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Weekend Wanderings – Around the Coast

So today’s post is not strictly a Weekend Wandering, though it could be.  My back has been giving me more trouble and I have been having trouble getting out.  This week to look after my back I have also been watching quite a few of the video’s on KelbyOne. I was watching one from Moose Peterson about black and white photography.  He was on the coast and taking photos of waves and rocks to be converted into Black and White Images.

As I was watching it I just wanted to go down to the coast and get some photos. Well that hasn’t been possible, but I have lots of photos, so I figured, why don’t I take a second look and convert them to black and white, see what I get.

So I did that, and I am going to just put them in a gallery for you to look at.  Some work, some don’t.  Some are done with the black and white layer in Photoshop, some are done with Silver Efex from the Nik Collection. It was nice to play with Silver Efex again, I haven’t done that for awhile.  I am not going to tell you which is which, just check them out.  Thank you to Moose too for the inspiration.


    • Thank you Mark, I am sure it will, it is just taking longer than I would have liked. I love images under Jetty’s but there aren’t a lot here you can get under.

  1. I like the one under the jetty too, but I think that having a dramatic (or, at least, interesting) sky makes a huge difference in the black and white shots. Hope you’re back gets better soon.

  2. Sonel says

    I just love your Black and White photo’s Leanne! Great shots! :D

  3. Hello there, Leanne. Write me about your back problem; one of the book I wrote is not in its fourth edition—its title? Overcome neck & back pain. Love to help.

    • I wouldn’t know what to write to you about Kit, it is very annoying, I am going to physio a lot, and doing special classes trying to strengthen my core, but I think one of the exercises I am doing in the class is aggravating it too much. Just have to work out which one.

  4. I like the both the coast photos a lot. I felt they were ominous. So sorry to hear about your back, it must be annoying. I had back problems growing up and it wasn’t pleasant at all.

    Hope your weekend was okay. Came back from the city just now and it was crawling with people. The White Night 7pm-7am festival is on there tonight. I don’t mind going to these “packed with people events”, but nothing on this program really tickles my fancy and I feel like staying home tonight :)

    • It is annoying especially because it is sitting which is the hardest. Glad you like the coastal photos.

      I started my new photography course today, lots of very nice people in the course. My daughters have gone into the city tonight. I hope the people are cleared in the morning, I’m going in to take photos.

    • Then I would be at home there too, I do love our coastline, but I don’t think our water gets as crazy as it does there. Thank you Gypsy.

  5. It is nice to rediscover black and white. Great shots of the coast – a nice way to get out without getting out. Hope you get some relief from your back pain Leanne.

    • I know what you mean, it has been nice to take another look at it, I will have to try it more often I think. It was a great way to present different images, but the same ones, haha. Thank you Robert, I am sure I will, something at physio is upsetting it and I just have to work out what.

  6. I LOOOOOVVVEEE black and white (you can probably tell from my photos ;) ) everything is moodier in B&W. Love what you’ve done with them.

    • I don’t think you are alone there, it seems to be a very popular medium for photography. I’m on the fence, I think it can be great, but colour is also great. Thank you, great to see you enjoyed them.

  7. I love your black and white photos. Each one I look at draws me in to the point that I am really a part of the scene.


  8. Awesome photos! I adore black and white!! The jetty and light house are my favorites but I adore all of them!! Have a wonderful weekend! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  9. Folks, please enjoy these images from our Ausie friend and master Photographer, Leanne Cole. Additionally, please read my feedback, below, to Leanne. I hope you feel the same way. Cheers, Ron.

    Leanne, I know I’ve mentioned in the past that colorless images add drama and a cool dreaminess to the image. My brain tends to fluctuate color into the shot as I gaze at each photo. Well done!

    • Thank you so much Ron, you are so kind. I know what you mean about the colour thing, I wonder if it is something we all tend to do.

      • Maybe we impart our individual experiences into the shot. The colors or colours I insert may not be the next persons selection.

    • Thank you Dina, I am sure the back will get fixed, it is certainly better than it was 3 months ago, slowly goes it.

      • Oh, dear, that sounds like a lot of pain, agony and sleepless nights.
        In the past. ❤️

      • It isn’t too bad, it is just sitting that is very uncomfortable, and something I have to limit. Thank you so much.

    • You are welcome Jocelyne, I must admit, I don’t do a lot of it myself, but I have been inspired a couple of times recently, seems I should do more of it. Thank you good luck with your own.

  10. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    I love the scraggley shoreline with rocks– the rougher the better! I adore the pilings under the pier or walkway. In Daytona Beach, Florida in the 1950s, before it was overrun with people, I played in the sand under the pier with those pilings. It was cool and quiet there. :)

    • I agree Jackie, I need to find some scraggley shorelines, with big waves. There aren’t too many piers around here that you can get under, this one is fantastic to get underneath. I love going there. That sounds like heaven, being there by yourself. People spoil everything don’t they, ;) Thank you Jackie.

  11. Hi Leanne, Love the black and white photography, even though the pictures are do not appear to have been taken on a stormy day, the song “Stormy Weather” came to mind while looking at them.

    • I think that is the beauty of black and white, it can change the whole mood, some of there were taken on horrible days, but you are right many weren’t. Thank you.

      • I believe that in black and white you are guided more towards the form an structure of nature or object that you are viewing where as in color you see many things at once, in black and white you see boldness and power of even the simplest of things.

      • Yes, I totally agree, you see form and texture, and colour doesn’t distract you, but some images need to be colour, while others can be either, or some are just better in black and white.

  12. I’m sorry to hear about your back. I know how troubling that is not to be able to get out and do what you love. Thank goodness for digital photography! I’ve gone back too and worked on pics. I love these Leanne. I’m also trying to work in B&W. I’m just beginning and I have a long way to go. Your photos are lovely. i especially like the lighthouse at the top of the hill. I love lighthouses and the contrast of it to the rocks/hill is quite nice.

    • It is frustrating, also the weather here has been overcast and grey, horrible. It is how I will remember this back this, as grey and yuck. Yes, thank goodness, it is nice to be able to go back over older images and see what you can do to change them, bit like getting out an old dress and changing some part of it to make it look new. I can’t recommend Silver Efex pro enough Laura if you want to try black and white, it is a great way to go. I like lighthouses too, something very comforting about them. Thank you Laura.

      • I have Silver Efex Pro and just posted a church using it. I’ve used it here and there like for the Fog in the Trees pic. I just need to get out more and see things from a black and white perspective which I think helps make the images even more powerful. It’s fun learning new things! And hopefully……eventually……improve lol.

      • It is a very handy bit of kit. I don’t use it a lot, but think I should, maybe we need to challenge ourselves more, haha.

      • You stirring me up. Maybe we could do something once a week, do some black and white photos and see if we can get others to do it, like Cee’s photo challenge, etc. Make it one day where everything has to be black and white. Maybe we could make a Tuesday? I am trying to think of a way I could put something on my blog.

      • Oh that would be fun! Anything black and white. Tuesdays are good for me. I might need to take pictures of packing boxes since we’re in the process of moving lol. But count me in. I’m going g to sleep now on my white sheets is the blackness of night haha

      • Haha, good night Laura, let’s do it, but if you want to wait a couple weeks that would be fine, let me know what you think.

      • Either way is fine with me. This moving will take the next six weeks. I can always take an iPhone pic in a pinch. But I like making time for photography, so I should be fine. :)

      • Let’s start tomorrow then. I would like to add you to the post, so maybe tomorrow I can just add a link to you, and this can be our challenge. I am a day ahead, so may be after you do your post, I will change the link to the post. :) Time Zones can be so confusing, and frustrating.

      • Ok, “tomorrow” it is. I usually post in the morning when I’m having my coffee. Sounds good! I have one waiting in the wings. :)

      • Oh wait…”tomorrow” means Monday for me (duh) so I will post on Tuesday morning which will probably be your Wednesday? Yes, time zones are confusing! lol

  13. Beautiful photos Leanne! I still love black and white, despite all the dazzle of modern color. I hope your back is better soon. I am suffering from a similar affliction.

  14. I hope you feel better soon. I love how even when you are laid up you are working on your art. You amaze me.

    • I just everything quickly Nia, haha, thank you, I think something I am doing in my back classes with the physio is aggravating it, so will see what they say when I go back.

      • Yikes. I’ve been working with physio (we call it PT) for my shoulder. It helped a little but I’m going to have to keep working on it forever I think.

      • It is horrible isn’t it, I suspect my back is going to be the same, it is something I am going to have forever and I will have to find ways around it.

      • Maybe not. Don’t give up hope. You might want to switch physios, get a different opinion. I’ve noticed the aren’t all equally good.

      • The physios are good, and I have to admit that since I am seeing them through the hospital it is costing me nothing, so that is even better, they really want to help, there is just one thing that isn’t helping, am sure when we work out what it is, I will get better.

  15. I love the light in these photos. My favorite is also the one taken from underneath the jetty. I hope your back gets better soon so you can wander out again.

    • The one under the jetty has been the most popular I think. Thank you, I’m sure it will, something to do with physio, doing something my back doesn’t like.

  16. Love the last two, and the one with the splayed sky. Empathies re your back. I hurt mine yesterday and am flat on it today. :-(

    • Thank you, that is good to see that people like them too. Oh no, I hope you don’t have as much trouble as I’ve been having, mine just won’t seem to go away, I am really over it now. Good luck with it, and don’t make it worse.

  17. Thanks for the like on Apple of my Odd Eye. Your photography is lovely–I particularly like the way the water in some of these shots looks almost smokey against the sharply defined rocks.

    • You are very welcome, it is one of the great things about WordPress being able to see what everyone does. Thank you so much, the water looks like that because of the long exposure, I love doing those on the coast.

  18. All of them are Beautiful! I love the lighthouses and under the jetty, as well! Hope your back starts feeling better!

    • Thank you Em, that is wonderful, I wasn’t too sure about them. Not sure I really understand what make a good black and white image, but hopefully I will learn. My back is better than it was last week, thank goodness.

  19. Brook says

    Leanne…so sorry about your back, but your photos are All Elegance, All the Time.

  20. Oh, these are fabulous, especially 26325, the first one in the gallery—I really like your focus in the foreground! Beautiful. Hope you can get out again soon! After all…winter is coming. ;)

    • Thank you Jen, luckily for us winter is the best time to take photos here, summer the worse. I can’t wait for Autumn, lots of opportunities then.

      • True, I forget your winters are nowhere as “extreme” (okay: ugly) as ours can be. Spring is not far from us now…I’m so looking forward to it! That and autumn are my favourite seasons for shooting.

      • Our winters are very mild to most places, they are still cold, but nothing like what you get, the sun is still very warm. My favourite seasons too, Autumn in Melbourne is the best.

  21. I don’t know which are which here, Leanne, but I love the consistent sense of drama you managed to capture – do you think b&w adds seriousness to a shot?

    • I think that is good, I hope. Thank you, I do love images with drama, so I am glad they have those. I don’t think that b&w necessarily does that. Sometimes the colour in an image is also important. I posted another black and white image today, but there is something in the colour one that is lost in the black and white one. So I think it just depends. I certainly won’t be converting all my images to black and white from now one, but maybe you might see more.

  22. Black and white … not to convinced here, because I know how beautiful this coast line is in color and I just love your color images, but I understand that you’re trying a new avenue.

    • I think the B&W can add a sense of drama that colour can’t, but it was a great process, I think some of them worked really well, and some not so well. You never really know what will work and what won’t. Thanks Viveka.

      • I totally agree that B&W adds drama, but not to all photos … like the one with the cars and the lines – that was drama. but some photo just goes flat and I would say most does. Only very special ones that goes bold and intense in B&W. But that is me … you know me, bring on colors anytime. *smile

      • You are so different to everyone else, most think everything is better in B&W, I don’t agree with that, but I like the challenge of seeing what works and what doesn’t. I think some photos go flat to because they aren’t processed right. I know you love colours, and you like the images to be bright, haha.

      • That I take as a compliment – different to everyone else!!! Love it – thank you so much.
        Yes, bring on colors …. so tired of all sepia days we had for months now.

      • I think it is good to be different, it is something I’ve always strived, haven’t always achieved, but strived for it. I can understand why you like colour now, see, we get colour all year round.

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