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Changing the Feeling

We are still experiencing our heatwave here.  Today it is predicted to be 44ºC, and we have already reached 40.  My poor cat Tiddles just doesn’t know what to do.  We keep trying to cool him down, and I think he appreciates what we are doing.

The heat itself is uncomfortable, and annoying, but the worse thing about it is how terrifying it also is.  When we have really hot days like this, it means thunder storms, which mean lightning, and then fires.  There have already been lots of fires in Victoria, and with the worse day for winds predicted to be tomorrow.  I have a massive park across the road from me that goes along the Yarra River, so we are also on high fire alert.  It has never been a problem before, but you just never know.

The hardest part, and perhaps the scariest is that they are saying these are the same conditions that lead to the worse fire storms in Australian history, the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009 where almost 180 people lost their lives, and thousands and thousands of acres were damaged, and whole communities destroyed.  No one wants to ever see that happen again.

I know people think we are being whinges, that the temperatures are not that high, but we are all living on the edge of our seats, it is a scary time to be in the state right now.

Now on another note, before the temperature gets too hot and I can’t work on my computer anymore, I thought I would work on another image and see what I could do with it.

I did an image a couple of years ago and I was curious about what I would do with a similar image.


I have always liked this image, but over time my processing has changed and I know a lot more about Photoshop now.  I didn’t want to just repeat the image, but thought if I took another one it would be interesting to see what I would do.


This image was taken on the weekend, I showed it to you on Sunday and I decided that I would use this image.

LeanneCole-city-20140111-6464-2The most obvious problem with the image was the sky, so I tried to find a sky that I could add to it that would help with the mood of the image.  I have added lots of textures to the image to help give it an aged feeling.  I think I was trying to go for the feeling of abandon.

There are problems with it, but I know the more I do these, the better I will get at doing them.  I need to start collecting some different sorts of photos now, I think. Things that I can add to images like this that will help with that feeling.

I am going to put the images into a gallery now so you can see them a bit better.  Take care everyone.


  1. We were in Phoenix for a heatwave with temps(in farenheit 125 which is about the same as yours. It was horrendous. A minute or two in the sun and you started to sizzle. Was glad to get home to New England. Stay WET!

    • I can totally understand that Marilyn, the humidity is quite low. The sun really burns here, apparently something to do with the hole in the ozone layer above us. The house is being kept dark to keep out the heat as much as possible. I was using a wet tea towel yesterday which was really nice, will probably do the same today. Thank you.

  2. What is the humidity like there? We have heat indexes here of over 100 degrees f but we have high humidity.

  3. Be careful in that heat Leanne. Rebekah and I are watching the Australian Open and have seen how the heat is causing issues for the players.

    • Thanks John, it is ridiculous how they make the players play in this heat. It is far too hot, I can remember a few years ago it was about 40 or over 40 and on centre court it was over 65, I don’t know how they can think in that heat.

      • There are restrictions on the women’s games but not the men’s according to my tennis guru wife Rebekah. Soon you will be in winter as we are. Funny how we swap seasons isn’t it? Those temps are normal, everyday temperatures in our valley. Quite awesome really. :)

      • Funny that they put restrictions on the women but not the men. I feel sorry for all of them, though whoever makes it to next week will be relieved, the temperatures should drop a lot. I couldn’t imagine living in temperatures like this all the time, they are so extreme, though where my mum is they get it all summer long.

  4. Hi Leanne,
    Hang in there! I’d be miserable in such heat. For those of us who are used to the Fahrenheit scale, Leanne is talking about temps between 104 – 111 F! Yikes. I’ll be hoping/praying that the heat wave passes without harm.
    Love what you did with the photo!

    • Thank you Mary for the conversion, I have an app on my phone, but I just wanted to get the post done. It is supposed to be very hot again tomorrow, 42, before a cool change, we are all looking forward to that.
      I am glad you liked what I did, thank you again Mary.

  5. leecleland says

    Stay safe, thinking of you and all of Victoria and SA this week. Terrible weather.

  6. Leanne. I know this may sound a little crazy, particularly since you know the location..but since I don’t, let me throw it out… When I opened your post on my phone, pictures 1 and 3 lined up side by side in a manner that, at first, I thought it was one long panoramic shot as if you were looking into the corner of the buildings with streets going off to your left and right. Number 1 has the ‘spot’ of light on it, along with the glow over the top of the building, and number 3 is ‘naturally’ cast in shadow. As I said, it did not seem at all unnatural to me as I have never seen this corner before and have no preconceived notions. Take a look…

    • That is really interesting, I wonder why it came out like that? The building looks like number 2, that image has almost no processing. Glad you thought it looked natural, thank you.

  7. At my place we are having so much rain, and many flooded as well …

    Hope that everything goes back to normal soon …

    • Rain sounds good, but not the flooding. sounds cool, icy cool.
      We are expecting much milder temperatures from Saturday, thank goodness. Thanks Iksa.

  8. Jackie says

    How awful for you! Heat like that is no fun at all. My thoughts are with you and everyone battling the heat. I hope there is a break in the weather soon for one and all. Hang in there and stay hydrated!

    • Thank you, I think the clouds really add to it as well. There were clouds there, but they whited out in the image. :)

      • Me too..over this damn heat..well and truly and saying this is how it’s going to be in the future too…well Britain here I come ;)

      • I might come with you. We are going to have to start doing things to our houses so that they protect us more. Our house is useless, nothing stops the heat from coming in. It is so silly. We should build houses like they do for the coldest places on earth, that keep out the cold, then they will also keep out the heat.

      • Oh yes, I would like to be living underground right now. Looks like our air conditioner is cracking up from the pressure, just not what we need. It has never been very good in weather like this.

      • Great!! we haven’t got it at all..never seemed an issue we have very high ceilings double brick house huge verandah and insulation about two foot thick and ceiling fans ..which work brill..except these constant days have made it’s still 32 inside and it feels like 40..i hope your aircon can hang in!!

      • I want to believe it is just isn’t coping, but I suspect it is broken and not working properly. It is 33 outside and 34 inside, something isn’t right. You have a good house, I wish ours was like that. Ours was a crappy house built in the 70’s that is good for autumn and spring and not much in between.

      • Damn!! ours luckily was built only 12 years ago..they made some epic fails..but some things really well,,30 inside now 32 outside..but yes somethings not not look at it!!! walk away for gods sake…sure as you focus..well you know..

      • That is how houses should be built, my husband and I always said if we were going to build a house here we would build as though it was going to be for the coldest part of the world, and it would have been double brick. Never buy a flat roof house, they give you no insulation.
        Well just today to get through, have to work out now how to get the AC fixed. Better get it done before the next lot of hot weather, although I am really hoping that was it for us, what do you think the chances are?

      • Oh god I know..had a flat roof in our last house….nightmare!!! I think we may have some more bursts before summer is over…:(

      • Absolute nightmare, we are looking into ways to stop the heat from coming through it, apparently painting is with a special white reflective paint could be the go. We are also thinking of putting in a split system air conditioning unit in the lounge area so we don’t have to use the central one all day, just use it at night. The central one really doesn’t cope in this weather, when it is so hot and nearly always breaks down like this. Really not worth the 5 grand we paid to have it put in.

      • Yep some just don’t cope with the humidity and crap themselves!! there is quite a variety of paints as you say but flat rooves are hideous..and I remember only too well…split system is probably the way to go…I always look at what the rooms in hotels up north have….always on the lookout..stay cool today I prob won’t be hanging here much..another day in hades :( .

      • Just organised to get a quote for one, and to get the other one fixed. I think split systems really could be the way to go. We might slowly replace the whole house with them, put them in the bedrooms as well. Might be a lot better in the long run. No, I won’t be hanging her much today either, am thinking I should turn it off so it isn’t too hot. Will let you know how it goes. I sent you a friend request on facebook, at least I hope it was you. Take care, and stay cool.

    • Thank you Bernadette, there is a lot of thunder outside, so hopefully no lightning is hitting anything important.

  9. Thanks for the post! You are doing great work. Also, I heard yesterday that a friend of one of our friends lost their whole house and belongings to the raging fires!

    • I feel for your friends friends, that would be one of the worse things to have happen. I hope they had a fire plan and didn’t lose everything. Thank you.

      • I think they lost everything! I know our friend bought a cookbook that our son and daughter-in-law compiled to send to them. I sure appreciated how you reply to comments. It makes it feel like you are a real person and care about what your followers are thinking and feeling.

      • That makes it even worse, I think it would be horrible to lose everything, devastating really. I had a computer that the hard disk died on and I lost everything on it, and that was bad enough, I can’t imagine losing everything, unfortunately it happens here, and happens too much. That is wonderful to send them something.
        Thank you, I like to respond to comments, I think if you have taken the time to comment, then I should take the time to respond, and I have made so many friends from it.

  10. I had to look up your 40°C and 44°C to get an idea of how hot that would be in the USA. 40°C equates to 104°F and 44°C equates to 111.2°F. Yeah, that’s pretty hot!

    We’ve been having a cold wave here. It’s been as low as –25.56°C and fairly steady at 0°C for quite awhile, with the exception of just a few days. Send some of your heat “up” here, will you? :)

    • It is hot Cris, suffocating really. I am over it.
      Please send me some of that cold here, we would love it, maybe we can send some of our heat to you. Thanks Cris.

  11. Thank you for liking “ICEHOTEL.” I can relate to your concerns about the hot weather and fire dangers here in California. The grass and other vegetation here is bone-dry because it has not rained much this winter. If the drought continues and this coming summer is very hot, California could have some large wildfires this year. Stay cool and hopefully you will have a break from the heat soon. :)

    • You are welcome and thank you, California would be the same as here I imagine. Everything was very green here a month or so ago and now it is so dry and brown. I hope you guys get some rain, we had a similar drought a few years back, it isn’t nice. Take care.

  12. Oh goodness, I tend to envy people in hot places but this is a different ball game, take care and I hope it breaks soon.

    • No, don’t envy us right now, it is suffocating and quite scary, as I am right this a thunder storm is rumbling and there is lots of lightning everywhere, fingers crossed it doesn’t start any fires. It is supposed to be much cooler on Saturday, I can’t wait.

  13. You’re not been whingers at all Leanne – 40c is seriously hot and the fire risk is unfortunately all too real. I hope everything will be OK. Take care.

    • Fire risk is the scariest part, it is a real worry, not just for us, but for everyone in the state. Thank you so much Mark.

  14. I learnt a lot reading your post about photogrphy, about your area of Australia and e a new word: “whinges”! Photographically you make everything seem so simple, love these posts…and to think you have to get the work done before it’s too hot to use your computer!

    • Thank you so much Georgia, it is great to know people like these posts, well the images really, I do enjoy doing them, so it will be good to do more of them. Yes, whingers, whinging, it the perfect weather for people to complain.

    • I really wish that was possible, though we are meant to be getting some relief late tomorrow and Saturday is supposed to be very cool. I can’t wait. Thank you Sophie.

  15. I felt that the shot you played with looks like something out of a horror or zombie movie – everyone’s hiding because the zombies are coming!

    I was walking across the road in the city at noon today and my left slipper broke.I walked barefoot across the asphalt to the nearest shop – I thought I was walking on fire. I hope your cat has cooled down, and your house too. Best not to move around too much. Too hot. Too much.

    • I feel for your foot, the ground would be like fire, it is so hot, I went outside before to watch the lightning and had to go back and put on shoes, the cement was so hot. I can’t wait for the cool change.

      Thanks Mabel, I am a bit obsessed with the idea of a place without people. I like the abandoned, nature taking back things. It is really something I would like to do more of.

      • Yes, there was the lighting show outside and some rain just now but it’s still hot. I hope we all stay cool tomorrow. 44’C again, can’ believe it and I hope we don’t melt.

        I’ve always had a soft spot for lonely photos :) I think it’s challenging to convey this through night photos.

      • Yeah, we had that, but no real rain, unfortunately. I’m with you, I don’t ever remember heat like this before, it is so draining. Thankfully tomorrow will be followed by a cool change, a very cool change.

        I am the same, I love photos and artwork like that.

  16. I love how you edit your photos! Very beautiful! I am praying that your weather conditions improve and that there are no fires! That would be scary to have to be on pins and needles like that! Hugz, Lisa and Bear

  17. I really hope the weather conditions improve for the better quickly.
    The mood changes to that picture are really striking. Good choice of sky effect.

    • It is set to improve today, much later and after another day of 44, but hopefully the change will come early.
      Thank you Colonialist.

  18. Oh, Honey…that’s some awful weather. Fingers crossed that you don’t get storms when the cooler weather moves through, just rain.
    I love what you did with the image today, especially the leaves on the sidewalk. That, to me, is what completes the Abandoned look.

    • Storms are predicted with no rain, but that is okay, it will bring with it an end to the hot weather. Our conditioner has stopped working, so now I need to get it fixed, of all the times . . .
      I think you are the only one to mention the leaves, I worked on those a lot to try and get them to look realistic, at least a little. Thank you.

  19. I wish that I could send you some of our cold days. We’ve had the opposite weather, but its winter here–Polar vortex has visited numerous times. It does not sound as though you have air conditioning. Do hope that the heat subsides soon for you.

    • Oh Sally we do have air conditioning but it has decided this week or rather yesterday to stop working. Which is so annoying, you can get through the hot days, but you really need it at night. I wish you could send me some cold air, that would be divine right now. We are expecting an end to the heatwave later today, I can’t wait. You make sure you stay warm. Thank you.

  20. Sonel says

    We’re having a heatwave here as well Leanne and I do hope those firestorms stay away from all of you. Stunning shots and edits hon. I love the textures you applied. :D Take care and keep cool and safe. *big hugs*

    • I just read your post on it Sonel, lots of good advice, our air conditioner has broken down, so I might try the fan and ice trick today, hopefully out last hot day. We used to sit with a spray bottle in front of the fan and spray water on us. I need to find that fan.
      Thank you so much, I was happy with the textures, it is interesting applying some of the techniques I learned from the portrait stuff to the architectural photography, will have to keep trying new things. You take care too and keep cool.

  21. Stay safe, Leanne… Oh, and I found it interesting the image manipulation you did.

  22. I learn so much from your images! I look at them and then when I have the time I go on Photoshop and experiment with my images.
    I hope the heat wave passes quickly without any incidents. Try to keep cool.

    • That is great Tiny, nice to hear that. We are expecting an end to the heat wave at the end of today, and then much nicer temperatures next week, I can’t wait. Thank you.

  23. I hope Tiddles stays cool and that the heatwave subsides. The earth’s weather patterns are definitely changing. Regarding these images…I love both ways you processed it and OH, what I wouldn’t give to spend a day in photoshop with you! They are beautiful, and yes the image has an “abandon” feeling. I also look for skies to use in some of my images.

    • We keep wetting him, and for a cat, he is starting to enjoy it and I think wants us to do it. The patterns really are changing, I think looking around the world right now, it is hard to believe that climate change isn’t real. I know I think it is happening. Thank you Laura, I love Photoshop and what I can do with it. Maybe one day you can spend a day with my and Photoshop.

  24. Yes, the sky fix was needed as the eye is naturally pulled to areas of highlight – the only thing extra I would consider (to go with the abandoned feel) would be to crop out the underpass on the right keeping only the row of buildings in – so that your eye remains on the building and does not travel to a background that has “life” in it.
    Our cats too “melt” when it is hot – we try to steer them to the cooler tile, but they get set in their ways. Hang in there Leanne and best to all for no return to 2009 conditions.

    • I see what you mean, but I don’t mind the end bit, the only thing that would have made it better would have been if there wasn’t a train on the overpass. That would have helped a lot.
      Cats certainly do have their way, ours keeps going to sleep in the strangest places, he must be so hot. We have been keeping him wet, and I think that has helped a lot. This is meant to be the last day of it, with a cool change expected later today, I can’t wait for it to come. Hopefully we will be able to sleep tonight. Now I just have to get the air conditioner fixed. Thanks Robert.

  25. I love how no matter what picture you take you are able to adjust it and it looks like your own! You have such a unique style to all your pictures :)

  26. You have extreme heat – we have extreme cold. Sounds like Mother Nature needs to balance the weather a litle bit better.

  27. Thank you so much for this post. It, or should I say YOU motivated me to refresh long forgotten (and let’s be honest – never mastered) magic of layers and alphas. As for payment I’ve got a backyard full of snow, I could have it shipped ;)

    • I will take that payment, haha, brilliant idea. I wish it were really possible. You are so welcome, I am so glad that it motivated you, I love working in layers, you can achieve so much. The new thing I am working with is smart objects, interesting idea. Thank you.

  28. Between the original from the camera and the edited images I always wonder about what I like better and what I like to show and what is the truth and what I ought to show… Whenever I get to your photographs they are a total inspiration for all those reasons. From another perspective fight the pro climate change forces, you are in my prayers, best wishes, and solidarity in this respect.

    • Thank you Joseph on both counts, it is really nice to know that I am an inspiration to others. Now do you believe in climate change? I do, I have to say I have seen the weather change too much in my lifetime.

      • Totally! l suppose these days we have to try stop these climate developments as much as learn how to live with them and survive. So far on Vancouver Island it is not bad. Temperatures are mostly balmy but in this waterland the environment is rapidly getting dryer. I realize that where you are things are very harsh already and I hope and pray you find ways to deal with the situation.

      • You have made a good point, the problem we have here is that our politicians don’t want to believe in it, because then they can do nothing, and people are believing them, and not the scientists who actually know. Every year in Australia we break heat records, last year was the hottest year on record, there were several months which were also the hottest on record. We just had a heatwave that is the worse heatwave on record, 4 consecutive days over 41, it has never been like that in Melbourne before. I think the people who don’t believe should open their eyes and see what is happening around the world. When I was a child a natural disaster, anywhere in the world was rare, they didn’t happen much, nowadays, just open the paper each day and see what part of the world is experiencing extreme weather conditions. People don’t want to know because then they would have to act. So sad, my husband says the we are all doomed.

      • In Canada the environmental scientists have been fired their funding discontinued and industry’s scientists are running the environmental show and so it goes.

      • We are starting to see similar things happening here, it is outrageous, I just don’t see how a politician and can say they know more than the scientists do. Eventually it will catch up with them, and by that stage it will probably be too late for all of us. Sad really. I really think there should politicians should be held accountable for what they do.

  29. Wow, I am so sorry about your heatwave. We had temps like that last summer. Even though we had higher than normal percip we are now getting back into drought conditions and our wind is awful everyday. Needless to say, we are having wildfires as well. Nothing as scary as yours as our temps are still chilly – most days. It was 73 F last weekend, but the week before, we were down in the single digest. That is Oklahoma for you.
    Do you not have air conditioning? I can’t imagine having temps like that without cool air. Again, so sorry. Praying that you will be safe. But if a fire does come up around you, be sure to get some good shots. LOL We photogs are a sick lot.

    • We do have air conditioning but it has decided to pack it in, so now we have to wait for someone to come and fix it or replace it. It is annoying, the unit is getting quite old. Going into a drought is horrible, we just came out of one, a long one. You get tornadoes, they are too scary. We are expecting a cool change tonight, so hopefully that will be good.

      • We are having similar problems with our heater. It won’t work on the coldest nights. Its not too bad in the house, about 60. But now that I’m getting older, I freeze.
        We are also in drought right now in winter and keep having wildfires. I hope it starts raining soon before summer!~

      • We got our air conditioner fixed, but we are going to put in another one, a split system, so we don’t have to rely on the big one on hot days, which are coming thick and fast at the moment, more heat predicted this week.
        Fires are the worse, I really don’t like them. Stay safe and stay warm.

      • :-) we finally got some much needed rain yesterday; which i good seeing how we are in a high wind travel advisory. I mean how strong is the wind that they issue a travel advisory!

      • I have never heard of a wind travel advisory before, must be going to be bad, when is tornado season there? I am glad you got some rain, we have some too which is nice. :)

      • Funny you should ask; we usually start getting them in late April and May, but we have warnings for tonight and tomorrow. Our temps have been bouncing around from freezing to 70-80s. The extreme changes is what brings about the twisters. Yesterday it was around 85; today its much cooler.
        Will Rogers (one of our famous people) said of his home state of Oklahoma; If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, wait five minutes. And he wasn’t joking. Last week, one day it was 77 and the next it was freezing. (oh, freezing is below 32 here). :-)
        We still haven’t gotten enough rain in our area and what little we did get, the wind dried up before it could sink in.

      • They say the same thing about Melbourne Weather, we say we get 4 seasons in one day here, so true. Though we don’t get tornadoes. You make sure you take care and look after yourself.

      • We actually got a bit of snow, so our wildfires are down for now, but it wasn’t enough to moisten up the earth much.

  30. I really like what you did with this image. Great choice to give it that ‘abandoned’ feel. The mood jumps right out at the viewer. As you know I prefer gloom and darkness in photos. As for flaws, it looks good to me :)

  31. 348 likes … you must be doing something right *smile – this must be the place I found very creepy … and I still do – far too dark for my personal liking. I love the header image.

    • I hope so Viveka. That is good that you found it creepy, the image is about abandon and what happens to places when the humans go, where are we, so if it evokes an emotional response in you, good or bad, I think I have done well. The header image is part of the 12 apostles on the Australian coastline.

      • Leanne, well said – because that is what it’s all about – to get a reaction on your art is what is important.
        Sometime we dislike some art but still we want it.
        You haven’t published a bad photo yet!!!

  32. Hi Leanne,

    I hope it cools down for you! I’m thinking of you.

    I love what you are doing with these images. The sky is awesome.


    • Thank you Nia, it has cooled down, thankfully, but now we are getting high humidity. You just wanna say, back off and leave us alone.
      I am loving working on these images and really want to explore them a lot more. It is great that people like them.

      • Maybe the humidity will dampen the forest a bit. Hang in there, dear!

        Yes, these images are very evocative. The more I try to do things in GIMP the more I am in awe of what you do.

  33. We keep hearing about the high heat there and the dangers it is causing. PRAYING you will be safe.


    • The danger has passed for now, thankfully, we are in much cooler temperatures now, which is nice, though the high humidity is a bit annoying, but rather that that than the heat.
      Thank you Francine, nice to know that people care.

  34. I’m glad to hear that cooler temps are prevailing at the moment. You had every reason to feel afraid. I can only imagine. I found what you did with the shot adding the clouds and changing the tone made it tell another story altogether. Perhaps, something sinister. :-)

    • Yes, much cooler, very humid, unfortunately, but far better than all the heat we were having.
      I am glad you like what I did, I really like doing images like this, and I think this year I might do a lot more, eventually I would also like to put people in them as well.
      Thank you Elen.

  35. I really like the darkness on the left side in the first picture. It adds mystery; one wonders what is there, is it dangerous, would going there become an uncanny experience? In the third one I really like the dramatic sky in contrast with the solid building.
    Wonderful pictures as per use, and it is always fun and one learns a lot about oneself when comparing pictures from the past with current personal styles, especially when the object is the same…

    • Thank you so much, I like what you are saying about the images, very interesting.
      I couldn’t agree more, it is interesting comparing them.

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  37. I started to feel like a bit of a whinger too, until my 12 year old gold fish died from the heat (silly of me to mention I know) but it just reminded me that animals die in this heat, people die in this heat and how disastrous bush fires and heat waves and lightening can all be. It really is a scary time for people.

    • My condolescences to you on the loss of your gold fish, that is terrible. We have a almost 12 year old cat and he really suffered in the heat, poor boy. It is terrible and an incredibly scary time. Some of the worst loss of life in natural disasters in Australia have been heat waves. So don’t feel like a whinger, I think it is natural to feel that way in that sort of heat.

      • Thank you :) Yes it’s tough for cats with their nice fur coat, not good in Summer at all. I have an indoor cat too who was even flaked out on the floor with the air conditioning on! Anyways, thank you for all your lovely photos :) I LOVE your Weekend Wanderings posts, they are great!

      • Our Tiddles is an indoor cat, and he was lying in some strange places, we kept wetting him to cool him down. Our air conditioner broke down, so it was even worse. You are very welcome, thank you for looking at them. That is wonderful to hear, this weekend wanderings post is going to be about a place a long way from Melbourne, but still in Victoria. :)

      • Yay! Keep them coming :) I have been trying to do lots of Victorian Day trips too so I can use all your posts for inspiration. The last day trip I did was Walhalla, it was a great little town, the goldfields railway and mine tour were very cool!

      • I will do my best. I am planning a trip to Walhalla in Autumn, went there many years ago, but haven’t been since. It is a great little place and a photographers dream world.

  38. Wow that sure is some heat. Cris on Jan16, 2014 did the hard work for me changing C to F . Being in the USA I have always used F. California according to our friends is having 70 to 80 deg. weather but here in Georgia where we are right now it is much colder than I’ve seen since I was a young boy. Not as cold as Cris is having, it going to drop down to 17 F tonight. I have to say I’m freezing my _ _ _ off.

    • I have an app on my phone that does conversions for me. So I will have to check out those temperatures you are saying. I have been hearing on the news how cold it is over there, pretty scary. Our heat went, thankfully, but it will come back. We are expecting more coming this following week, though hopefully nothing like last time. Keep warm mh, and don’t freeze those off.

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