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A City Comes Alive 3 Days Before Christmas

Yesterday I decided to head into the city and take photos of the people.  The city is buzzing at the moment and there are people everywhere you look.  Lots of lots of crowds, the buskers are out everywhere, and people are queuing up to see all sorts of things.  I took photos mainly in the City Square and the Bourke Street Mall.  The weather was overcast, but it was a nice temperature.

I thought I would just show them to you in a gallery and put some explanations under some of them.  Is your place buzzing with excitement like Melbourne?

Tomorrow is my Christmas Around the World post, so if you have put photos of Christmas on your blog please email me a link so I can include some of your photos in my post.  Please remember that my Monday is your Sunday for many of you, so the sooner you get them to me the better.

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  1. A lot of backs of heads. Still, it’s nice to see people out actually doing things. Raining ice presently. :(

    • Yeah, can’t avoid that, for one it was so you can see what they are lining up for, and also I didn’t want the hassle of getting permission forms signed for children, so it was good to do them from behind. So snowing where you are, how exciting, it is raining here today, not what we want. :(

      • I think the only time you have to worry about getting permission from adults (for children or themselves), at least in USA, is if you’re using the photographs for commercial gain. I guess I don’t know how it is “down under”.

        Ah, here’s something. If the poles reverse, as some are predicting, you’ll be up north and we’ll be down under. :)

      • Since I was taking photos for the city of melbourne for their use, I was told not to get photos of children unless their parents signed release forms, or take photos so you couldn’t identify them, which is what I tried to do with these. I haven’t worried about it for the bourke Street mall, there are people everywhere, but for the ones in the City Square, I did.
        How do you know we aren’t already north, and they got it wrong from the start. ;) haha.

      • LOL You have a point there, but those who win write the history, and, let’s face it, Australia didn’t exactly start off on the right foot. England wrote the rules, so they win, or, at least, won. They’re not doing so hot now. Neither are we, for that matter. You may come out ahead, yet. Then you can write the rules…….and the maps. :)

      • We did first though, apparently, I think our Aborigines are among the oldest on the planet, but who really knows. I know we won’t be re-writing any rules, not us, no, no, no. Our government will destroy us before that happens. haha.

      • Yeah, I hear that. Same over hear. Certain people are trying to establish a dictator for life and are doing a pretty good (er, bad) job of it. And all the while, everyone keep watching American Idol, et all, while their country falls down around their ears. :(

      • The same thing is happening here, our government does lots to promote sports and the like so people are too engrossed in that to see what is really happening, then complain when it is too late to do anything. We get the government we vote for, unfortunately people were too stupid to realise who they were voting for. Our new government in their first 100 days have gone down as the worst government in history.

      • It sounds like your govt is using the same playbook as ours, only ours has dug out the Nazi playbook and is using that……right down the line.

      • Ours are just embarrassing, have so far broken every election promise bar one, they are a joke, everyone is already getting sick of them, damn shame another election isn’t for another 3 years. I don’t know that much about your gov stuff, but I know a lot of people don’t seem to like Obama.

      • Embarrassing would be a step up, although it’s often that, as well. Political oppression is how he deals with political opposition these days. It gets pretty ugly…and deadly as well, at times.

      • I think it is getting ugly everywhere, and nothing is going to change when the majority of people don’t seem to care, or take enough interest in what the alternatives are.

  2. Oh. The ‘statue’ man has changed his costume and colour. He’s amazing. I’ve got photos of him in two different incarnations so far.

  3. Love the photos! Especially the wooden soldier. There is certainly energy in the air but it’s not bustling here quite like Melbourne!

    I’m glad the weather cooled off for you.

    • The Wooden soldiers are great. It is unbelievable how much the city has come alive, it is amazing. I think the weather here has helped.
      I am glad too, that day the other day was too much too soon, after all the crap weather we have been having.
      Thanks Nia

    • It is a great atmosphere, a friend came with me into the city and she said she was so glad she did, she really enjoyed it. Merry Christmas SueBee.

  4. Laura Williams says

    Loving your Australian Christmas photos. I am in the UK so am one of those that can’t imagine a hot Christmas! The elves in shorts made me smile. The decorations are gorgeous in the shopping mall x x

    • Thank you Laura, I am the opposite, it is hard to imagine a cold Christmas, though I have had one in my life, many years ago. It didn’t seem right, :) Glad the photos made you smile. :)

  5. It’s a shame the brilliant atmosphere didn’t extend to late last night. I was in there and went to the Town Hall to watch the light display and although it was only 10.50pm they had stopped it. I even saw a sign that said it finished at 11pm which is far too early but they stopped it early. Very disappointing for a Saturday night. I felt the whole atmosphere was lacking at that time. Such a shame and so different to last year.

    • That is really disappointing Leanne, can’t believe it. Though I’ve noticed it is supposed to start at 9.30 or so I was told, but it starts earlier than that. Was the city full of people, it was last Saturday night when I was in there. I think the weather this year has kept people away, it hasn’t been the best, not when you compare it with last year.

      • The city was unusually quiet. I was able to walk down Swanston St without continually running in to people. It was a beautiful night considering the weather we’ve had lately. I was able to take a few good photos of the tree in the City Square and those toy soldiers.

      • That is so surprising, when I was there the Saturday night previously it was so busy, almost couldn’t move from all the people. I know I was going to go in, but decided to stay home because I thought it would rain. I watched the cricket instead, haha. I am glad the weather was good for you and you got lots of photos, I look forward to seeing them.

  6. Wow, lots of comments here! These photos put tears in my eyes. I was pulled to the woman all in white, pursing her lips in a kiss. But, every single one I totally enJOYed and I looked at them again and again!

    There truly is not too many activities here except for the bar scene, and since I don’t do that anymore, the house, parks, and mall decorations are about all I see. This part of the world is mostly blue collar so there is not a whole lot of money. I noticed a whole discussion about politics, and from what I have gleaned over my years, I stay as far away from politics as I can. Seems there is one set of “rules” for the “elite” and another for the “people”.

    Also, usually the weather here is not conducive for outside celebrations. It’s usually cold, wet with snow or rain at this time of year, so it is party time where the drinks are. I do my own thing, trying to get as much cheer as I can. I have come to really relish coming here to look at your festive photographs.

    Thank you, Leanne. You’ve made my Christmas very special.

    Hugs, and a Merry Christmas,

    • What a beautiful thing to say Amy, I have to say, until last year I stayed away from the city at Christmas, but I am glad I started going in, it really does help get you into the spirit. The people in the city are amazing, so many. There are buskers everywhere, I only photographed a few. There is so much happening in there, but I understand what you say about the weather, it is summer here, and summer means being outside I guess.
      Yes, some political discussion, I don’t know a lot, but my husband chews my ear off about it at times.

      You have a great Christmas too Amy, Merry Christmas and thank you so much.

  7. Seems to be a place that really gets into the holiday. So different from how we spend ours here in the frozen north anyway :)

    • They have certainly started making more effort and the number of people in there is amazing, and great to see. I can understand why it would be different where you are, I wouldn’t be going out if it was cold. :) Take care, stay warm Eunice, Merry Christmas.

      • Thanks :) We have a celebration all around US New Years Eve called First Night and they are amazing no matter which state you live in just constant music and joy and laughter and dance ice carving near me and fireworks in Boston what a way to rock in the New Year!

        My snow melted heaps last night with the rain but north of us is covered in horrible ice :( hoping they all have power for Christmas morning.

        Peace and Joy to you this coming year and lots of SALES!!!

      • It is something that is so strange to me, snow, ice, and stuff.
        We celebrate New Years Eve, and do some similar things, obviously not ice carving. We party outside, BBQ’s and fireworks. Christmas is for family and New Years is about friends.

      • :) I would never see Boyfriend he would be off searching for GOLD :) then again I could be off capturing the world around me :) I must retire where they do not have to shovel :)

      • Shovel as in snow, that would leave about 90% of this country, there is a very small part of Australia that gets snow, and the gold is long gone. :)

      • Ok 90% is great ODDS and no the GOLD will never be ALL GONE :) not is his world lol I like picking up gold rings from the beach easy cash if no owners turn up :)

      • No, that is true, it isn’t all gone, but I think there are leases or something on them, and the only to get the gold that is left is if they strip mine or something like that. Major money.
        I have never done that, didn’t even think it was possible, wow, how do you find them?

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    • Yes, we definitely felt summer last week, overcast and grey again now, not very nice. Merry Christmas to you as well, thank you.

  9. Elyndelys says

    Wonderful, festive photos. It’s so different seeing the holidays with no snow. Here it’s -26C (-36C windchill), and the most festivities that happen around this city are jam-packed malls, crazy angry drivers, and lots of smokestacks trying to keep buildings warm.

    Happy Holidays!

    • OMG that is cold, I can’t fathom that sort of coldness, I think the coldest I have ever experienced is -3C. I can understand why the Malls are jampacked, and there are angry drivers. I am hope my photos made you feel warmer.
      Merry Christmas.

  10. Melbourne was definitely buzzing on Saturday. I was there too. Saw the arcade, City Square, Myer windows, the popular buskers…everyone looked so happy :)

  11. Leanne–Don’t know how you have the time to take so many wonderful photos (and most likely post-process them) and blog too! The pop-up labels were really helpful. LOVE your holiday banners!

    • I have to say being paid to take them really helped with the motivation to keep going into the city to get more photos. It has been great to know that many have enjoyed them, thank you John.

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