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Finding Where I am at DCA

It is the last day of the month, and it also happens to be a Friday.  I have been racking my brain trying to work out what to do with the bluestone on St Kilda Road that belongs to Deaf Children Australia.  I haven’t been there this year yet, as I am finding when I do go there, I am taking the same sort of photos each time.  I need to find a way to do something different.

I have subscribed to KelbyOne and am keen to start learning, but one thing that I have learned so far is that there are other ways of doing architectural photography, and I think it is time I worked on that.  I have realised that I could use the bluestone, one to get even better photos of it for them, but also to help me learn to get better architectural shots.  My goal now is to try going there at different times, and seeing what I can get.  You know, I always thought I had to get everything in one shot, I don’t know why it never occurred to me that it wasn’t necessary.

So for today, I am going to show you a gallery of images taken in the last twelve months.  I know you have seen them before, but I thought it could be a great way to start, look at before, and see where I go from here. Then this coming month I am going to get over there and get some new images, see what I can come up with that is different, well I hope it will be.


  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    You – are – a – pro! These churches are stunning. I know I saw this header yesterday but the tree and the fence caught my eye today. From what you say, you are going to be a very busy lady! Have fun and travel safe.

  2. I absolutely love the first picture of the leaded window! So colorful!

    Not to say the rest aint good btw ;) But that one just struck me as i layed my eyes on it! :)

    • That window is gorgeous, and so very hard to photograph, I am sure I can make it look better. Thank you so much Pieter. :)

      • hehe i know the feeling but don’t be too tough on yourself ;) You created a great picture out of it.. and next time it’ll be different, not worse or better ;)

        (ok, thats enough motivational speaking for now lol)

  3. I’m not a professional photographer, but when we travel, I too have wrestled with the issue of trying to take interesting photos that fully describe a place. You have done what I have gradually evolved into doing, taking detail shots that compliment the more fully descriptive photos. They come together to give a stronger feel for a place. Good post, lovely photos.

    • It can be hard to do that. I just take hundreds, look at different angles and just keep trying different things, I guess that is the beauty of digital, you can do that. Thank you, I am glad you like the shots, I am looking forward to seeing what else I can do.

  4. Jenny Overton says

    I really like these. I never had much of an interest photographing architecture having said that I’ve wanted to go back to Montsalvat to practice taking photo’s. The thing that’s put me off, is taking photo’s of the same old. Now your post has got me thinking about going back to see if I can do something different.

    Look forward to seeing what you come with.

    • It is a great way to challenge yourself, don’t think obvious, think about different approaches. Just don’t let them know you are there to take photos, or they will charge you more money. Fancy people wanting to take photos for themselves.
      Thank you Jenny.

  5. OOOOO! Love photos of old churches and other old architecture! Such beautiful lines and wonderful designs! Keep up the great work!

    • They are great, there is something about the level of detail too, so much more than what you see these days. Thanks, I will do my best.

  6. leecleland says

    These are great seeing them all together. Looking forward to what you come up with that’s different.

  7. I think you have an awesome variety of vantage points and images here Leanne.
    Can’t wait to see what you do from now on.
    Love the Clock on the stairs and the vantage point looking down on the exterior. That must have been way up high.
    Have not heard of KelbyOne… must check it out. Thanks for the link.
    Love your work and as I’ve said to you before, I know it’s yours when I see and that’s a good thing! :D

    • HOpefully some great stuff Robyn, I really need to move on of a sorts.
      Thank you, that clock image has been popular.
      I think I like KelbyOne, it suits me and my way of learning, and doesn’t require days and days of time.
      That is such a lovely thing to say. I meant to send you an email, I think I did, so I am hoping you got it.

      • Hi Leanne,
        Yes I did get it… just went looking.
        Great to hear from you.
        I’ll email you back.

        Moving on is good and fresh eyes and experiments are really good for us. I’ll be watching keenly :D

      • I think so too, it is good to develop and grow, I don’t know that I could handle doing the same things all the time. :)

  8. Leanne, You may post the same photos several times! Each time I feel them in a different way, and the emotions are always high! Well done!!! ;)

    • I try not to do it too often, but sometimes it is good to do them, so I can see them again and work out what to do. Glad you don’t mind me doing that. Thanks Fabio. :)

  9. So sad the building has been abandoned. Beautiful. I didn’t know there was a blue stone.

    • The building isn’t abandoned Marie, it is still used now by DCA. We have lots of buildings in Victoria, and Australia that are made of bluestone, it is a very good rock and very tough. Thank you.

  10. Of course, your point is well taken: we must work at seeing the world around us in multiple ways. I am fascinated by the dwellings created by humans. But we often get lost in the big picture rather than the details–the unnoticed. I am sure that we will be treated to some gems with your next set of images.

    • I have a friend who does a heap of artwork based on that idea of the home. It is quite a fascinating thing. I agree about getting lost in the big picture, I don’t spend enough time looking at the details, I really want to do it more. Thanks Sally.

  11. Well captured! I enjoy the photos, you captured every details nicely. Have a great weekend!

  12. These are all great shots. I think they are good enough to be put on a back of postcards (like 2386)! Yeah, you could go during different times of the day. The positions of the sun can affect how the images turn out.

    Hope your week went well. Mine wasn’t too bad, wasn’t that slow but I think it lacked excitement. Should’ve took the train to somewhere :)

    • Thank you Mabel, I like the one you have pointed out, I think it is my favourite. I want to try some longer exposures, and doing some different things, I have a plan, I just have to do it now.

      A train somewhere sounds good, I should do that one day. My week seems to have flown this time. I was in the city this morning with my youngest daughter, she starts at RMIT on Monday so we came in to get one of her textbooks.

      • Trying different things with images is a great thing. There is so many different things to try, from adjusting camera settings to playing around with images using different software. Don’t think you ever get bored with photography, Leanne :)

        Yes, O-Week was this week and the city was so packed. Uni textbooks are so expensive. I had to buy both maths and arts books when I was at uni, cost so much. I hope your daughter has a good semester ahead :)

      • No, I never get bored, as long as I am trying new things all the time, I don’t like doing the same stuff all the time, I really enjoy new challenges.

        Oh yes, they are so expensive, apparently not much of a market. I am sure she will, I think they both will. Both my daughters are starting uni on Monday.

  13. Leanne. This post sparked a profound realisation for me. One that went into words and a link to you via Twitter, and will possibly never be repeated again! Thank you!

  14. I’ve always enjoyed the photos you take of that building, both inside and out. Can’t wait to see them with your new focus when you go back :)

    • I hope so, there are things that need to be experimented with, but it should work, I hope. I tried some similar things this last week and you should get to see the results during the week. Thanks Marie.

  15. These photos are fabulous! I’m so glad to have found you again. And the reason is that I saw your familiar icon liking my dear friend Pippa’s Enchanted Islands post on Last Post. It’s a small world. I hope all is well. Sarah

    • Thank you Sarah, yes, all is well, and I happy you found me again also. It is a small world.

  16. More superb shots, you challenge me to be a better photographer and I need to learn how to enhance my pics. Thanks for checking out my blog on a regular basis..:-)

    • That is great to hear Ed, I do like being able to do that. You are very welcome do, I do what I can. Thank you.

    • Thank you Shane, that is a pretty amazing stained glass image, very hard to photograph, but I think I am getting better at it.

  17. This place always amazes me when I look at your photos. The view out the window of the city skyscrapers is a jolt! They seem so out of place. I love all these photos! :)

    • I know what you mean, the building looks like it belongs in another time, rather than the now. Thank you Linda.

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