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A Different Way of Looking at the Shearing Shed

It has been a pretty heavy week for blog posts, that is two posts about subjects that we all feel strongly about. I thought for today I would just work on some photos and have a light day so to speak.

The image I choose to work on was one I took of the old shearing shed in Woomelang when I was last up there.  You have seen the image before, and I’m not going to show it to you again right now.  So here are two versions of it for you.

– click on the images above to see them on their own.

The first one is I played with a lot, trying some different things.  The second is the first one processed with Silver Efex with the Nik Collection.  I haven’t been playing with that a lot lately and it was nice to use an image in it.  The only thing with the second one was that I didn’t like it completely black and white, so I let a little bit of the colour come through.  I think a real black and white image misses the point, the colour of the shed.

I don’t know how I feel about these images, I am a little on the fence about them.  I liked them when I did them yesterday, but waking up with fresh eyes, not so sure.

We have a lot more hot days coming again, not as bad as last time, but still enough to be so annoying.  I suppose it will be a good time for me to be working on my photos and checking out some new things.  I am so glad we got the air conditioner  fixed.  Keep cool if you are in Australia, and keep warm if you are north of the Equator.


  1. I like what you have done with these! It’s hard to believe that you are trying to stay cool…I hope you can! (:

  2. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    I heard Brazil is in the grips of another heat wave too. I truly feel for all of you.

    I like both of the images. The subject appeals to me, the old abandoned buildings have a raw beauty of days gone by.

    • The world has gone crazy, how much more extreme can the weather get. To weird.

      I love that old shearing shed too Jackie, though I found it hard to work on, it just didn’t seem to need much. Thank you.

  3. I agree Leanne, the first one with the colour works best for me. Fabulous! Re the weather, its a shame you can’t give us in the UK a little of that extra heat you’ve got ;)

    • Thank you Amanda, I think so too, the rust shed is really part of the charm. Imagine how much money we could make if we could bottle the weather ;)

      • If only! It is okay now, we got a new air conditioner, so it is much better, as long as we don’t have to go out. Thanks, and you take care too.

  4. Certainly a bit of color is where I would go – perhaps a mid point between the two would work for you. The shed is not so saturated to begin with that the color is distracting from the image. maybe warming up the B&W with a photo filter would do it – I’m a fan of warm tone prints – so I’m a bit biased on this.
    You are getting more heat and we just got whacked with another snow storm that shut down most of the mid-west and east – Enjoy the A/c – I’ll put another log in the fireplace.

    • Interesting point Robert, I don’t normally play with the colour too much with images of the shearing shed, maybe something to think about. Thank you.
      How crazy is the world right now, it is so weird. Can’t work it out. The A/C is wonderful so far, we chopped a small tree down the other day if you want to come and pick up the wood. ;)

  5. Love the shearing shed and it’s funny when you find a subject that has everything and you start to wonder why you play with it..seems some images are naturally popping the right way..i prefer the image with more colour..i think it’s the color and contrast with surrounds that makes it the great image it is..enjoy the aircon..heading off to town now and it’s sweat central..another weekend in hades arghhhhh! Bev

    • I think I am starting to find the same thing, I think I realise I prefer to find places to photograph that I can completely change, and something like this, as you said, has everything already.
      We went to Barwon Heads yesterday and it was wonderful in the car, we didn’t want to get out. Haha. I’m over it, over it completely. Take care, and stay cool where you can.

      • Haahahh I am too! and yes you end up thinking of doing a Thelma and Louise and just keep driving!! Barwon heads is beautiful. And you are right about changing images…but this then becomes a challenge to find an image you can change…my face would be a good start bwahahaha. Have a great day Bev :)

      • Crazy stuff, it is nice here at the moment, turned the new air con on early, so experimenting with it and seeing how best to cool the house down. I have some ideas for some photos, places I want to photograph and images I want to get, so I need to start planning and just getting those shots. Lots of ideas. Take care Bev, don’t be outside for too long. :)

  6. i like both equally well; each has a certain appeal to it and i like that you left a bit of color on the second.

    • I didn’t really like the image when it was just black and white and I think the hint of colour is better. Thank you Tonia.

  7. I have a bias opinion because my heart tends to be drawn to warm. Especially now with the weather SO cold. I like the left image, Leanne. It has an appeal to me personally. Sometimes I find the more I edit a photo, the less I like it, and I end up going back to the original. Or, scaping the whole deal and moving on to the next photo.

    Take care and keep cool. I’m sitting in my house with longjohns on, IF you can believe that. I went out today on a photo shoot and man, it was bitter cold. Just the thought of taking these warm johns off I just cannot do right now. And you have the opposite problem. LOL (((HUGS))), Amy

    • I think I prefer that one too Amy. I don’t usually find that with processing, but I am starting to understand which photos I can process and which not.

      OMG we would love the cold right now, it is so hot here and unbearable to be outside most of the time. I’m over it. You stay warm Amy, as best you can.

  8. msdeebs says

    I like the more colorful one. It tells more of a story.

  9. I like the way the sunlight on the grasses enhances the first, color photo. Also, if they weren’t side by side, I think each one would be striking on its own – you know, if we only saw one or the other.
    Stay cool, LeAnne! I’m struggling to stay warm here in New England!

    • I am so glad you noticed that Mary, I did so much work on that grass. I thought people might click on them so they can seem them individually in the gallery. I just added something so maybe people will now.
      It is becoming hard to stay cool here, how crazy is it, it is like the world has gone to the extreme everywhere. Stay warm Mary, stay indoors and thank you.

  10. I like the color one. Stay cool!!

    We are finally getting rain in California. I know from what you told me that bodes well for Australia.

    • Thank you Nia, doing our best, new air conditioner is making a difference.
      Sounds wonderful. We would love some rain here, I can’t remember the last time it rained, really rained, probably before Christmas.

  11. Have you thought about trying some texture layers? I think this image is a perfect candidate! I love old barns. :)

    • I did think about it Denise, but decided it wasn’t the right image, there is already so much texture with the shed and the dead grass, I thought they might get lost if I added more. Thanks

  12. Thanks for trying to send us some warm thoughts! Haha! I’m so ready for summer. I do love these images, there isn’t one I like more than the other. I know what you mean by coming back to a picture and not seeing it the same, that’s typical. But no worries, because these are very cool :)

    • I am worried about our winter, if you are having a really cold one, then we might get one too, though, it wouldn’t be as cold as yours. I am glad you like the images, that is wonderful to hear. Thank you so much Amanda.

    • I think there are a few places wondering where their rain went Gypsy, us included, I see it has all gone there, try and save some for us please. ;)

  13. I, too, like the colour image best… Fits in with the history of the thing? However, great image. Stay cool, I’m trying to stay dry! :)

  14. I like the first image better. Somehow to me it looks more menacing. You would expect that with the second image being rather black and white with a hint of colour, but it didn’t do it for me. Do you usually spend quite some time playing around with a single image? I’m guessing maybe, because there is just so much you can do with one image with so many effects.

    I hope your air con works, can’t wait to hear if it’ll really work :) I’m going out for an ice-cream cone this weekend, finally well enough to eat some nice food!

    • I like how you describe the images Mabel, really interesting. I do like to spend a lot of time on a single image, but I don’t do it enough. Since I hurt my back, I can’t sit for too long, so I find it quite a struggle. Hopefully it will get better.
      The air con worked beautifully yesterday, we used the new one we got put in, and it was really good, though today is where the test will really be. That is great to hear that you are feeling better. I hope you don’t go out today, too hot. Take care Mabel.

  15. Wish it would stay dry for a bit here in Ireland. Personally I like the first image best. I quite often like faded colour myself. MM 🍀

    • I don’t use the Nik collection enough, I really need to get back into working on images. I am the same, I don’t think it is always clear cut which one is better. Thank you Jo.

  16. I can relate, South Africa has just had a horrible heat wave as well! I especially love the first photo – I think the texture of the shed really makes the photo!

    • Someone else was saying that Brazil is too, what is happening, one half the world is boiling and the other freezing, or for UK, drowning. It is too weird. Thank you, I agree, I think that the texture on the shed it so important, and the colour.

  17. I like the first one with the color. There are different shades of brown, in the grasses, in the shed itself and the trees behind it. Those all pull my eye towards the picture. Looking at this, you know this shed tells a story! probably many.

  18. I’m very much a fan of b&w photography but I agree with you, a little colour in the image does bring out its full potential. Great work. Trying to keep warm here in the UK … and dry after the relentless rain we’ve had!

    • I think you have to be selective with choosing which will work best in an image, sometimes it is better to just let the colour shine through. Stay dry where you are, and thank you.

  19. oh it might be my tablet, but looks like the one on right could use a little more contrast, darken the tree in the background that way. you have a good eye…..don’t ever doubt that.

  20. Lovely what you have done with your image. I will be playing on a 30 day free trial deal and seeing if I like messing with my shots. Thanks for the inspiration to do something different!

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