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4 Days to Go and Myer is Keeping Up Traditions

Myer is a department store in Melbourne, I don’t know how long they have been operating for, but it has been a long time, and one of the traditions of Christmas that Myer has always done are their windows.  Everyone tries to get to the Myer Christmas windows to see what they have done this year.  However, Myer also do a lot inside the store as well.


The windows have been so popular this year and every time I go in, I haven’t been able to get near them.  I managed to get some photos over people’s heads a couple of weeks ago, but they aren’t great, as you can see.  The story for the windows was Gingerbread Friends.  You can’t tell by the photos, but things in them move and change, very close to being like an animated story.

I decided this year to get permission to take photos in the store. It seemed like a better thing to do, that way I could just walk around and take photos of what I wanted and wouldn’t have to worry about being told I couldn’t.  I don’t know that I would get told that, but it is private property and they would be well within their rights to do that.

LeanneCole-myer-20131204-83943I was curious to see what they would do this year.  Last year it was a very summery theme, but this year, it was more traditional and more what we are used to seeing at Christmas.  There is a big opening in the middle of the store and they hung these trees down the middle, so you could see them on every floor of the store.

LeanneCole-myer-20131204-83960The theme seemed to be GIVE, I suppose quite a clever one, of course we all want to give, and that means we need to spend money, but I do like the mainly red and white theme that Myer uses.  The word GIVE was everywhere.

LeanneCole-myer-20131204-83939This was one of the first things we sure, this beautiful old sleigh that was used for their decorations.  There was a little sign that explained the sleigh which I photographed and will put in the gallery at the end.


Myer do a lot for Children, and this is part of what they have around the area where Santa is.  I can’t remember the floor, sorry.  I couldn’t see Santa, he is in a special house, though when my children were little we used to take them to Myer to see Santa and have a photo taken.  Myer do visiting Santa really well, it is quite private and really intimate, it is wonderful.  So I couldn’t get to see Santa, maybe next year I can ask for access, maybe.

I am going to do the gallery now.  It was great going in there and taking photos.  I hope you enjoy them.  I would also like to say thank you to Myer for allowing me to go and take photos in their city store.

Just a reminder, Monday is fast approaching, and I am looking for emails from people with links to their Christmas photos.  So if you have any, please send me an email.

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  1. Festive photos! I love the kids looking into the window of Gingerbread Friends. Makes me smile just viewing these pics. :D

  2. it’s still like that in New York, but around here, it’s all malls, so the stores don’t really have much in the way of windows. I miss them. That was always so much fun.

    • It is the same here, in the suburbs it is almost as though no one can be bothered for Christmas, and we are slowly going the way of the malls as well, though we call them shopping centres. It is nice to see the city retaining a little of the past.

  3. Phenomenal photos, Leanne. Your work is so crisp and clear. It is a JOY looking at what you display. Thank you SO much!

  4. Really nice decorations – a lot of thought put in to the design and implementation – almost puts me in the Christmas mood…Wonderful job on your part of capturing the essence of the store’s charm and spirit.

    • I think Myer spend a lot of money on their decorations, though some are used over and over, the cone style trees that look like they have stuff wrapped around them have been around for a while, they are getting a little boring. The windows are always fantastic though. Thank you Robert.

  5. Gorgeous and festive photos! I miss the decorated store windows of the past! Now it’s mostly malls/shopping centers…some of them are quite festive indoors but that’s not the same as the exciting displays we used to see in the windows.

    • Many stores in the city and in other places still decorate their windows, which is really nice. So some traditions are still upheld which is nice. I hope you have enjoyed these. I still have so many to show. Thank you.

  6. What a beautifully decorated store. I appreciate it when stores do old-fashioned Christmas windows, too. The Macy’s in Pittsburgh did that and we went downtown late one night so I could get photos without tons of people in the way. Very pretty stuff, Leanne!

    • It is, I love it too Jen, it is nice, says something about how they care about their customers I think. Macy’s would do a good job wouldn’t they, must have been nice to do it without people. I haven’t had a chance to do that with the Myer windows, which has been a shame. Thank you Jen.

    • :) I don’t think the children mind, haha. It is pretty amazing, I love going there now, it was redeveloped a few years ago and doesn’t look much like it used it. Thanks Gypsy.

      • Kids are braver now than when I was one! :-)
        What kind of Christmas pics do you want? I’ve just done a Christmas post but the photos are miles from your standard!

      • They are over confident, well some of them, which is a problem.
        I don’t mind what sort of photos, there is no standard, it is about Christmas, and that is it. So I am sure your photos will be beautiful. Please email me the link.

  7. Seeing the magic of Christmas through children’s eyes all pointing and huddled round such festive window displays is lovely .
    How thrilled they must have been to find that gorgeous old sleigh Leanne ! I love there are still delightful secrets in this world like that just waiting …

    • I was seeing a lot more of them yesterday in the City Square as they were doing the Christmas maze, it was pretty amazing. You are right, it is wonderful seeing Christmas through their eyes.
      I have to agree, we were amazed with it when we saw it there. The store has been sold a couple of times, so it has been hiding for a while.

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  9. Very beautiful. I love the large Santa door. :) What a fu place! I took some photos of Vince’s office party, and downtown Visalia, but they are not the best in the world. Would you still like them?

    • Thanks Marsha, it is a fun place, though it didn’t look much like this when my children were little. When they were little the Myer department store was magical and they never wanted to leave. I would love the photos, but you would need to email me now, as I am about to do the post.

  10. I rarely go to look at it but Fenwicks in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in North-East England is well known for it’s window. Here is the link to some local newspaper coverage . The photos don’t show the window all that well but they do give a sense of the occasion and atmosphere as the window is unveiled. The one time I did look it was an ‘Oliver Twist’ theme and a bit grim I thought. They also did an ‘aliens’ theme a few years ago that raised eyebrows. Is that the store that was used in the Jackie Chan movie? I’m pretty sure I’ve been in that one (the one in the movie I mean) and I know that was in Melbourne. I wish I had some photos to show you but our weather is not very seasonal at the moment – just grey, windy and cold. Happy sunny Christmas to you!

    • I love it when stores do things like this, it is like their way of saying they love their customers, which I think is fantastic. Myer do all sorts of themes as well, you never know what it will be. No, they didn’t use this store in that movie, they used Melbourne Central, not far from there. This store has only been like this for a couple of years. Our weather is crap too Rachael, no other way of putting it, lots of sun last week, too much in some cases, and this week, we haven’t seen it. Sounds like our weather is the same. Thank you, and Merry Christmas to you as well.

      • Trust me, our weather is not the same! Though I know that Melbourne weather can be a bit disappointing.

      • That is so true, it is raining now, it is so depressing sometimes. I am sure it is much colder where you are, I hope you get some snow.

  11. When I was a child our local Myer store had gorgeous Christmas windows, but they haven’t done it for years. I was in Brisbane on the weekend we saw the Myer windows in Queen St Mall.

    • Did they decorate them Carol? I think the city store here is the only one that does it, and I suspect it is done more for tradition. People love it and it is one of the stores that lots of people talk about at Christmas. I am not sure, but I think the city store here might be the only one is Australia that does it.

  12. I remember the animated windows in Paris, in the “Printemps” and “Galeries Lafayette” stores. Every year we would drive to Paris during Christmas time so that we could see the animations… :)

    • They are great when stores take the time to do them, how wonderful that you did that, makes Christmas so much more special doing things like that. :)

  13. This brought back many good memories. When we were children our parents would take us to see the animated window displays at a major department store in the nearest big city (Wheeling, West Virginia). Now you have to go to New York or Chicago to find a store decorated like Myer.

    • That is wonderful John, I think Christmas is all about childhoods, and memories. It is much the same here, if you didn’t like in one of our major cities you wouldn’t get to see this sort of thing either. Thanks John.

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