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A River Runs Through It

Continuing on from the post yesterday, again I am looking at images that I can use for my One on One photography sessions.  Today we are going to look at the water around the city.  For me that includes all the river and to the Docklands.  There is the other end of the river, but I have to admit I haven’t explored it much, perhaps I should.  It is more parks.

sccity-hpm0298-2cepFor many of my followers you will have seen many of these images before.  They have all been on the blog in the last couple of years, some of them multiple times.

Another thing I have been wondering about is if I called them the right thing.  I call them one on one, but should they be called something more personal, like Individual Photography Tours/Lessons?  Should I give them a more snappier name 12One, so they are One to One?  Or perhaps One on One is better.  Maybe I could come up with a logo or something.  It is just that they aren’t always just one on one, they could be two on one, or three on one.  I just don’t want to miss out on clients because they didn’t understand what I was offering.

Then I wonder if the website I have is good enough, will people understand what I want to sell them. Have I talked to much, is the layout crap?  My website is a WordPress blog that I have made into a website, so I don’t have a lot of control on layout.  I can’t work out how they do the CSS, so that hasn’t helped.

I have another gallery for you, and like yesterday would really love to hear which ones you like the best.  It was fantastic the response I got yesterday, thank you to everyone.  The one of Flinders Street Station would have won if there had been a competition.  So here are the photos from the waterways.


  1. It’s too difficult to choose just one today. My favourites are the city at night and the reflections of the city on the river photos. What a gorgeous collection. You inspire me Leanne.

    • I must admit, they ones around water are always so appealing. Thank you for picking some, I love hearing which ones people like the most. Thanks again Carol, what a lovely compliment, always nice to hear.

  2. How about Photography One on One: Melbourne…that way you can customize for different locations online or tours.
    I really love all the photos, nice variety of techniques and style.

    Thank you for following my blog and the likes, it keeps me inspired to capture quality images.

    • You, know I really like that Sally, then it is about photography, whether I am teaching or not. Sounds great, I am definitely going to give this one some thought. Thank you so much, and you are very welcome, and that is fantastic to hear.

  3. I enjoyed all of those water scenes, especially # 5 with the reflections and the 5th from the last with the rowers in the foreground.

  4. These are even more awesome then yesterday’s, but then again, I am partial to water. I again will leave a comment, and I will try harder NOT to like so many. I cannot help it, though. You are just that good!

    One-2-One That is what came to mind. 1-To-1 … That doesn’t look as good. I like the first one I said.

    OK. Must get something in my stomach and I will be back. I’m really glad you are in my life, too, Leanne. Love, Amy

    • Thank you Amy, I don’t think you are alone in your partiality to water, I know I am too.
      Thanks for the suggestions, it is good to hear what people think.
      I must go and have some breakfast, thanks again Amy, I feel the same.

  5. I commented on some, liked some. My favorites are 8640 – the reflection, and 5795 – gorgeous cityscape.
    The website looks a little bare – a header photo would be nice. Should I ever get to Melbourne I will happily engage Leanne for a “Photography Mentorship” session.

    • Thank you, I think, you didn’t seem to like many Ludwig, and then you criticised and told me what I should do to the images, not a great thing to do, it really upset me.
      The website is the website, it should be bare, it should be easy for people to find things. No option for a header photo in the theme. Also, I don’t want it to look like a blog, so I purposely looked for something that would look like a website and not a blog.

      • Very sorry, Leanne. I misunderstood. Please remove my comments. I did not find a way to do so myself. I apologize for my comments. I did not mean to upset you.

      • Okay, now that I know you weren’t trying to be rude, I do feel better, it is something we have to be careful about. I never tell people what is wrong with their photos, I hate doing it, it is such a personal thing. I will go back through and delete the ones that I found hard. Thank you so much for getting back to me, I do really appreciate that.

      • Thank you for your understanding. I had just come from a critique session – guess I was still engaged in that. So sorry for my fauz pas. I very much admire your work.

      • I am just glad that it was a misunderstanding, you get some people who do this sort of thing, and they are just being nasty, so for my part, I am so very happy that it was resolved and we are still friends.

  6. The first image has all the elements to make me return and return to it/ Most of all, the clarity of the reflections are cast with an illusion that focuses on nature and human nature. It’s a stellar capture.

  7. Hello, my favorite is the photograph scdocklands-3hpm5774-3/. I love the way that bridge seems to be in a gentle movement.

    • That is such an unusual bridge, and really should be photographed more. Thank you, love your description of it.

  8. I think you could call your offering what you want, you can put more info in a subtitle, sort of like:

    One on One*
    Photography tours (placename?) and lessons with Leanne Cole.

    Doing the parks and waterway would seem to be a good idea, as that would appeal to some potential customers. You could do a static front page?

    • I like that idea of the byline, is that what they call them, good point.
      I think many people would love to do them along the river, both evening and morning. Get very different shots then. The website has a static front page, I have the website and the blog. Thanks Robert.

  9. I can only echo what others have said ….this series of images are just incredibly beautiful, not to mention im just a sucker for reflections…I just love them ….really magnificent !!

  10. leecleland says

    Today I like the city reflections in the glassy river, so crisp and clean and the abstract river reflection, sort of like a lattice is the only way I can describe it. All show Melbourne along the Yarra at its best, great images. I like One on One, if their troubled by having more than one person they can always contact you.

    • Thank you Lee, I like those reflections too, especially the ones where the water looks like glass. I do offer up to 3, if that makes sense, I will do a either 1, 2, or 3, but no more, otherwise it gets too hard, hopefully most of them will be one or two. Thanks Lee.

  11. I like the Southern Cross bridge one, the one where with reflections in the water, the sunset one and the night time Docklands one. Another great set of photos.

    Sorry to hear that you’re in a bit of a dilemma over your Photography Lessons. It sounds like a lot of work. So it’s not just one on one, but you’re planning on offering tours in groups? I like the website, it’s easy to read. I’ve tinkled around with basic CSS on my blog – it’s hard but I am lucky I got my blog to work the way I want it.

    Speaking of the up-and-coming Emporium, it’s going to become a retail hub. Victoria Secret’s and Uniqlo are just some of the brands coming there. It should be an interesting sight once it’s up.

    • Thank you so much Mabel, the response has been tremendous.

      They shouldn’t be a lot of work, not once I get customers, it is getting the people to take them that will be the hard part. I am not good at marketing. I am a good teacher though, and I have to remember that. I don’t want to do groups, I like it to be more personal than that, the most I would do is 3. I’ve played with CSS on other sites, but with WordPress it seems so much harder, I should learn it one day, but then I think, maybe it isn’t necessary.

      Thanks for letting me know about the Emporium, it should be interesting, though one has to wonder how many more stores do we actually need.

    • The reflection photos have been very popular which is great, I love the Yarra for that reason too, I love it when it is very still. I must go and take more photos of it.
      Thanks for the suggestion, it is something else to think about. Thank you Leanne

  12. These are beautiful images. The portrait orientation with glassy water is spectacular. Has an icy coldness to it which I respond to. I also love the loose reflections of the steel sculptures which make a wonderful abstract image. On the title for your instructional visual tours, my thoughts are a bit different: 1, 2 or 3. Photograph Melbourne with me. Philippa

    • Thank you Philippa, I love that photo, and I have never seen the water that still again, I always hope it will be, but it never is. I must keep trying. Thank you for the suggestions for the tours too, I like it, I will have to think about it and add it to the list.

  13. Another good photographic tour – I have indicated my favorites from the gallery. In this case I went with a lot that used the reflections of the water. I’m behind on viewing, so sorry for the delay. Good luck with the name – branding is very difficult as you have to cove all your bases in a single slogan or name…”Lens Lessons with Leanne” ? I like alliteration in a name as you can see…

    • Thank you Robert, I think the images with reflections have been very popular. No problems at Robert, you don’t need to apologise for that. Branding is difficult, I want something that people will remember too, thank you for your suggestion, I will have to add to me list and maybe something will come out of all of them.

    • That morning the water was so amazing, not long after that it started raining, but it was great while it lasted. Thank you Nora.

  14. There are too many excellent images to pick one but I like the images with the cityscapes reflected in the water and the night shots with water reflections. Hope that’s helpful.

  15. Oh wow Leanne, what a great photographer you are ! I’m always impressed when I see your beautiful photos. I wish I had more time to visit your blog more often.
    Have a wonderful week-end :)

    • Don’t feel bad about that Jocelyne, we all do what we can. Thank you so much, these, I think, are some of my best and nice to see them together like this.

  16. This is just magic …. I would like to know the size of the photos do you use for your galleries, because I need to make mine smaller – because I used you half my space allowance now.
    That top photo with the city, water and bridge – just stunning, Leanne. My pick has tot be the evening shot of the entrance to the walking tunnel, at least I think it’s.
    I would love to have you as mentor. *smile

    • Thank you Viveka, I did a post on the resizing, let me see if I can find you the link,
      This is exactly what you need Viveka, I resize my images so the longest side is 800 pixels. I also make the quality of the image is very small, about 8, so that the only thing the image is useful for is to use on the web.
      What a lovely thing to say Viveka, it is a strange thing being a mentor, I am about to start doing it for someone who lives in Canberra as he works on a project.

      • Here is your answer to my question … had missed, so sorry. I read you post about size matters, but I must have missed that bit.
        Today I started to down-size and keep a full size on file of the photo I have edit. I think I have to go back and resize earlier posts, because it works with smaller photos.
        Sorry, that I didn’t see your replay. You’re a star. I think you would do a great job as a mentor – and take good money of it.
        Great that you have more customers lined up … but you have so many that follows you, so I’m sure there will be more job of this kind for you.

      • It is definitely worth doing Viveka, you just never know, and it does save on your space in WordPress.
        Thank you, it is funny, but it doesn’t seem to happen with the blog, hopefully I can find that in social media.

      • I wish you good luck with … whatever path you dicide to take. You are truly worth it.

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