Hot/Cold Timetables

scsunflower-HDR2That is the title for the latest post I have written for  The post is about things we can do when it is too cold or too hot to go outside.  I hope it gives you lots of idea.

Hot/Cold Timetables, please take a look and it would be wonderful if you could leave your comments there as well.

If you have any other ideas, please share them.


  1. Great job on the article! I’ll definitely use some of your ideas on these blah days of winter! :) Stay cool!

  2. I enjoyed your article and you’ve given me some different ideas for indoor practice shots. For me, replacing all the blue hue light bulbs installed by the owners seems to be a real issue, now I wonder how I can use that to my advantage. Lighting and knowledge are my biggest issues; but, I still love to fool around with the equipment and see what I get. Thanks again for all that you do and for your continuous educational posts/articles.


    • Sounds like you have a new plan of action, and if I have helped you work that out, then that is fantastic. You are very welcome, and thank you too.

  3. For Australians in summer: see if there is some cricket/tennis on the tellie; go to a pub (as practiced by moi yesterday when it was 45C – sipping some quality beers at the local Belgian Beer Cafe). More generically: go write and publish another WordPress post, review blog posts containing snow and ice photos!

    • We have thought about going out, but I don’t want to leave the cat, the poor darling is really feeling the heat, so I have to keep cooling him down.

      Yes, photos of ice and snow would be brilliant right now, I love that idea. Thanks

  4. Bunny says

    In our Great Depression, during which 13 to 15 million Americans were unemployed and hundreds of thousands wandered homeless, there was also a heat wave that destroyed our crops. The sun was bright and the landscape barren. Photographers like Dorothea Lange made use of the harsh lighting to emphasize the despair and strength of her subjects. It was in the 1930’s, so the photos are really old, but, if you’re interested, you could look her up.

  5. Trying out photography indoors is a good idea when it’s too hot or cold to go outside. This might be a bit of a naive comment, but I think a lot of the time when people say they do “photography”, it is assumed they take photos of things outdoors, or at least go outside and take pictures of things. Indoor photography seems more challenging to me as it’s hard to get the lighting right.

    Hope you are coping well with the heat. I had to go out today for a job interview. It felt like an oven outside and I had to get off on the tram on the way back and take refuge in an air-con place. I didn’t get the job, but I am glad that I didn’t fall on the ground dehydrated.

    • Sorry about the job Mabel. It is too hot, tomorrow is going to be worse. My poor cat is really suffering, surprisingly he is allowing me to put water on him to cool him down.
      I think you are right, most people do take photos outside, I like to do both, and wish I had a home that was nice to photograph. It is more challenging, more things to think about. Thank you Mabel, I hope you are staying home tomorrow.

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