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Weekend Wanderings – A Quick Visit to Nagambie

Remember the other day, how it was my birthday, but I was sick and had to cancel a planned day out with a friend?  Well, she called me on Thursday night to ask if I were feeling better, and would I like to go the following day, which was yesterday.  I was feeling a great deal better, actually totally over the gastro that I had and ready for my day trip.  So we set off for Nagambie, a relatively small town about an hour and half from Melbourne.  It is north of Melbourne and off the Hume Freeway.

nagambie-20140110-6297Sometimes when I go to places I don’t get a lot of choice about time or type of day for taking photos.  Ideally you wouldn’t go to a place and take photos in the middle of the day, or on a day that is over 30ºC, but when you have a friend that says I want to take you out for the day, well, you can’t say no.  I thought, I am going and I am going to take some photos.  She was keen to show me around the main street, so I took photos of that.

nagambie-20140110-6292One of the things the town is very proud of is that the racing horse Black Caviar was born there, and since she has went on to be the fastest horse in the world for a time, though now retired, the town have erected a statue in her honour.  I was told about the statue before I went, and expected it to be of a horse just standing there, I had no idea it would be anything like this.  I think it is fantastic and well worth taking a look at.

The statue that hasn’t been without its own controversy.

nagambie-20140110-6291Where the statue sits, there was a Church, then in 2003 a truck went through it, I don’t know the exact details, but there is a photo of it.  The Church was pulled down and many locals were angry that the statue was erected on the same spot as the Church.

nagambie-20140110-6300Of course there is a lot more to see in the town besides the statue.  We were shown around the Mechanics Institute by a lovely woman that volunteers at the Op shop in the front of it.

nagambie-20140110-6313I guess in most towns there are going to be things to see, and little details that the locals probably don’t even think about.  Things left from the past, that the present hasn’t destroyed yet.  I love the old signs.

We had lunch there in one of the pubs, then headed out of town to a small property.  Part of the reason for going up there was to see my friends new house.  They have recently purchased a place for her and her family to spend weekends.

nagambie-20140110-6327  This is the driveway, and it is like this everywhere.  That isn’t the house up there, but they like to tell people it is.  I didn’t really take any photos of the house, but did take a few of what is around it.  Lots of trees, and possibly lots of snakes.  We walked around a bit, well we stomped around and didn’t see any, thank goodness.  It was a lovely spot.  Very dry, though, which is a little scary.

I have many more photos to show you and will put them in a gallery.  Nagambie is a lovely town and they do have a website, Nagambie Lakes.  I haven’t done a lot of research on the town, but I know I have missed things and would definitely like to go back again, but perhaps when it isn’t so hot.

Photography information, well, I hand held everything.  I had my aperture set on around f/11.  The ISO was on 250, mainly because I was bracketing shots.  I find when it is so bright it is good to bracket, so I can choose between camera correct and  underexposed, and mostly did choose the latter.  I was using the Nikon D800 with the 24-70mm lens.  All images have been further processed in Photoshop, but only in camera raw, and nothing extra has been done to them.  All basic editing.


  1. I did enjoy these. They should have kept the church impaled by a truck as a tourist attraction, and put the statue somewhere else. Did they replace the church, I wonder?
    Did that tree think your camera was a gun? :)

    • Now that would have been a great tourist attraction, LOL. No they didn’t replace the Church, as far as I know. They could have done that easily, and I think it upset many in the town that they put the statue where the Church was.
      Took me a few seconds to work out what tree you were talking about, the grass tree, funny. Thanks Colonialist.

  2. Thanks for introducing us to Nagambie, Leanne. Sorry you were sick on your birthday. That has happened to me before, too. I’m glad your friend rescheduled.

  3. I learnt an interesting piece of history today. So glad to know where Black Caviar was born. The photos are beautiful.

  4. This is a nice little tour of the town, Leanne. I’m actually a big fan of horse racing; it’s fun to see the statue of Black Caviar. Now we have her first foals to look forward to. In the States, most of our equine statues tend to be solid bronze—seeing the colour of her silks was really quite a change from what we are accustomed to here!

    The old coffee shop and entrance to the Mechanic’s Institute are so neat-looking—and the old entryway and other shopfronts. That sort of thing intrigues me, too. Glad you are feeling better and were able to get out!

    • Glad you enjoyed the tour Jen. Yes, many foals to come I am sure. I have to admit that many of our statues are the same, and I was completely shocked to see this one, I really like it.
      Thank you Jen, I love these sorts of things too. I am feeling better and it is great.

  5. So sad the truck destroyed the church, but why put a horse on it? Great photos of small town Australia. :)

    • Many towns here have names that are Aboriginal, so it might have something to do with that, I did read something about water, the name having something to do with water.

  6. leecleland says

    Just love the old Bushells signs, they were everywhere in my youth. It does look very dry down in Vic. and happy belated birthday, Leanne.

    • I remember them too, and Lan Choo Tea, is that what it was called? It is very very dry down here Lee, driving along the Hume yesterday and all you see is brown, not good. Hopefully we won’t get too many fires. Thank you so much.

  7. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    I like the window best but really, all of them. The laundromat is catchy! :)

  8. It’s a sad event but a pretty unique photo of the truck through the Church – very attention grabbing! Shame they didn’t rebuild the Church – but it’s a great statue …

    • I agree Noeline, is a shame and I think many of the locals felt the same way. I quite like the statue too, thank you.

  9. Sonel says

    A beautiful little place Leanne and you’ve captured it so well! Thanks for sharing hon. :D *hugs*

  10. Black Caviar’s win record is amazing. Then I had a look at her pedigree and it all made sense: she’s got great Canadian bloodlines from the famous Northern Dancer!

  11. That was quite a spectacular crash from the picture notice Leanne … I can imagine Black Caviar is well photographed – it’s an impressive statue .
    Everywhere looks very quiet, and hot !
    How nice you could enjoy a post birthday lunch :-)

    • It was rather spectacular. I love the statue, not at all what I expected.
      It was hot, though not as hot as it is going to be this week.
      It was a lovely day, it is always a lovely day when you spend it with friends. Thanks Poppytump.

  12. Haha we were there on Thursday on our way to Shepparton for the weekend, That statue was new to me as it’s been a while since I was there, but I remember the story of the truck in the church.

    • I missed you by a day, haha. I hadn’t seen the statue before either, I really like it thought. I must admit, I don’t remember the truck through the Church, it is a nice town, and I am sure there is lots more to explore than just the main street. Thanks.

    • I have noticed you haven’t been around, I hope that means you are getting lots of your own work done. Thank you.

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