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Weekend Wanderings – Sights in the City

We went into the city this morning.  My husband wanted to get a game from a shop in there, so we all decided to go out and take the girls out for lunch to celebrate them both getting into University.  I took my camera and thought I wouldn’t plan what to photograph, I would just go with the flow and see what I got.

It was interesting to see the city, I haven’t been in since before Christmas, and all those decorations are gone, being replaced with Australian flags, I assume for Australia Day which is next weekend.  Here is a gallery of the images I got.  I will put explanations under each one.


  1. Hi Leanne, you inspire me to just go out and shoot pictures, however nothing that looks like where you live, WOW!! Mine would look like a turn of the century Rural town, however that is what i have to shoot right now. Thanks Love your blog!

    • That is what I like to hear, I like to hear that a lot. I think the trick is to go out and see what you have missed, I saw lots of things today that I have never noticed before. Shoot what is around you and see what you can do with them, good luck and thank you.

      • I just love your blog, because that is what you do, you know it is so easy to never see the obvious around you, however your pictures are just what I need Leanne, constantly taking the camera with me and shooting everything around me, here we have the Virginia mountains. an endless supply of shooting, yet I have stood here and said to myself there is nothing interesting. I always see things when I DON’T have the camera with me (you would think I would learn)

      • Thanks again, I think it is great if you can find things that inspire you around you, challenge yourself. Sounds like you live in a very interesting place.

  2. I love the crochet on the trees, so colorful and fun! The pianos for anyone to play is also very nice. Great photos Leanne!!

    • They are great John, and so many people were enjoying them too. The piano is a nice idea, I saw one up at the state library too. Thanks John.

  3. I don’t know what those desserts are, but they look delicious! What a yummy display! Beautiful photos!

  4. It certainly looks so much fresher than the last time I went in :) and the crochet bombing is happening in Bendigo too and it really brightens things up! I have seen also somewhere doiley bombing which looks awesome too..and the Royal Arcade has always been a favourite with me..memories of having a Spider before a trip to the cinemas :) great shots :)

    • I know what you mean, and the crochet bombing, forgot they call it that, is wonderful. So many people were stopping and looking at them. Wow, fantastic about the Royal Arcade, I love the arcades in the city. Thank you. :)

      • LOL. can I tell you a secret, I don’t like them. I think they are a little strange, but they are pretty in photos.

      • Nooooooooooooo..hahahaha I love them..spent a horrendous time making them here..did it after a few epic fails…..fussy little buggers that they are ;)

      • A lot of people like them, seems I am odd, but that is okay. I don’t like cheese much either. I have never tried to make them, they seem a bit too hard to me. ;)

      • Hahaaha..they are…I love baking so it was like taking on my nemesis..and I won ;) also had a few fails lol!

      • I can understand that. I used to think I really liked baking and cooking, then I watch Masterchef, I realised I’m not serious at all. Haha.
        I understand they are very hard, too hard for me.

      • Hahaaha I watch Master Chef and wonder how serious THEY are sometimes….the things some of them can’t or haven’t done astounds me…hahahaha..that’s the Virgo in me though..learn how to do it then tick it off the rep for kitchen ‘toys’ and cookbooks precedes me hahahhah :)

      • They are too serious I think sometimes, they are so into it. They must spend all their time cooking. I know I wouldn’t get past the first round in it, but then again, I would never go on a show like that. I have lots of those things too, my MIL used to say I had the best equipped kitchen for someone who didn’t cook. :)

      • Hahahaha…always room for more toys :) I take my cooking really seriously’s like therapy :) been a foodie since before it was popular..hence the reason I miss Vic Market …have farmers markets here but still I love the bustle and barter! loved Adelaide market ..still have not gotten to Salamanca market in Tassie. With the Harcourt Applefest coming up in a few months I am honing my Apple pie skills…have a title to maintain ;)

      • No, not in my kitchen, they are spilling over into the laundry. Hahahaha. That is fantastic that you love cooking, so many do, I admire the skill, but I am too slapdash with it. You will have to come down and visit the market again, I could meet you, have a coffee, maybe a jam donut. Apple pie, I love apple pies. You better get baking. :)

      • Oh love those donuts! and they have a stall with an awesome cannoli too ;) ahhhh Carlton and the cake shops……would love to meet up there..until this back fencing gets finished I can’t leave the house for hours! too damn scared the dogs will get a snakebite..and two weddings and an engagement put a spanner in the finances of fence building! I usually wait till hubby works from home then I can escape ;) ..paranoid me…last years applefest was fab…but the night before unprecedented heat and I was having Master Chef meltdowns with my pastry!! gave up and went to an old pastry I always used as a fallback and took out best Apple Pie and best Apple cake and Best overall..could have knocked me over with a feather hahaahha first comp entry ever…never even thought I was competitive….but now ;) hahaaahah :)

      • Well, I am coming past on Thursday, I could be your tester. I can understand why you don’t want to leave right now, completely. It would be scary right now. I hope the pies or pastry go better for you this year. ;)

      • Hahaahah :) I hope the pastry drama of 2013 doesn’t repeat..i had a win but the disasters up to it drove me bonkers!! let’s do coffee at the crematorium hahaha :) and if you like a mosey around the property on roo watch ;)

      • I could completely understand why don’t want that, let’s hope for cooler weather, the perfect pastry weather for when you have to make your pies. :) That sounds great, not sure what time I will get away on Thursday morning, but I am hoping to get away from here about 9am. :)

      • Kewl :) I will pm your fb with my mobile number so just buzz me..i’m literally 5km from Casltemaine :)

    • I love them too, they really brightened up the place. We did have a lovely time, it is nice to spend time together, and the weather was perfect. Thanks Carol.

  5. Leanne, Inside Another Arcade is very nice, I like that one. Thanks for your comments on my own blog too – really appreciated. MM 🍀

  6. Jenny Overton says

    I love these. Today we went to celebrate the kids getting into their univeristies at the Yarra Glen hotel. It’s because of you I took my camera as I now see things differently and I’m learning more about my camera/photography. So thanks again :)

    • Sounds like a special day in your place too, how excited are they about university, my daughters can’t wait. That is great to hear Jenny, I hope you got some great shots. My family get a bit annoyed with me from time to time, but they know I will always bring my camera. You’re welcome Jenny and thank you too. :)

  7. I like your images of tHe arcades, the street art and Another Statue(couldn’t work out what it was!) thanks for the wander….

    • You are welcome Sue, it was a lovely little state, very cute. It is a fictional character I believe. Thank you so much. :)

  8. As per usual, lovely images of the city. I find it quite hard to get decent shots of flying flags. My favourite photo was the tram one. I see you had to stop in the middle of the road to get that one :) I was in the city today too, it was very quiet compared to Christmas time.

    • It is funny that you were in the city too, I was wondering if you were and thinking to myself how funny it would be if you were. I take lots of shots, that is the trick, just keep clicking and you get them eventually. The ones today weren’t great, not enough wind, which also helps. Yes, I was standing in the middle of the road, it was a pedestrian crossing. I would like to experiment with more of them. Thanks Mabel.

      • The photos you took today were all of my favourite wandering haunts. Those are the places I pass through when I’m in the city for a walk. Looking forward to the next set of photos :)

      • I love all those places to Mabel, though I think I might have to branch out and start exploring some other parts, I am sure there are other parts that are beautiful too.

    • I love it too. It is a great city and it is hard to find bad coffee in it, there is a lot of competition. Thanks Martin.

    • The bombing is brilliant and starting to happen more and more. It is nice to see that knitting and crocheting are making a come back. It was a great day, very nice. Thanks

  9. The university gives a real sense of history. Super that they both made it.
    The piano is a fascinating idea. I’ve never seen that dared anywhere else.

    • I think I wrote it wrong, only the younger daughter is going there, the older one is going to a different University, but we are very happy that they both got in.
      I think it is too, I just wonder what happens if starts raining. Thanks Colonialist.

  10. Nice to just go out and shoot without any preconceptions of what you want to capture. What is the significance of all the green on the RMIT building? Looks like people we happy to be out and about – I assume the weather has cooled off a bit.

    • It was Robert, I should do that more often, it felt nice. I have no idea what is with all the green, some sort of sculpture, they teach fine arts there, so has something to do with that I am sure. People were happy, it was a lovely time in the city. The weather has indeed cooled off, thankfully, so much nicer now. Thanks.

  11. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    Grand potpourri! I can’t choose a favorite from all these but I do so love the child at the street piano.

    • I like that expression Jackie, that is wonderful to hear, the child was very cute, I walked past it a bit later and a guy was sitting there playing, it was really nice. Thank you.

  12. Sonel says

    It’s so beautiful there Leanne! As usual you took stunning shots hon. Thanks for the lovely tour. I truly enjoyed. :D *hugs*

    • I love Melbourne, so I am happy to share it with you. Thank you so much for taking the tour Sonel. Take care. :)

  13. A great tour of your city Leanne. I had never seen crocheted trees before, it’s really beautiful !

    • Glad you enjoyed it Jocelyn, thank you. I have seen many things done like this, but it is my first time seeing it done to the trees in the city.

  14. I don’t think I have seen such an intensive yarn bomb :-) funnily enough there was one here before Christmas – white crocheted snowflakes decorating part of the town .. but not as impressive as these trees … I love them !

    • They seem to do it a lot here, you find all sorts of things, bridges, bicycles. I love it, and makes things a bit more interesting. The crocheted snowflakes sound really interesting. Glad you like them. Thanks Poppytump.

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