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Weekend Wanderings – Parks in Heidelberg

That would be parks in Heidelberg, Australia, a beautiful part of the city of Melbourne that seems to be largely unknown about.  One of the best kept secrets if you ask me. When we first moved to this area over 20 years ago, we didn’t like it.  Not at first, suburban blues is what one friend said to us.  As time went on we learned to appreciate this unique area and now we love living here.  So many people who come to our place for the first time are amazed that their are paddocks across the road with horses in them.  It is like living in the country, but we are not that far from the city.

LeanneCole-heidelberg-20140308-0982I went out early, and started taking photos just before sunrise.  I wanted to get a lovely sunrise coming up behind the tress, but as it always is with my luck, there wasn’t much of one.  Perhaps, I just need to keep going out.  LeanneCole-heidelberg-20140308-0989As the sun came up the landscape was covered in this beautiful golden glow.  It was a spectacular morning and a great morning for photos.  I almost didn’t know where to start.  I did start with the building above, though this wasn’t the first photo.  You will see the first photo in the gallery.  The area was covered with mist, but by the time I got the camera out, it had pretty much disappeared.  I had planned on going earlier, but I slept in.

Almost forgot to mention that this area above was used for the fairground scene in the movie Charlotte’s web.  Apparently they painted all the trees in autumn colours so it would look like autumn.

LeanneCole-heidelberg-20140308-0988Like the photos I showed you last week, there are lots of places for water around here.  Lots of swamps, Billabongs and such, but with the summer they have all dried up.  Funny we had all that hot weather for about two weeks, and that was about it, but we haven’t had much rain.  The leaves are starting to change colours now, so winter is on the way.

I took this shot especially because can you see the footprints in the foreground?  I am not an expert, but I would say they are from a wombat.  Obviously decided this was not the right path, you can see where it went up on the left. Something that people don’t realise is how much wildlife lives in our local parks.  The other evening when I walking in another part with a friend we saw about 15 Kangaroos grazing on the grasses.  She was really excited, she doesn’t live around here, close, but I was, well, we see them all the time.

LeanneCole-heidelberg-20140308-0995There are lots of walking and bike tracks through the parks and first thing in the morning there are lots of people out walking, jogging or cycling.  It is a thriving community and we all know what we have here.

LeanneCole-heidelberg-20140308-1007These old silos are just down the road from me.  I drive past them nearly everyday, but I have found them to be so hard to photograph in the past.  I had tried photographing them years ago, but thought they didn’t photograph very well, so hadn’t tried again.  However lately, I keep driving past them thinking there must be a way, and it might depend on the light etc.  I thought I should just start photographing them over and over, see what happens.

I was going to take photos of them this morning, but then realised I had the 14-24mm lens on the camera, so thought “what is the point”.  Then as I was heading home I saw the golden light on them and knew I just had to try.  They aren’t too shabby, but would have been better with a different lens.  Must take more than one lens with me when I go out.  Lesson learned, I hope.

I have more photos of the glorious morning in Heidelberg, I hope yours is good today as well. You know, I’ve said before how I don’t think I am very good at landscape photography, but I have this whole landscape world at my doorstep, maybe it is time I practiced more.  Here is the gallery.


  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos of your “neighborhood”. The silos are glorious, what great light! Also the building has wonderful light. My favorite is the one with the cracks with the footprints. I don’t know what that animal is…it must be an aussie animal haha.

    • I think sometimes we take the area we live in for granted. I do love this place, so it is time I photographed it. The light was so wonderful this morning, perfect really. The footprints belong to a wombat, I think. Thanks Laura.

      • I had to google wombat. We don’t have those here. I googled it and it’s native to Australia and is an Herbivore! Learn something new every day. :)

  2. I saw where you were Freshly Pressed! Well it’s about time….. Congratulations there Ms Cole….. Certainly deserved…. finally..You are so much more than photography! You are Photographic Artistry..Spectacular Artwork indeed……. claudy

      • So gifted and so humble to boot…..Wow! You’re the best! Bet there are even bigger “shocks” in your future… And no I’m not psychic! I just have seen your artwork….

  3. leecleland says

    Lovely landscapes especially the crossed tree trunks and the silos. Sunrises are fickle things, I’ll go weeks without anything special (and I’m always up at that time) and then boom a few days in a row there’ll be spectacular clouds and colour. It’s just being there ‘in case’, but I am a morning person :) Heidelberg looks very country.

    • I think that is the problem I have, is I don’t go out enough, I am always up too, but I am usually on my computer. Heidelberg is definitely very country like in some areas, it is so wonderful that land like this has been left for everyone to enjoy and hasn’t been covered in houses. Thanks Lee.

  4. I love the silos and the house shot. They are absolutely glowing and glowing of warmth. Your area seems deserted but I think you managed to make it feel welcoming in these images of yours. Is it a big area like this around there? Hope you are enjoying the weekend, Leanne. I know I am, what precious days of the week :)

    • They are Mabel, when I saw the light on them I knew I had to get out and take some photos of them. It isn’t really deserted, there were people out everywhere, I just waited until they left to get my photos. We are very close to the Austin Hospital, so it is quite a busy little place. I am enjoying it, I met a fellow blogger from Queensland today, it was really nice. We walked around the city and then I bought her a drink at Chloe’s bar in Young and Jackson. Sounds like you are having a great time. Have you been to Moomba?

      • You sure know how to make your photos artistic and work around people in your way. I’ve always wondered how to incorporate people nicely and make them fit in photos. Very challenging.

        Sounds like you and your Queensland blogger friend had fun! You seem to know the good drinking spots in the city! I was in the city too today, wandered around Fed Square and Bourke St. Not planning on seeing the Moomba festivities this weekend, just too tired from a very unpredictable week.

      • Lots of experience Mabel, though it was easier there, much harder to do in the city. It is a challenge.

        We did have fun, it was really nice. We might have seen one another, haha. We were wandering around Fed Square. No, I don’t think I will be photographing it either, or going, too much other stuff on this weekend.

    • Thank you so much Poppytump, it was a gorgeous morning to go out and take photos. I was really surprised at how much there was to photograph, I will have to do it more, different time etc.

  5. Love that early fall light in the mornings – the angle is so kind… My favorite is the one with the mist behind the trees (0094). The crossed tree trunks are very cool too :)

    • I wondered if the light was because Autumn is coming. I didn’t think it was usually that golden in the morning. Thank you Marie, I really want to get more of that mist, will have to go out more. :)

  6. thatnavaword says

    love the ones shot ‘through’ the reeds. And we have a Heidelberg here too

  7. It looks beautiful Leanne. When I saw your headline, my first thought was Heidelberg Germany! SD

    • That is what I thought people would think, haha, it is a beautiful part of the world, and so much amazing when you consider it is in the middle of suburbia. Thank you.

  8. rkpowers says

    First, congratulations on being Freshly Pressed. I think they picked just the right post from you as it shows so much of a cross section of your work…some I had not seen before, either. I was particularly drawn, as others were, to the sheep on the bridge. Excellent! I have a challenge for you. If you have access to the silos, how about going right up to them in that same light and lying on the ground looking up with that brilliant blue sky countering the warm light…? Make ‘monuments’ of them…!?

    • Thank you so much, it was very overwhelming, but also wonderful. Ah the sheep on the bridge, it was my first attempt at compositing, and it has surprised me how much people seem to like it. I like your challenge and would take it on, and is exactly what I would like to do, but I can’t get access. I’ve tried. It is public property, but the land is agistered, so the gates are locked and there is livestock in, horses at the moment, other times cows.

  9. Yay, it’s my area too! :) After spending time in dirty cities like New York, I certainly appreciate this area more than ever when I come back! Great photos. And thanks for inspiring me to haul myself out of bed (I’m awake anyway!) and check the sunrise.

    • Hey Keira, so another person from my area. It is a great place, I think we are so lucky around here. You’re welcome, I hope you have better luck than I do when it comes to getting sunrises. Thanks.

    • Thank you Diana, there were so many areas to photograph, I think you will see more of it yet.

  10. Love seeing these pics of your surrounds. A lovely place to live!
    I really enjoy wandering like this where we are. There’s always ‘more to see’ than what first meets the eye.
    Gorgeous morning light and love those footprints :D They do look ‘wombat-y’.

    • Thank you Robyn, it is wonderful place where we live. I should do it more often, I just don’t do it enough. I agree, once you start taking photos it is hard to work out where to stop.
      The light was brilliant, ah those footprints, yes, I think they are from a wombat too. :)

  11. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    I love the house, it positively glows! I also like the cattails and weeds. Oh, and the mud drying! When I was three I tried to walk across dried mud – and it was not dry.

    • Oh you mean the changing rooms/club house, they do glow the light on them was amazing. I love cattails and it is great to take some photos of them. Oh, I know, I have found the same thing, you suddenly start sinking, LOL. Thank you Jackie.

    • I love it too, was walking around there this morning. Our winters are cold, but we don’t get any snow. I think California winters are about the same as ours. It gets cold, but not below zero. The sun is always warm, we get some frosts, and fog, and usually a lot of rain, but that is all. Mild, is probably a good way to describe them, though ours are colder than northern Australia.

      • That sounds like a great winter! :) We are due for more snow and colder weather tomorrow and Thursday. Oh well, spring doesn’t officially start here until March 21 anyway. We enjoyed near 60 degrees Fahrenheit today. It was just lovely and I got a bunch of nice, fun, and different pictures today.

      • Yeah, it is a lot better than most placed, though we don’t get any snow ever, which is a shame. I was 29 before I saw snow for the first time, and I had to go overseas to see it. Sorry to hear that you are in for more bad weather, but soon you will be complaining about the heat, haha, isn’t it always the way.

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