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Docklands in Full Coverage and Only 5 Days to Chirstmas

Yesterday I braved the heat and headed into the city to take photos of heat weary kids lining up to see Santa. With the temperature set to 40ºC, it was always going to be hot.  I thought going in early would help, but it really didn’t.  I got some nice shots, but because they are children I can’t show you, unfortunately, so I thought I would show you a lot more photos from the Docklands, I took lots.

LeanneCole-docklands-20131217-4851Here is the Christmas Tree with the city behind it.  There were people around, but compared to other places around the city, the Docklands were dead.  It is funny, because I think many of us would like to see the Docklands be successful, and have ideas, but I don’t think the developers are listening to us.  Maybe once the Ferris Wheel is going, if, it will make a big difference.

I had to do a lot of walking this day to get all the photos for the City of Melbourne, but it was nice walking around here.  Then I had to go back that night to catch some photos of the tree with the lights on it.

LeanneCole-docklands-20131217-4857The light pillars also had light lights around them.  It was like lines leading up to the tree.

I am going to do a gallery with nearly all the photos I took that day of the Docklands, both day and night.

My work for the City of Melbourne is almost complete, and Christmas is almost here, we are heading back into rainy weather, which you would think would be good after 40 yesterday, but it would be nice if it were cooler, but still sunny.  It is one of the strangest summers ever so far, ones like this always make me nervous.

I heard some people talking on the train yesterday, two visitors from the UK were saying they found the weather strange, and a woman sitting across from them said, that the weather was very changeable in Melbourne, that she had lived here all her life and still wasn’t used to it.  I remember thinking, that it was absolutely true.  We really never know what we are going to get.

My husband just said another one, “if you don’t like the weather in Melbourne, just wait 5 minutes”.

Just a reminder, Monday is fast approaching, and I am looking for emails from people with links to their Christmas photos.  So if you have any, please send me an email.

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Please note the images in this post have been taken for the City of Melbourne and they have exclusive use of them.



  1. It’s my hubby’s dream to visit Australia one day. I would love to see it too. Your pictures are beautiful as usual! I love the flags against the blue sky. Hard to image a warm Christmas! It’s nice here right now in the low 60’s (Fahrenheit) but not what I’d consider warm. Although you might get some people from the east coast that would beg to differ! Why oh why must the states be on a different measurement system for everything! After converting with my handy dandy converter, that’s 16 celcius. :)

    • How wonderful would it be if you did come and we could hang out in person, I could show you my city. I must say, I love the flags against the blue sky too. It is funny, you can’t imagine a warm Christmas, and we can’t imagine a cold one, :) Sounds like the temperatures that we have been getting. Far too cold for us, considering it is meant to be winter. I don’t know why the states never went metric, it is odd when nearly everyone else in the world has done it. Maybe one day. Thanks Laura.

  2. Great selection, as always, Leanne! Melbourne is a very elegant city and they chose the right professional for the photographic job. Well done! Fabio

  3. Great pictures, but my personal feeling is that the decorations are a bit sparse if they want the Docklands to become vibrant. After all, Christmas trees and all the trimmings are SUPPOSED to be overdone! :)

    • I think the sparseness reflects the Docklands very well. I can understand why they wouldn’t pay too much attention down there, they have done a lot more to the city, which is where everyone is. Also, I think Australians are not generally into the overdoing of things, which is a shame sometimes, though we do overdo sport like you wouldn’t believe. Thank you.

  4. Ted Ryan says

    It was 44 degrees back here yesterday Leanne and will be the same today. Just in case your Mum hasn’t told you. I hope she told you they won the ladies bowls too – not unexpected but a good effort. Anyway at least it will be a little cooler at Christmas. And in another couple of months we’ll be able to take photos again at other times of the day than sunrise & sunset!

    • I haven’t spoken to my mum Ted, but I can imagine, it is always so much hotter there than here. She didn’t tell me that either, though I am seeing her next week, so I am sure she is saving it all up for then. I think I am going to miss taking photos in the middle of the day, it was nice when we could. Nice to hear from you Ted, hope you are keeping cool in this weather.

  5. Considering how few people visit the Docklands, I’m surprised with the effort to decorate it.

    We, too, use the same saying about waiting five minutes and the weather will change. Of course, we make no reference to Melbourne. :)

    • That’s a good point too David, though I think they want to get people there.
      Melbourne is famous for it, we can have 4 seasons in one day, and I remember some Danish people not believing us, until they came and saw it for themselves. It is very unpredictable. I don’t know much about where you live, so I don’t know the weather, but if it is like Melbourne it can be very annoying.

  6. 40 degrees – Wow. Could you send some of that heat this way. We have great memories of Melbourne. Lovely to revisit the city, virtually, with you Leanne. Happy holidays.

    • Yeah, typical summer day here, though, we usually get a lot more of a build up to it, this one hit us for a six. How wonderful that you have great memories of it, and I am so glad you enjoyed your virtual revisit. Thank you Andrew, and Merry Christmas to you too.

  7. leecleland says

    Great images of more of the Docklands Xmas decorations, love that ball and the tree lit up. Also love your husbands comment on Melbourne weather, had a good laugh!

    • The tree is quite impressive all lit up, and the ball is so big. Yes, I loved his comment as well, thank you Lee.

  8. Great photos! And your weather looks much like here in Southern California, although today we have some unusual rain!~SueBee

    • I imagine it would be, though, we do get a winter, and we get a very hot summer, too hot sometimes. I hope the rain is good, thank you.

  9. We stayed near there on the 17th and 18th, and walked down there by the tree – only I didn’t think to take the camera. We came home yesterday (slow train) – can’t imagine how hot it was in the open! It’s an amazing tree – good to see the photos of it lit up! We liked the shopping down there, no crowds, LOL.

    • It was hot, I tried not to stay out in it for too long. That is one good thing about the shopping there, will be interesting to see what happens when the wheel is working. Why was the train slow?

      • Because of the heat – if it’s over 36C, they go slower (that’s V-line). And we swapped to a bus from Ballarat on…Oh well!

      • I thought so, the heat is bad here as well for the train tracks. Never catch a train in the afternoon on a day with high temperatures. I hope the bus ride was nice.

  10. Hello Leanne – For some reason your posts had disappeared from my reader…have reinstalled and will catch up on your Christmas countdowns…

    • This has been happening quite a bit, I keep hearing from people who say they aren’t getting the updates, do you mind if I give them your email address so they can investigate? I hope you like the catch up.

      • Sure thing Leanne – I was unsure if was your back acting up or something else – glad it was something else. So give them my email and I’ll be more than happy to help them troubleshoot.

      • My back is getting much better, so not that, I’ve been posting, though not every day. Glad you have sorted it out. I will do that, thank you.

  11. My first Christmas was in Melbourne! Apparently we went to the beach and Father Christmas came down on the back of a truck. Why can’t you show the photos of the children? In the UK if you’re going to put photos of people into competitions you need to have their signed permission but a photographer can take photos of anyone in public places.

    • How amazing, sounds like a Christmas here. Santa arrives on lots of things here. I could show the photos of the children, but it is a tricky thing, and people can be funny about it, if any of them email me, then I might ask, but so far none of them have. It is best to just stay away from it I think, especially kids sitting on Santa’s knee.

      • Kids sat on Santa’s knee is a bit different to just street photography yes! I would get permissions from parents for that. I did photos for a school one year with Santa and all parents had to give permission for an online album (password only access). Even though I was born in Aus I don’t remember it at all as the folks came back to the UK when I was only a year old! Still have family in Melbourne though :-)

      • I can understand why you wouldn’t remember that Christmas, it can be fun here, depends on what you do. I hope you get to visit the family here from time to time. I have photographed kids and put them on the internet, but I decided this was better to stay away from. Though, I agree, kids in the street, are fine for the blog.

  12. Great gallery – very red and green … Christmas is coming down under too – sorry, for not being visiting your world … have a really rough time with my back part – just terrible. My favorite is the “tree” in the sunset on an angle.

    • Yes, lots of red and green, it looks so pretty. I have seen that you have been having a hard time, hope it gets better, though, I did read your blog where you said it might not. You might need to get one of those desks that you can stand at. Take care, and look after yourself, I’m not going anywhere. I like that image too, was really happy with it, Merry Christmas Viveka.

  13. A few days ago it was 40’C here in Melbourne and although I prefer summer over winter by a mile, I felt like I was melting while I was sitting indoors! You must have felt so hot in near-shadeless Docklands while taking photos :O Yes, Docklands is dead – about three of your photos depict people and the rest, well, no signs of life. The sharp-edged buildings, empty pier with barely any boats and lack of seats/benches and rubbish bins just gives the place a cold facade.

    Your job with the City of Melbourne sounds fun – going here and there to take photos and looking at new things :) But back to the weather. Melbourne’s temperamental weather is something I’ve never gotten used to either and like you, this summer makes me nervous, nervous for the year ahead. What a funny feeling.

    • It wasn’t that hot the day I went to the Docklands, it was the day before, though I was in the city when it hit those high temperatures. It was hot, hot, hot.
      the Docklands is certainly very barren, quite strange, I do love the area, but I don’t have much reason for going there.
      The job has been great and I have enjoyed going around and photographing everything. It is a worry, I am concerned that it is going to hit us like a brick wall and then all sorts of chaos will ensue, need to be alert.
      thank you Mabel.

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