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Most of you know it hasn’t been a great week, and I’m planning some new stuff and trying to make some things happen for this year.  Summer has hit Melbourne, oh boy has it ever!  It is getting hot, which also means that it is going to get much harder to get out and get some photos.  I might have to do some stuff at home.

Today I have just one image for you.  It is the same image I showed the other day, here is a recap.


I had intended to work on this image to see what I could do with it, but since I was sick, well, it didn’t happen.  So this afternoon I have been playing.  Playing is fun.

LeanneCole-maldon-20130102-6203-3hpmI have been talking to a friend about the idea of photographing summer in Australia, seeing if we can really portray that heat.  I don’t know if it is possible, but it was interesting with this image, in an earlier stage how much it was showing that.

I will leave it up to you to decide which image has worked out better.  I like the second one.  It was great to play around with an image like this,  I miss doing this and think this is something I would really like to get back into.  It does take a long time sometimes, but the results can be worth it.


  1. Second one is better for me as well. I love the idea of showing the rest of the world just how hot it can get in your area. I live in an area where we can hit the 100’s easily on some summer afternoons. I don’t know about your area. I would like to visit Melbourne but I’m 50 yrs old with one in college and two in high school so it doesn’t look too good for me right now. Love your work.

    • Thank you. It will certainly be a challenge, not quite sure how I am going to do, but it will be fun trying. We are expecting a massive week of heat next week, it is going to be cruel. Nothing like building up to it, but give it all at once, bam. Melbourne is a great city, I think I am going to see about taking photos in the heat in the day, the times when you aren’t meant to, and see what happens.

  2. Jenny Overton says

    I like both but def the second is more thought provoking.

  3. Yes, we know that this is too difficult to get great shot in summer and when we feel too much hot in air. I also like to capture photographs in winters and autumn. Don’t worry i still have shared interesting post in to your blog.

  4. One more thing i want to tell you that you have shared really interesting blog post here and i appreciate your way of quick response. Thanks

  5. The first image, for me, give the idea of early morning and slightly sinister, whilst the second holds more ideas of something aged, abanadend and memories. XS

  6. Hmmm, interesting… Your second image certainly conveys a different mood, and I think I agree with an earlier comment that it makes you focus on the abandonment , the ‘oldness’ of the machine….

  7. A great picture is taken up a notch for me in the second image Leanne . I love your experiments :-)

  8. Ingrid D. says

    Keep on inspiring s, Leanne! I like the second one too; it’s like you can actually “see” the heat. And please send some of that heat to Belgium, since next week we are expecting snow here! :-)

    • I will do my best Ingrid. I was hoping you would be able to see it, I will tell you what, you can have half our in heat in exchange for half your cold. Thanks

  9. Playing around with the image, to me, is half of the fun in photography. It is were we expand upon our creativity and let the artist add to the digital canvas. My favorite was the second image. I love seeing what you have created.

  10. I like the second photo. It has a “rustic charm” feel about it and looks haunting at the same time. 40’C next week in Melbourne, I think I will stay indoors then even though I’m every bit a summer person (too hot! Ice-cream!). And I already go out to the city everyday, so could do with some rest.

    Get well soon, Leanne. Looking forward to seeing more great pictures from you soon :)

    • I like that idea of the rustic charm Mabel. I saw that too, not looking forward to it at all. I have a busy day on Tuesday too. I would stay indoors as much as possible.
      Thank you Mabel, I am feeling very now, back to myself, thankfully.

  11. Both images ‘work’, they have totally different atmospheres….
    I like the idea of capturing Heat in your summer work…even though I know it’s not your favorite time of the year to be outside :)

    • It is always interesting hearing what people think, and that seems to be what majority think.
      I like it too, I just hope I don’t chicken out and say, it is too hot to go out. I hate summer, I do, I really don’t like the heat. All I hear is the sound of coins as the air conditioner chews up the electricity bill. Thank you Marie

      • I saw them very quickly last night, I haven’t had a chance to comment yet, looks like you got a lot of snow. Lots of snow for snowmen, are the kids loving it?

  12. Both are good shots.. I do like how you processed the 2nd one..has a hazy, lazy feel to it.. as for summer, well it’s always summer here and we beg for cool breezes :-)

    • Thank you, I like that idea of the hazy, lazy feel, I might have to work on that. I would hate that, I don’t like summer, too hot. Bring on Autumn. :)

  13. The first one feels like it could be a cold morning or a sultry afternoon, the second just says hot muggy day to me.
    Hope you’re feeling better. I have to say, I always enjoy your before and after work.

    • The image was taken in the afternoon, though there was more light then the first suggests, interesting what you think about them both, thank you, and yes, thankfully, I am back to myself now.

  14. Maggie Beck says

    The second photo is quite remarkable, Leanne. What your “playing” has done is that it has given the piece of equipment a personality. Yes, it is an abandoned pile of metal, but it now has a very personal presence in the world. This is similar to what I have noted in some of your architectural work. Your photography almost animates this machine in the biological sense (not the cartoon sense!). It presents it as a unique ‘being’, not just discarded metal. I really appreciate how you can do this, Leanne. Sinister and brooding, but really quite fun.
    Sorry about the heat; weather really can mess up our best intents and plans, can’t it?

    • I like that Maggie, giving it personality. What a great thing to say, thank you so much, I will have to do more of these, I haven’t done enough lately, and I miss working on images like this.
      The heat, yes, well, it is going to be hot hot hot here next week, wouldn’t mind leaving, haha. Just have to shut up the house and see if we can keep it out. The air conditioner and is going to get a good work out.

  15. Gina says

    I like the 2nd shot too. Looking at it feels like it’s about 4 o’clock.

    Capturing summer is a good idea. I can’t imagine it would be too hard considering how hot our climate is at the moment. You might have to play with the gradient to capture the heat element. See what you can do.

    • Thank you Gina. I have tried once or twice to get it before, but never really succeeded, it is harder to do than you think. It is going to take some thought I think, I don’t want to do the cliche images of crowded beaches. Time will tell.

  16. Yes, the revised image is a winner – I like that you pulled in ever so slightly, it makes for a better shot – also the removal of color and other post processing is what makes this one my choice. As you know, I did like the original to begin with – which is the key to spending time on an image – it has to be “worthy” of the time you are going to spend on it.

    • Thank you Robert, there was a sign in it that I didn’t like and decided to crop it out. One thing I love about the D800 and its massive file sizes is how it you don’t lose much when you crop. I agree, the original has to be worthy of the time you spend on it. If it is a terrible image, then you won’t make it better.

  17. I love the second one Leanne. I like how the light goes from left to right in it just as we read. It also has a “rusty” feel to it but not overly so. Nice work!

  18. What a great idea to try and capture the heat of summer.
    If you manage to do that, it would be awesoms to see..
    Thinking of hot summer I imagine steam, dust, vibrations in the air, oily roads.

    about your pictures, In the 2 I like the colours, but it feels like some of the clearness of the picture is lost, and the sky a bit – dull. Those colours, with a bit more clearness and more contrast maybe, would be great. And I think this photo would look great in BnW also. But that’s just my opinion – and I’m no pro as you know ;)

    • I hope it is a great idea, not sure how to go about yet without it all looking too cliched. I will have to think of some ideas, or just go out and see what I get.
      Your comments about the image are interesting, though, I don’t always feel that it has to be clear, or whatnot, sometimes it is nice to do it differently. Not that I am saying I think the image worked well, or at all, but I think that it doesn’t always have to be like that. Thanks.

  19. The second picture is looking hotter. I can feel Australian summer heat. Leanne, please don’t complain on the heat. It is hard but we have here in Toronto -25C, a lot of snow, freezing rains, slippery roads, cold wind which make feelling like -40C or even -50C. We are dreaming about summer time. But when it comes we’ll complain on the heat, no rain etc. It is our human nature. Anyway, enjoy the summer and stay cool, do whatever you can do inside. But don’t forget to make new pictures. We are looking forward to see you new summer projects.

    • We are dreaming about winter. It gets too hot, and looks like we might be set for heat wave of many days around 35C or over. I don’t like that. I don’t mind the milder days, but the heat, is just unbearable, you can’t do anything, it is suffocating. We have been quite lucky so far, but seems out luck is over. It is people who don’t have air conditioning that will really suffer, the old, the sick, there will be lots of reports of people dying from the heat, unfortunately. We should send some heat your way, you send some cold our way, even things out. Haha.
      Thank you Alexander, I will see if I can help warm you guys up, stay warm.

  20. I love the second one better. We are hot here in NZ but nothing compared to you though. I found going out very early in the morning means I avoid the heat but also the harsh light. It can be more of a challenge for the exposures at times. :D

    • In Melbourne we have been lucky so far, but looks like our luck has run out. Hot everywhere. I like the idea of that harsh light, and I want to see if I can do something with it. Could be a good challenge. Means I have to go out when it is hot though. Unfortunately. Thank you, stay cool.

  21. I love the second image it has a dreamy feel to it, like your looking at something from the past, and in a way you are. Also the colour works really well with the industrial machinery and sky it really does add a character of its own. It reminds me of the opening credits of twin peaks, the colour, the woods with the industrial machine, a great contrast.

    • I think the colours of the second are my favourite part of it, I think they really worked well. I don’t remember the opening, I might have to go and take another look. Thank you Danny.

  22. May I suggest a heat shimmer from the road surface, preferably on a rural road with very little traffic, to create that mirage-type scene.

    Stay cool.

    • Thank you David, that is an idea too, though, that shimmer can be hard to get, though I have some ideas to see how I can get it. You don’t see it in the city, but I am planning a trip up to my mums and I should be able to get some up there. I will do my best to stay cool, thank you.

  23. A great pallet Leanne – just love the colors. Since I live in Florida, I have, over the years, banged around with how to show heat, and I have not come up with a real solution. Since I mostly work with black & white, during my ‘film days’ I thought infra-red might work, and I think to a degree it does, however there is/was also a lot of resistance to infra-red photography out there. So, I am really interested in what you guys will come up with!

    • I love infra-red photography, love the effect of it. It is going to be interesting, though, I think or hope that if I can get up to the Mallee, a place that is on the edge of the outback, I might really be able to get some good shots to show the effect of it. I am going to try anyway. I have some ideas, but need to work on them some more. Thank you Christian.

  24. Leanne, again, so sorry you have been sick . I love the rework of the image. Not sure if it portrays summer, but I really like it. It is very ethereal.

    • I am feeling so much better now Darla, I thought I wrote that in the post, must have just written it in my head, haha. I don’t think this image portrays summer, but it is something I would like to attempt. Not sure how I will go, but it should be interesting. Thank you.

  25. We are cold, cold, cold here on the Virginia coast of the US. I had another online friend from Australia a few years ago and they complained of the heat and dry spells too. I like both pictures – but the second one looks more like “you”.

    • Thank you Nora, I think that is the best description for the second image, I like it. Yes, it is hot, looks like we are heading into a heatwave, 5 days next week of 35 or more. We just aren’t prepared for this yet. It is going to be horrible. You keep warm Nora, we have been hearing about the horrible weather you guys have been getting, so stay warm, stay safe, and we will stay cool, where we can.

  26. I really like the second one. It does convey heat and a kind of arid atmosphere. Now, I will try to figure out what you did (that’s the fun part for me). Feel better.

  27. Sparks an idea. A post process competition. We all have different tastes. Hmm One image give it to a number and see who does what with it. Oh by the way nice image.

    • It is always interesting putting up two images like this and hearing what people think. I really think I should do this more often. So Elen, thank you so much for your thoughts on it, I like the word evocative, I might have to add that to my list.

  28. You’re correct Leanne: it is indeed worth the effort. The processed image is thought-provoking. Makes me want to poke around a junkyard or two. :)

      • How hot is it there? Today we actually had a warm day…near 50 degrees Fahrenheit! I’m not too keen on winter though.

      • It is 42.5 now, it is supposed to be going down, but it keeps going up, your temperature sounds nice, I would like that right now. I really don’t like summer.

  29. I just stared at both for ages and have yet to decide – different things pop in each photo and my mind jumps to prefer whichever I’m looking at.
    On photographing the heat – good luck! I’d be very interested in seeing that done. I miss extreme temperatures – although I haven’t forgotten how much I hated them :)

    • That is really interesting, it is great to see what people think of the images.
      Oh the heat, man it is horrible, and I hate it too. I don’t know that I would miss this sort of extreme heat, or maybe not all at once.
      Thank you. :)

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