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Taking a Look Around the City

Most of you know by now that I am now offering One on One photography sessions for anyone who wants to take better photos, or anyone who wants to get the best photos of Melbourne when they come here.  I am trying to get my page together, but I realise I need to have photos.  I need to show people that I can take photos, and photos of what is in Melbourne, also beyond the cliched stuff.


I have been planning trips into the city to get photos, thinking I didn’t have any, then a friend reminded me that I have been into the city so many times that I must have thousands of photos, so this morning I went through them.  I do have a lot, too many for one post, so I thought today I would show you the ones of the city, and tomorrow we could look at the ones I’ve taken of the Docklands and along the river.

What I would love you to do is to let me know which ones you like the most.  I want to put a gallery together on my website and I need to narrow down how many images.  I just think if you like them then I can’t go wrong.

Before I show you the gallery I have to show you a testimonial that I recieved from my wonderful friend Nia.  Nia is also a blogger and writer, her blog is Nia Simone, Author.  Nia and her husband were in Australia last October and I got to meet her and show her my city.

A Walk through Leanne Cole’s Blog

Our guided tour and photography lesson with Leanne Cole was a highlight of our visit to Australia. She welcomed us, made us feel comfortable, and adjusted our tour to meet our needs and interests.

For example, I told her I wanted to absorb how she sees things as an artist so niashe asked me if that meant I wanted her to take photos. I said yes, exactly! I absorbed so much, not only in how she sees things but also in how comfortable she is with a DSLR. She broke me through feeling intimidated by the big camera and I finally graduated from my compact.

Our day was fun, educational, and not work, just the way I wanted. We took photos of alleys, arcades, lamps, buildings, train stations, bridges, waterways, all at a relaxed and fun pace while we learned about each place, stopped for a leisurely scone and coffee break and chatted about Melbourne, Australia, photography and blogging. Every place we went, including the beautiful shop in the arcade where we shared pastries and coffee, were places I had seen on her blog.

In fact, I felt like I was taking a walk through Leanne’s blog! Having that layer of memories from her beautiful blog added richness and enjoyment to touring Melbourne.

In addition to listening to us, customizing our tour, providing photography instruction when asked, and taking beautiful photos of me and my husband for us, Leanne provided an architecture and cultural history of Melbourne. Having the insights of such an informed and interesting local artist enhanced our tourist experience and left us with wonderful memories and more cultural understanding.

The tour also oriented us to the city and we felt confident enough to navigate to a local’s place that evening to enjoy our kind of dinner. A lovely ending to a personalized and full, yet relaxing day.

Nia Simone

from California

Thank you so much Nia, I really appreciate this testimonial, and I had a fantastic time as well.

Now here is the gallery of Melbourne, please let me know which ones you like.


  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    I love the collages! The domed structure is glowing!

  2. Goodness, Leanne. I commented on several of your pictures and realized that I pretty much like your photographic style no matter what. I did have some favorites though and commented on each one I liked. I hope it helps you! I sure had fun.

    • Thank you so much for the comments on the images, it helps a lot to know which ones people really like. I really appreciate it.

  3. I love the lighting in your photos. They give nice perspective and depth to the picture and make it more interesting. It is nice to get a variety of places also. I enjoy your photography.

    • Thank you, there are so many great places here in Melbourne, I still have so many to photograph, I must get onto them.

  4. Hi Leanne. For me, I like photos that draw me into the picture rather than the subject matter per se. This is because there is an air of mystery to them AND it shows that you can take good shots and be creative with them. So in this set here, what strikes me most are: Flinders Street, Manchester Unity Building, the Block Arcade and Melbourne Central.

  5. Going by the comments above… I’m in the same boat of liking so many of your gorgeous photographs. Favourites… GPO, Block Arcade and Melbourne Central. I’ve been longing to make a trip to see a great friend of mine who lives in Melbourne. Now I have another wonderful reason… Meeting you and taking your photography class/tour. You never cease to amaze me! Thank you.

    • Thank you Michele, that is fantastic, and would love to have you come on a tour if you come to Melbourne, love it when I get to meet people through the blog. Thank you for letting me know which images you liked.

  6. Eclectic Medicine Design House says

    Great idea to start your own classes, I may join you in Melbourne some time. i am hopefully getting a new camera for my upcoming birthday. I particularly love street photography and the shots of buildings. I will be looking at doing something like this! Jess

    • Thank you, I hope so, it would be good to do it, who doesn’t like going out and taking photos. Ooh new camera, how much fun is that. I don’t do a lot of street photography, but I certainly know where to go to do it. Buildings is something I do best, and know best too, though I have been doing more street photography, I love doing buskers and people like that. Thanks Jess.

      • Eclectic Medicine Design House says

        What camera would you recommend for someone learning and a step up from the point and shoot and iphone? I have done basic photography before but im looking into a Canon D700 I think it is? Any other recommendations would be appreciated. xx

      • Interesting question, the 700D by Canon is a good camera, I believe. I am a Nikon user, so would be more likely to recommend the Nikon D5200 or the model which has just replaced it, the D5300, these, including the Canon, are all good cameras, and you should be able to learn heaps with them and will do you for a long time. I hope that helps.

  7. I enjoyed looking at each of your photos. I learned a lot from them. I especially liked the angle of the lane photos. Were they taken early in the morning when no one was around? Thank you for providing such a wonderful tour.


    • Thank you, I don’t really remember when the lanes were taken, but I think it was more in the middle of the day, if you wait, you can photograph them without people.

  8. Hi Leanne, I liked every shot, which I know is no help to you in a practical sense! This is a great collection. Maybe what you could do is offer “packages” to clients. I love the graffiti art, for instance, and can imagine that “Graffiti Art and Street Photography” could be a package. Also, you might do “Municipal Buildings” combined with a history of the city (maybe with landmark sculptures of figures in history). Also, you could do one about the architectural history of the city. And, as people tend to LOVE food, you could do a restaurants and bakeries and café photo journey. Also, all cities have sections like ethnic neighborhoods, etc. – you could do tours of sections of your city. Maybe there are public gardens for those of us who love flowers! Also, you could do museum tours, as a back-up plan for rainy days.
    I guess what I’m getting at is that people have differing interests. And, also, you can’t show everyone the whole of the city in a morning or afternoon. If you offer several options, you might hit upon what interests visitors most.
    Offering themed packages like this might also help you find local photographers as well.
    Nia’s testimonial is wonderful!
    Keep us posted!

    • I don’t offer anything specific Mary, it is more finding out what they are interested in and then designing the tour around what they like, some people will want to do the lanes and graffiti, others will be interested in the architecture, while some might be interested in something more general. Since they are more individual I really hope to give people the type of tour they are interested in. I have put some suggestions on my webpage as well. These photos I want to give a rounded overall view of Melbourne, but I don’t want to do the same tour all the time, and really want them to be different all the time, different tours for different people. I hope that sounds better to you.
      Thank you so much Mary.

  9. PS I just reread my comment after posting it and I think I must have hit an all-time record for using “also” in one comment!

  10. Beautiful images, Leanne … To me Melbourne stood for MCG only. Now, through your photos I could see how much to explore there.

    Have a nice day :)

    • We do tend to make people we are only about sport, but there is so much more to Melbourne than just sport. It is a beautiful city, and I am glad you have seen a different side to it now. Thank you, and you have a great day too.

  11. Leanne, It would be impossible (for me) to select one – every image has it’s own wonderful merits: the subject, the thoughtful and befitting framing, the technical quality, enhanced by your personalized processing visions, and most of all (as gleaned from the familiarity we, as followers, have of your personality projected thru this blog,) your perceptive and passionate artistic touch.
    If I were in a position to travel to your neighborhood, I certainly would consider a course/tour. M
    (Forgive me for any possible redundancy, as I’m not in the habit of reading other’s comments prior to responding.)

    • Thank you so much, I love what you have said here, and it is a way of looking at my images that I haven’t heard before, thank you, I really like this. No redundancy at all.

  12. I’m definitely gonna have to take you up on taking me around to all the good spots whenever I get out there LC.

  13. I like the night Flinders Street Station, Melbourne Central, Federation Square and the last of the lane photos. GPO is currently cordoned off and under renovations, so you might have captured a very historical part of it in these photos. All of the images are great.

    I was wondering: when you’re looking at photos on your computer, do you take note of the brightness settings of the screen? I set my brightness setting to extreme low (anything higher hurts my eyes) but when I am looking through my photo collection, I turn it to medium – this way I can see the darker parts of photos more easily. I don’t know, this may be a bit of a bizarre question, haha :)

    • Thank you Mabel, good to know. I must admit I had no idea about the GPO building, I don’t go there much, actually haven’t been there for months.

      No, I don’t touch the brightness level, must admit not something I have thought about, I have set it up when I got the computer, and I have calibrated the monitor so the colours are good, but that is about it. I hope that answers your question. I love the questions you ask. :)

      • The GPO place is being renovated to make room for retail giant H&M, occupying all three floors (Google will tell you more). It’s a bit sad actually. I found the architecture of the building very intricate, and I’m not a fan of spending on branded clothes at all :( Hope you have some lovely photos of it.

        It’s great that you’ve calibrated your computer so everything looks good to you, I think that’s the main thing we want to get out of a computer. Thanks for your response :) I find that I ask the most silly questions. I think too much when I’m not in an office job…which can be a good thing :)

      • Is there a H&M here already? I remember them when we were living in Denmark, but haven’t seen them here. At least we know they won’t be able to butcher the building too much, surely it is protected in some way. Let’s hope so. I have more photos.

        That is true, you want to be able to see correctly from your monitor. I love your questions, so ask any time.

      • Pretty sure Australia doesn’t have H&M yet, but they’re set to move in sometime this year. The new Emporium building opposite Melbourne Central on Lonsdale is slated to open this autumn. It’s supposed to look modern.

      • No I don’t think it does either. It will be interesting. Do you know what is going in the New Emporium? It was the back part of Myer, but the new owners wanted to sell it, don’t think they could, and then it was rebuilt. I have been watching it, but no idea what is going in there. I loved the old Myer.

  14. leecleland says

    The grafitti, Flinders Lane and the Arcades all say Melbourne to me

  15. Thank you for liking “Long Exposure Photography.” I like the evening Flinders Street Station photo with the streetlights turned on and the Melbourne Central photos. Good luck with your photography sessions! :)

    • You are very welcome, and thank you so much for letting me know which images you like, those ones have been very popular. :)

    • She did write me a great testimonial, I really wanted to share it. I think that one of the station has been very popular, though I thought it would be. Thank you Carol.

  16. Favorites are hard, but all of the Lanes, the Finders street ones, Melbourne Central, and the awesome shots from the arcades rank up there…
    Where are the Moody ones from the parking garage? The ones with the brick pillars, and that desolate feeling? I’ve always liked those, and they contrast with these nicely…

    • Thank you Marie, I know what you mean, there are so many fantastic places to photograph here. I didn’t put in the moody ones as I thought it might put people off. I still have all of those, I should show them again, I do love them. I really want to show images that I think anyone can take if they come with me. Does that make any sense, my head is all over the place. LOL

    • No, the byline has been there nearly the whole time I have been blogging, I did remove it for awhile, but it has been back there for quite a few months now. Yes, I agree, I definitely think it sums up my blog. Thank you Sally.

  17. An impressive selection, indeed.
    The station, Flinders Street, both GPO, Federation.Square (particularly the second) and the Howey Place are ones that particularly stand out for me.

    • Thank you Colonialist, I really appreciate you letting me know which ones you like the most. I can never decide.

  18. All are good – I did like each in the gallery that are stand outs for me – I tended to go with the punkier ones as well as the architectural abstracts – and (of course) the starers.

    • Thank you Debbie, I suppose the Supreme Court Building possibly suits that, don’t you think, it is an eerie place and one I hope I never have to attend.

  19. I actually like all your images but two stand right out to me; Flinders street and the Lane I love the angles and perspective and wanting to go around the corner to see more, I wonder how many people walked home with cold feet too!?!

    • Thank you Caren, I appreciate you letting me know which ones you like the most. The Flinders Street one has been very popular. I don’t know about the cold feet, it is such a strange thing to do. I wonder how many times they have to attempt to get them up there.

  20. Hi Leanne, my favourite one is ‘Lane’ it has an amazing feeling. I also like the structured image of ‘Manchester…’ & ‘Flinders…’

    I do enjoy your art and skill. Thank you

    Kind regards


  21. There are so many good photos here it’s impossible to choose a favourite. I like your post-processing to add that extra edge (I assume post-processing but maybe I’m demonstrating my lack of knowledge about camera capabilities.) I enjoyed the stroll through Melbourne, a city I have visited several times.

  22. They are all great photos. But – the ones that stood out to me were the “Lane” photos.

  23. Hi Leanne

    Thanks for the shout out. I hope some people take you up on your tour. Melbourne is much better with a local guide and having the photographic and artistic instruction as well as the actual photos makes it even better.


  24. Great pictures! I lived in Melbourne for 6 months about 7 years ago and this just reminded me of the beauty of this city and the great time I had there! Thanks for sharing! :)

    • I think Melbourne is a gold mine for photographers, there is so much to take photos of, I never get bored, and of course things are always changing. Thanks Penny.

  25. Leanne, as you know .. I’m a big fan of street life photos … this is eye candy to me.
    Hard to pick one this time … but I need to train my eyes. *smile I would pick “Lane” the bigger photo, think there is a car or truck in the picture. I think I have to visit Melbourne, because a one on one, what a brilliant idea.

    • I love the city Viveka, it is such an amazing place, well I think it is. The lane shots are often popular. You might just have to come one day Viveka, and let me show you around. Thank you.

      • One thing is for sure .. if I visit Australia … I will land in Melbourne too. Have heard so much about the food down under too. I will pick your brain when I’m there too. *smile Have been watching Master Chef of course. Love the Australian one.

      • Probably one of the things Melbourne is famous for, coffee and food. So many places to go and eat. The food is great, well I think it is. I’ve heard other people say the same out our Master Chef too.

      • US as Gordon and I love Gordon Ramsey .. so I watch it – but yours are fare better. It’s a UK program from the beginning – gone on for at least 20 years, but not the same set up.
        So Melbourne is on the list … don’t like Singapore – but I can stop over in Dubai, never been .. and Hong Kong that I love.

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