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Weekend Wanderings – Arcade Hopping

Most of you know that I am trying to get my  One on One Photography Lessons/Tours off the ground, and get them more well known.  Part of what I need is some great photos of the City of Melbourne.  So you can expect that over the next few weeks there are going to be lots of photos of Melbourne.  I am hoping to go into the city a lot more to see what else I can capture.

The other day my photography friend and I headed into the city with the idea of seeing what we could photograph between Flinders Street and the Bourke Street Mall. In the end we didn’t go any further than Little Collins Street, but we did see some lovely things in between.

LeanneCole-city-20140213-9094I discovered new things, like the arcade that is below the Nicholas Building is actually called Cathedral Arcade.  It makes so much sense, with St Paul’s Cathedral across the road, and then these lovely Cathedral ceilings.  It is a shame it isn’t kept to look as grand though.

LeanneCole-city-20140213-9103I photographed arcades and walkways that I hadn’t really bothered about before.  The most unfortunate thing was that it was around lunchtime and there were far too many people around, and it was so hard to get great photos without people in them.

LeanneCole-city-20140213-9106We also took some photos from the street.  They weren’t nearly as nice, as look at the sky.  It isn’t overcast though, well, maybe a little, but most of the white is actually smoke.  Melbourne has been covered in a smoke haze for days.  We have had far too many fires around the state.

LeanneCole-city-20140213-9110I wanted to get this image of The Block Arcade.  I tried to do a similar one before Christmas but there were decorations everywhere and a table for gift wrapping.  This time there were too many people.  I might have to work on finding a time to get this when there is no one around.  I love how the full frame of the D800 and the 14-24mm can give you so much detail.  I love that you can see the how the right angled arcade does actually look.

LeanneCole-city-20140213-9105Another thing that I think about often when I see many of our buildings is how they could belong in a Harry Potter movie.  The shape of building on the corner of another walkway.  Beautiful lines.  It is the same with the light fixtures in Centre Place, they are amazing, I have photos of those in the gallery for you.

I am hoping to start exploring the other end of the city a lot more too.  There are so many places to go and visit, take photos of.  Buildings hidden away that I know nothing about, but I want to know.  I hope you don’t get sick of my exploring.  I just want to be able to give people who want to do a  One on One Photography Lessons/Tours with me a fantastic experience.

Here is the gallery for you.


  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    I could never get sick of your exploring! These are beautiful! The rotunda and glass panes are amazing. I like the perspective in the outdoor photos too; the cathedral is austere and exudes strength. You are certainly a rare talent. :)

    • That is good to hear Jackie, I’m really looking forward to seeing what I find. Thank you so much, I’m blushing now. :)

  2. The more photos you show us, the more I want to visit where you live. You truly show its beauty.

  3. Very creative! You have a rare artistic eye! It is always a joy to see artists with a gift to see the simple things in life around us in ways that others never notice. :)

  4. Lovely set of photos again, Leanne. So agree that some of the buildings look like something out of a Harry Potter movie. They look bland but at the same time ever so enchanting. And very well preserved too and vandalism free. I’ve been in to the city a lot over the past week post-lunch and to me, it’s quite quiet.

    Looking forward to having you in my part of town more :)

    • I am so glad that I am not the only one that sees that. I have been coming a bit too, back in tomorrow morning, I need to spend more time in there. Thank you Mabel.

  5. I was here yesterday, Cathedral Arcade is absolutely breathtaking, captured beautifully in your photos Leanne! Have you been upstairs? There are some very old school boutique button, fabric and beading shops, as well as clothing and an old bookstore. Who knew! Marvellous Melbourne indeed!

    • Yes, I have been upstairs, it is like stepping back in time, really wonderful. Yes, Marvellous Melbourne. Thank you.

  6. Stephen says

    I bought a Nikon D610 a few months ago and really like it.. I found a review of the 14-24mm and found some really great images that when you soon in have such detail in them. A very nice lens but seeing as it costs as much as my camera I think I will need sometime to save up HAHA.. Love the shots ..


    • I love the 14-24mm, though I have to learn when it is good to use it and when not. It is a great lens though and yes, very pricey. Thank you Stephen.

  7. wow, what a cool idea for you to teach – I look forward to seeing the upcoming pictures and I hope you get your idea gaining momentum

    • Thank you, I hope it is a cool idea, I know I can teach, I do that already, but I think doing these would be wonderful.

  8. Leanne is my favorite Photographer’s. I gaze at her images like they were prized, historical paintings in an art museum.

  9. leta1950 says

    Awww…I was just in Melbourne! I wish I had seen your one on one photography tours before I left I would have signed up! I just left two days ago and already I miss it. Maybe the next time I visit I can sign up (depending on when that will happen) I look forward to seeing all the Melbourne pictures.

    • What a shame, I should have started advertising sooner, ;) Oh well, maybe another time. Definitely, look me up the next time you are in town. Thank you so much, Melbourne is a great city and I understand why you would miss it.

  10. Thanks for showing me this fantastic architecture, and for sharing your thoughts about the ‘right time and place’ when it comes to taking good pictures. Your idea for one on one photography lessons/yours sounds interesting. Will you be using social media to market and promote your business?

    • You’re welcome and thank you, I do love my city. I hope they are interesting enough that people will take me up on them and I will use social media some, though hoping to get it out on the tourist sites.

    • There is Laura, I love the architecture here, so many great buildings. I still have so many to explore. Thank you.

  11. I just love coming here to check out your photography and thoughts. You just inspire me to want to go out and take pictures (even though I don’t know what to do with them once I have them..LOL) But I also get a lot of good informational hints from your posts. Just wish I lived closer so I could participate in the lessons. since I have so little time right now cuz I am the only one here to help take care of my mother, it’s probably okay actually. I do read a lot and think of posting, but get tired before I have a chance to actually get the thoughts into a blog… LOL Once again, thank you Leanne, for the beautiful pictures, the information, and the inspiration! <3

    • Take care Keli, it would be great if you lived closer and we could go and take photos. I really want these to be successful, so I am hoping that I will start getting customers soon. I am glad you get lots out of my posts, and I have to admit, I don’t know what to do with my photos either, LOL. They all sit on hard drives once I am done. I have thousands of photos.
      Don’t forget to look after you too. Thank you Keli.

    • I would miss it so much if I were away too long, it is such a great city. Thank you so much, more to come I hope. We are finally getting some rain. :)

  12. Tri Wahyu says

    I often used the place as shortcuts from Collins St to Flinders st station. It looks like the city have restored and repaired the place better today.
    Thanks for sharing it.

    • That end of the city has really come alive in the last 20 years, it is a great place to be. You’re welcome and thank you.

  13. Melbourne looks like a beautiful city. I enjoyed these pictures . Made me wish I could see these lovely arcades for myself!

  14. Your post bought back fond memories of a trip I had to Melbourne last year. I had a day and a half to myself to explore and I just couldn’t get past the alleyways and arcades! Thank you…

    • That is wonderful to hear, I love our arcades and laneways, and so I am always happy to share them. Thank you.

  15. What a beautiful arcade, you have some truly stunning buildings in Melbourne and still your quite a young nation, I’m now referring to architecture. More than 40.000 year old, I think Australia is. That is old.

    • Yes, the indigenous population go back that far, but as far as European settlement, or invasion, goes we are very young, just over 200 years. We have great examples of Victorian architecture, but not much before that. Thanks Viveka.

      • Somebody has said that the Brits wasn’t very smart .. when they sent all their convicts to Australia – they should have left them in UK and move all the others instead. I truly would love to visit .. and travel around a bit. Only the flight is so long, but I can do stopover in Dubai. .

      • haha, yes, very contentious the whole brits coming here thing. It is a great country, but I have to say that, I live half a world away from most people, LOL. It is a long way, but there are always places to stop over, many stop in Singapore as well. Who knows, I might convince you one day.

      • Leanne, you don’t have to convince me . and time I have plenty, at least I hope so … money maybe could be a issue. So many places so see … and so little money. *smile
        Would love to see Dubai and go back to Hong Kong.

      • Money is always an issue here, we never seem to have enough, but hopefully with our girls at Uni now, there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe I will actually start making some money. LOL I would love to see Dubai, I would love to go there and take photos, they have some of the best modern architecture in the world I think.

  16. countryphotogal93 says

    Not only do you have interesting photos, but you are terrific at photography. Right now, I am taking a photography class and I am learning how to use different tools on Photoshop and how to take great pictures. But all in all, you are a great photographer. Great job! :)

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