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Weekend Wandering – Flinders Street

This coming week is going to be a hot one here.  While the Northern Hemisphere is freezing, us in the south of Australia are going to be melting.  We have 5 days of hot days, from 34ºC to 41ºC, so the best thing to do in temperatures like that, is nothing, really, don’t go out, stay indoors.  Close all the curtains, keep the heat out, and just stay as still as possible.

To prepare for the heat, I thought I should take some photos that I could spend some time working on.  So yesterday when I was in the city I went for a walk along Flinders Street, and under the train line to get some images that I could try and do some art images of.

The cricket is on, so I won’t talk long today, but instead show you a selection of the images I took yesterday.  I haven’t really done anything to them much, just processed them in Camera Raw, I will leave the other stuff to do during the week.

I don’t know which ones I will do yet, but these are all the ones that I think have some potential.

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, stay warm and safe.  If you are in the south of Australia, stay cool and drink plenty of fluids.


    • It should be good fun, thank you Sally, staying cool is definitely important this coming week, and glad you are staying warm.

    • I have to admit, I did do things like wait for people to leave, it is a great spot, I didn’t do the Banana Alley Vaults, maybe I should have. Thank you so much Leanne.

  1. These pictures really do get to the bottom of what trains run on! :)

    Those termperatures are definitely overdoing it. We have 26 C inside – and I am about to go for a swim.

    • They certainly to, they hold up a lot.
      Those temperatures and just too much. That is warm too, swimming sounds nice.
      Thanks Colonialist.

  2. Great photos. The saddest thing about the Flinders Street rail line is the number of homeless who sleep under it. :(
    I saw them last time I was down there.

    • I didn’t see any Suz, but I did see a lot of bags and clothes under another bridge close by. I wasn’t sure what they were from, as there were no people there.

  3. Hello Leanne,
    The train lines look an interesting place, and what struck me was that you’d have no idea from the photos just how high your ambient temperatures are/will be. It’s quite a brooding colder looking structure. Maybe you can set them ‘on fire’ with some tinkering??? But funny that you’re going to be stuck inside because you’re too hot, and we’re stuck inside because we’re too wet! Enjoy the cricket!
    BW, Julian

    • Interesting idea, though not sure I want to see anymore heat, haha. It is quite an amazing place. It is strange how we are all stuck inside. Thank you Julian, I am enjoying the cricket.

  4. I chose to stay home all this weekend to get stuff done…I have no choice but to brave the heat in the city these next few days! A glum looking set of Flinders Street photos you took. The clouds in most of them makes it looks like its autumn or winter. Still, photos are as sharp and picturesque as ever :) Random question – do you every wear sunnies while taking photos in the summer? I find it hard to see colour around me with shaded eyes.

    • Take care in the heat Mabel, I hope you don’t have to spend too much time out in it. The overcast sky was a little annoying for the photos, but there are always options. I do often wear sunglasses, not sure if I was for these, don’t think I was. My eyes are very sensitive to light, so I have to wear them a lot. I often have no idea what I have until I see the photos on the computer.

      • Thanks, Leanne. Luckily my place is no more than ten minutes from the city. Interesting to hear that you don’t know what you have until you see the photos at home on the computer. Sometimes I see photos I have taken on my point and shoot’s screen and think they look ugly. But on the computer it’s a different story.

      • That is great to hear Mabel. I look at what the image looks like, mainly for exposure, check that it seems alright, but you never really know what you have until you can see it bigger, on the computer screen. I have learned to not take too much notice of what I see on the camera screen.

  5. I’m interested to see how you’ll process these. Processing is one of my weak points – one to work on. :)

    • Processing can be so much fun, but I have also spent many, many hours working out how to do things. Thank you so much.

  6. I’ll trade you some bitter cold for some warm temps. Meanwhile you’ve got a solid plan to stay inside and work on your marvelous images. I’m interested to see what you select to process.

    • Done, I will take that trade. Yes, solid plan, and hopefully will get lots of work done. Thank you so much, time will tell whether or not I can do anything with them.

  7. You are doing the same with the heat as i have done here with the cold. My trip to the Montgomery Company was a 50°F day just before the big freeze – which is why I shot like a maniac while there and have been “living” off the posts. Good luck on working with these – they do look like they could have some potential. Stay cool!

    • It is a great idea, I wish I had done more though. I do have to go out tomorrow and do some photos, but hopefully it won’t be too bad, I’m going out in the evening. Lots of shots, and I can try some new things. Thank you Robert, you stay warm.

  8. Eek! Stay cool Leanne! I’m looking forward to seeing the “afters” 6475 has that Leanne look to it, lol. they all do but I sort of see that one processed! I also love the one with graffiti. I’ve often wanted to take graffiti pics but I’d probably not make it out alive where those are.

    • I will do my best Laura, we bought new curtains to try and block the heat, hopefully they will work. Maybe if you take photos of graffiti you should go with other people, that is always a good idea. Thank you.

  9. Hi, Leanne! I cannot even imagine temperatures that high! Here we have gained some warmth, thank God! Stay safe!

    Love your presentation again. My favorite is the shot of the stairs. Perhaps it reminds me of my Life … climbing ever upward to get “it” right. (smile)


    • I wish I could say I couldn’t imagine them, but I have been experiencing them all the my lift. I am so glad to hear you are getting some warmth, it has been horrible what has been happening there too.
      Thank you Amy, lots of photos to play with. The stairs are weird, they seem to lead to nothing, I couldn’t work them out. Take Care.

  10. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    Stay cool where you are. Divide the work inside and outside for optimal temps.

    I love the elevated train supports. :) And it must be cooler underneath.

    • Hopefully there will be very little outside work to be done Jackie, hopefully will be indoors most of the time.
      Thank you, I really like them too, they are quite interesting. I don’t know if it is or not.

  11. I don’t really understand it, but I love the lines of architectural photos. You do a wonderful job capturing these images.

    • Yeah, the lines that the rail columns offer are good with plenty of opportunities. Good eye Leanne, most people would just walk straight past this.

      • Thank you, I love those columns and that space underneath, I should go back another time when the weather is better.

  12. As always, love your photos!
    Up here, in the Northern Hemisphere, I’m staying warm in front of my t.v., watching the Australian Open in Melbourne! Wow! HOT!

  13. I can already imagine you doing pretty nice photo shoots with the brick bridge columns as a backdrop… :)

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