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Weekend Wandering – Teaching at Point Lonsdale

This last week I had another opportunity to go to Point Lonsdale. It is one of my favourite places to go, so with my One on One Photography session this week I suggested going there.  We were working on shutter speed and water is a great way to show how shutter speed really works.

pointlonsdale-20140319-3016_1I love this pier and taking photos underneath it.  When we were there the waves were big, and coming right under the pier.  I haven’t seen that before.  I also haven’t been there many times in the afternoon.  I have been there quite a few times, the first time was in the afternoon, but every other time has been in the morning.  The light is probably better in the morning, but you get lots of shadows in the late afternoon.

pointlonsdale-20140319-3002I do like it when I go there and there is a large ship either leaving the bay, or in this case, entering it.  Point Lonsdale is at the entrance to the bay that Melbourne is on. The city is on this very large bay, Port Phillip Bay.  It is quite good in some ways as it means that Melbourne is really protected from many things.

pointlonsdale-20140319-3012The lighthouse here is a very high tech one, you can see that by looking at it, and I am sure part of the reason for that is because it is on the entrance to one of Australia’s major cities.  It also serves as a light house so ships know where the entrance to the bay is at night.

Many of the photos that I took here were more demonstration for my client.  I needed to show her different ways of taking photos.  It is all very well to show them how their camera works, but I think it is equally important to teach composition and show them how I take photos.  I know that people, when they come out with me, like to see how I take photos, they want to see how I see the world through my camera.

pointlonsdale-20140319-3019Once we had decided to move on we went over to Barwon Heads to have some dinner before heading down to near where the river enters the ocean.  When working on shutter speed it is great to do some long exposures.  It was dark, the sun was long gone, but around the boat house there was ambient light so we made use of it.  You can see the streaks there, a whole heaps of students went through that area and they had torches and the camera picked up some.

Another reason I wanted to do down this last week was because of the moon.  I wanted to see if I could photograph the moon.  It was going to be pretty close to a full moon and I wanted to try getting the light of the moon reflected on the water.  It is not something I have ever done before, but thought it was worth a go.  When we first got down there, the moon hadn’t risen, I have a lot to learn. Then suddenly I turned around.

pointlonsdale-20140319-3021There it was, in all its beauty.  It was in the perfect position for what I wanted.  I am a bit disappointed that the moon is blown out, and if I ever do it again, I would do some images so that the moon is exposed better.  I wanted the pier in the image and having fishermen there was an added bonus I think.  There were a lot there that evening.

It was a great evening, cold, but fun.  I really need to put my cold weather gear back in the car.  I was happy that my client wanted to go down there.  The session went over time, but I didn’t mind, I never mind if it means I can get images as well.

I have a heap more photos for you now, and here is the gallery.


  1. I find it hard to get a nice shot of the moon. You’ve done very well with these Leanne. I also like playing with shutter speed when taking photos of water. I need to practise some more! Another beautiful gallery.

    • Thank you Carol, it is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, still a great start, would like to try again. I love photographing water, especially long exposures. Thanks again.

  2. Great photos. I can’t think of a nicer way to spend a few hours. If I’m ever in Melbourne I’d love a few hours with you. I’ll dream on for the moment but its in my mind now….

    • It is a lovely way to pass time Irene. That would be wonderful if you ever come to Melbourne. Dreaming is the start, thanks Irene.

  3. Beautiful work! Such a great place. I wish I could be your student Leanne, I would love to learn from you. :)

  4. Great images you got! I particularly love the waves crashing under the pier – and the moon shot!

    • Thank you Tiny, I love the waves crashing there too, the moon shot, not so sure about, but for my first time doing it I am happy.

  5. What a wonderful set of pictures and such a beautiful setting. I love the stark contrast of the white railings and lighthouse against the deep blue skies and the night-time shots look great. :-)

    • Thank you Katie, their is lots of contrast with that lighthouse, and the blue sky, we haven’t see much of that sky in the last few days. :)

  6. Leanne, spectacular post. Every picture is so wonderful. Thank you again for another gorgeous gallery and post. One of these days I must go to the lakefront and practice shutter speeds. I’m just having so much fun with my macro … could be I found my love. Yet too I LOVE water … (smile) Amy

    • Glad you enjoyed it Amy, I enjoyed going there and taking the photos. The macro sounds wonderful, sounds like you have found your love there. Practicing shutter speeds is good, I really enjoy night photography, what we see is so different to how the camera sees it. Thanks Amy. :)

      • You are really good at night shots, Leanne. I am enthralled by how you get reflections. One morning shooting the sunrise I was stunned to see a shutter speed of 1/6400. That boggles MY mind. My camera is able to go all the way to 1/8200, but I have yet to see it or use it. I’m also looking at Canon D5 Mark II. Hubs is talking about getting back into photography so I could give him my camera. Cool. No need to answer this. You sound tired today. Get some rest. (((HUGS))) Amy PS I would love a Nikon, but I have all the lenses for Canon. Now, IF a money tree started growing in our backyard, OK. LOL

      • I think it helps that I really like doing them. Yes, shutter speed can go up a lot, though really depends on the conditions. That camera is supposed to be very good. Thanks Amy, not too bad now. I love Nikon, but it can be a very expensive process to change brands. Now if that money tree grows, hope you will throw some this way, LOL

      • IF I stumble across a money tree in finding treasure, you will be the first to know. GRIN!!! This photography gets expensive!!! Love, Amy

      • Hehehehehehe OH yeah that it does. By the way, I bought Scott Kelby’s set of four books on digital photography and already am loving book 1. I am really taken by the way he writes and his knowledge. Thank YOU for introducing him to me, Leanne!!! Love, Amy

  7. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    What’s not to like! I love the pilings under the pier. :)

    • I agree, they did work to it recently and I thought, oh no they are going to get rid of the wood, but so glad they didn’t, just adds, as you said, so much character. Thanks.

  8. Nice images. The ones I like best are actually the detail shots. These are quite hard to see in the mind and it’s rewarding when they work.

    • I am never good at doing detail shots, but glad they caught your eye, I am trying to do more. Thanks Andrew.

  9. Hey Leanne .. The night shots are amazing. I would love to be living in Melb again .. Would be booked in for lessons with you post haste! :)

  10. Beautiful images….. beautiful place specially love underneath the jetty water ones and the evening shots : ) Trees

    • Thank you Trees, I love going under the jetty, I wish there were more around here that you could get under. :)

  11. Love the moon on the water! I think about trying to get shots like that….then never try. The fisherman, in his little puddle of light, is a cool capture, too…

    • I know what you mean Marie, I’ve been guilty of that too, think I will do something and then never do, I usually think it is probably because I aren’t really that interested, but that’s me. I love the fisherman too, luck he stayed relatively still for a bit. Thank you Marie.

  12. I loved these Leanne as you can imagine :-)
    Isn’t it just so magical capturing the moon on water *sigh .. I can’t wait until I can try it all over again too ..

    • Thank you Poppytump, it was magical, though I need to try again, my shots were okay, but not great. I look forward to seeing yours. :)

  13. I love climbing around beneath piers. You captured some great images there.

    • I love those images too, the downside here is that there aren’t too many you can really climb under. Thanks you.

  14. Some striking images, and to me the last one is particularly well aimed with that moon just a bit offcentre between the white uprights to complement the balance. I would have tried to have the pier starting from bottom left to eliminate the blank space there, which wouldn’t have worked nearly as well.

    • I would have liked that too, but then I didn’t get the moon where I wanted it, so I did that, though I was very cold and just wanted to stop, so maybe that had more to do with it. Winter is coming, that’s for sure. Thank you Colonialist, it was a fun thing to do and I wouldn’t mind trying it again.

  15. I would have loved to participate :) Poland is a bit far away though. Maybe one day… the pics remind me of a road trip we did in 2008 on Highway 1. I couldn’t stop making photos, the light was amazing. My husband complained all the time about “me spoiling the moment”, taking pics. Now he is really happy that I did, of course. Thanks for the photos :)

    • I bet he is happy that you did. We spent quite a few months in Denmark when my eldest daughter was a baby and my biggest regret is that I didn’t take more photos, or any really. Poland is a bit far away, yes, hahaha :) You are welcome Bee. :)

  16. Lovely as usual…uhm…do you think I could borrow one or two form my weekend writing prompts? I’d like to see what stories or poems these’d inspire.

  17. I LOVE your night shots! They are all beautiful, as always, but the night ones, wow! :) I’m pretty sure I need to visit Australia!

    • Thank Em, they didn’t turn out quite the way I hoped, but it was a great beginning, looking forward to doing more. I think you need to come too, haha. :) Thanks again Em.

  18. You’re approach to teaching in amazing. I’ve had a camera since high school and still don’t get everything out of it. Your photos are beautiful. You’re lucky to live by the water and nature. l look forward to next post.

    • Thank you,I love teaching and I think this comes through well I hope it does, I am very lucky to live here.

  19. Love that 3009 photo! The late afternoon light shows off the patterns etched in the sand by the water.

  20. dannifreiberg says

    You have some beautiful photos here – and what a beautiful place you live in! I can see why this is one of your favourite spots to photograph.

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  22. What a beautiful spot to wander around … and, your photos are lovely!

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  27. Do you know that lighthouse’s flashing light is a Swedish invention – working on a post about the man … that save lives at sea – but lost his sight while working with it. Gustaf Dalen.
    I have a fetish for lighthouses, I told you before. This is just fantastic .. the whole gallery. Of course I have a passion for the ocean too – have to live where it docks.
    My favorite image is the last one – with a piece of the dock. Stunning work.

    • No, I didn’t know that, interesting.
      I think lots of people share your fetish there Viveka. Thank you so much.

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