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With 7 Days to Christmas, Some Things Stand Apart

Yesterday I was walking around the Docklands in the sun, yes the sun is shining in Melbourne and Summer has found us.  It was a beautiful day, and I’m not gonna lie, I do think that Christmas lights are great, but one thing that is also great are the colours of Christmas against a beautiful blue sky.  I have never really noticed them too much before, but this year, the days when the sun is shining and there are almost no clouds have produced some of the best photos.  They truly represent Christmas in Australia.

LeanneCole-docklands-20131217-4840I think they look surreal, or something, I don’t quite know what to say, but I love the way they stand out, they make the day even happier.  You know we have been having some really horrible weather, so it is nice to get some sun, and even better to be taking photos of Christmas for the City of Melbourne in this amazing weather.

I usually try to put some context on where things are, but with these, I got rid of anything that did that, I liked them flying on their own.

LeanneCole-docklands-20131217-4848The Christmas Tree at Docklands, I know it is a little weird, but it works and it stands out from such a distance.  I like the contrast of the red and green, against the background of the grey city and the blue sky.

LeanneCole-docklands-20131217-4852Since I was in the neighbourhood I took a photo of our ferris wheel, that one day might actually start working.  I loved the look of it against the blue sky.  I think I need to revisit the concept that I have of not wanting to take photos with blue skies, I think I really need to re-examine it.

I did enjoy my trip around the docklands yesterday, it was the perfect weather for it.  Such a shame that nearly all the restaurants are closed, I think they tried the wrong thing with it there, they need cafes, lots of them.  The views there are so lovely and peaceful, but there is no where to sit, have a coffee, or piece of cake, there is something really lacking.  I also think the other problem is getting there, how do you get there, so this is for the City of Melbourne run a tram from Bourke Street, or Collins Street, like the City Circle, that will take people from the city to the Docklands, I know I would visit a lot more if it was easier to get to.

So after all that, I hope you agree, Christmas can look beautiful in Summer, you don’t believe me, well, I am going to have show you.

Please note the first two images have been taken for the City of Melbourne and they have exclusive use of them.


  1. leecleland says

    Love the Xmas bunting against the blue sky but the Docklands Christmas Tree made of buoys was the winner for me, very apt. Our blue Ozzie skies certainly show off the reds and greens.

    • It is very apt for where it is too, there are some others things there made from the same things too, will show photos another day. I agree, I had never thought of it before, but it works really well. Thank you Lee.

    • Yes, nice and 40 tomorrow, so I think summer has arrived, not looking forward to tomorrow, but it has been nice otherwise. I hope you get some relief from your heat, isn’t it rainy time there?
      Thanks Carol.

      • We don’t usually get a lot of rain in Summer, only from storms. Those last couple of very wet years were extraordinary. And don’t forget, it’s not like Victoria where if it rains it gets cold. Here it just gets more humid.

      • We have started experiencing that a lot more. It starts to get very humid before rain, during rain and after rain, yuck. Though I am sure it is nothing compared to what you get. We are getting a wet season this year, it looks today will be the last day of sun for almost a week, it is so weird.

    • Hey Julian, I think it is made of buoys, or something nautical like that. Thank you.
      I hope your Christmas isn’t too cold.

  2. I have often wondered what Christmas in sunny climes looks like – now I have an idea!

    • I often hear people talking about how they find it strange, so I try and find ways of showing people what it is like here. Tomorrow it is going to be very hot, so that could be good to show.
      Thank you.

      • I wish I could say the same, actually, I look forward to seeing them, I just don’t look forward to taking them, I really hate hot days, and today is going to be a bad one. :(

  3. Great photos! I always love taking photos when it’s sunny and there’s a bright blue sky because it makes the colours so vivid. I think it’s more surreal seeing Christmas decor in summer as i’m Britain and it could literally snow any day now! :(

    • Snow any day, oh I am envious, I would love a white Christmas. One day maybe. It is very strange Christmas in Summer, though, I don’t really know any different. I had never really thought how different our decorations could be in the summer light, so I am looking forward to experimenting with it. Thank you She.

    • Thank you Colonialist, I would like to think that any DSLR would get you the same results, but I do have to say, I find the D800 a fantastic camera.

  4. Great photos Leanne. Too bad the big wheel doesn’t spin. The buoy tree is really nice!

    • There are lights on it at night, and a friend said to my husband that he thinks it does that so it looks like it is turning at night. :) I think it is meant to be going again this summer, only 5 years after it stopped working and had to be fixed. Thanks John.

  5. I spent Christmas in a hot climate a few years ago, it felt very strange but wonderful, great photos as always Leanne.

    • I suppose I am used to it, but it can seem rather pointless with the whole turkey and stuff for lunch, but we do it anyway. One of the best Christmas’s I had as a kid was at a lake, we spent the whole day there, it was fantastic. We swam and ate all day. NO idea what we had for lunch, but there was lots of water.

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  7. I feel very jealous of you right now, Leanne – it’s tipping with rain and we have storm-force winds coming this evening. Docklands does look nice though – but you do need somewhere to sit down. Maybe you should open a photo cafe – I found one near the British Museum the other day – a themed cafe/ camera dealer.

    • You won’t be feeling jealous of me today, it is going to be 40 today, and I have to go and take photos. Hopefully will get home before lunch. I like that idea of the cafe, could be very novel. though, I don’t think I would have the money, it is pretty expensive real estate, which is silly when most things are closed. I hope you keep warm, stay safe. Thank you Richard,

  8. Ah I can hear you are happy Summer has arrived Leanne … even tho 40 is *phew indeed.
    Lovely photos .. such a contrast to outside here all day. The Hills have been stolen by a clinging grey mist and grey faced people are hurrying along with collars turned up against the wind ;-)

  9. It’s such fun to look at your photos while we’re knee-deep in snow and it’s bitterly cold! I can fantasize about a warm Christmas. The flag photo is my favorite!

    • I can imagine, well it isn’t fun to be here today, very hot. Warm Christmas’s can be fun though, sometimes. Thank you Kerry.

  10. I have always enjoyed my summer Christmases – I enjoy spending the time outside in the sun with family.

    • It can be fun, though it can also be so hot that it is too hard to enjoy. It is like that today. I can remember other Christmases where we didn’t do anything because it was too hot, though the forecast for Christmas day say far looks like it will be perfect. Thanks Colline.

  11. That flag shot is really beautiful Leanne. Blue skies are always lovely, but I’m used to it being cold and blue at Christmas! Last year we had my nephew from Australia living with us, and in winter he never got used to it being cold when the sky was blue and the sun was shining!

    • Thank you Seonaid, I really like it too. We have the blue skies in common, but not cold here. I am with your nephew, we spent a winter in Denmark it was so strange how the sun could be out but it didn’t warm you. Here in winter, the sun comes out you run to it for warmth.

  12. I do down to Docklands sometimes to check out the outlet shops. It’s sad that most restaurants are closed – I used to have a look at the menu and everything was so price! :( There is just nothing much to do there except check out the stores, and I suppose that’s what makes it lackluster. It’s desolate compated to Bourke Street. I love summer photos :)

    • I agree, it is strange that they have a factory outlet place, and the people who would shop at those places can’t afford to eat there. It is a bit silly. I do think they would have done a lot better if they had done the cafes, like Brunswick street, I think they would have worked so much better. I agree about nothing to do there, it is such a peaceful relaxing place though, so it is a shame that nothing ever really took off there. I think there is time.
      Thank you Mabel, maybe we should write some letter.

      • Yes. Each time I buy $5 long-sleeved shirts from the factory outlet stores in Docklands, I have absolutely no desire to spend anything on food there! Brunswick and nearby Fitzroy are definitely more charming with their array of unique kitsch stores and architecture although these inner-city suburbs appear more “run-down” than Docklands. Yes, we should chat more :)

      • I have only been to the outlet place there twice, and it is nice, but it is hard to get to, though I am starting to understand how to get the tram there. When I was there the other day, my daughters and I got some fish and chips at a place right on the water and we sat there. It was so nice, and we really liked it. We thought it was like sitting at Circular Quay in Sydney, but it doesn’t have the same energy. I think cafes would do so well there, they would bring their own unique style and jazz the place up, I bet the rent is too high. :)

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