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Weekend Wanderings – Williamstown

The last week has seen me at Williamstown twice to take photos.  The first with some friends and the second time on a One on One session, or more accurately a One on Two.  Both days had glorious weather, perfect weather for taking photos.  Williamstown is like the fishing village of Melbourne, it is not far from the city, and you can see the tall buildings of the city over the bay.  It is at the mouth of the Yarra River where it flows into the bay and there are ships and yachts everywhere.  There is a real sense of the Nautical there, if that is a good way to put it.

LeanneCole-williamstown-20140310-1931You can see the city behind all the boats.  There is a huge part of the foreshore that you can walk along.  All along that foreshore are boats moored to docks, and in some places there are boats just anchored.  If you love the nautical world, then Williamstown is a great place to go.

LeanneCole-williamstown-20140310-1934There is also an old Navy ship, the HMAS Castlemaine, that you can go on and look around.  Though I think this may only be open on weekends and you have to pay to go on, not much about $6 I think it was.  We didn’t go on it.

LeanneCole-williamstown-20140312-2022When I was there on Wednesday the Queen Mary 2 was docked.  Apparently she has been on a trip around Australia.  She was huge in the landscape and certainly drew your attention.

I was a bit disappointed with both trips, I so like photographing water, but it all seemed the same after a while.  I am sure there is more to photograph there, but perhaps it is something that needs to be investigated more and I need to find out a lot more.  For a place that is very old there would have to be some great architecture there.  I did find some.

LeanneCole-williamstown-20140310-1929If you drive along the foreshore between the Westgate Bridge and the main part of Williamstown, then you will see these.  I don’t know what they are use for, but they are at the back of Scienceworks.  I loved them. and would like to go back another time, maybe not so early so I don’t get those shadows from the trees over the road.

LeanneCole-williamstown-20140312-2030We also saw this Church, and went into take a couple of photos.  Churches are hard to do when you don’t have a tripod.  You have to sacrifice your ISO too much.  I took some other photos inside, but not many, I will put them in the gallery.

I have just re-installed Instagram on my phone and I took a shot on Wednesday of the water.

2014 - 1It can be fun to play around with the phone camera too.  I like seeing what the filters in Instagram will do to an image.  The biggest problem for me is that it is really a wide angle, and the zoom isn’t that great.  The camera I had in the old phone took blurry photos, but I had to get the phone replaced and the camera in the new one is heaps better.  I have a couple of other shots just taken with the phone which I will also include.

I am going to show the gallery now.  The images are a bit all the same, sorry.  I just thought if I went to Williamstown, a beautiful suburb or town, that finding things to photograph would be easy.  I should have researched it more.


  1. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I detest you Cole! Your pics are all that I want mine to be but I’ve realised this wlll never come to pass. Kisses, Kudos and hatred in equal measure :-D xxxx

  2. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    The Queen Mary 2 is HUGE! All these water crafts are pretty. Out of these photos the one that catches my eye today is the church. Look at those individual stones, they beg to be touched.

    • In the older parts of Melbourne there are many buildings that are built with that stone, the blue stone, I think it was here and it was a cheap thing to build with. Not anymore, but back then, yes. It is such a strong rock too that the walls of the building will last longer than any other part.
      The Queen Mary 2 is massive, it just dominated the scene. Not that I minded. Thanks Jackie.

  3. I love Instagram and all my photos are on an iPhone because that is the camera I always have with me. :) I like the shadows on the Scienceworks shot.

    • I like it for fun, but I also find it frustrating too, I think I like to have more control over the actual photo taking. Thank you. :)

  4. I kind of like the tree shadows in the foreground of the Science works picture – it makes it seem like it is all bright and sunny on the other side of the fence (if you can only get there from here) – great sky too.

  5. Some excellent photos here again Leanne. I particularly like the low angle shot through the iron gate… it gives such an interesting perspective. The architecture is really great.

    • Thank you Shane, how do you think that one would look in black and white? I love photographing this sort of architecture.

    • Thank you Elen, I thought the Little Gem was cute. I have no idea about the anchor. I used it as a lesson for POV, but didn’t even think to see if there was a sign to say why it was there.

  6. I always enjoy your photos Leanne and the things you show us!
    It’s like a tour around whatever area you are visiting :D

    • Thank you Robyn, they aren’t always great, but it is nice to have records of where I’ve been. Docklands tomorrow.

  7. I really like the benign tonality of the sea, belaying its potential power. Your images are thought provoking as always.

    Kind regards


    • Thank you Kit, that is great to know, I like that idea of the benign tonality, it is certainly true here.

  8. I liked your water photos. There was enough sunlight to make the water sparkly. Not too sure if I liked the colours overall in the photos; a bit dull for my liking but it seems that Williamstown looks like a peaceful place to visit from your photos. Was it windy there?

    Hope you’re having a good weekend, Leanne. Was in the city earlier and it wasn’t exactly bustling.

    • The colours were pretty boring if you ask me, I don’t know that I really like the photos, they are nice because of where they are, but that is about it. That is me. It was very peaceful, and no not windy at all, a nice breeze.

      Yeah, not bad, taught another class today which was really nice, I love the group of people I’ve had. I thought the city would be busy, isn’t the grand prix on this weekend? Take care, and enjoy the quiet.

      • I think you had a one-off flat photography day at Williamstown. I’m sure you’ll get a more livelier set of photos next time you go out.

        The F1 is definitely on. There were road closures, less trams and I had to walk a fair bit. Great to hear you taught a class again! It must be nice to get some money, and also to share your love for photography :)

      • Possibly, or maybe it is just something that I am not really interested in photographing. I don’t know.

        I am glad I don’t live anywhere near where the grand prix is, would drive me crazy. I love teaching, and I am doing in the middle of a six week course, which is nice, we did architectural photography today. It is great.

  9. Thank you for describing the area – have now got a better picture in my mind. Lots of boat scenes here and I find lots of pattern close up photos work as well

  10. I like how you’ve got the horizon in the bottom half of the water photos – it seems to emphasize those gorgeous clouds.

    Love the two shots of the brick building from just below the lamppost.

    • Those clouds were amazing, I loved them. I took heaps of images of just them too.
      Thank you, I am glad you liked those, I think I will do more with them at some stage, not sure exactly what yet, but something.

  11. great images, the ones with the fluffy clouds and boats could convert well to mono with a touch of ansel adams style

    • That is very true, and I think I might try that, I have done it to one image that I didn’t put up, saving for the Monochrome Madness Challenge this week. Thank you.

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