of social media. :)

    • We did get another great bunch of Submissions.
      We might have to think about the whole thing, each week I am getting more and more, and your concerns have been mine too, what happens if people don’t have G+, one option is you could still send me the image, I could put it up there for you, or maybe I don’t do all the images, just some. We haven’t worked it out yet, and we haven’t got to that stage yet, so it is good to keep thinking of what we can do.

  26. I’m honored to even be in this gallery – thank you for putting all these together to share. Beautiful work – thank you all.

    • Thank you for submitting an image Dawn. It is a pleasure to do it, I get quite a bit out of it as well. I am doing so much more black and white now than I was, that is great for me.

  27. Thanks for including my work this week Leanne for the first time. It is amazing to see this grow, and see the differences between the entries. And the high standard as well. Looking through them gives me some ideas for myself. If you look for a different way of publishing you can think about Flickr as well; it is easy to make groups there and it is a photographers platform. I am looking forward to the next one!

    • PS Pinterest is claiming all rights on work published on their platform. They can use everything that is on there without approval, maybe that fine print has changed in the mean time. Not sure about Google+ concerning this topic.

      • American Cloud services are quite creepy if you look at it legally. Good luck deciding where you wanna head to, it is nice your initiative is taking up so well! I will look up a new one for next week!

      • I don’t use them, so haven’t really any experience, but I believe you if you say they are creepy. Thanks, someone just suggested capping the number, first in, so to speak, which isn’t a bad idea, I thought that if we did that, then the ones that don’t make, I could just add a link to them or to the image.

      • So far the capping and then just links seems to be a good way of doing it. That way everyone who takes the time to contribute gets something. Will see how we go.

    • You are welcome Chris, it has been amazing and wonderful. We are certainly getting some great images to look at. I hadn’t thought of Flickr, certainly another option. We have been getting a few which is good. Thanks Chris.

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  30. Wow! All these submissions are stunning. I really do look forward to this post each week. If you are concerned about leaving someone out. You could just cap the number of submissions, what feels manageable to you. If there are a few more than the cap just keep them for the following week and remind folks how many spots are available for the following week. Maybe that makes more work for you…tightening the deadline could help too. Rotating the post among a few folks could be cool too, like each host for a month or something (especially if you are wanting to keep it within WordPress). Just so it doesn’t totally fall on you. I can see that you enjoy hosting, you do a great job. I am sure you will come up with a solution that is thoughtful and continues your vision. It is no wonder this is so popular.

    • That isn’t a bad idea Carrie, it has been great to get some opinion or ideas from others. We aren’t there yet, but if the challenge keeps growing like this we will have to make some decisions. Maybe capping the number, then maybe just adding links to the others might work too. I am liking this idea. That way no one really gets left out, if their image isn’t chosen, then there link will still be there.
      Thanks Carrie.

      • Sure. I really think it is great that you are trying to keep everyone who wants to be involved in the challenge, involved. I know it will come together for you, the intention is genuine.

      • I hope so, I just hate the idea that people go to the trouble of doing something and then they aren’t included. There has to be something for them as well, so maybe the links will be good, at least it is something. Thanks Carrie.

  31. nikkiharvey says

    I’m thinking I might submit something to this in the next few weeks. But I don’t know how to check how big the image is, and how to change it if it’s too big. Can you help?

    • That would be great Nikki, don’t worry too much, I do have a problem that changes them and resizes them for me. So no need to worry. I look forward to seeing what you submit.

  32. spectrumist says

    All of the submissions are amazing. Makes me pumped out to make another stunning photo. Also, thanks for including my work :)

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  34. They make such an impact Leanne seen in the gallery …. just going through each one taking my time … wonderful .
    Need to go blog visiting now ;-)

    • They do Poppytump, so many different images but all connected by their lack of colour. Happy blog visiting. :)

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  37. Well, I certainly will not be silent–I especially like the monochrome postings (see my avatar image!). Look forward to following your site.

    • The Monochrome Madness postings are certainly proving to be very popular. I am glad you like them. Thank you.

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