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Reflecting on the Weekend Wanderings – Part 2

Today I thought we could take a walk back on the photos I have taken in and around Melbourne.  Probably where most of my photos were taken.  So as I did with my last post, these images were nearly all part of the Weekend Wanderings that were to help people understand how fantastic Melbourne is to photograph.

As I said yesterday, I will discuss some more ideas, and would love to hear from you about what you think.  I sometimes think that while I do these posts for photographers that maybe I don’t give enough information about them, so I was thinking that I should include more information. I could include information about  when is the best time of day to photograph them.  There is also specific photography information I could include, do you need a tripod, filters, etc.  I would like to hear from you if you think there is something else I can include that would help.

Oh my, I had no idea how many photos I had taken when I decided to show you a selection of these.  There are so many, so I hope you enjoy a selection of them.

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  1. Zurandrya says

    Oh thank you kindly for taking me to Melbourne through your beautiful picturesque display! :)

  2. Some lovely photos as ever Leanne, my favourites being bridge over Yarra and Parliament House. In terms of info I always find it useful to know the focal length, f stop. shutter speed, ISO and whether a flash was used. All additional info always appreciated. MM 🍀

    • Thank you MM, I knew someone would mention those things, I have to admit, I am not good at those things. I do it all by intuition, and never take too much notice of it, and it is a pain to find out later on, I know I am being lazy, maybe I will try it for some things. Though, I sometimes think that it all depends on what you are taking when you are taking it, my ISO might be completely different, for someone else, as the conditions might be completely different, though things like aperture count, and I always use aperture priority, it is rare that I don’t. Will see.

      • I tend to use aperture priority too due to the subjects normally being shot. On ISO I guess I am interested to see how low down the scale other people go. Thanks for your response Leanne and have a happy and successful 2014, MM 🍀

      • I can tell you that now, I go as low as I have to, if I am using a tripod I will use 100 ISO, if I am hand holding I will hold so I can at least get a shutter speed of around 1/30 or 1/60th of a second. I always try to make sure I can get the lowest possible. Of course, in those instances the subjects are buildings and standing still. Thank you MM you have a great and successful 2014 as well.

  3. Leanne, wow again … there isn’t one photo that isn’t great – my favorite is still – Parliament House, with the staircase and all the books. And Webb bridge was new to me – brilliant shot. I just have to add Melbourne to my bucket list – are playing around with visit your part of the world and coming years. Your are just so brilliant with angles. Fantastic post.

    • Thank you Viveka, how wonderful if you can get here, it is a great part of the world, I love it. So good to hear what you like too, thank you.

      • Yes, I have been playing with the thought to visit down under. But there is some other trips I want to do first.
        Only thing is the long flights – but I can do a stop over along the way. To make it shorter.

      • Oh yes, the long flights, when we flew back from Denmark we had a stop over in Singapore. It is a long way to come, then again, long way for us to go anywhere too.

  4. I’ll have to make do with your virtual tour this year. Heading back to Australia in 2014 :)

    Happy New Year, Leanne x

    • Thank you Morgan, we do have some gorgeous interiors, and it has been wonderful to be allowed to photograph them, though you can take tours to do that.

  5. Dayna N Lavallee says

    Your shots are gorgeous… thank you so much for the inspiration as I am new photographer eager to learn!

  6. briandunlea says

    Beautiful gallery Leanne, great composition and colours.

  7. Beautiful!! While I’ve never been inside some of these places, it’s lovely to have a ‘sneak peak’ through your beautiful photos!!

    • I think you can go inside in all of these buildings, either on tours or just walking in. I tried not to include images of places that weren’t available to anyone. So I hope I have inspired you to visit some. Thank you Jemimah.

      • Sorry, I’m not actually in Victoria =D I’m a Tassie girl. My grandparents used to live in Victoria, so I’m well acquainted with the area. I’ve been there many times, and loved it!

      • OMG we have already talked about this haven’t we, didn’t we talk about the South of Tasmania and how amazing it would be to photograph it. I’m so sorry, I get people mixed up at times.

      • It would be awesome if you came down, make sure you let me know if you do make it, and we can meet up! And I can pester you will all manner of random questions about photography and DSLRs and all things camera related! =D =D It really is a beautiful place, I think you’d find many ‘nooks and crannies’ worth photographing!

      • Haha, you mind I actually know nothing, ;) I would love to meet up with you, maybe we can swap, I can answer your questions as you show me around.

      • Well, I can tell you one thing…. you won’t regret it when you do get down here!! In some spots, it may not be the most beautiful place on earth, in fact, it can get quite ugly sometimes, but in others it’s unbelievably stunning!!

      • I think most places are like that, I always have visions that the best time to photograph Tasmania is in the winter, is that crazy?

      • I guess you’d kind of have to be in Tassie for winter and summer to experience it’s full beauty. Winter would be best if you wanted to go up the mountains to get snowy photos, but everywhere else, there’s no snow, and everything’s bare and brown. In the summer though, everything is in full bloom, and it looks beautiful everywhere! I guess it would really depend on what kind of photos you wanted.

      • I might have to do some research, I am not sure I would get an opportunity to come twice, though that would be ideal. I really like the idea of moody images, so beautiful has never been big on the agenda, but I understand what you are saying as well. Lots to think about.

      • Yes, there is lots to think about!! I personally would recommend coming in summer, ‘coz we don’t have very much snow at all in winter, so while you’d get some nice winter shots, you’d definitely be limited in what you could do. It also depends on what kind of season we’re having as well. Some winters we have more snow than others, and some summers aren’t as warm. So yes, there is a LOT to think about!!

      • Oh you have given me too much to think about Jemimah, now I don’t know what to do, I will have to do research. I will have to let you know and ask questions.

      • Feel free to ask away!! I’ll happily answer any questions you have. It’s the least I can do, as I’ll have plenty for you when you make it down!!
        Sorry, I didn’t mean to give you a lot to think about!! I’ll stop giving advice, and just answer your questions. Idea? =D

  8. Great post Leanne! I see a lot of great angles and colours in your photos. Thanks for sharing your city with us from all the way across the world. Happy New Year!

    • Thank you Shane, I do love my city and I do love sharing it, and as long as people are happy seeing it. All the best to you as well in 2014.

  9. I love that you share photos of your beautiful city! A dream of mine is to visit Austrailia, I think it would be so awesome to live there! Looks like everything is so elegantly beautiful! Hugz Lisa and Bear

    • It can be an incredible place, and there is so much to photograph, I keep finding new things to take photos of. It isn’t all beautiful, but we do have some gorgeous stuff. I hope you get here one day Lisa. Thank you.

  10. I love these! The curl of the seats and the waves of the staircase are fabulous. These are the sort of pictures I’d like to take. Yours are so crisp. Beautiful shots

    • Thank you, I have enjoyed doing and I think it is safe to say there will be more next year. All the best for 2014.

  11. Stunning photos. I can smell the leather in the council chambers, and can hear the noise off the street exteriors. Love it!

  12. Dani of Henry Arthur Photography says

    Wow, Melbourne looks beautiful! I love how you went to different locations and the time you chose to shoot – the morning/afternoon/evening. I like the buildings/skyline photos best.

  13. Thanks for posting this selection Leanne. The rhythms and patterns of your interiors are entrancing. Love those leather seats in the Council Chambers. On my next visit I must get to Cranbourne Botanic Gardens – spectacular!

    • The Cranbourne Gardens are beautiful, but I think they need to grow a little, they are fairly new I think, it will be great watching them grow, and mature. Thank you so much.

  14. :-) Wow, that’s really a fabulous collections!!! Unable to choose my favorite because every pictures are my favorite!!!

  15. What a collection – I kept thinking ‘that’s my favourite…no that one…!’ etc. The library staircase is amazing but I love the parliament seats too – thanks for sharing all of these.

    • You are very welcome, I love seeing them too, I often forget some of the images I’ve taken so it is always great to go back. Thank you.

  16. They’re all so great, it’s hard to pick my favorite. Definitely like the Parliament House stairway angle that you captured. Thanks so much for sharing. I feel that I got to tour your city from my place in Ohio through your eyes. Wonderful. :)

    • That is wonderful, I hope you enjoyed the tour, hopefully there will be lots more to show next year. Thank you.

  17. I didn’t mention it yesterday because I was traveling and had a very poor Internet connection that most of the photos you present here have prominently curved lines. It is nice to see a body of work and see how certain patterns and shapes develop.

    • I had never thought of that, it is always interesting to see what other people find in your work. Thank you.

    • I have forgotten heaps of them, it was really nice for me to go back and take another look. Thanks Colonialist.

  18. I’m grateful for any information, but especially filters and stuff like that. I’m not nearly as good technically as I should be, so I gather my tips where I can. Thanks!!

    • I often get comments from people saying they learn from me, and I often don’t understand how, but I am beginning to see it, and as long as people like the little bits I do, I will continue. Thank you Marilyn for all your support and all the best in 2014.

  19. sueBthefoodie says

    I love staircases. Your images are lovely. Thank you the like you left for me to enjoy on my photograph series, Believe. -Cheers

    • I think they are fabulous too Sue, you can get some amazing ones. Thank you so much and you are very welcome. Take care.

  20. Such beautiful photos – you have really shown the world what a wonderful place Melbourne is to visit – so much great architecture and interesting places to see! Thank you Leanne.

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