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Reflecting on the Weekend Wanderings – Part 1

When I first started doing the Weekend Wandering posts earlier this year part of the reason for doing them was to show off where I live, but it was also to show others that Melbourne was a great place to come and photograph.  I had these visions of being the site that people who loved photography would come to to find out how they could photograph Melbourne and Victoria on their visit here.  Well, it didn’t turn out that way, and I suspect part of it was my fault.  Tomorrow I will discuss more where I would like this to go.

For today’s post I decided look back at some of the places I’ve been.  Since I have called this Part 1 we can look at the country areas, and tomorrow, I will show you the photos from the city and suburbs.


I have done some traveling, of course not as much as I would like to, but there are so many great places to go and take photos within a couple of hours of Melbourne, like the one above of Cape Schanck.  As you can see from that image we can’t always control the weather when we go, and this was a very cold windy day.

I am not going to show you each one, I will just add a gallery with the name of each place underneath.


  1. Still in love with your pictures. I wish I could have the opportunity to see places like those in real life.

  2. When I come here to your site, it’s like I have walked into Wonderland. Leanne, if I can ever get my photography even close to yours, I will be in heaven. Your work is exceptional! Wow!

    Bless you!!!

    • Oh Amy, you are wonderful, thank you. Practice that is what it takes, and looking at what everyone is doing. If you want it, go for it.

    • It is in the processing I think Suzjones. I don’t know, and many years of practice. They are amazing many of these places. Thank you.

  3. I’d love to wander around with you, Leanne! What a gorgeous presentation!
    I hope you had marvelous holidays full of joy and lots of laughter.
    All the best for the coming year. I look forward to seeing more of your excellent work.
    Warmly, Dina

    • Perhaps you should come for a visit and I can show you around. Thank you.
      I did have a nice Christmas, quiet and very relaxing. I hope you had a good one too.
      All the best for 2014 as well, thanks you so much.

  4. Love these images and your work. Just amazing!
    Lots of reading to catch up on for me.
    Hope you’re enjoying a holiday break. :)

    • Thank you Robyn. I know the feeling, I have so many blogs to catch up with as well.
      I am enjoying the time with family, my mum went home yesterday, but I really enjoyed just sitting around with her.
      I hope you are enjoying your break as well.

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  6. Love the pictures!! It’s cool seeing so many familiar places so beautifully captured! Cape Schanck is an especially beautiful part of Victoria, if you get it on the right days. =D

    • Thank you Jemimah, it was great for me too, I had forgotten many of them, so it was great to go back. I agree about Cape Schanck, such a shame about the massive climb down.

  7. I think you have made great pictures, stories and a lot of us wanted to see the Melbourne you showed us …

    • Yes, you will have to come back, there is so much to see, I’m always discovering new places. Thank you Andrew.

    • Thank you so much, I hope I am, I hope I am showing a photographic side to Melbourne and Victoria that other people don’t normally see.

  8. All I know after viewing this post is this:
    I want to visit Melbourne (I just need to figure out how to avoid the long flight to get there :-) )
    Your photography is amazing (well, I already knew that, but seeing these photos in a collection reinforce what I already knew).

    • You could island hop to get here, go to Asia, and then take different flights along the way. It is possible, haha, would be great to ride a motorbike around Australia.
      Thank you so much, it was nice to revisit many of these, I had forgotten about some of them. :)

  9. Lovely picture gallery Leanne . I remember many of these images and they’ve not lost their impact seeing them again, from dramatic skies and swooshy waters to your Australian landscapes ..
    Inspiration can be a much over used word but you do make me feel I want to get going with it all .. as you say practice practice, seeing what others are doing, and improving skills with editing .. sounds like I have just sorted NY resolutions :-)
    So glad you had a quiet relaxing Christmas especially after your back trouble, and in the midst of it all no doubt your mind has been very busy engaging with ideas and plans for the coming year ;-)

    • Thank you Poppytump, I have to admit I really enjoyed going through them all again.
      Oh yes, practice, practice, practice, I am glad I helped you with your new year resolutions. I have worked out some of mine too.
      You know me too well, lots of things planned for next year, I am very excited about it all, looking forward to it. It is going to be a great year I think. :)

  10. Thank you Leanne for continuing to call past my photo blog. I was in Melbourne one evening just before Christmas and got some lovely (IMHO!) images from the Southbank area during the twilight period as the full moon was rising. On going back to my hotel room, I caught up on followed blogs and quite coincidentally read the article you posted about taking night time images, which featured the same location. I’ll make my Melbourne images my second next post – one more from Yorke Peninsula first.

    You have some lovely images here, particularly like the long exposure of Cape Wilson.

    • You’re welcome and thank you for coming by mine as well. Southbank is a great place to take photos, I have been there so many times to do that. I love it, especially at night. I look forward to seeing the images you took.
      Thank you so much.

  11. I was going to mention a few I liked but then i couldn’t narrow it down. They’re all beautiful Leanne and I’m so happy I found your blog and made a new friend. :D

    • What a great compliment Laura, thank you. I am happy you found me too, I love the friends I’ve made through here.

    • I am not very good at doing the aperture or what my ISO was, but I am happy to share to information like how I found photographing it, what equipment, lens, etc that I used. I can do that in the future. Thank you.

  12. What an amazing year you’ve had :) Look at these gorgeous places! Thanks to you’re blog and photography, I now want to visit Australia :) Never really thought there were so many things to see there for some reason, and there is obviously tons and tons to see! Thank you for sharing your world with us :)

    • It was a pretty amazing year, hopefully this one will be too. That is great to hear Amanda, I like comments like this. There is a great deal to see. Many people from overseas think we are a nation of deserts and beaches, but there is so much more here. You are very welcome, thanks for liking it. :)

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