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From This to That

Oh man, it is currently 39ºC and a top of 43 is expected.  You can’t go outside on a day like this, you just melt, so perfect weather to spend on the computer and work on photos.  I had forgotten how long it can take to work on an image.

Remember this image from the weekend?

city-20140111-6467I decided this morning that this would be the image I would work on.  I really liked the composition, but I wasn’t happy with the view either side, so I wanted to work on that.

LeanneCole-city-20140111-6467-3hpmI cropped the image, and then I went through all my photos and found something else that I could use in the background.  It was interesting doing that, it kind of changed the whole way I wanted to approach the image.  I think it was great thing to do, and I think I would really like to do this more, it could be a great thing to experiment with this.

I have played with the colour, the curves, and added textures, all sorts of things.  I like the effect of the different layers.  It ended up being a massive file and was taking so long to do anything.

A friend of mine made a donation this morning to the blog, thank you Nia, and we got talking about some of the work that I will be doing.  I thought I might use this opportunity to tell you about a project I am going to be doing during the year with a woman I have known for many years.

Teresa is a textile artist and we have been trying to find a project to work on together for a while.  We have been playing with ideas, and we have finally come up with an idea.  We are going to use my portraits as the base, but the dresses the models wear are going to be made out of paper.  I will take photos of models in those dresses and then Teresa will take those dresses and do something else with them, that may or may not be used for other dresses.

I am really excited about this project, I love the idea of being a sculptor as well and making the dresses.  I think it will a fun project.  We really want to see if we can get an exhibition at the end of it.  One of the other things we thought we might see if we can do is a crowd fundraising thing to help raise some money for the project.  We haven’t decided completed.

During the time I have been writing this the temperature has gone to 40.3ºC, so I am sure it will reach the expected 43 very soon.  I will put the images into a gallery so you can see them a little bigger.


  1. Lets see… that converts to 109.2F which is a normal day here in Las Vegas during the summer months – but with around 7-10 percent humidity. Stay iced Leanne!

    • Funny what you get used to, we have very low humidity, it is usually a very dry heat here, though not as dry as it is in the centre. Where my mum is it gets really dry and very very heat. I will John, thanks.

    • But I want to scare it away, haha. I don’t mind the sunshine, but I really don’t like the heat that goes with it.

  2. The location depicted in, ‘From This to That’ I think would make a great backdrop for a gothic fashion study. I like these aged localities as they offer many photographic applications. I would be interested to see this location used for this purpose. Thank you for sharing this study.

    • I agree, it would be great, I think for a location shoot, though it can get quite busy, probably good for a composite. thank you.

  3. I always love your work Leanne! And yes, it takes a long time to work on an image, but your outcome is fabulous!

    • Yes, basically beside Flinders Street. Feeling it here too, the air conditioner is struggling.
      Thank you.

      • That sounds like a great idea, I have to go into the city tonight and take some photos from the new Melbourne Star, so hopefully that will be nice. Supposed to be air conditioned. I see on the news there is a fire in Kangaroo ground, that is too close for my comfort. Take care,

      • Exactly it ‘s too close..and as dry as a chip like careful with your Camera..i went out before to take a pic and came back camera was feeling a little too warm for my liking…you take care too..Friday is the real worry when the change comes in ..

      • I just looked at the forecast, that is going to be scary. The cabins for the Melbourne star are air conditioned so we should be okay, we are meeting the lady at 8pm, so hoping to get a lovely sunset. Fingers crossed.
        The fires are close, am wondering if I should pack up some stuff, just in case, we have lots of paddocks and grass land across the road from us. It has never been a problem, but you never know.

      • Always be prepared..last minute is fatal..and plus you can’t think straight..our stuff has been packed for’s a pain but cages by the door just grab computers and is always cooler in the city with the buildings providing their own micro climate just keep an eye on your camera still..mine was not happy..have fun!

      • At the Docklands should be nice too, near the water.
        We have never worried about it before, but it is too drive and I think we should do something, I will put the cat cage near the front door, that is a good idea. We can pack lots of things, but it is the system that I have all my photos on that is my main concern.

      • If you have a way of storing offsite at a bank etc it’s a good idea..but it’s a pin as you would need to backup everything and then of course you need it to work on and with…always a dilemma.

      • We are planning on getting some hard disks to do that with, just haven’t got around to it yet. But eventually the plan is to have two, one that is current and goes to a friend and then they are swapped each month as it is constantly backed up, that is the plan. I might get onto my husband about that.

      • Sounds like a plan am going to do the same can’t get those captured moments back..ever…Have a great night and look forward to the pics..for me it was mobile phone pics of me in my shorts in the bath with the dogs..more moments captured hahaha :)

      • I think it makes sense, and as you said, you can’t get them back. Thank you, just got back, it is a great ride. I hope you show the photos, looking forward to seeing them, hahaha. :)

      • Bad night but I hope you got some storm pics! she was a ripper show pity I couldn’t enjoy it out of fear hahhahaa :)

      • I don’t think we got the storm, or I slept right through it. The air conditioner may have drowned it out.
        I am glad you hear from you, was thinking about you earlier, was going to send you an email.

      • Thnaks ..all good but small fires all round last night was eerie…hot humid dark fat rain but not much lightning was crazy and really strong wind..another few crappy days ahead….tired :) xx

      • I completely understand the tired thing, I know I am going to be feeling that too. Glad there wasn’t too much lightning. We haven’t heard anything, so assume all good where we are.

      • Yep..small fires all round last night phone was going crazy….but quiet ATM..still no time for relaxing yet…dog pool here I come;)

      • Do you have to register your number? I was curious how they know. That is good that it is quiet, you can breath a little. Enjoy the dog pool. ;)

      • Mobile fire ready app that has the home and warning areas we decide programmed in to the mobiles..and yes the dog pool will be my BFF for the rest of the week hahaahah :)

      • I will have to look for that for my phone. Our cat is suffering, but it is so hard to work out how to help him. We are making sure he has lots to drink.

      • Poor thing..try stock flavoured icecubes (salt reduced ) in bowls around the house and as much as they hate it..get a spray bottle and spray seems garsh but it does cool them down..i also wet tea towels and wrng them out and drape them over them when they sleep..and just google fire ready phone can set warning and home zones our kids have it set to our area so they know when we know if there is an issue..

      • I am trying the wet tea towel, but he just moves away from, so now I am soaking it and wringing it out on his body, cool him down that way. I think he likes that. I will look for that app.
        We just had a thunder storm and the temp has started to go down, it would be nice to have cool evening before tomorrow.

      • They are a tad fussy about the teatowel…at least he is getting cool..i have resorted to all sorts of tricks..they seem to find the tiles the best…if he is a cuddler you can use it to pick him up with and massage it in..i hate when they can’t get comfy..mine all look like they are change here 44 and 20 percent humidity…dreading another storm..the Vic storm chaser FB page has some magic lightning pics! check it out :)

      • He is actually allowing me to wring the tea towel out on him so he gets wet, and I think he is starting to realise that it cools him down, he doesn’t try and run from it anymore. The temp here goes up, then down, then up, then down, it is crazy. I am over it, can’t believe it is going to be 44 tomorrow. That is way too hot, I can only imagine what it is going to be where you are.

      • Glad he has let you do that :) must be a relief for him and you! it’s crazy weather…I just went into Castlemaine..5 km literally and it was torrential rain dark as the ace of spades..get back here nothing zip ..still 37 outside and 20 percent humidity…the choppers are out I think looking for strikes and the scanner has them talking about the Metcalfe fire and the water bombers…I dread tomorrow as its been high forties already…melting…keep cool! :)

      • So am I, will have to do a lot more of it tomorrow. I hope we get some of that rain. It would be nice, cool things down a little. I am dreading tomorrow too. I am enjoying this chatting with you.

      • Just had more storms here..been outside listening to the radio scanner as the CFA put out a fire in Harcourt …two tankers got stuck in a channel but all are fine and they are mopping up…ate tea looking at smoke…bring on a wet wet cool change!! Me too nice to have a chats with fellow sweaty sufferers!! ;)

      • I hope we get them, would be nice to listen to rain. Harcourt is so close to you. Glad everyone was okay. There was a fire near here today, but they got it under control quickly thankfully. I haven’t been outside for hours, I should go and see what is happening.

      • Nothing’s so damn dangerous in the bush…and yep just 2 km to Harcourt..last night was over the highway from us …it’s getting tiring for everyone now..i am going out for a peek in a minute..i can’t remember where you are but think I know where the fires were today..i would get the app or even a scanner the scanner has a year left until they go fully digital..Hubbies uncle has been in the CFA for an eternity and I hope can tell us the best one to get..:)

      • That is really close,too close. I know what you mean about tiring, I don’t think people who haven’t experienced this understands how tiring it can be, you are too hot to do anything, but you are exhausted. I am near Heidelberg, we follow the Yarra River and all the parks that go with it. I have been trying to find the app, but couldn’t find it, will have to look again today. We get all the fire information stuff each year, so imagine they think we are in a danger area. It is good to get the info on your phone.

      • Yep Helidelberg is in a pretty bushy area too!! I will find the info and try and send you the link…will have a peek now and yes another crappy night! :)

      • Yes very bushy, we have never had fires through here, but the parkland is very overgrown and very very dry, a idiot who likes to light fires, or someone being irresponsible with a cigarette could do a lot of damage. We have had some fires across the road, probably from cigarettes thrown out of car windows, but the fire brigade had got onto them rather quickly so no real damage. They were small. If you can find me the link that would be great, thank you. I just talked to my mum and there are fires up in the Mallee, but not near her thankfully.

      • I hope your mum stays safe bad place to be in this weather….and when something hasn’t burn for years the worry is it’s overdue …..arrrgggghhhh summer be gone..

      • I know what you mean, she said she keeping a look out, so that is something, she will just stay in her little house with her air con on. She is watching the tennis I think.
        I don’t know what Parks Victoria do about the parks, but so many trees have died over the last few years, you used to be able to see clearly through the bushland, but not anymore.

      • Yep the old policy of if it dies it must be left as habitat…thing is there won’t be any habitat if it all burns hot…we check fallen trees here for hollows..any with hollows are left as habitat otherwise fire wood… no point leaving it to be a fire risk as the poor wildlife would die anyway…who knows what they think…

      • That is so true, I suspect the reason they don’t burn it off around here is because of where it is, but seriously, they need to go in there and do something. It is so dry. There are animals everywhere in it, and you are right, if it burns it is the animals that will really suffer, most will die because there is no where for them to go. I suspect the biggest problem is money, I am sure Park Victoria is strapped for cash too and don’t have the resources, don’t get my started and our governments and how they squander our money.

      • If you go to the CFA website it will have the options and info on downloading the app..when you get t it will step you through setting up watch can do these for your area and areas you may wok in or travel to :)

  4. Totally incredible the effect you came up with. I believe another commenter mentioned gothic, and yes, that is exactly the “feeling” I got as I looked at the second photo. Great job, Leanne. And what you are describing in doing, sounds exciting. Good for you!!

    Keep cool! And lots of fluids. You’ve gone from rain rain rain to extreme heat. Wow!

    • Yes another person did mention gothic Amy, that is fantastic, I like that word. I am looking forward to the project.
      We have gone from one extreme to another, it is hot here, we are certainly feeling it, the air conditioner isn’t liking it.

  5. Love the edited picture. It looks like something out of an olden day, medieval movie set. I’m sure you’re having fun with the images at home! I went out today and came back at 2pm – it was like an oven outside. Luckily I was wearing all white :)

    • Thank you Mabel, I like the abandoned feel to it, that was kind of what I was going for. I just had to pick up my car and it is terrible. Suffocating. I just heard on the news that there is a fire just north of me, in Kangaroo Ground, that is too close to home. Take care, and stay cool.

  6. Sonel says

    You are truly a magician when it comes to editing Leanne and your photo’s always comes out beautifully. Thanks for sharing hon and hope it cools down quickly there. Here we’ve been having just as hot weather and it makes me grumpy. I am so grateful for the pool. Have a lovely day! *hugs*

    • You are too kind Sonel, they don’t always, but I do try. I hope it does too, I am watching the news right now and there seems to be fires everywhere, which is to be expected, unfortunately, one being not too far away. Take care, lucky you have a pool, stay cool too. Thank you.

      • Sonel says

        Sorry to hear about the fires Leanne. It always makes me sad to think that so many animals die in it and it’s so dangerous too. I hope it stays away from your home. Take care hon and thanks, I will. You must too. :D *big hugs*

  7. Leanne …….I could do with some of that heat on my bones just now, cold here in Scotland! Your new collaboration sounds great, will look forward to the seeing what you do. X

    • You have have the heat, please take it, LOL. It is a shocker, and we still have 3 more days of it. I am looking forward to the collaboration, should be really good. Thank you.

  8. ‘m in awe of your artist’s eye that somehow knew how those changes would transform an already amazing shot into its own world.

    The paper dress project sounds incredible. My office in Seattle was across the street from the boutique of Luly Yang, the famous designer. Her windows often displayed her first design prize winner, the paper Monarch Butterfly dress. Pictures don’t begin to do it justice. Too bad she didn’t have you!

    • Thank you Barb, that is a lovely thing to say.
      That is a pretty amazing dress, not sure how mine will turn out, but if they are anything like what is in my head they will be great.

  9. I had to run your temperatures through my converted a couple of times as i could not believe just hot hot it was there (in degrees F). yes, a perfect thing to do is to sit and work on images. Interesting idea your upcoming project – will look forward to see what you two come up with. I think you are heading in a good direction with your work from the other day’s shoot. I too have been having slowdowns with processing…more RAM is certainly needed for me and my 16-bit images.

    • We can believe it Robert, it is suffocating, quite exhausting, and we still have 3 more days of it. Yuck. It was nice to just sit and work on the photo. Will see how I go, my hand sticks to my Wacom tablet in this heat, haha. Thank you, I was quite happy with how that image come out. Oh yes, the slowdowns, they are so annoying, more RAM is definitely needed, the images just get too big. Thank you Robert.

  10. The project sounds fascinating. Many decades ago I was a fiber artist–weaver and basketmaker. My most favorite pastime was hunting for materials in nature–grapevine, honeysuckle, reed. I also played with felting and paper making. Your project has limitless possibilities. Textiles are sumptuous and inspirational materials to perk your creativity.

    • I think the same, there are so many things you could do. My mind is going nuts with all the ideas. Sounds like you had some fun with it all. Thank you Sally.

  11. I love the background Leanne. I wish the finished images was a little brighter so I could see the details in the shadows; but I know your love for darker images and it is so you. :-) Beautiful.

  12. Even a crop like that needs to be done in just the right spot, but then the background – that must have taken some doing without getting heated up enough to match the outside temperature!
    The paper idea sounds challenging, as long as you don’t add too many strings to your bow.

    • When I did the background it was before it got really hot here, though if I were doing it this morning, I don’t know how I would be, it is 7.30am and it is already 29, going to be horrible today, so maybe no photos, haha.
      Thank you Colonialist, I think this project will be a natural progression from the portraits I was doing last year, that is the aim anyway.

  13. The paper dress project sounds intriguing. With the different quality and grades of paper now available, it’s not like the paper will fall apart when the model moves.

    • That’s great David, and yes, there are so many different papers, I have so much paper here, so I should be fine with what I have so far. The good thing about this is that it doesn’t really have to last, just long enough to get some photos.

  14. Leanne, it looks like to completely different photos … the dark one is very dramatic and heavy and the ground looks like it’s cracked and totally dried out. I love the dark photo, but it’s scary. Not a place I one day will end up in, a bit like I could image Hell. Brilliant job.

  15. Melbourne weather, I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way… although these hot days do worry me with the potential for fires and history has shown they can be vicious. Only a couple of weeks ago I had the heater on!… still.. melbourne weather…
    Love the photo & Project sounds amazing.

    • I like Melbourne weather March to November, I don’t mind the summers when we get the odd day of 40, but a whole week of it, nuh, I don’t like that. Too much. The fire thing really scares me too. It has never been a problem here, but where we live is in a possible spot for fires, we live near the Yarra, so some idiot deciding to see what a fire here would be like does worry me. I can’t believe the change either, I think I had the heater on last week, haha.
      Thank you Dina.

  16. Last Tuesday I was huddled inside, but for the -10C weather, I’d not melt. You’ve succeeded in turning one place into another. I haven’t approached this with my work, but perhaps someday I’ll make a fantasy Gotham from all the NYC photos I’ve collected over the years. Your image is inspirational in that regard.

    • It is horrible here at the moment, we really are melting, still only two more days of over 40 to go and then some normality, hopefully this will be the worse of it this summer.
      Playing around with images can be really great, you never quite know what you will get. I always find it is good to start with no preconceived idea of what the finish will like, I just know when I think I am done. Thank you so much, I hope you will go and see what you can do.

  17. I hope you have been staying cool this week Leanne. It’s the perfect weather for indoors work. Your new project sounds amazing and an exhibition of Teresa’s costumes and your photos would be perfect together.

    • Trying to Carol, our air conditioner is coping well, though it is keeping the house cooler than it is outside, but it is still hot. I think we got summer with a vengeance, thought we were so lucky when the rest of the country was getting it. Not happy now. Thank you so much, the project should be great, I hope.

  18. EvaUhu says

    I really like the outcome of your photo transformation.. the whole dark-medieval-gothic-apocalyptic mood… :-)

  19. Wow, that is hot. I finally got unlazy enough to find a conversion chart. 43 is hot, 109 for us! We get that hot in the summer and more. The hottest I can remember is just under 48. :) Don’t come here in August! :) M

  20. Hoping for a little coolth [ I know ’tis not a real word ;-) ] in your life right now Leanne .
    Love how you have obliterated the distracting view under the railway bridge !
    Paper dresses !! Can’t wait to see … imagine the ‘woodland bride’ attired in stitched torn edge paper and the breeze lifting layers …

    • Great word, and yes we have received some relief, the cool change has arrived and the house is slowly cooling down. Our air conditioner broke down in the middle, so it has been very uncomfortable, we think it might be time for a new one.
      Thank you Poppytump, not sure the view I put in works, but it doesn’t really matter I think. Glad you like it.
      I am looking forward to making the dresses, should be a lot of fun, and hopefully they will look great.

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