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This week has been a hard week.  I’ve been taking lots of photos and checking out places to go and take photos.  I am very tired, so today I am not going to talk a lot, I thought I would show you some portraits that I took recently of a young woman.

She was great to photograph and we had a lot of fun.  I will just put the images into a gallery for you.  Enjoy your day.


    • I can’t do macro Nia, haha, and I am not very good at still life, so I am finding out. I do love photographing people. though never thought I was very good it, but I do like what is happening with them. Thanks Nia, the rest is nice.

  1. Such beautiful natural photos of this lovely young woman.
    I do agree… You are very talented and adaptable :)

  2. Sonel says

    What a beauty and you’ve captured it all so well Leanne! Great shots hon! :D

  3. thatnavaword says

    Love these. Truthfully alot more than i like the still photography, which aren’t less beautiful.

  4. nikkiharvey says

    Great photos and that is a really cute dog :)

    • I believe the dog, Molly, has quite a personality, she wasn’t sure Molly would allow us to photograph her, but she did great. Thanks.

  5. She looks so happy. I like the vintage-look about the photos, seems to be a touch of Victorian-era-esque in there too.

    Sounds like you are busy doing what you love! I hope you get good photos soon. I’m having a hard and busy week. Definitely well into my new job but it takes up a lot of time and it’s very mundane, not to mention exhausting. I look forward to going home everyday to do what I love doing :)

    • She was happy, she is a friend of my daughters, and we had heaps of fun. I am still trying out different processing options.

      I have been busy, though I have to admit part of my tiredness is also because of my back and the exercises I’m doing at the hospital. I am looking forward to doing nothing tomorrow. That is great that you are into the job, sorry to hear it is a bit mundane, can be nothing worse when it is like that. That is great about going home. Take care. :)

      • Thanks Leanne. Sorry to hear about your back, it must be annoying for you. I had back aches earlier this week and I couldn’t sprint as fast as I wanted to to catch the tram after work. Good that you have a day of nothing tomorrow – I’m sure you’ll be playing with images. Hope that your daughters are enjoying uni now that uni is in full swing :)

      • It is getting better, but the exercises can be very tiring. Especially when she adds more things. I think they are enjoying it more, they don’t say much. They are panicking a bit because now they have to actually do work. I went to the zoo yesterday and took lots of photos, so lots of photos to sort out.

      • I think you’ll get way stronger when you manage to lift those weights with east! I last went to the zoo about six years ago. I did see a lot of animals but to my disappointment didn’t manage to see the monkeys. I’ve always wanted to go back, but it has always been a tad pricey in my opinion. Definitely will go back when I get my new camera ;)

      • I hope so, I am a bit over it now. The zoo has changed so much, even in the 12 months since I was there. It is very pricey, you aren’t wrong there, though $30 and you can spend all day there. I think the Aquarium, is the worse, they charge so much to get in and 2 hours later you are done. The zoo is a great place to take photos, there are so many things you can try, it is great. I was doing a one on one and it was perfect. :) You will have to go back when you get your new camera.

  6. They are all great. Very “real.” My eye went to the third portrait right a way due to the subject nice and sharp contrasted against a soft blur.

  7. As it should be – casual – looks more natural. The forced-posed doesn’t ring as true to the individual you are capturing.

    • I think so too Dan, I love how playful these images look, which I think capture her as she really is. Thanks.

  8. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    She is a beautiful young lady! I like the playfulness in the images. I especially like the one with the dog – my dog died yesterday and I miss her terribly.

    • I like the playfulness in the images too Jackie, it was a lot of fun. Oh I am so sorry to hear about your dog, I can’t imagine how you must be feeling.

  9. They look so natural and spontaneous. And to me that’s wonderful! I hate posed shots. She looks so free and natural outside, I feel like she must enjoy the outdoors.

    • You have to always pose them, in some way, but I try to make them natural. I try really hard to relax them and make them feel not so nervous. I got her to dance around, a bit like a child, it worked and she was having fun. Thank you.

  10. hutchphotography2020 says

    I really like the “feel” of these portraits. Part due to the comfortable attitude and part due to the color treatment. So nice, Leanne.

  11. Those turned out very nicely! I especially like 2749 and the one with her dog—she looks really blissfully happy in both. :) You’ve really captured her spirit!

    Hope you feel better soon. Is it still your back? Regardless—try to take it easy! Grab a good book or a few funny movies and rest. :)

    • Thank you Jen, I was really happy with how they came out as well.

      I am getting better, I can sit for longer now which is great, but sometimes, I do over do it, can’t help it. I have an appointment with the couch today, so watching lots of stuff on the TV I think. thank you Jen. :)

  12. These are great – the penultimate shot’s my favourite – very nice balance between relaxed and formal.

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