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Introductions – FATman Photos

Great name for a blog, reminds me of the movie Pitch Perfect when Rebel Wilson’s character tells people her name is Fat Amy, so people won’t call her that behind her back.  Sorry, I am digressing.  FATman Photos is the blog that is run by Adrian Lewis and he is in the United Kingdom (UK).  I’ve known Adrian for a while now, and he was a big help in helping me decide that I wanted the D800.

mnbv_284antiqueportraitx1When you go to Adrian’s blog, well when I go I am struck by a lot of black and white.  There is a lot of monochrome images there, which probably explains why I like it so much right now.  As I try and work out images for my own challenge, it is great to see a great variety of images and subjects on Adrian’s blog, it helps to see what is possible.

I did ask Adrian my standard questions, the first being why do you take photos.

I take photos because I have a deep-seated enjoyment for creating images.  I have been like this for all of my life, I have always seen beautiful things all around.  I inherited these tendencies and abilities from an artistic grandmother – myself and my cousin have both inherited her traits.  After a life in science and analysis, it was only in 2003 that I started what I call “conscious photography”, i.e. consciously trying to make striking an/or beautiful images, rather than just relying on my built in, inherited instincts.  Digital photography has greatly aided my endeavours.

adl378dxI think part of that thing that drives me to like images is when there is something in them “that talks to me”, or perhaps something that I am really drawn to, and in this case it is how moody many of Adrian’s images are.  I like images that are emotive, and there are many of those on his blog and site.  I really like how he processes them to draw that out of them.

Inspiration is different for everyone, so I asked that question.

My inspiration is in the beauty that lies all around, if we take the time to look for and see it.  Its a case of really seeing, rather than just looking or glancing at things

img_0999xOne of things that I enjoy is the different perspective.  You never quite know how Adrian will photograph something.  It would be interesting walking around taking photos with him.  It is something that I try to do as well. I always try to look for that different perspective and try different things, but after looking at Adrian’s work, I can see that maybe I don’t do it enough.

We all work differently, so I asked Adrian if there was anything special about how he worked.

When I’m taking photographs I try to remain totally receptive, always open to my surroundings.  I don’t hunt frantically for images, but rather just wait for them to appear.  I like to cover a range of genres – anything that makes an interesting image really.  My compositions are often graphic, and I strongly believe that lack of focus in images can be just as valuable as having everything in focus and sharp.  But other than that there’s nothing special about the way I work.

sbgr_451filmnoir1_newxI also like how some photographers can make the mundane looks fabulous. I have spoken about this before, and it is something that I think Adrian is really good at and something I would like to get better at.

The final questions was about kit, we all like to know what one another has.

I use Nikon D700 and D800 DSLRs, with a range of mainly Nikon lenses from 12mm to 400mm, and a Canon G11 PowerShot compact camera too.

I am going to put the images I have chosen from FATman Photos into a gallery now.  I usually try to get a selection over time, but sometimes when you go to some blogs, it is like being a kid in a lolly shop, I’ll have one of those, and one of those and one of those.  I kept finding images that I liked, too many.  I would like to thank Adrian at this time for allowing me to showcase his blog FATman Photos and for the use of his images.  I appreciate this Adrian, and I hope everyone will go and take a look at his work.  I know many of you are concerned that you can’t always follow the blogs I show you, I understand that, but I do hope that doesn’t stop you from going to have a look at their work.


  1. These are incredible images Leanne. I was going to comment on my favorite but it’s too hard to decide. He does have a wonderful perspective, I agree! I need to do more of that as well. Thank you for sharing these!

    • That is great to hear Laura, I couldn’t decided either when it came to working out which image I would use for the feature image, I like too many of them. I agree about his perspective, something I need to do more of as well.

  2. Often we create blogs for the purpose of directing attention to ourselves. This is a write that does the opposite. After I read your positive message of the FATman I visted his blog. I’ll leave FATman a like and a comment regarding his work. Thank you for sharing.

    • That is fantastic to hear, I appreciate that. I like what you have said about the purpose of writing blogs, I might make that my topic tomorrow for my up for discussion post.

  3. I’ve been following Adrian for sometime and totally agree with what you say Leanne . Lovely work indeed . I love seeing photos of places not really that far away from me which I can very much relate to, and at some point would like to see more of . Always fascinating to hear how someone else thinks and works as well as seeing their images. I’d like to add that Adrian always takes the time to answer any comment left in a very measured and thoughtful way .

    • How amazing Poppytump, have you met Adrian? I love hearing that too. Thanks for that added bit, he is very generous, we had lots of emails going when I was trying to work out if I really wanted the D800, he was very helpful.

  4. You are right about the moodiness that comes through in so many of his images. I look forward to following his work, what a talent! Thank you for showcasing his work, it is remarkable.

    • I love that moodiness and something I try to strive for in my own work. You are very welcome, I am just glad that you like his work and I know you will enjoy following him.

  5. Some good stuff here and thanks for introducing me to the work of another photographer. You are so good at sharing. By the way, I loved the Fat Amy character in Pitch Perfect. She was so unlike Hollywood in her portrayal.

    • That is great to hear, I like doing these posts, it is good for me too, seeing work showcased like this can be so different to seeing it on their blogs. We love that character too, might have something to do with her being Australian, but could also be because she is funny. Apparently they let her ad lib a lot, so they never knew what she was going to say.

  6. Great to see some of Adrian’s amazing images here. I love the diversity of his work and I agree with poppytump in that he is very generous with his time and support for fellow bloggers.

    • The diversity of his work is really amazing, I think as well Lisa. It is always great to hear how generous other bloggers are, thanks for sharing that.

  7. How nice of you to feature Adrian, Leanne. I too love Adrian’s work and have been following him for some time. He is an inspiration and one of my favorite things is when he leaves a comment on my blog. He’s an artist through and through and not only captures his world in unique and incredible ways, but finds the true essence in the work of others and never hesitates to say what he likes, appreciates or doesn’t like.

    Congratulations to Adrian for being featured here. I hope it brings many people to see and appreciate his work. Blessings, Robyn

    • I have admired Adrian’s work for a while, and so I knew that I would have to do his blog, and here was my opportunity. He is great and very supportive, he was great when I was trying to decide about the D800.

  8. sarahlearichards says

    I love your window pictures. Don’t know why I love pictures of windows, but I do. Love your use of light and shadow, and the picture taken through a rainy windshield makes me think of a Monet painting. Thanks for sharing what camera you use. That is very helpful information to an amateur photographer like me.

    • I am sure Adrian will love reading this Sarah, his photos are really amazing and I love the window photos as well.

    • Hi Sarah, thank you very much for your kind comments, I’m glad that you like my images – I’m always willing to share details of equipment and technique – any queries, let me know. Adrian

    • That is great to hear, Adrian will be pleased. You really can, I am always looking to see what other people are doing, it is great.

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  10. Certainly worthy of being featured – great B&W and compositional eye – also looks to be a bit of a rule breaker which is refreshing. Thanks Leanne.

    • I thought so to Robert, his work is wonderful. Yes, the rule breaking, I love that, we can all learn from that.

  11. Leanne thank you for sharing! Part of me is very attracted to “dark” and mood driven photos and these do it for
    me. I want to see more…

  12. I’ve been following Adrian for nearly three years now and am so pleased you have showcased his work like this. I know that whenever I go over to his blog to see the latest photo he has posted, I am going to be surprised, amazed, and inspired. One never knows quite what to expect!

    He thinks outside the creative box and makes me think about doing things a little differently. He taught me the art of rotating an image to create something unusual and interesting – something a few of us followers call ‘Adrianics’!

    Also – as some other commenters here have said – he is generous with his time and comments and is always ready to encourage and inspire.

    I think all photo-bloggers should add Adrian’s blog to their list of blogs they follow. They won’t be bored or disappointed!

  13. Hi Leanne – I’m amazed and very pleased to read all these good things here! Thank for setting up such a good presentation. Adrian

    • You are very welcome Adrian, an absolute pleasure, and thank you for giving me permission, these posts only work if the artists/photographers are happy to let me share their work.

  14. Well deserved for Fatman Photos. I follow him over here in the UK and always enjoy his work. You’ve picked an amazing gallery of his work, Leanne.

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  16. Dear Leanne, I’ve only recently begun WordPress and I am so happy that I did as it has pointed me to so many wonderful new blogs. I’ve really enjoyed yours so far and I look forward to many more posts to come. It’s so interesting to learn about how people start blogging, and it was great to read about your journey today. All the best to you. Susan

    • Thank you Susan, I have to say I have really enjoyed it as well, it is great hearing all the different reasons, and there have been a lot.

  17. Adrian’s work is incredible Leanne. His creative POV of different subject matter is both creative and inspiration. Especially for those, like me, who struggle occasionally on what to shoot. I can relate with his point that I shouldn’t go out to just shoot. I need to go out and let the shot to come to me.

    Thanks for sharing his work. Bravo!

  18. Beautiful, unhurried work – I particularly like Adrian’s black and white work – deliciously creepy.

  19. I am a great fan of Adrian’s work! Someone I can completely relate to. I am amazed by his sense of composition. He comes up with some really unusual ones! His images have soul, they speak, they narrate his point of view wonderfully well. I am always curious to know what next he comes up with ! His photograph reading skill is something I am always amazed by. And above everything else he has been someone whose views and encouragement means a lot to me.

  20. Interesting artist again, but I don’t connect with him – don’t know why … here my favorite is the car back lights in the rain, because that is a image I would capture myself. The horse eye a fantastic image.

  21. I’m also a fan of Adrian’s photography. Following him has certainly influenced the way that I look at, and appreciate images. Living in the same part of the world has also enabled me to relate to many of the images that he produces, though I must confess that I still sometimes find it difficult to see our world as he does. This provides me with a challenge which I am still trying to rise to.

    • It is great if you can find photographers that give you a lot of inspiration, they really help you to try harder. Great to see how many fans he has.

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