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Weekend Wanderings – Catching Up Around the City

Yesterday I got to do something that I don’t get to do very often, meet someone face to face that I have met through WordPress. I was meeting Carol from The Eternal Traveller. It is always really exciting to meet someone, though meeting isn’t the right word, it is more seeing them for the first time.  I asked her if she wanted to go and take photos with me as I need to get some for today’s post.

LeanneCole-city-20140308-1443I was meeting her at the State Library of Victoria, so I got off the train at Melbourne Central.  I had no intention of taking the above shot, but when I got there and saw the sun on it with all those shadows, I had to get the camera out quickly.

After we met up and did our hellos we headed down to the other end of the city to Brunetti in the City Square, which is a great place to get a coffee.  We sat there with our coffee and just talked.  It always amazes me when you meet someone that you have met through the internet how easily the conversation comes.

LeanneCole-city-20140308-1456After coffee we went to Hosier Lane to check out the lastest graffiti. One of the great things about Hosier Lane, the walls are always changing. I have more photos of that in the gallery, but I had to show you this, a couple having their wedding photos taken in Hosier Lane.  I knew people did this, but I haven’t seen it while I was there before.

LeanneCole-city-20140308-1458We headed over to Federation Square after that. Carol hadn’t really been there before, so it was lovely for me to show her some of it.  It was a very sunny day, very warm, and it made these photos great. I loved all the shadows.  I am already starting to wonder how they will look in black and white.

LeanneCole-city-20140308-1461There was an interesting exhibition on the ground floor of the NGV, a few settings for a house, but many things were make with Icing Sugar. It was quite bizarre.

LeanneCole-city-20140308-1466This is quite possibly one of my favourite shots of the day.  I love the way the world is reflected in all that glass.

LeanneCole-city-20140308-1472This image is for Carol.  Her Justin Beaver at Fed Square with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. They were showing the movie on the big screen in Fed Square.  There were lots of places for people to sit and watch it.  Moomba is on this weekend and I am sure that is why the city was so busy.

It was a lovely afternoon and we ended it by having a drink at Chloe’s bar in Young and Jackson’s. I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon with Carol, and it was nice to get to know her away from the electronic world.  Thanks Carol for a wonderful afternoon.

Here are the photos I got for the afternoon in the  hot and busy city of Melbourne.


  1. Dina says

    You really do show just how beautiful our city is… love the photos, and this amazing city we live in.

    • I try and do my best Dina, I love Melbourne, and I love photographing it. I didn’t realise you were a Melbournian as well. Thank you.

  2. lol… silly me, i should have read your post first :-) I have a similar photo of Federation square… will share it soon! xx

  3. These are all fabulous, but the first shot is my absolute favorite! The light and the lines, and it’s interesting to wonder why this tower is covered by the elaborate dome. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow Leanne, so many great images and very engaging.
    Really love the tower of Central? …and looove Hosier Lane!
    So glad you met up and had a great afternoon. It is amazing how we can pick up and chat like we’ve known people a while.
    A very enjoyable post!!

  5. leecleland says

    Wonderful eclectic collection of images of Melbourne, love that graffiti lane!

  6. Sounds like a lovely way to spend the day! I knew Melbourne as a child then moved away. One day I hope to reacquaint myself with it it, with a camera :)

    • Melbourne has changed so much over the years, I know Carol has found it a lot different to what it used to be. You might have to come and see how you find it now. It is a very city and the coffee is so good, ;).

  7. Wow, you did great with Federation Square! My favorite is the first image, though, the library (I think).

    • Thank you Nia, it was nice to do images like this, might have to go back sometime and see what else I get. I think the first one, the tower in Melbourne Central has been many peoples favourite.

      • Interesting. I didn’t read through all the comments so thank you for telling me that others also liked that shot. You have such an amazing eye. The more photos I take and the more I manipulate them, the more I realize how good you are!

      • Aww thank you Nia, what a wonderful thing to say, though I am sure it does come with practice. This is all I do, I only take photos and process them, so I have had to the time, well 20 years of it, haha, to refine my craft. Thank you so much.

  8. Wonderful shots and nice story. Loved shooting Melbourne in January….what a fabulous city!

    • Thank you Jane, I love photographing Melbourne, so many wonderful things to capture. I think it is fantastic too.

  9. How exciting to meet a fellow blogger – and to go on a lovely walk with her.
    Love the shots Leanne of the building with the glass facade.

    • It was exciting, it is nice to actually meet people who you have talked to a lot. I hope we can do it one day.
      Thank you Colline, the glass facade is part of Federation Square.

  10. Your 5th shot, at first I though the building was made of translucid glass but it’s really a perfect reflection …. I simply love it

    • Yes, Nelson it is the reflection, I really liked that too, it is a nice reflection. Thank you.

  11. Great story about “meeting” your WordPress friend. The photos from the day are also terrific. I especially like the ones of the National Gallery. It’s such a unique and interesting looking building. It reminds me of our gallery here in Toronto which has glass down one side. It’s supposed to resemble a giant ship, and has beautiful wood on the inside.

    • That gallery of yours there sounds really interesting, do you have photos of it? Thank you Shane, our gallery is rather interesting.

      • I only have a couple of brutal photos of the outside. I haven’t taken the time to shoot it properly. Our museum was also recently redesigned and has an interesting crystal look to one side of it that hangs over the busy street below. It was quite a big deal when it was revealed a couple years ago.

      • Everytime you talk about it now I get more and more intrigued. Sounds like a fantastic building. They both do, it would be great to see some photos of them. I find most modern buildings quite boring, but then sometimes, something gets built and it is amazing.

      • I’ll work on it for sure. I only have a couple more months left in Toronto before my family and I move off to Ottawa (our capital). So, I feel like I want to capture as much of the streets as I can.

      • Can I say, let it be a challenge to you, I would love to see the photos, so I am hoping you get some before you leave.

  12. Thank you for liking “Fun Verticality.” I enjoyed this post. It sounds like you had a pleasant afternoon with Carol and took some great photos as well. I especially like the first photo and the shots of the building with the world reflected in its glass. Well done! :)

    • I had a great afternoon thank you. I think that first photo is very popular, I am so glad I stopped and took the shot. Thank you.

  13. Leanne, all I can say WOW!! I tell you it makes me want to visit Australia one day! I cannot believe what all you have around you to shoot! See I get to visit Australia through your eyes this way!

    • That is wonderful to hear, so glad, I think Australia is lot more than kangaroos, red dirt and beaches. I like my view of it. I hope you get here one day. Thank you.

  14. It’s great meeting someone who you’ve only known virtually isn’t it? Love the reflection shot of the NGV – what a beautiful looking building.

    • It is Richard, quite strange, I always find it strange, you don’t know this person, but you know them very well. I like the reflection shot as well, thank you so much.

  15. Always had the perception (literature etc.) that Sydney is The City in Aussieland to photograph architecture and street visuals. Looking into your blog I start to believe that Melbourne is at least as interesting … :D

    • Melbourne is different, in some ways the same, but one of the things that Melbourne has is a street culture, coffee, and that sort of thing. It is a very different feel to Sydney. I think if you came here it would be good to go to both, of course if you can only come to one, it would have to be Melbourne, haha, you know because I am here. Thank you. :)

      • Have been in Sydney all the way up to Cairns and Darwin in the nineties (have a sister living near Noosa Heads a few hrs North of Brisbane, Qld) and yes if time and budget allows next Aussie trip will include Melbourne. And in the meantime you are welcome here!!! :)

      • You have been further north than me. I have to admit I haven’t seen much of Australia, but I hope that changes over the next few years. Would be great if you could come and say Hi. My husband has been to South Africa, he went there for business about 10 years ago, but I haven’t been there. I would definitely come and see you if I did go though. Thank you Herman. :)

  16. What a great photo day! I get to meet a blogging sister from Australia in a three months and I’m so excited :-)

    • It was a great day Gypsy, how exciting for you, it is always fun meeting people from the blogging world.

  17. Melbourne looks absolutely amazing! You know how we all have pre-conceived ideas of how a city looks…. well, these have just blown those away! Oh to feel that sun on my bones!! Patsy

    • That is great to hear, I am so happy, it is a great city, lots of interesting things to look at. Too much sun sometimes Patsy, haha. Thank you.

  18. Wow! Something about the tie-dye trio made me think: Diane Arbus. Maybe it’s that, like her Identical Twins, each of your three subjects confronts the camera with a different attitude….

    • Oh yes, the trio, apparently there was some fun run on and they got dressed up for it, but then missed the bus, so I asked if I could take a photo of them. They were very colourful. Thanks Ann.

  19. Thank you Leanne for a wonderful afternoon. It was so much fun to meet you and I felt like we’ve always known each other. It was amazing to see Melbourne through your eyes, and I hope we get to wander together again soon. All I need is another family event and I’ll be back!

    • Thank you too Carol. It was great, I really enjoyed it. So relaxing, like spending an afternoon with a very good friend, which you are now. I hope you get back too, would be great to do some more exploring, maybe bring the spare battery, haha. Wasn’t it an engagement you came for, doesn’t that mean there will be a wedding ;) Thanks Carol, I can’t wait to do it again.

  20. Quite a few good shots from the day – I do really like the first one – the station shot you were not intending to take – I like when my plans go in a different direction with happy results.

    • Thank you Robert, when I went up the escalator from the station and saw the sun on it with the shadows, I had to get the camera out. I had only taken photos of it a few days before, but it was a different time of day and the light was so much better. It is great when plans do that.

  21. All I can say is no wonder you have been Freshly Pressed. These photos are amazing. I love the graffiti ones and the reflected one you liked best. I don’t dare take graffiti shots most places because I’d get shot, lol. Beautiful, rich images!

  22. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    The first photo made me go, “Oohhhh!” I love that one It would be a difficult to pick a favorite from these. I like the textured look to the architecture.

    • That first one has been very popular Jackie, funny when I think I almost didn’t both taking it. I am so glad I did. I was happy with these shots, Melbourne put on a great day. The architecture is quite interesting, I should do more on Federation Square, very interesting place really. Thank you.

  23. It’s some awesome graffiti and great architecture around there. I would definitely love to see the place sometime!

  24. Tri Wahyu says

    I often visited the street graffiti lanes. Those artists often change place without info. It was like a rabbit hunting between photographers who to found them.

    • It is a bit like that, there are cameras everywhere, but I love how nothing stays the same and every time you go there, there is something new to photograph. Thank you.

      • Tri Wahyu says

        I am glad someone has same feeling when photographing graffiti arts in Melbourne. It was excited but tired process to found them. At least you understand the gist. Sorry my bad English earlier.

      • Photographing graffiti is great, and always good to go and take a look, you never know what might be there. Thank you so much, and no need for apologies. You can always write it in your language, then google translator will translate it, if that is easier for you.

  25. I think I need to visit Australia! Your photos are so amazing, as always, and you have such interesting architecture to photograph!

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    • It is not something I have thought about, sorry. I worry about my photos, but I have never thought that anyone would what to steal the content. I don’t know how you can protect yourself from that, sorry. I suppose there are ways, but I don’t know.

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