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Week 2 – Black and White Challenge

Here we are again with another challenge.  I have had quite a few people send me images, so we have more to look at this week.  I am not going to talk much today, I just thought I would show the images.

Just one or two things quickly.  Firstly the challenge needs some sort of name.  Since it started as one between Laura and myself, I had thought of Laura and Leanne’s B&W Challenge, but I am open to suggestions.

Now, if you wish to participate, you must email me the image you want to include with a link to your blog, or website. My email address is The image size should be as small as it can be, so the largest side should be 1000 pixels or less.  You have until the following Tuesday morning to get your entries to me.  Remember I am on Australian time, so with GMT I am +11 hours at the moment, I publish my post on Wednesday morning.

At this stage it is manageable, if I start getting too many entries I might have to rethink the whole thing.

LeanneCole-banyule-0787-4hpm-2This is my entry this week.  Not sure about it, actually I was having a lot of trouble with Photoshop tonight, that will teach me to leave it to the last minute.

Laura has sent me an architectural image.  I think she might be very good with black and white.


Here’s the link to the post on Laura’s blog Laura Macky.

Here are the other images from everyone else.  A great range of images.  The links are underneath each image, and at the end I will put all the images into a gallery for everyone to look at.


Brooklyn Bystander 

Grubbensringen Freddy’s Photo Projectshaker-villagerkpowersphoto

plaza-lights-black-white4blogKKEITH, PHOTOGRAPHER: THE PHOTOBLOG



filigree1DREAMS AND ZEROSDSC_4869highlighting the good and the beautiful around us

SONY DSCNia Simone, Author

charcoal-windowTHE FOTOGENIUS

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Blinded By Light092012_ColoradoRiverG2r_9007Loinfraredrobert

The gallery, don’t forget to go and check out all the blogs here too.


  1. Wow that’s so exciting! What a fun idea and I love seeing work from other people :) I just posted a blog on some black and white photography, but I don’t think they are as good as these! HAHA

    • Thanks Amanda, it is an interesting idea, I like showing other people’s work, but hopefully it won’t get too huge. I am sure yours are great, email me the link, do it officially, that way I can include you next time. I need people to email me so I can keep the emails in one folder and then I don’t forget anyone.

  2. Nice bit of diversity in all the B&W pictures. I’m glad you are getting a good response and it is not too daunting. Thanks Leanne.

    • I thought the same Robert, lots of diversity. Not too daunting yet, hopefully will stay that way, though already have 3 images from people for next week. Will have to see what happens. Thanks.

    • Hey, stop that, I don’t think I’m good enough for this either, but I still put in an image. Doing challenges like this can really make you push yourself, so I say, have a go Julie. :)

  3. Michael Goima says

    Nice work. Will definitely send some photos.

  4. Clara says

    I Can’t take pictures in B&W. I see colours, and for me is very difficult to see my pictures in B&W.
    But I really like B&W photography!! hehehehe!!

    • I feel a bit the same way Clara, I think the thing to do is to just try desaturating your images when you get them on the computer and it will give you a pretty good idea of what will work and what work. See how you go and when you get one you like, email it to me for our challenge.

  5. It's all about a bit of this and that. says

    Loving all these fantastic black and white images! :-)

  6. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    I love how much of the images look shiny. :)

  7. Outstanding photography. I wish I could follow them all. And I really mean that from the bottom of my heart. I must choose between them, and I don’t like doing that. It is the “time” issue.

    I really enjoyed looking at each of these photographs. I was wowing the entire time!

    • I don’t think you are alone there Amy, I think if you go and visit then that should be enough. Follow if you really like their work.
      That is great, glad you liked them. So many different ones here.

  8. There are some stunning monochromes. You’ve selected a gallery of memorable images. Nice work on your part and theirs.

    • Thank you Sally, they are a great bunch of images, though I didn’t select them, they are the ones that were sent to me, there are people out there doing some fantastic B&W work.

  9. Wow, I’m blown away. I have to follow all these bloggers. I learned a lot by looking at the collection here. Thanks for including my attempt!

    • Yours was more than an attempt it was great, I think it looks very at home in amongst these, it is a great line up of images. Thanks for sending me your image Nia.

  10. Great project, Leanne! And you are presenting a varied selection of the B&W contributions. Thanks for having included my photo. The other photos are just wonderful! You and Laura, and the other contributors, prove once again how much we can get from Black & White. Congratulations to everybody, and a BIG (I repeat, BIG) Thank You to you, Leanne! :) Great job!!!

    • You are welcome Fabio, it was a great bunch of photos, and I already have quite a few for next week as well. Congratulations to you too, no thanks needed here Fabio, it was an absolute pleasure.

      • Leanne, I have told you before, I think – you make things seem simple, but you always put a lot of work behind such a project. And you bring a lot of fun for all of us! Thanks so much! Take care.

      • I have worked out ways to make things simpler, so if I am doing something like this then it is because I think it is worth it and I don’t think it will take a lot of work, so that is great for all of us I think. Thank you and you take care too.

  11. Laura Hilger says

    I’d cuss, but instead I’ll just say amazing :-)

  12. Some lovely images in this group, and some interesting choices for conversion to mono….

  13. I loved all the BW images from everyone. I also liked your one too, and what you did with the sky and clouds, very striking. I’ve always struggled with conveying emotion through BW images. Then again, it’s not something I’m used to doing, but am willing to learn. Not much to say today, quite tired :)

    • Fantastic Mabel, I have to say that I think we got a great bunch of photos for the first one. Looking forward to seeing what we get next. I think there is an art to black and white, not sure I am that good it, but it is great to see what others are doing. Get some rest Mabel, take care. :)

  14. As the others have said, thanks for posting my photo up there! I said this last time, but this is such a great initiative. The best part is all this is your amazing attitude about just trying to get us all out there to have a go at black and white photography! In terms of naming the challenge, given your names both start with L, the first thing that came to mind was calling it the LBW challenge, but I suspect that it might not be the best name.

    • You are very welcome David, it is great to get the images up there. It is great to use this blog to do that, and I like sharing the work of others, it also takes the pressure off me to come up with a post for the day. I will add your suggestion to the list of names, though I have to say at this stage I think Laura and I are liking Monochrome Madness.

  15. Dear Leanne, thank you so much for including one of my shots – I am humbled. I thought you’d be inundated and never expected to see my photo on your blog!! This is such a lovely collection – there are some very talented people out there: I was blown away when I looked at the other contributions. I think you can learn so much from looking at others’ photos. A different kind of “seeing”. By the way, I love black and white and am really pleased you’re “showcasing” it :-)

    • I wasn’t inundated, I got a great amount of images, and at this stage I will be showing all the images that I get. I don’t know how many will be too many, but will see. It is a great collection, there are lots of very talented photographers out there. That is great to know, thank you :)

  16. A superb collection of black and white photos, the popularity of which, will never wane.

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    • Thank you, I wasn’t happy with the sky in it, but it’s okay. The other shots are fantastic.

  18. Nice assortment of B&W. I may have to submit an entry into the challenge.

    Though you have a nice list of names for the challenge, if you want quirky may I suggest “What da color?” :)

    • Yes, David do submit an image, the more that participate the better I say. We got a great assortment, and next weeks images are looking great as well.
      That is quirky, I will add it to the list of suggestions of David, though I think at this stage Laura and I really like Monochrome Madness.

  19. This is a terrific selection of images. I think I will have to participate while you can still manage to do this. I’m sure the challenge will get too big, but hopefully there’ll be a solution to allow you to continue it as the challenge grows.

    • Yes, do, it would be great if people did, then we can get a whole variety of images. When it gets too big, I might have to consider other options, but at this stage, we will see how it goes. Thank you Shane, I will wait for your email.

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  21. Wow ! It was an amazing surprise to see my photograph among those of the other contenders. This challenge is a great way to encourage the development of budding photographers skills. A big thank you, Leanne and I wish you all the best for the success of your challenge series :) I too agree with the name Monochrome Madness … It has a beautiful ring to it …

    • You are welcome, and it was a pleasure. I actually really enjoy it, and it does really push me to start thinking about black and white more. So anytime you want to send a photo, you know how to do it now. I love that name, and I think it will probably be what it is called, it is something that Laura and I came up with together. :)

  22. Sorry it took me so long to thank you for including one of my images in this post. I have also enjoyed visiting the work of the other photographers.

    • You really don’t need to thank me, it is I who should be thanking you for participating, it wouldn’t work as well if people didn’t send me images. I enjoy seeing what others do as well.

  23. sarahlearichards says

    I love the spiral staircase that looks like it’s going nowhere, and I happen to be a fan of windows.

  24. Beautiful images … fantastic idea with a challenge in B&W. The stairs is my pick of a fantastic bunch.

    • Thanks Viveka, it is really pushing me to think more about what I would do in black and white. I am really enjoying it. That is fantastic.

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