Photographing the Landscape When It Really Isn’t Your Thing

LeanneCole-mallee-20140126-8286Today’s post on is about how I find doing landscape photography when it isn’t something that I normally do.  I have written the post on how I do it, or how I approach it.  It would be great if you could take a look, the post is Photographing the Landscape When It Really Isn’t Your Thing.

I have also included a follow up on the post I did When Does it Belong to Me.

Once again, I would really appreciate it if you can leave your comments there.  Thank you.  Not sure I will be writing anymore for them there, but I might do the same sort of posts here.

The post link again, Photographing the Landscape When It Really Isn’t Your Thing.


  1. Leanne, interesting piece. I love how you, and that you, share your process with us. My own work, and style, are very different than yours, of course, but I am always learning something from you. My work is different from most “bird photographers.” Many of them produce photos that say, however excellently, “here is a photo of a [insert name of bird here].” For my own work, my own favorites are bird photos that are also in a landscape style, such as the Hudson River School, rather than just showing a bird specimen in close-up. I feel than many photographic genres can “borrow” from landscape photography and result in more interesting shots. Just my opinion.

    • Thank you, it is good how we can learn from each other, nothing we do is the same, but for all of us, we can learn things from one another. That is very true what you say about landscape photography.

  2. Sometimes landscape photography can be frustrating. You plan a trip to a specific place because there’s a shot that you’re really looking forward to take, you have everything figured out in your mind, your backpack is full of gear and when you get there….the weather is the worst possible. So you take the best shot that you can, go back home, process it, think:”Meh”, check out Google for some images and you find people who took the same shot with a sunset that created a rainbow over a mountain pointing in direction of a perfectly visible Venus while a NASA Shuttle was passing by. Sigh xD

    • I can relate to this, every time I go out to get a sunrise or sunset it never happens for me, so frustrating. I can feel your frustration, I think the trick is to keep going and keep trying. Thanks

  3. Great article …. landscape isn’t my thing … so true, even I have manage at times, they mostly comes out so boring – even if I try to get a frame for the subject in the picture. More “playaround” is needed for me.

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