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Weekend Wanderings – Fun Near the Sea

The other day I had to go to Barwon Heads and pick up my photos that had been in a restaurant there.  Unfortunately no one bought them, but I couldn’t just leave them there.  It was a good opportunity for my daughter to get some more driving done and for me to take some photos around there.  I don’t know Barwon Heads that well, and I never seem to find a lot to photograph, but I do like the area alongside the river that goes out to sea.

LeanneCole-barwonheads-20140208-8528It was a very warm day, the car said it was 39ºC (102.2ºF) and it felt that hot getting there, but once there it was really nice by the water.  So in the end I just took photos around the jetty’s and the boathouse.  We didn’t want to leave the waterside, it got too hot when we did.

LeanneCole-barwonheads-20140208-8529The water was really beautiful.  Normally when you go on the south coast of Australia the water is usually very cold, but on this day the water was almost warm.  It was really nice and you didn’t want to leave it.  I don’t swim, well I can swim, but I don’t like going swimming, especially in salt water, so we were just walking in the water, and it was really good, I could have walked a long time.

LeanneCole-barwonheads-20140208-8535The water was a great colour too.  I love the aqua colour, it was stunning.  It hasn’t really come out in the photos.  I saw this bird on the end of the pier, and I got my camera ready as I walked slowly to it.  As it took off I took some shots of it.

For us here in Australia, maybe for anyone in the Southern Hemisphere, these are great shots to look at, they have a lovely cooling effect.  It is going to be 40 here today, so the rest of the day will be spent behind dark curtains with the air conditioning on.

I used my 24-70mm lens for these.  The ISO was set on about 200 and most were done with an aperture around f/8.  We didn’t walk far, but I did try to get as many photos as I could.

LeanneCole-barwonheads-20140208-8545We went into the boathouse after this and had a cold drink looking at this view, but inside.  I put my camera away, and then we saw this.

2014-02-06 16.59.52A whole heap of teenage boys started jumping off the pier, doing bombs and making great big splashes.  If I had my camera I would have taken better photos.  This image was taken through the window with my phone.  This is summer to me.

I am going to put the photos into a gallery for you now.  I am also going to include one of the photos that was hanging in the restaurant. Take care everyone, seems the world has gone crazy and the weather seems to like absolute extremes, don’t get caught in it.



  1. It’s strange to look at these when school was cancelled for the second day in a row due to freezing temperatures.

  2. Your images are having the opposite effect on me – they look nice and toasty. It was around -18C this morning when I got up, and we’ve had 30MPH wind gusts all day. Perhaps our weather can meet in the middle and we can truly enjoy taking some photos!

    • I am glad they are helping you too Heather. Sounds too cold there, and it would be great if the extremes could stop. Thanks Heather.

  3. Great pics and very cooling..i agree dive bombing off a pier is very Australian summer to me..i would have joined them….love leaping off piers…and love pier picks too especially underneath…the mosses and molluscs etc….might have a peek through my pics from the piers…that’s the way to spend today :) Bev

    • Sounds like a really good way to spend the day. I love looking at water photos when it is really hot out. I agree dive bombing is that exactly. I was so disappointed my camera was back in the car. That will teach me, I should always be prepared. Thanks Bev, stay cool.

  4. I Love Love Love water and looking at these great photos had my heart longing for beaches and turquoise waters.

    Thank you, Leanne, for sharing a part of Australia with us. Here it is still freezing but at least I am not wearing longjohns today. LOL No photo shoot today, for the weather is just not conducive for me or my camera for an extended time being outdoors.

    Please don’t get discouraged that no one bought your photos. This world is a tough one to even crawl one inch forward in. There is a reason for everything so perhaps these photos will sell to someone who will truly love them at another time.

    Stay as cool as you can and I will stay as warm as I can. I’ve never seen it this cold for this long. Like you said, the world has gone into extremes.

    • I am glad it has warm enough not to need the longjohns, I saw some of the photos you have been taking, they look fantastic, the type of shots I could never get.
      I am not disappointed, it happens, seems I am meant to make money other ways.
      I am certainly cool right now, our new air conditioner is working a treat. You stay warm too, don’t do anything silly. Thank you Amy.

  5. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    It’s always cooler by water – lake, river or ocean – and there is almost always a breeze. People are drawn to water in every country in the world. Your pictures are so beautiful I can almost smell the water. :)

  6. I’m especially partial to the one under the pier. I love being by the sea as well, glad you got to cool off! 102 is HOT!

  7. Such a lovely summery set of photos. The still water makes it all look very calm. Or maybe it’s because of the aqua colour. Doesn’t seem to be many waves.

    I went out today in the city. Stayed mainly indoors in the shops so it didn’t feel that hot until the short walk from the tram stop back to my flat. Got my ice cream today :) Hope your air-con was working well today.

    • Thank you Mabel, the water was quite calm, though I think that is partially because it was the river you can see where it heads out to sea.

      The city would have been hot, were there many people in there? I was in the city myself this morning, but very early. We left the city around 9am. I hope the ice cream was good and yes, the air con is fantastic. :), I’m happy.

      • There were quite a lot of people in the city. Lonsdale Street beside QV was blocked off and there was a mini fair set up with rides like spinning teacups. Didn’t stop to see much because it was so sunny there, but I might tomorrow when it’s cooler.

        You really are an early riser :D Glad you’re keeping cool, you will need it again next week.

      • It always amazes me how many people go out on really hot days, not me, I like to hibernate. Nice that people still went the mini fair. Cooler today after lunch they are saying, sounds nice.

        I do get up early, though I did get up much earlier yesterday than I normally do, only so we would be in the city so early. I am a bit over summer, now, looking forward to some nice weather. Actually I really want rain, would love some rain. Take care.:)

    • No problem at all kap, thanks for taking the time to look at it. It has been very hot this summer, and no end in sight, so more to come. Thank you.

    • I wish it were the same for us, I can’t wait to be thinking summer is a long way away.
      Thank you Marie, hope they warmed you up a bit.

  8. Remind me of our coast here in Northern California with out big waves. I know how you feel about your work not selling despite it being wonderful I’m sure. I have had a very tough year selling my art and it is challenging to the ego and pocketbook.

    • There are waves there, but as this area is basically the mouth of the river you don’t get the waves, well not big ones. It is tough selling work, I think photography is perhaps the hardest to sell, people don’t want to buy them because they figure they can take them themselves. Thanks Jo.

  9. Thanks for the warm up Leanne. Regardless of the heat, it seems like you had a nice time of it. Often we are all to busy to just enjoy what is around us.

    • It was really nice near the water, it is when we went into the town more that we really felt the heat. It was so much better next to the water. Thank you Robert, happy it warmed you up some. I am trying to take more time to do that, enjoy small places.

  10. Wow Leanne these photos brightened up my day. It is pouring with rain in UK, and blowing a gale so you brought a bit of sunshine into my life x Thank you x

  11. A day at the ocean … sand and sunshine, wonderful … when temperature so high is it the only place to be. +39C. We never have temperature like this.
    That lighthouse photo … in antique style, so beautiful.
    If you don’t swim – salt water will let you float safely. Thanks for sharing your fantastic day with your brilliant gallery.

    • It was lovely to be by the sea, it is always cooler.
      Thank you Viveka.
      I can swim, but I really hate salt water, I hate tasting it, yuck.

      • Okay, different matter … I don’t like salt water neither, but it comes with dipping, snorkeling and swimming.

      • I grew up in the country, a long way from the ocean, only saw it a few times as a kid, so never got used to it. I love being around it, walking along it, walking in it, but not swimming. My daughter hates the ocean because of sharks. Haha.

      • Sharks – tell you daughter that it’s only to punch them on their nose – and there is more friendly sharks and dangerous.
        But I would be very aware of sharks – you have plenty in your waters and there is sharks on land too. *smile
        The ocean is something very special – it give us all (I think) the ultimate feeling of freedom.
        I knew an elderly couple in Germany that never seen the ocean .. and they couln’t even image that boats could float on water – now many years ago.

      • The sharks where we are are very dangerous, We have lots of the great white sharks in our waters, so you hope you never get close enough to do anything back to it.
        I think you are right about sharks on land too. I don’t like the ocean, too much water, too deep and too dark.
        I think there are probably many people in Australia that have never seen the ocean, I guess it depends on your perspective.

  12. Very nice—I really like the lifebuoy shot and the seagull taking wing. It sounds like you had a lovely visit, heat or no (though I’m sorry to hear none of your photos sold, alas!).

    Your comment about wishing to stay near the water made me, like so many of your readers, think about summer and the cooling (but still balmy) breezes that roll in off a lake or ocean. Thanks for the reminder, even though the snow is up past my calves outside!

    • Thank you Jen, I was really happy with the seagull and I think I might have a thing for lifebuoys. We did have a lovely visit, it was really nice to get out of the city for the day.
      I was worried that those of you in winter might think it was too cold, I have been so glad that everyone has been enjoying them. That sounds like a lot of snow to me.

  13. I love taking pictures of the sea and particularly the waves landing on the shore. Yours are always beautiful!

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