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The Same Sort of Theme

Since this week we seem to have been looking at Black and White Images, I thought I would go through the images I took up in the Mallee and see if I could find some more that would make good Black and White images.  Though I suspect I did the best ones the other day.  I don’t know, I couldn’t seem to make these ones work.  It could have been because I was tired, but you take a look and see what you think.  I will put them in a gallery for you.

Some of them you have seen before, so if you want to go back and see the originals you can.  They aren’t completely black and white and there is a little colour in all of them, but I do like that and think it adds to them, but I have to admit one thing I am learning is to be careful about which colour.

Short post today.  Getting ready for a cooler weekend, and hopefully a chance to get out and take more photos, or work in the garden, not sure which just yet.  Take care everyone.


  1. They all seem to be a bit dark to me but they are some beautiful images. I think it could be my monitor as I am using one at work! I love the last one and the lone tree!

  2. Nice work – perhaps being tired altered your judgment on how good these are – I especially like #7695 the sky has a cool/blueish tint to the the grey – it may be just because of the warm tone in the foreground.

    • Perhaps, not sure. I wasn’t sure anyone would notice that, I changed the opacity of the black and white layer so a little of the colour would come through, so glad you liked it. Thanks Robert.

  3. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    Is that corrugated tin on the barn? These are beautiful; I love the little church. And there is something appealing to a road disappearing in the distance.

    • Yes, on the side of the shearing shed, they made those sheds out of whatever they could find. I love the little Church, I have photographed it many times over the years. I totally agree about the road, they are so weird to drive on. Thanks Jackie.

  4. I like the images and, like you, really like having just a touch of color. I’m wondering if they would be more effective if there was less vignetting. I found that I was straining to see the images. Great images that seem really good for B&W.

  5. I love how you combined these photos, Leanne. The variety is what struck me and got my attention. I really like what you have done with them.

    Take care of you. That heat can and will drain anyone. Rest more often and just keep hydrating. This too shall pass, and the heat will eventually let up. (((HUGS))) Amy

    • Thank you Amy, that is interesting, I hadn’t thought about the variety.
      We are having a reprieve right now, it has been much cooler and much nicer, thankfully. I hope you have a reprieve from the cold.

    • I think that is the old Church Colline, though it could be a house. Thank you so much, I like the idea of mystery.

  6. There is just something about your processing that I love. It’s rich and deep and a lot of your images evoke a sort of solitary feeling I think. But I love the feeling. :)

  7. Hmmm. I really like them in B&W–especially the train station & grain elevator shot (great comp, ooo!) and the open road. Very dramatic. I don’t recall the originals, though—was the sky dark, or is that an edge burn/vignette? They just seem a bit dark and it sort of distracts me from your subject (not too much, just a little). I saw earlier in the comments, though, that it suited your mood at the time you did the processing—boy, can I identify with that some days! That is what can make it fun to go back to a photo sometimes, isn’t it?

    The shot with just a subtle colour is lovely, too. That’s always fun to do—it seems unexpected, still.

    Also, you talk about the heat making it tough to get out…just the opposite here! The snow dam at the edge of my drive was so bad earlier this week that I got stuck, burned rubber *in my driveway* trying to get out, and ended up having to dig my car out of the drive. So not conducive to cruising about looking for things to shoot! If it is not one thing, it is another. ;)

    • I have made the sky dark, in a couple of different ways. Yes, it make it fun going back, you never know from one day to another what you would do with an image. Thanks Jen.

      I couldn’t imagine now being able to get out my driveway. The heat never stops us from doing that. Must be really hard, the shovelling and stuff you have to do with snow. We don’t have any of that. Take care, be careful. We are having a break from the heat, thank you goodness.

  8. I tend to feel the same way as you do about b&w pics – they have to really pop when I do a first “trial run” before I will go the whole hog and edit them. Personally I find that the stronger the geometric patterns or general focus on abstracted shape, rather than detail, the better as the removal of the colour can help to focus on that. Particularly love the one of the tree on the horizon – such an Aussie shot, imho!

    • I think there are quite a few of us that work that way. I agree with you say about what makes a good B&W image. Thank you so much, I think the same about that shot.

  9. Difficult to say whether they are better in mono without the colour versions to compare against, but I suspect that the shot or the rail track/station is better in mono because of the strong dynamic range. The shot of the lone tree is just a bit of a classic, so that one just works well regardless.

    • Thank you Mark, I don’t know about the images myself, I like B&W, but I am not the fan of it like many other people.

  10. Jenny Overton says

    I love these. I find them very enchanting. Prefer some of these to the color ones :)

  11. lifelifedeathdeath says

    Looks like something from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I love it! Great atmosphere!

  12. I think B&W works best where there is strong contrast or you can isolate the subject. Some of these work well, others are a bit too uniform for me. I think subtle tonality works better with lighter images.

    • I don’t know how I feel about them Andrew, it is an interesting process to go through. Thank you for your thoughts.

  13. I like the first photo a lot. It’s dull but at the same time in just the right parts it looks glowing. Hope you rest well since you are tired. Yes, it’s much cooler this weekend and I”m glad about this too. Will definitely head out and not worry too much about things :) Have a good weekend, Leanne.

    • That is an interesting way to put the image Mabel, haha. Yes, glad it is the weekend, looking forward to relaxing some and yes so glad of this cooler weather. Have a great weekend Mabel.

  14. I love your blog. Looking a some of the stuff you do gives me ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Beautiful images, Leanne. Some times I feel like, through monochrome, we can convey the mood more effectively in an image.

    • There are many people who seem to feel the same way, I think I am still sitting on the fence with it, thanks for your thoughts.

  16. Oh so love these! The question is why. I am still trying to sort out the mental switch that is flipped when I see rustic, historical, old, abandoned.

    • Thank you, and I can’t answer that question, sorry, I am still trying to sort it out myself, it seems to be something so many photographers are drawn too.

  17. They are all great, but I especially love the church! I think my least favorite one is the one with the building right beside the road (is it an old gas station?). It seems too dark to me. I’m not one to ask about B&W photos though. :)

    • Thank you Amanda, I don’t know that I would call it a new style, more, me playing, seeing what I can do. I would like to take aspects of this for something else, but right now, am happy to just let it be fun.

  18. I vote for both. Work in the garden and take pictures of it! :) Our flowers are just starting to bloom. Fruit trees are bloomed out. We didn’t get much winter. :)

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